Taking Advantage of Passed Out Drunk Girls, Netizens Debate

From JoongAng Daily:

Since when did the night in South Korea become so dangerous? Drunken women have to fear for their lives.

On October 2nd, just past 11pm, a woman was led into a room by a man and she did not leave that room alive. Last seen leaving inebriated, the woman was taken to the room without arousing much suspicion. In the same week on the 6th, another intoxicated woman was raped and murdered. She was spotted resting on the doorstep of a convicted rapist.


Detective Lee: The criminal had a record of sexual offence, and he went on to rape, murder and abandon the body.

Another woman was raped after being spotted lying unconscious in a bathroom near Gundae University. The man confessed to have pretended to be the girl’s boyfriend. The common thread to these vicious crimes is that they took place late at night in between the public transport operating hours against vulnerable women under the influence of alcohol.

At 5 in the morning, the streets of Hongdae are still crowded with many shops still open, with minutes to go before the subway opens. Disproportionate numbers of sexual violence have been reported during this time. Outside the clubs there are still quite a number of people, a sizable amount females.

A 21 year-old woman was clearly under the influence of alcohol. While she was looking for her friend she was approached by several men, some even trying to dance with her. Men continued to approach her even as the interview was underway.

K: I came together with a few other girls but I lost track of them and now I am scared. Foreigners keep trying to talk to me… I am scared.

She took shelter in a well-lit area as she waited for her parents to come and pick her up. Once intoxicated, women are easy target for sexual violence or robbery.

If one must go out late at night to drink, it is important to be on the look-out for each other, and contently keep track by calling each other with mobile phones. Taking note of a taxi number is also important. As many police officers point out, a night out in South Korea has become a dangerous affair.

Reported by Bong Ji-wook, Yu Jaeyon.

Comments from JoongAng Daily:


Luring men like that, and then calling it rape is like Mrs. Kim driving on the road.

[Mrs Kim: A title used for married women, now associated with bad female drivers]


Calling rape ‘bad self-control’ by woman.. Where is this logic coming from? Do women rape men who are lying drunk on the street? Man and woman are both human. Trying to determine who is at fault…. ‘bad self-control’ cannot justify ‘rape’ under any circumstance.


Being careful is never a bad idea, no need to exite the perverts.


What woman would be dumb enough to leave her body to ‘public morality’? One’s body ought to be protected by oneself first and foremost. Our social morality is not TOO high, just to let you know. There is no knight on horseback. Very few men would not turn into a beast when encountered at night. I am not stopping people from dating or going out. I am just issuing a warning here.


Perhaps I should not be saying this.. but WHY!! In articles like these, it’s always the ‘orcs’ making a big fuss, not the ‘elves.’ [Orc: Refers to ugly women, Elf: refers to beautiful, and often white women].



So many of these stories break into the news cycle these days…. I won’t say sexual violence is not on the rise compared to before… but so many media and news outlets focus on this type of story… So they contribute to the threatening idea of the dangerous society… It’s not as bad as people make it out to be… It’s just the news media that gives over-exposure to this type of news…


In conclusion, sluts who cannot look after themselves and asking for it are at fault here. Cry wolf all you want, but those guys won’t waste a minute thinking it over. They will thank you for it and if you resist they will slit your throat.


Regarding porn, sexual violence… it is not. We are the only country that outlaws pornography. Europe, America, Japan, none. They even have porno theaters. Prostitution is sometime legal as well. Prostitution is legal in Singapore but the people there are really clean. The most important thing is culture and the public consciousness. Drinking all night is really stupid regardless of the fear of rape. We ought to clean up our act.


Why feel so victimised when these women hear our sincere concerns? There’s a public campaign for safety check-ups during public holidays, is that supposed to make you feel bad? Likewise, campaigning for public safety and telling them to dress not to slutty somehow offends your feminine sensibility? The only reasonable answer to this response is that women unconsciously think they are at fault too.


What you don’t hear in the media is far greater. I heard in the military that this guy just had enough money for motel and picked up any drunken woman. After the college entrance exam day, it is at a peak.


In articles like this, the ones who have the most exaggerated response are ‘ugly women’… That’s because no one bothers to rape them. From there springs their sense of victimhood and strong moral outrage…. No worries ugly ones, no man will ever touch you.


What;; Drinking all night and passing out on the street is a good thing then? ha ha, it’s a ridiculous country;; Come home early at night, wise words from our ancestors,,


I will drink myself into oblivion and leave myself open on the street, so leave me be… is that the idea they are trying to defend here? So leave your door open at night and blame a robber if he enters your house, how is that any different?


Let’s both agree here. Those who has never drunk before, you may cast a stone to drunken women… Drunken woman should not wander around the street but go home straight. No one will look after your body…


Drink all we want and enjoy all our freedom~~~~~~~ Commit a crime or enjoy your luck, do what you want, tsk. I pity their lives…… I will not stop women from drinking. Passing out on the street does not cause any harm so lay off you guys. Why so serious?


Blaming woman for this? They have every right to go out and drink late. Use your common sense: women who want to drink or men who wait to rape women?


All the comments go too far. Drinking late into the night is a mistake but treating women passed out on the street like a piece of meat should be faulted too!


Honestly, people may be rational animals but how could we do anything about our animal instinct? We may not have evolved enough yet, and punishing for rape is still premature. We should apply laws against sexual crime only when we can fully be rational.

