Apple Accuses Samsung of More Patent Infringements

Following on from last week’s criticism in Korea of the verdict by a US court that ruled in favour of Apple’s claims that Samsung had copied their designs, the American giant has brought fresh allegations against the equally monolithic Korean chaebol that suggest Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone infringes more of Apple’s patents.

From Nate:

Apple further accuses Samsung of infringing patents on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S3

Apple claims Samsung copied more of their designs on the latest Galaxy smartphone

Apple has included Samsung’s Galaxy Note to its infringement list.

(Seoul – Yonhap News) ‘Apple Inc., accusing Samsung Electronics Co. of flooding the market with ‘copycat products,’ added the Galaxy S3 smartphone-Verizon to a list of products that it says infringe Apple patents,’ reported Bloomberg on September 1st.

The news also reported the US tech’s move of adding Galaxy Note to the list.

Since the two smartphone models were not taken into consideration at a US federal court last month, it is likely that Apple will add more of the South Korean firm’s smartphones to the infringement list.

Depending on the jury’s verdict on the Galaxy S3, it seems that Samsung Electronics will be negatively affected in operating within the US market, along with the latest Samsung smartphone model and its carrier is Verizon, which is the nation’s largest mobile carrier in America.

Comments from Nate:


Even though Samsung uses the media to make itself look good, Samsung is ours, a Korean company. At home, we should support one of our companies, one that represents our nation. So don’t criticise my comment too much. For Samsung to develop more through this event, we should support them. Korean companies, Fighting!


If Apple insists the Galaxy is the same product as the iPhone, I would rather buy the Galaxy S3, as it has a bigger screen, better batteries, and is fast-moving and not fragile.


So, small-minded Apple, why do you not sue China? Are you scared of being caught up by Samsung?


The best comment by Kim Jin Sang: WTF are you on about? We’re not supporting Samsung for being a Korean company, we’re supporting it because Apple is bringing about a ridiculous lawsuit.


I think the Galaxy S is a bit similar to the iPhone, but Apple’s further filing about the Galaxy 3 is far-fetched. Apple, don’t produce such nonsense.


Apple is going too far. Does it think the iPhone is the only smartphone? It’s gone too far.


It’s like Apple sues [someone] once a week.


Apple, why not just say you invented Arabic numbers too?


From now on I’m not going to buy Apple products.


Apple has become overindulged. It doesn’t know when to butt in and when not to.


Apple has no right to make phones. Just banish such a small-minded company.


China so openly copies everything. Why does Apple not sue Chinese companies? What has Samsung copied of Apple’s?

Apple feels scared. ke ke ke ke ke ke


Let’s see who wins in this competition. Such a small-minded company Apple.


Fuck, just make a patent on pancreatic cancer why don’t you – its Steve Job’s. Bastard.


Apple is so dogged. It’s suing everything ’cause it’s scared.


I have never seen such a small-minded company in my life.


Even today, those Apple suckers keep on pressing the disagree button. Apple suckers are real trash.


I will never use Apple products. I have used Apple’s mp3 player but this event disappoints me.

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  • glenn

    I read an article that says that apple didn’t invent anything, the company was just able to put together existing ingredients ( various technologies ) to form a better recipe (product). Now, if Apple is suing Samsung for copying the recipe, that would be understandable, since it is Apple’s recipe. However, I think apple is suing Samsung for the ingredients, which they patented but they never invented.

    Also, it seems to me that the improvement of Apple line of products is quite slow compared to Samsung, which continues to release better ones every quarter or two. In short, Apple no longer dictate the phase in the smartphone world and felt threatened so they are now trying to hold Samsung back by lawsuits.

    I’m not saying Samsung is better, but their products are improving.

    • 미대협

      I agree completely. It seems that apple doesn’t like samsung taking the same butter, sugar, eggs, etc. and making a better cake with their own recipe. The phones are distinctly different, just like Coke and Pepsi are distinctly different. But to someone who has never tasted the difference, coke and pepsi are the same drink, right?

