Apple Accuses Samsung of More Patent Infringements

Following on from last week’s criticism in Korea of the verdict by a US court that ruled in favour of Apple’s claims that Samsung had copied their designs, the American giant has brought fresh allegations against the equally monolithic Korean chaebol that suggest Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone infringes more of Apple’s patents.

From Nate:

Apple further accuses Samsung of infringing patents on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S3

Apple claims Samsung copied more of their designs on the latest Galaxy smartphone

Apple has included Samsung’s Galaxy Note to its infringement list.

(Seoul – Yonhap News) ‘Apple Inc., accusing Samsung Electronics Co. of flooding the market with ‘copycat products,’ added the Galaxy S3 smartphone-Verizon to a list of products that it says infringe Apple patents,’ reported Bloomberg on September 1st.

The news also reported the US tech’s move of adding Galaxy Note to the list.

Since the two smartphone models were not taken into consideration at a US federal court last month, it is likely that Apple will add more of the South Korean firm’s smartphones to the infringement list.

Depending on the jury’s verdict on the Galaxy S3, it seems that Samsung Electronics will be negatively affected in operating within the US market, along with the latest Samsung smartphone model and its carrier is Verizon, which is the nation’s largest mobile carrier in America.

Comments from Nate:


Even though Samsung uses the media to make itself look good, Samsung is ours, a Korean company. At home, we should support one of our companies, one that represents our nation. So don’t criticise my comment too much. For Samsung to develop more through this event, we should support them. Korean companies, Fighting!


If Apple insists the Galaxy is the same product as the iPhone, I would rather buy the Galaxy S3, as it has a bigger screen, better batteries, and is fast-moving and not fragile.


So, small-minded Apple, why do you not sue China? Are you scared of being caught up by Samsung?


The best comment by Kim Jin Sang: WTF are you on about? We’re not supporting Samsung for being a Korean company, we’re supporting it because Apple is bringing about a ridiculous lawsuit.


I think the Galaxy S is a bit similar to the iPhone, but Apple’s further filing about the Galaxy 3 is far-fetched. Apple, don’t produce such nonsense.


Apple is going too far. Does it think the iPhone is the only smartphone? It’s gone too far.


It’s like Apple sues [someone] once a week.


Apple, why not just say you invented Arabic numbers too?


From now on I’m not going to buy Apple products.


Apple has become overindulged. It doesn’t know when to butt in and when not to.


Apple has no right to make phones. Just banish such a small-minded company.


China so openly copies everything. Why does Apple not sue Chinese companies? What has Samsung copied of Apple’s?

Apple feels scared. ke ke ke ke ke ke


Let’s see who wins in this competition. Such a small-minded company Apple.


Fuck, just make a patent on pancreatic cancer why don’t you – its Steve Job’s. Bastard.


Apple is so dogged. It’s suing everything ’cause it’s scared.


I have never seen such a small-minded company in my life.


Even today, those Apple suckers keep on pressing the disagree button. Apple suckers are real trash.


I will never use Apple products. I have used Apple’s mp3 player but this event disappoints me.

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