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  • Get a grip people. You are emulating the US where males are angry that their Mothers and Sisters disregarded their testosterone-feuled egos.

    “She deserved it.”

  • Ruaraidh

    Just wow in general. Although I liked the comment about how women don’t tend to molest drunken and passed out men, a nice bit of perspective.

    • Kate

      True but women DO rape men too….I can’t read the news without 2-3 female teachers being arrested for “statutory rape of minor boys” and once I read a story about a beautiful russian woman drugging men, tieing their genitals up to get them erect while they were passed out and raping them then dumping in places. She did it to 10 men, only 1 pressed charges and 1 wanted to get her number for another go.

      • jon775

        Yeah well, statutory rape is not real rape. All 13-17 year old boys want to bang their teacher if she’s hot.

    • dk2020

      more like drunk passed out men get rolled for their wallets ..

  • Kate

    HMmmmmm well doing anything to an intoxicated woman is highly immoral, disgusting, and illegal and there should be no debate that. Rape is rape and trying to justify rape by saying “well she was drunk, so asking for it!” Is incredibly wrong and if men can not control themselves better then that then they need to be castrated.

    LOVE the comment about how the korean girl seems to only be afraid of the foreigner guys raping her….she should be more afraid of the Korean men.

    • chucky3176

      Rape statistics aside. Foreign men (Western men) are much more aggressive than Koreans, in terms of approaching women who are totally strangers. It’s usually not acceptable for Koreans where men approach total strangers and start picking them up with lewd slimy pickup comments that are so obvious.

      • There’s a big difference between 1) approaching and talking to a woman because you hope she’ll (willingly) sleep with you, and 2) leading her somewhere to rape her. The former kind of aggression is legal and ethical, while the latter is neither.

        • Agree with you Bryan. There is nothing wrong with approaching a girl when you’ve got the balls (confidence) to do so to see if they’re interested. I find the Korean approach of sliming their way onto a drunk girl who can barely move at a night club their typical route and than trying to get them out of there as soon as possible to take them to a motel.

          • dk2020

            Oh that’s the Korean way huh? Unlike white boys who use GHB in the states ,, get off your high horse dude ..

          • dk2020
          • One for all

            ahh yes….Korean boys are too superior to use date-rape drugs.

          • dk2020

            Being theres a strict drug policy in Korea I would be surprised if they even knew what GHB is ..you dummies keep bringing up race I can post up news article of white guys doing some fucked up shit all day .. so like I said get off your racist high horse ..

          • One for all

            dk2020 http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11199-007-9297-y?LI=true I hope you have the intellectual capability to understand what is written here

          • dk2020

            Yeah dude, surveys from 2007 are so scientific and true .. SMH.

          • mekko

            In fact, they are. Especially if they’ve been published in credited, peer-reviewed journals. 5 years doesn’t mean that something becomes untrue.

          • Digitalsoju

            You sir, are a moron.

          • holdingrabbits

            There is a strict drug policy, however, I think he means that alcohol is being used as a date rape drug. If you use GHB (which is much more rare than you’re implying) or get a girl so drunk she can’t walk, what’s the difference?

          • dk2020

            Rape is wrong no matter what and there is no difference.

          • holdingrabbits

            Yeah, of course.

          • Jun Kim

            True, why use GHB when soju is so much cheaper. What is it these days, less than 2000 won or so at a street vendor? Look, it’s not about race, let’s get passed that. Rape is rape and it is wrong. That is the issue presented here, why the hell would you try to move the real issue. I think many here could easily comment how they saw the same thing happen from wherever they are from. Try to stay on topic.

          • Gary Moran

            All race comments aside, and admitting (obviously) that people of all colours do fucked up things – it does seem to me far more common for guys in Korea to try to get girls insanely drunk to take them home.

            In England we just try to get ourselves insanely drunk to take girls home.

          • dk2020

            Word Gary, I’m just going to stop commenting on rape because I don’t live there and I’m not a rapist, Cheers mate.

          • Yep, the Korean way as I’ve experienced first hand. Sorry if that bothers you. But if you’ve never lived here then you wouldn’t know. As was also mentioned below, a lot of Koreans that I’ve met are usually scared to get up and even approach a girl unless they’re drunk. The night club scene I mentioned is spot on. Going for the gangsta look I see. Looks foolish. lol

          • dk2020

            Your idiotic generalizations are more foolish..

          • Don’t see how my comments were generalizations. “as I’ve experienced first hand” and “a lot of Koreans that I’ve met” seem to make that point. When you get to Korea someday and live here for a bit, than tell me what you think it is like.

          • dk2020

            So in Korea all Korean men are so socially inept that they need to rape women at the bar. Sounds like a big condescending generalization to me. Just like you don’t want to be labeled a rapist for being a foreigner, it’s hypocritical and ironic. Blame the people that actually do the crime. But yeah I’ll see, I won’t go clubbing and I don’t drink so hopefully I’ll miss out on any stupidity ..

          • x1sfg

            Patrick John Stewart is just being retarded, which is why he is in Korea as an English teacher in the first place instead of working at his home country, where he probably wasn’t very successful with the opposite sex

          • “So in Korea all Korean men are so socially inept that they need to rape women at the bar” These are your words, not mine. And yes, if you don’t go clubbing and don’t drink then yes, you’ll miss out on a lot of the stupidity.

          • truemoboy

            Ah yes, vague anecdotal evidence. The cornerstone of science.