    • KrZ

      Combining prior art is the nature of all invention, as all invention comes from discoveries made in the past – be it Newtonian physics or Xerox PARC’s GUI. Patentability is determined by whether or not combination of prior art leads to unexpected advantages. If combining technology A and technology B has some synergistic effect that couldn’t have been easily conceived by “those skilled in the art” the invention is deemed patentable. I’m not siding one way or another just providing a bit of background.

    • Paul

      For the sake of commenters, your article appears to be based on Tek Syndicate’s commentary (and competition) some weeks back. It’s a good analogy, and the video really gets into the nitty gritty of Apple’s long line of creations and which constitute true inventions:

  • In spite of your Korean War sentiments, #boycottapple. Apple is picking on its biggest threat via an army of lawyers and you must mobilize once again to beat them down. It is war, 21st century style.

  • Jang

    Eat it Korean Netizens, Apple does not have to seek a new trial over the S III, but can include it in a “contempt proceeding” that moves much faster, according to legal experts. Korean Netizens and Korean media are void of the law and facts, they only consider their emotions. DUH! Last week they attacked American jurors by calling them dumb and nationalistic and now they attack Apple because they have every right by law to stop Samsung from stealing. DUH!

    The American jury validated Apple’s patents on features and design elements that Apple is trying to wield against that Galaxy S3. Seems perfectly logical to me, it’s too bad we’re dealing with Netizens who are perfectly illogical.

    • Chucky3176

      OK Jang, I’ll bite.

      Stealing what? Stealing slide to unlock? Pinch to zoom? Only in America it’s considered stealing. Everywhere else, they’ve said you cannot steal how you design pattern. Go look at the Galaxy S3, only a clueless dumb fuck would say that looks like an iPhone.

      • Jang

        You can be sure Apple will not be saying the phone as a whole is the same but there are “feature(s) and design element(s)” that are. Samesux to be Samesung!

        • Chucky3176

          Like what? Be specific. What features and designs the Galaxy S3 and the Note, looks like an iPhone. Be specific, and let’s argue from there. Have you even looked at the S3? I’m pretty sure you have not even seen what it looks like.

          • Chucky3176

            Not to mention the Note! It’s pretty evident you have never seen the Note in person.

      • Sojubang

        I believe the following patents are under dispute:

        Patent #6501-J Use of a rectangular or rounded cornered button in order to power on/off a device.

        Patent #8326 Ability to be aesthetically pleased when viewing a device, perhaps adding the phrase “this phone is great”

        Patent #5042 Covering use of the English or similar roman alphabets either in print or upon a digital display device, regardless of font size and color.

        Patent #10394 Printing of any company logo on a phone beginning with the letter ‘S’ only applicable when the letter A has been altered.

        Patent #652 ability to dial or input a number using anything with the appearance of a numerical keypad

      • KrZ

        The Korean Intellectual Property Office allows design patents?

    • Wang That!

      BUHAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry… I am finding it very funny that you are judging what is logical vs what is not…

      I side with neither companies but your comment/argument/points brings, absolutely, no credit to Apple or you…

  • DigitalSoju

    Hover over comments are working for me for this article. Hmm

    • DigitalSoju

      *are not


    • Sorry about that – for some reason they hadn’t come through. Try now?

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    The problem with globalized corporate competition among multinational firms is that corporate practice taken for granted in some countries can be viewed as abnormal.

    Patent recognition is also understood as conflicting perceptions on what is distinctive and unique. Apple thinks of its desgin as ingenious and any products with similar concept should pay loyalties to it , while Samsung views what Apple claims is unique as absurd.

    since the world is fragmentated into separate sovereign jurisdictions, different rulings by courts will draw an oddly-shaped picture on whether rival smartphones should be allowed in different state territories, signs of which is already emerging in Korean and Japan, which award paritial victory to Samsung. In addition, I think the rulings in favor of Samsung reveals the clear difference in perceptions of patent eligibilty between Asia and West. This clashing stances continues into motionally charged mudslingings between western and Asian netizens all of whom are shifting the blame onto the other’s unshackled nationalism, an arguemnt that is as true as the extent of their blinded anger.