          • x1sfg

            Yes, you know the “Korean Way” because you’ve lived there for a couple years and seen it first hand a lot of times… Interesting, because I’ve seen the same thing in the US in fraternities, pubs in the UK, Australia, Rio. You need better Korean friends with bigger balls.

            I’ve served four years with 1st SFG Det-K and with ROKMC Recon and they didn’t have those issues.

            Using “lol” makes you look foolish, but so does your picture

          • Well, 11 years is what it is, and I’ve seen the party scene enough to know what goes on in Korean clubs. Check one out sometime and see if you agree. What’s not to like about working in Korea, 12 hours a week, four months of vacation, 4.5 a month. Hope you enjoy your own job at home as much.

          • x1sfg

            I am not disagreeing with you in regards to the club scene. My point is it happens in night clubs all over the world, it isn’t just a Korean thing. In fact, it’s a lot sleazier in Europe and South America, especially in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Rio. It happens in Tokyo, Singapore, Pattaya by people of all ethnicities. It happens in the US, even in the exclusive clubs in LA, Miami, and NYC. Preying on drunk women isn’t a Korean trait, it’s a male trait found in most humans with a Y chromosome. Rape and sexual assault is wrong on all levels, but it’s committed by all people everywhere.

            Don’t tout your job, yeah, it’s easy, but 4.5/mo doesn’t get you your own home. Your own place, yes, but not hard real estate. Okay if you’re in your early twenties, otherwise, you’re just wasting your life away. There is a reason why people who go teach English in Asia, where educational background isn’t important (your curriculum vitae isn’t all that impressive), aren’t considered highly by employers in the States. The stereotype is it is for people who can’t hack it back home, which you’re apparently proving. I’m retired (mostly) now but type in 1SFG in Google and see what comes up. My buddies in law enforcement saw this shit on a daily basis, and this was in the supposedly metropolitan San Francisco.

          • Don’t tout my job? You don’t seem to understand what the life of an English teacher can be here. I simply told you. If you think most teachers here work for a year or two in an academy you’re probably right, but the rewards can be much greater if you’re lucky enough to have a better job. There is a solid career to be had. If I wanted to buy real estate back home, what’s stopping me? Still, for now I’d say rent is the way to go anyway. There is little burden in renting. As for wasting life away, I would suggest that your life’s goals are, and were, different than mine. Personally, I’ve never dreamed that a life which had to be hacked someplace, was a life worth living. Congratulations, you’re now retired and you can look back and say that you’ve hacked a good life for yourself back in your home land. When you meet with your law enforcement buddies for a beer I suppose you can all feel proud of yourself. On the other hand, if I had chosen to live in my home country I would have chosen the life of a professor there as well just so I really wouldn’t have to hack it all that much. Not much would have changed, just the subject that I was teaching and an increase in salary. It just would have taken three more years for a Doctorate. That door is always open should I choose to pursue something else. Meh, but why would I. I’m 9 years away from receiving a solid lifetime pension and with good investing retiring a millionaire. May your retirement be as grand.

          • x1sfg

            For someone who’s about to get his PhD, albeit from a marginal school, you really can’t do research. I’m not a LEO, a simple Google search would’ve changed that. For an English teacher, your comprehension ability is also lacking. What I meant by “hacking” it was that you’re unable to anything but a job for the marginally skilled. In your assumption in “hacking” it, I think a better word would’ve been “grinding” a living, but people in my line of work don’t hack it, it’s a calling.

            Oh yeah, I have a pension too*, probably more than what you hope to receive and a million dollar net worth is usually the minimum for retirement in developed countries. Then again, I could have made much more in the civilian sector, and I didn’t do it for the money.

            I asterisked “too” because your twitter posts indicate you don’t know the difference between “too” and “to,” which is why REAL educators usually look down on ESL teachers abroad. Real educators don’t also have such a myopic view and make asinine generalizations on people.

            Keep living the dream, you’re making a real difference in the world with those socially conscious tweets. Then again, your credibility for making such tweets is negated by your inability for complex thought and social stereotypes.

          • dk2020

            Prof. Patrick John Stewart of Dongguk University teaching English huh? What do you think the Ministry of Education would think of your racist opinion of Korean men. I heard they aren’t too fond of ESL teachers badmouthing the country, Didn’t they just deport someone recently? Shouldn’t run your mouth so much especially just to talk shit online and massage your own ego. I’m so mad I should send them an email ..

          • I’ll make this short. Just a note about comprehension. I said I could pursue a PhD if I chose to do so but chose not to at the moment. As to the possible school, that was not even considered yet.

            I guess I should have wrote, when you hang out with your buddies in law enforcement, rather than your law enforcement buddies. I can see how that could be misinterpreted. I’m aware that you were in the military, probably a marginal member of your team.(see how that works there). Apologies. Seriously though, the words ‘too’ and ‘to’ are commonly misplaced in the speed of typing. That’s a common error, which doesn’t imply that the writer is unaware of the rule, as is true in this case. An intelligent man would know the difference between a typo in haste and one who is unaware of a grammatical rule because those words would be routinely misplaced. A terrible English teacher, REAL or otherwise, you would make for being so petty. As for making a difference in the world, if I do that’s wonderful, but that’s not my goal.