    The ultimate solution lies not in national verdict but in forging consensus on the method of affording an unified patent worldwide on an novel invention. Nationally delineated jurisdictions and subsequent divergent court decisions will be bound to hamper fair and sound competition among multinational corporations, followed by unsubstantiated criticism among their nationals.

  • White Guy in America

    That`s what happens when you steal design language from others. For once come up with something original like the Japanese. Japanese have been original ever since they took transistor though created by America, but, Japan created the first portable radio by Sony. Japan has been original since the 1960s.

    • Chucky3176

      Transistor wasn’t invented by Japan. Go have a look at Japanese phones. The only reason Apple don’t sue them is because they are irrelevant and they suck. Japanese can only wish and dream they are in the same position as where Samsung is in right now.

      • White Guy in USA

        I said though the transistor was created by America, the Japanese had the idea to use the transistor to make radios more portable.

        • chucky3176

          So? iPhone was created by America, Korea had the idea to bring out larger screen with better faster processing hardware, using a totally different operating system, and selling billions of them world wide under a different logo.

          Same thing.

          • pj

            the operating system is Googles…not Samsung. Samsung pays a lot to use that technology. The argument is between Apple and Google. Samsung just makes hardware. It invents nothing.

          • Brett Sanbon

            You think you are smarter than all those people pushing the lawsuit? You found a loophole?

            Why do you keep saying that this is between Google and Apple? Trust me, Samsung tried that defense, but their lawyers told them it wouldn’t fly.

            Google licenses blank versions of Android to Samsung. What Samsung does with it from there is up to them. From what I know, no Android code in any way infringes on Apple’s copyrights or patents. That is why the lawsuit is between Apple and SAMSUNG.

      • Paul

        Japanese phones are irrelevant because they followed a completely different evolutionary path to suit local needs, not because “they suck”. Everything there stems from a long-standing strong desire for internet and streaming content focussed clamshell phones (PC internet is still uncommon in Japan, even today) which eventually evolved into phones closer resembling palmtop computers. Before the first iPhone was released, companies such as Sharp were far closer to what we have today than even Nokia. Not to mention that most phones manufactured in Japan simply aren’t available for sale, nor will even work, overseas.

        Samsung, by comparison, targeted global markets from the get go.

  • Markus

    Why are all the Chiense copy cats not being sued..

    has anyone heard of meizu? its an apple iphone clone!

    Apple seems to be trying to find new thigns to sue samsung because they are a big threat to them. but i dont think apple has many valid reasons..

    China even has fake apple shops selling fake apple products at the same apply prices! (apple make nothing from that, or should i say apple make a loss from that)

    but in apples mind they have bigger fish to try and fry…

    • wacky

      because you totally miss the point here, it is not samsung vs apple.
      but goolge vs apple, today samsung sells more than apple, all the other similar brands use android as its OS because apple keep the OS for itself.
      even the chinese copycat is android base

      • Paul

        Oh, let’s not pretend that Android and iOS are the only two options. A company could invest in their own, or license Windows Mobile.

    • KrZ

      If China had any sort of real intellectual property enforcement then there would be massive action, not just by Apple, but by the countless corporations whose intellectual property is being infringed upon. However, intellectual property enforcement in China is, at present, laughable.