            You have a pension. That’s fantastic. And it sounds like you have made a good living too. That’s also great. The point I was making is that a job here can be as good as one in any fully developed country. Add in the vacation and the work hours and I’d say they can even be better. A final note. While your job in the military was a ‘calling’ for you, in my eyes that’s exactly what I would call a life of hacking. It is a life that I would never trade mine for. To each his own.

          • truemoboy

            Why don’t you two get a room and consensually drunk rape each other?

          • chucky3176

            There’s something sad to watch these groups of men, with their puppy like eyes, begging any girls (doesn’t matter who) off the streets, hoping one of them will talk to them. And when the night gets deeper, and they still get no luck, desperation sets in. That’s when plain harassment sets in, as the clock keeps ticking and the night is getting quickly turning into morning. Girls pick up on the obnoxiousness and hostilities may ensue. This may in turn trigger a splurge of resentment of all things Korean, that’s deeply rooted in expat males in Korea with self egos that are comparable to the Himalayans. And when their attitude sucks, and people around them pick up on the vibe, there are more chance of confrontations due to either misunderstandings, misinterpretations of intentions, or plain hostile intentional confrontation. After all, when you only look for the bad things in life, that’s all you’re going to get.

          • SuperHappyCow

            bro i think guys do that everywhere man

      • jon775

        Aggressive is not the word. More social, yes, aggressive? Silliness.

      • i think i’d rather suffer through slimy pick-up lines then be raped…

      • mr.wiener

        Ahh, ’tis those damned foreigners again right? Especially the black ones, disgusting.

        • dk2020

          I love black people.

          • mr.wiener

            Me too, but alas our sentiments are not shared by some.
            On a slightly unrelated topic, I never realized that the lyrics of “Brown Sugar” are clearly about interracial rape.

          • dk2020

            With more black Korean athletes and entertainers being visible in the media I think there will be more acceptance. I have a couple close Blasian friends that know more Korean than I do ..

          • SuperHappyCow

            Lol down votes for saying “I love black people.” This internet shit is fucking funny.

      • Jun Kim

        Whoa, slow down cowboy. Men are men regardless of country. Who really knows what goes on in the mind of a rapist but those sick individuals come from all walks of life. The problem in Korea is that they have an easy scapegoat. The truth is that most of the foreigners are not so wide spread. How many times have you been to a booking club where foreigners are getting the hot chicks? Understand that Korea already has a messed up drinking culture. Drunkenness is an acceptable legal defense. Korea also is rather behind the times when it comes to women’s rights also. Quite possibly, the victim in such a case will most likely be the culprit. I hope things can change for the better in Korea.

  • So when a man is drunk and rapes, ‘it’s not his fault because he was intoxicated and not in the right state of mind to make a rational decision.” But when a woman is drunk and gets raped, “Well she should’ve never been that vulnerable and shouldn’t be drinking that late at night.” Regardless, a dude gets away with it… he’s never wrong. Us minus-negative-rated female citizens should just pretty much stay inside or live away from men because we’re just responsible for their disgusting behaviors, huh?

    • Kate

      Yup you summed it up pretty well.

    • chucky3176

      Who says he’s never wrong?

    • Sillian

      He’s never wrong?

      The basic premise is that predators roam around. Saying predators are bad is like saying blood is red or 3-1=2. It goes without saying. Criminals will always exist somewhere and you have to be careful. If they didn’t have a false sense of safety, some of these incidents could probably have been easily prevented. That’s very regrettable.

      • Fire

        make sense

      • mekko

        While I too believe that it’s necessary for women to take preventions, I think what @facebook-88801483:disqus is saying is that it shouldn’t always be their responsibility to make sure they don’t get RAPED. A huge percentage of men in Korea already believe that there’s no way for them to control their sexual instincts This is an issue in the U.S. as well, where we need to move away from a society that places the responsibility on the victims of rape to one that raises awareness in men that their own actions can be preventable all on their own.

      • should I have put that in quotations or something? It was a bit of sarcasm and the BS excuses found in my previous sentences/examples above.

        People also get raped without being in the stereotypical box of things that made her asked for it except simply being a woman. That “there will always be…. so learn to deal” is pretty much victim blaming.(seems it’s only not victim blaming when it’s a young child or a handicapped person and that still shouldn’t be the case) just as the person below me said, it shouldn’t be the victim’s responsibility to not get raped (if I just walk down the street, is it my responsibility to make sure I don’t get shot?) Predators can control their actions and should be held responsible for them. More awareness should be raised about the physical and emotional pain of rape and how no one should be a victim. If my school can talk about how bad racism is and events that were based on it, they should do the same for rape.

        • Fire

          Its your responsibility to make it harder for the predator to shoot you

          you will misunderstood, what I mean is, if the rapist want to rape you, he/she will attack you, you should at least learn to fight back. If the attacker manage to do it, it is their fault, but you must not make their job easy. Your survival is your responsibility. Being so drunk that you could barely walk back home, lying down on the street, alone, when you know the world can be quite cruel, is stupid.

          • It’s not my responsibility to get shot in the first place, especially if I haven’t done anything physical to deserve it. My neighborhood isn’t that bad of a place, but someone got shot along with someone else just because they happened to be there (the first person I think was their target… due to drugs I believe) and it was right outside our dumpster. (I live in an apartment complex) Had I decided to go out to dump my recyclables, or if anyone just happened to be outside just to take a smoke or outside to do so (many people just enjoy sitting outside talking) any one of us could’ve been shot just for simply being there. Someone got shot at my complex a few years ago by accident because they mistook him as someone else (he was visiting his daughter)

            So yeah, I will love to see you convince the many who were shot for no reason whatsoever than just being there with your ‘it’s your responsibility to make it harder for the predator to shoot you.’ Like heck, did we forget that horrible things happened (still happening) to people just for being a certain ethnicity/race/religion/sexuality? Did we forget that thousand of children including babies get raped just by family alone?

          • Fire

            I will be indifference to see you convince others to stay still when they are about to be rape. Rapist might be amused.

          • I never said that a person should not defend themselves. But I do know depending on the circumstances it may not be easy (especially if the rapist has a weapon… especially a gun.) or knowing the would seriously beat you up, knowing from prior experiences (my mother was raped by her father countless times when she was young… and it doesn’t quite fit the scenarios you’re presenting in your comments) Please don’t add extra words into my comments that I haven’t said.

            I’m kinda done with responding here.. though you’re welcomed to keep on commenting. But to pretty much sum up and add more of my thoughts on here: Instead of victim-blaming and thinking a person is ‘asking’ due to whatever stereotypical ideas ‘asking’ for it means, higher measures should be taken to try and prevent or bring up more awareness of rape in the first place. Maybe if society in general stop excusing men actions with the whole ‘boys will be boys’ and other similar statements as if it’s an excuse to be all out horny, maybe some attitudes may actually change. But in the end, as long as this whole ‘patriarchal male dominance’ attitude continues, it’ll just be a slower process in many more preventions. And I do agree with you, women and/or ‘weaker’ potential victims should also try to take measures themselves, but rapists/predators pretty much EVERYONE are in control of their actions. Everyone may not be able to control how they feel about an emotion, but everyone can control acting on it. (and it goes for anyone)

          • Fire

            This is because when you think of predator you think of male. Think of predator as male and female. Male are not the only one capable of crime. Feminist will be angry.

          • Fire

            Come to think of it, why dont you just blame me? I dont mind, really.

            I would like to take the credit for the shooting too. My resume will be colorful.

            I will change my name to Rapist Killer Child Abductor Fire

            and Robbery will be added there somewhere in the future

          • Blaming your for whatever actions you took…. yeah. Why would I call you something if I don’t even know who you are or what you did?

          • Fire

            you may have misunderstood me, i blame the rapist but making yourself an easy target is stupid. Did you not know that rapist only attack easy target? if the target is too difficult, they will not bother. Because they need to find a secluded place, drag the victim without being seen. If the potential target can scream scratch and punch in public places, they will likely not try to target you, youre too bothersome. However, there are rapist that enjoy challenges. Regardless, you must ensure your survival. Having a high ideal will not transform it into a shield when you are in that situation. The rapist doesnt care at that very moment.

    • Jun Kim

      See, that happens in Korea. I will say that from the news articles I’ve read about in the states, it seems to be a mixed bag. I’ve never really seen too many guys get away with rape.

  • One for all

    “K: I came together with a few other girls but I lost track of them and now I am scared. Foreigners keep trying to talk to me… I am scared.”

    Yeah…..why don’t you go to one of your oppas…..I’m sure they’ll have the best of intentions for you. I bet she’ll blame the forigners for getting her drunk too!

    • holdingrabbits

      Yeah. She’s much less likely to get raped by a foreigner and that’s not my opinion, that’s just the statistics.

      • dk2020

        Uh yeah, just like 80% of pedophiles are white males in the US .. because Korea is still 98% Korean so it’s in correlation with the size of the population. It’s hilarious how foreigners get so offended when in the US crime/rape is blamed on minorities/foreigners in the same way.

        • holdingrabbits

          I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. I’m just talking about the crime statistics for each group. Koreans have a higher crime RATE than every foreigner group living in Korea, except for Mongolians (6% crime RATE). I’m not talking about the percentage of all crimes committed (because yes, you would be right), I’m talking about the percentage of foreigners who commit crimes in Korea compared to the percentage of Koreans who commit crimes. 1.6% of the Americans in Korea commit crimes and 3.8% of Koreans do. The numbers are obviously greater because most people in Korea are Koreans, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the likelihood of a foreigner committing a crime compared to a Korean. I’m sorry if it’s offensive, but statistically you are much less likely to be raped by a foreigner not only because there are fewer of us, but we commit less crimes in general; statistically, half as many for our group. Even the hated Chinese have a lower crime rate than Koreans, but of course they also are viewed as criminals. Why? Xenophobic bullshit is why. The foreigners who are half as likely to be criminals as the average Korean are somehow called out for being of a criminal element when NO data backs it up.

          • dk2020

            You live your life based on statistics? Instead of living in fear I would rather live my life based on experience.

          • holdingrabbits

            No one said you had to choose between statistics/facts and your own personal experience. Regardless of that woman’s personal experience, her statement was wrong. If someone said “all Koreans are just trying to screw you out of your money” because of their personal experience, they would be wrong. If I said “all korean girls want a foreigner boyfriend because korean guys are so horrible” based on experience, it doesn’t make it true. So I think it’s best to rely on statistics/facts over personal experience.

          • dk2020

            Here’s some statistics in the US, I know I shouldn’t compare but I was born and raised here. What I’m trying to say is what can we to help fix the issue instead just of pointing fingers.

            Every 45 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted (1).