      • wacky

        but why there is a need to enforce it in china??
        i think china is acting according to its own interest first rather than any kind of whatever law there is.
        the reality is many company come to china to make money in a big market dont you think that they know what is happening?
        intellectual property will be enforced strictly only when china have their own invention themselves rather than by outside pressure.
        yes it is laughable but it is the chinese who are laughing now

        back to the topic, the point is if apple keep holding its product to itself they will surely lose to android soon. android is used by everybody

        • KrZ

          Why is there a need to enforce intellectual property law in China?
          Intellectual property law allows small inventors doing truly novel work to get protection for their discoveries. Once they have that protection they can seek out investors and divulge the protected contents of their discovery to investors without having to worry about having their ideas stolen. Protecting small inventors helps to ensure that there is always competition in the market, helping to prevent large monopolies and conglomerates from dominating the economy. I think the Chinese poor and emerging middle class need these protections to encourage them to discover new things and help grow the chinese middle class.

          Do large companies know what is happening in China?
          Yes, by and large they do. Some companies avoid placing any manufacturing facilities in China because they are aware of the rampant industrial espionage and lack of intellectual property rights. However, very large corporations have less to fear, as high-profile infringement will be pursued by the Chinese government. The problem predominantly hits small to medium size companies from Korea, Japan, Europe, etc.

          As far as Apple remaining a “closed garden” I think they’ve well established their vision for the future of computing. They want closed source, with full code review by Apple, strict sandboxing policies on all devices, etc. Apple’s current strategy is one end of a spectrum. You have Apple’s modern “fully walled garden” on one end of the spectrum with fully open source systems on the other end. Seeing the way the average user interacts with their device, sadly, I think closed, “dumb” systems are the way of the future. As much as I loved compiling kernels and digging around inside my machine, most people consider that sort of thing tantamount to wizardry.

          I think Samsung should retain tight control of the OS environment and adopt more of a “we knew what is right for the consumer” mentality. The true matters of contention in this case were really trivial features. Inertial scrolling, bounce at end of page, nothing remotely crucial to the appeal of their system. Samsung’s pipeline now is focused more on 3D interaction, proximity touch, complex haptics, etc. $1,000,000,000 isn’t much to them and the features weren’t essential anyway. I actually work for Samsung on a lot of their intellectual property. This isn’t really a big deal. This stuff goes on all the time. Samsung had to pay RAMdisk $200,000,000 or so not long ago for another violation. Unfortunately, in the incrementally-focused world of big tech R&D, there’s a constant war going on between suited warriors with prestigious law degrees and ridiculous salaries.

  • wacky

    apple is pathetic, it keeps the technology to itself and when samsung use the similar technology the try to shut it down.
    i can use windows operating system on whatever computer you have and this is the same way android is heading, samsung, dell, or even chinese made brand or no brand all use android.

    • pj

      again….this is a battle between Apple and Google. Samsung doesn’t make much more than hardware as it is not a particularly inventive company, just one with good marketing and timing in the market place.

  • pj

    Apple is ours. It is an American company. At home we should support our companies because they represent our country. We should support Apple. Keep fighting Apple! You can do it. Seriously? You all sound absurd. Samsung is a multinational company whose elite makes a profit off of others. Apple is also a monolith. Actually, Apple should sue Google over Android. Let’s face it: Samsung just makes the hardware for the phone not the operating system and that is a much more precious issues. Of course Samsung is a copycat. Apple is too. We build and create off the ideas of others. Don’t use Apple products my dear little Koreans. There are plenty of other people who will. Your boycott want make a dent in the profits. (Remember you population size? Remember how popular Apple products are around the world? How sleek and cool they are?) In the end, this has nothing to do with national pride. It has to do with dollars and cents (sense.) So stop wrapping yourself up in the Korean flag and get a clue. This isn’t news. Just a way to brainwash, already brainwashed nationalistic citizens. I couldn’t careless about either company. They don’t pay my bills. They make the computer (Apple) I use and the TV (Samsung) I watch and both are great products. Though both companies kinda suck.

    • Wang That!