            1 out of every 7 women currently in college has been raped (2), however, 9 out of 10 women raped on campus never tell anyone about the rape (3).1 in 10 men is raped in his lifetime (4), 1 in 7 of those victims will have been assaulted before the age of 18.More than 61.5% of rapes are never reported to law enforcement (5).Approximately 28% of rape victims are raped by their husbands, 35% by an acquaintance, and 17% by a relative other than spouse (6).74% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by assailants well known to the victim (7).A female child victim is 7 times more likely to be re-victimized as an adult (8).Nearly 6 out of 10 sexual assaults occur at the victim’s home or the home of a friend, relative, or neighbor (9).1 in 15 rape victims contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) as a result of being raped (10).1 in 15 rape victims become pregnant as a result of being raped (11).The United States has the world’s highest rape rate of all countries that publish such data- 13 times higher than England and more than 20 times higher than Japan (12).An American woman is 10 times more likely to be raped than to die in a car crash (13).61% of rape victims are females under the age of 18 (14).Contrary to common belief that violent crime rates are notably lower in rural areas, a recent analysis of location data collected for the 1999 National Women’s Study found that 10.1% of women living in rural areas had experienced a completed rape as compared to 13.6% of women living in urban and suburban communities—hardly a notably lower rate.

            References:U.S. Department of Justice, 1994
            Statistics on Sexual Violence Against Women, 1990; Woodruff & Koss
            Rape Treatment Center of Santa Monica Longitudinal Study, 1995
            Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2002 & The American Medical Association, 2000
            Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault, 2002
            U.S. Department of Justice, 1994
            U.S. Department of Justice, 1994
            Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault, 2002
            National Crime Victimization Survey, 1996
            Statistics on Sexual Violence Against Women: A Criminological Study, 1990
            Ibid. #10 Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990
            Ibid. #12 American Medical Association, 2000

          • holdingrabbits

            See, this is one of those things where you would be right if you said “Like statistics from 1994 are so scientific and true.” Maybe they were true at the time, but 8 out of 13 of your sources are from the early 90’s. Dig around more and you would find that rape cases peaked in America around 1992 at 109,000. In 2010, it was 84,000. Did I mention that America has approximately 310,000,000 people? Korea has 46,000,000 about? In 2009, the Ministry of Gender equality said that .2% of women were raped and that .4% had experienced an attempted rape…those numbers are 920,000 and 1,840,000 respectively. Let’s also assume that most rapes in Korea aren’t reported, because that truly seems to be the case.

            Some of the things you’ve cited, while maybe containing truth are unknowable, such as “61.5% of rapes are never reported.” If they are never reported, how do we have this very solid 61.5% number? I’m not saying it’s not true, I’m saying we can’t know and that it’s an estimate at best. I wish Korea had statistics like these to publish, but the government doesn’t like to talk about it too much here. If I provide statistics, like the ones above, they will most certainly be challenged as a Western conspiracy attempting to make the level-headed and sexually controlled men of Korea look bad.

            Ultimately, what this started from is that a woman who wisely got too drunk to stand up felt unsafe because of foreigners. She should be able to get as drunk as she likes without fearing being raped, but statistically she has less reason to fear foreigners than Koreans. She’s being ignorant, plain and simple, and she’s perpetuating the myth that foreigners are all rapists. This sort of ignorance is why many Koreans, while living in a first world country, have a third world mindset.

          • dk2020

            That’s her opinion, being a white woman, are you scared of black people that you don’t know? Honestly, same thing, add in language barrier why the hell would you run to a foreigner in times of danger and ask for help? Think practical, what if the Koreans are her friends and she knew them. You paint a grim black and white scenario where foreigners save the day against evil Koreans in their own country. I’m still sticking to the statistic where the majority of rape happens by someone you know, a close associate. Not perverted Korean boogie men that jump out the bushes in the middle of the night like some damn horror movie.

            Yes, I do understand there is gender inequality, the cops and legal system is unjust. I want Korean women to be empowered, they are my sisters. I want equality for all and the end to racism and xenophobia in Korea. But damn, I’m just sick of the white supremacy some of you believe in. White people is the minority of the foreigners, most are migrant wives and factory workers from SE Asia and they are the truly disenfranchised. People of color that I can relate to.

          • holdingrabbits

            The thing about opinions though is that they can be wrong. If I say “It’s my opinion that the center of the earth is made out of delicious Wisconsin cheddar” I would be wrong. Why would I be wrong? Facts.

            Secondly, why do you assume I’m a white woman? I’m definitely a man, the last time I checked.

            Thirdly, I am not disproportionately scared of black people.

            I’m not saying foreigners are there to save the day or that she should even ask them for help. If she was in a “time of danger” then statistically, it’s a danger from Korean men more than from foreign men. Them’s the facts. For her to insinuate that it’s the opposite is because she has a loose grip on the facts. I don’t even care who she hangs out with, but it gets old having women assume you’re probably a rapist because you’re a foreigner. I imagine black people don’t like it when people assume they’re criminals. If my experience tells me anything, it’s that drunk Korean men are the people I should be afraid of in Korea. Even if I mind my own business, occasionally you have some cunt whose going to approach me and start cursing at me, trying to pick a fight using his limited English. He’ll start cursing at me in Korean, and then I have to let him know that I can also speak Korean. If anything were to happen, guess whose fault it is. Not his. I’m the one who’ll go to jail and get deported. For example, some of my friends were nearly hit by a woman in her car not paying attention to the cross walk. Obviously, they yelled at her to “watch out.” The woman followed them, screaming in front of her daughter, and filed a police report. They were found by the police and told if they did not give this woman a face to face formal apology, they would not be allowed to leave Korea the following weekend (their contracts were up). So what are you going to do? Of course they had to apologize. But that’s the system. There are politicians here, much like in the states, who dedicate themselves to making life difficult for the outsider and stirring up fear and hatred among the masses so they can get re-elected. These blown up accusations against foreigners are not statistically backed up, but don’t expect most people to look into for themselves. Before you get off the subject again by comparing it to the states, we do have politicians and people like that back home and I think they’re also idiots.

            The problem you’re having is that you’re willing to accuse people of white supremacy because facts don’t agree with your version of reality. It’s not about opinions or experience. White American males are not the only foreigner group discriminated against in Korea, they ALL are, not by everyone, but you said so yourself. It’s really just not up for debate. It’s really not wrong for me to want to be treated fairly in the country I choose to live in, especially one that wants to be perceived as international in the first place. In the same way, you have every right to be treated fairly in the states. And with that, I don’t feel this discussion is going to end and so I’m bowing out.

          • dk2020

            Really, her opinion is wrong and you’re right? Well from what I know you can’t change people’s opinions by yelling statistics at them. A racist will be a racist no matter what, so I choose to stay away from them. I’m too busy living my life then to worry about being a victim of crime. When you say 3% is the crime rate amongst Koreans, you totally discredit the whole 97% that are good everyday people. See, when I think of Koreans, being my heritage I think of people I love, my family and dongsengs that I look after. It is condescending when you say Koreans should fear their own people because that promotes self hatred and white supremacy. It’s like how I love North Korea no matter how dangerous you say they are.

            Also shouldn’t you be scared of black people based on the statistics of the crime rate in the black population in the US? Half of all black males are incarcerated, thats a fact as you say so I should be afraid, but that doesn’t say anything about the black folks that I know. So thinking of facts and statistics when you meet people IRL doesn’t really work.

            I’m sorry you had bad experiences in Korea but I’m not responsible for any of that so don’t blame me because I’m Korean, either you’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution .. honestly though, as a man stop being a little bitch and man up .. you don’t think I go through shit as a minority in America? Have you ever been harassed by police? I grew up in Koreatown and witnessed the 1992 LA riots .. the worst race riots in American history, How were Koreans depicted in the media? I saw white cops escorting white people to West LA and Beverly Hills while they let Ktown burn. But I’m not going to play victim and use racism as a crutch, and really, I’ve learned being angry, complaining, and being judgemental doesn’t do much either ..

          • dk2020

            lol, that’s right! these memes are funny .. aja aja dae han min gook mansae!~

          • dk2020


            Korea and Japan seem very similar with racism .. listen to this guy ..

        • mr.wiener

          You can use stats to say anything if you skew it right. Hell you could even say 9 out of 10 people quite enjoy a gang rape.


    Ever heard of the term Rape Bait?

    • holdingrabbits

      Ever heard of the term “Gobshite?”


        No, is it another term for rapebait?

  • Commander-in-chief

    I think women can freely have a drink into late night with their friends. The problem is drunken women often become the target of sexual predators.

    Men tend to display contempt for women who are intoxicated and get raped. I think this tendency is attributable partially to their fear and anxiety over the omnious possibility that their families can be subject to sexual crimes. And ordinary men often fear to be treated like the same species as sexual perverts by females. As a result, men shows two pronged reactions: harshly criticize sexual offenders to differentiate themselves from criminals; to denounce inconsiderate female victims to lay the primary blame onto victims.

  • Seriously..if ALL the drunk passed out men in Korea had to worry about getting raped in the butt and possibly killed after I think a lot more people would take this issue to heart…I just don’t get how they think it is a women’s fault if she gets raped after being drunk…I tried to respond to some of the Korean comments but the only thing I have is facebook and it kept giving me an error message :/

  • Guest

    The Korean legal system doesn’t treat rape as a serious crime, so people don’t regard it as a serious crime. The courts here either make foolish excuses for people who commit sex crimes or they accept even the most absurd excuses for such behavior. It’s like a toothless guard dog…people laugh at the idea of policing, law enforcement, or following laws. Also, Koreans need to examine their drinking habits…is it necessary to get so drunk so often? The most popular drink is soju…a liquor that leaves people senseless, violent, and creating a public nuisance where ever they go (public urination comes to mind, as well as vomiting). People, including those in the judicial branch (whom I have on good authority are frequently alcoholics) are too easy on binge-drinkers and alcoholics. Koreans need to get some backbone and stop tolerating such bad behavior…about drinking and all other nasty public misbehavior. The next generations of Koreans are spoiled and selfish…now is not the time to be weak.

    • dk2020

      I agree with you .. I think alcohol is definitely the root of bad behavior .. in any country ..

    • Jun Kim

      I have to agree with you. This is somewhat going off topic but staying on the topic of drinking. I will never understand how people will complain about smokers but say very little about drinkers. I’ve never seen anybody get a DUI from smoking. Don’t get me wrong, both are bad habits but I still think tobacco is safer.

    • sunshinefiasco

      The drinking is only a tangential part of the issue. All it does is cloud judgement and lower the inhibitions of the men and women involved. While that is a problem everywhere, the lack of sex education (especially for girls, who in conservative households worldwide are left in completely in the dark or are told “just don’t”), the widespread perception that rape is something that females provoke, etc. These are the root of the problem. While there will always be sexual assault, and it will always be more common where there is drinking, keeping the culture around dating and sexuality weird, vague, and patriarchal is easier to fix, rather than expecting college kids not to get hammered.