      LOL – The Japanese do the same thing… they too must be as pathetic as the Koreans… Oh wait… the same can also be said about the Americans, with the whole “Buy, Made In the USA” vs “Made in China”…

      • pj

        HuH? Logic leap there. Not sure I get the whole “Made in the USA” vs “Made in China” leap. That’s a separate issue. That is an issue of politics, market economics, globalization, education and a dwindling middle class. Nothing to do with the quarrel between Apple and Samsung, maybe collateral damage but not part of the essential question in these lawsuits. These are just two companies maximizing profits off the backs of others while politicians pander for votes using slogans like “Buy American.” Thanks for your smugness, though! :)

    • Brett Sanbon

      Ummmm… If Korean’s stopped buying Apple products, you don’t think the company would lose profits?

      • pj

        No, I don’t think it would make a significant impact on Apple’s profits. Are you privy to some secret information that designates the South Korean peninsula as the driving force behind Apple’s economic success? There is a great big world out there they consumes and spends.

    • Brett Sanbon
      • pj

        Dude, what’s your problem? State your issue. I am merely highlighting the ridiculous reaction of the average joe Korean. Samsung is nothing more than a multinational business, same as Apple.

        • Brett Sanbon

          You just keep writing things as fact when they are merely your opinion. If you state them as your opinion, I have no problem.

          • pj

            No, you read my comments, which by definition suggests something more akin to a remark or an observation; I am stating a point of view, a comment. I am glad you can conclusively state that the matter won’t bleed over into a confrontation between Apple and Google. Must be nice to have such prescience. I am sticking to my comments; I am sorry if they stick in your craw. Good evening. :)

            PS. I agree, US Patent law a shitshow.

          • Brett Sanbon

            I didnt conclusively state anything other than right now this is only between Apple and Samsung. I was encouraging you to do so as well, though I admit my tactics were just as strong-willed as your own. Good morning.

      • pj

        I have no problem using Google, Apple, Samsung, Charmin Toilet paper. When did I write that I was opposed to using this products and filling their coffers with my currency? I just find the Korean outrage ridiculous. Thanks for your smugness though. It was charming!

  • Steve

    Can anyone that is Korean ever agree on a non-nationalistic viewpoint?

    • pj

      No, Koreans can’t. Apparently everyone in Korea links their identity to this company and derives power from this relationship, though no income of substance. A bit ridiculous. I can’t think of one American who sits around and links his pride to Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft. You know, the big companies that actually where factors in creating the internet age, not like a ship building company like Samsung that hews together things and packages up the innovations of others to make a profit. This isn’t even news. It just feeds the weak ego of the group think Korean.

      • Wang That!

        Pj – Rather sad to generalize a whole nation by a few internet post…

        Steve – You can ask the same thing of every country. Canada, USA, China, Japan…


        • pj

          Really? I would agree with that but I can be safe in my assertions. I have lived in Korea and I have taught Koreans for over 15 years. I think some generalizations are based on repeated behaviors. There are certainly exceptions to the rule, like my partner who is from Korea but chooses not to live there, as I do not. And I know many Korean people I am proud to call my friends. But as I said, they are the exception to the rule. Critical thought and self reflection seems to run in short supply in Korea, especially when dealing with identity and culture. There seems to be a perception of inferiority that is only assuaged through denigration of others. I have seen vitriol of all variety spewed at foreigners in many different forums, internet, press etc. It is systemic. Of course there are systemic and pernicious ideas and thoughts in other cultures too. I just happened to be engaged in this one thread. So, I am delighted to be “sad” in my generalization. Generalizations make the world go round and some are based in truth.

  • Texaschicken

    Click the link above to see how ridiculous samsungs copying has gotten then say they dont deserve the lawsuit.

    • chucky3176

      Those pictures of Galaxy phones were disproved already as photoshopped and resized to make it look exactly like an iPhone.

      But nice try, buddy.

    • chucky3176

      Picture comparing Samsung Galaxy S3 with iPhone 4S

      Picture comparing Samsung Galaxy S2 with iPhone 4S

      They don’t look alike to me. Even if they are, so what? As long as the logos and the company names are displayed prominently on the front, I really don’t see a problem.

      • chucky3176
        • pj

          Exactly! The real problem is the operating system. That is what the dispute should be over. Samsung just makes hardware. Who cares if they have to copy the look of an iPhone? It is the only design that makes sense and no one has come up with a new, more inventive design. (I imagine if they do, it will come from Apple, not Samsung.) What new, innovative design has Samsung ever developed? What new, operating system has Samsung created? Nothing. But I like their products!

          • Sojubang

            Samsung don’t just make the hardware they also make the Touchwiz User Interface, alongside a number of applications specific to Samsung phones which are not supplied or made by Google.

            Touchwiz is a visual and feature adaptation made to the stock Android Interface, I believe some of the patents involved could be related to this in particular.

            Which could explain why they didn’t go after Google directly (who use the stock android interface) or HTC (who also make their own interface called Sense).

            Without knowing details though, its hard to tell whether these are original parts of the OS or parts of Touchwiz.

  • BoretoDeath

    Apple doesn’t have any confidence anymore to compete on invention and business strategy field.
    So It chose to compete on court field.
    Apple has stained Its pride, what a shame.

    • pj

      Neither does Samsung. Samsung hasn’t invented anything at all. Just had great timing manufacturing products. Apple has stained its pride? What are you smoking? Apple couldn’t careless. It has plenty of customers, just like Samsung. Why do you even care? Do you own Samsung?

      • BoretoDeath

        So you are just admit that Samsung has a better business strategy than Apple,right?

        In fact, everybody already knows that Apple almost always comes first in technology and Apple brand itself bring social prestige value as high class product to whoever owns its product. People buy Apple product not just for its technology but also brand value .So it’s not necessarily for Apple to whining in court for every single damn thing. The whole whining just make Apple looks like lose its confidence to compete with its inferior brand class competitor and cheapen itself in technology lover eyes.

        Moreover every single invention comes from other former inventions which were adopted and developed to born a new invention. So, there’s no invention in the world started from scratch. I’m sure many former inventors would like to sue Apple too for stealing their inventions if they were not died yet.

        Doing this endless court battles will only hurt both parties and end up with slower technology growth cause the leading companies have been wasting their time and resources on unworthy court battles.
        Lastly, Yes I use Samsung Galaxy which satisfy me, also I used to be an admirer of Apple products till this battle happened.

  • .

    That first comment is exactly why Samsung and LG can get away with bilking the Korean public. I sure love paying 4 million won for a 52″ TV!

  • jinjjaa

    Apple’s ego is exploding all over the place

  • Mike Lee

    Ah as a fellow Korean you guys are pathetic. Nationalism is good to some degree and every country needs it to sustain a sense of unity. However, too much as many Asian countries exhibit is negative. We live in a global economy and supporting Samsung solely because they are a Korean company is asinine. How may corruption charges has Samsung faced? How many times have they been charged for price fixing? Of course Samsung copied Apple. Look at their phones prior to the iPhone and then look at their portfolio after the iPhone. It’s not that I hate Samsung, I love their products. I have 3 of their TVs and a Blu-Ray player. I’m thinking about buying their Series 9 laptop. However, I also have a Mac Air. Now before the Mac Air came out look at their laptop portfolio. Then the Series 9 laptop comes out and of course it looks very similar to the Mac Air. Same thing for their tablets…again all thanks to Apple. I don’t want Apple to grow anymore either because they are becoming too big. I want companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola to succeed. Competition is good for all consumers. However, don’t start using nationalism as a way to supplant Apple from growing. Demand Samsung be revolutionary in their products. Their biggest issue is not hardware. Best in class displays but software sucks. That is why Apple is winning. Once they can come out with software with a user experience that is better than Apple with their hardware know how, then they can dominate. Also, Apple can’t sue China because China doesn’t respect intellectual property. For good ness sakes, there is a company that is threatening to sue Apple if they release the iPhone 5 because they built a phone that looks like the iPhone prototype leaks from the last 3 months!

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