  • Paul M

    All I can say is where were the girls’ friends? Aren’t friends supposed to look out for each other?

    • Paul M

      Right, I’ve had a couple of bottles of makkeolli and I apologise if my language gets a bit salty. For the two people who thumbed me down – what kind of world do you think we live in? I would love to be able to go out by myself and get shit-faced and have nothing bad happen to me. Sadly there are assholes in this world who are looking for vulnerable people to screw over and take advantage of. If you are unaware of this then you are gullible and naive. Your friends should look after you, and you should look after your friends. I don’t deny the right of people to get drunk, hell, I’m kind of drunk right now so I’ll shut up now. Goodbye.

      • …because some will feel it’s not their job to look out after their ‘friend.’ (there’s a difference between going out with a friend and with a drinking buddy/social circle.. I can see more of a friend looking out for their friend than someone who’s an acquaintance) I’m not one of those people (I don’t go out drinking anyway) but some people may be trying to do their own thing too or hook up with someone. (some ‘friends’ or social people can’t always be trusted either)

        And well.. not everyone goes out drinking with someone. I know I don’t really have any friends, but I’m not gonna let that stop me from going somewhere. I remember going to a concert by myself up in NY and didn’t come back to my Aunt’s till after midnight due to having to catch the train and such back to South Jersey. Other people have their own thing to do and I don’t like to inconvenience others. That’s just me (sorry, just seems like too many people in the world are selfish and don’t like to be bothered with other people) All the times people rolled their eyes, huffed & puffed when I asked someone to walk with me to some place when I was in college, I just rather not ignite that kinda attitude if it bothers them that much. But I text to let people know my location or if I’m ok.

        I’m aware of disgustingly, selfish people but I can’t also let that stop me from doing certain things. Does everyone stop flying on planes when they hear about a plane crash? Does everyone stop driving when they hear about car crashes? I know some people have (and that’s for their own personal reasons especially if they had traumatic experiences or someone close to them that have) but the world also doesn’t stop. That’s why we take measures for these things to be prevented.

  • I see Korean women in Philippines all the time especially in Cebu City where they party all night like there is no tomorrow. I never read them having any issues here in Philippines and I used to wonder, why Koreans comes to Philippines to enjoy and study..now i know…Korean women are more free in PH than back home it seems. PH is the number 1 country in Asia on gender equality and number 8th in the world.

    Here women are more free than any other part of Asia its a proven statistics. Korean women party here till 5 in the morning and i don’t see them facing any issues…and they are in 1000’s here …so, its not the men, its the society you were born into i guess..

    • dk2020

      Are you Pinoy? I would like to visit Cebu, Koreans are the #1 investors/tourists in the Philippines. But I have heard of them acting rudely, I hope for good relations, I support Jasmine Lee fighting for migrant wives rights and equality for the truly disenfranchised in Korea.

  • Jacky

    Some of the comments are ridiculous and physically make me feel sick. People need to understand what sexual rights are and what bodily integrity means. The ‘Blame the Victim’ mentality never justifies the trespassing of a woman’s body. Whether she was wearing a short skirt, had been promiscuous in the past or had too many drinks, the responsibility of rape does not fall on those so grossly violated. No person, ‘asks for it’. Nobody is ever entitled to rape. Argh, I can go on forever, but I’ll stop now.

    • Charliedog1

      Wrong. Billboards Advertise products. Girls wear short skirts/low cut tops to advertise their product. No One is saying people are entitled to rape, the question is of personal responsibility for the one raped. I’m sorry it hurts girls feelings to be questioned of their actions. As a society this is where we are now, we don’t question victims choices.

      Some men/women are thieves to the product being advertised. But when I complain the thief shouldn’t have stolen from me, I am questioned on my personal responsibility for my stolen property.

      But you can make it about women’s rights or whatever crap. Evil Men, Evil Men.

      • dk2020

        I’m wondering though how often do you see women passed out in the street in Korea? I know you see old ajushiis like that all the time but damn that is the extreme side of binge drinking, everybody should have some self control. Doesn’t excuse anything bad that happens though ..

        I think if the US military left SoKo there would be alot less xenophobia and hostility against foreigners in SoKo.

        • I don’t think that would be the case. They would then just use things they see from TV shows, movies, singers and models as their images of what foreigners are like…which to me I think is a really bad thing (esp for women)….

        • Jun Kim

          Really, if the US military left would result in less xenophobia. It would seem that actual tolerance for guests would result in less xenophobia. Koreans need to look at their own back door to see that maybe, just maybe they had some restraint regarding drinking then it is possible that rape would not be an issue. The Korean drinking culture is terrible. How can, “I was so drunk that I don’t remember anything,” be admissible in court. Don’t push the facts of this article by talking of xenophobia. The problem is that the women were victim of rape and those men should not have committed those crimes. What’s sad is that the law enforcement agencies in Korea are a joke and most likely improperly process a rape kit if they even got that far. I could see that a local police officer would posit the blame on the victim. Very sad. This is the moment where I am ashamed of my kin-folk.

      • Except that nude beaches and beaches in general are not giant rape orgies. Despite showing off a lot more skin than even the shortest skirt and low cut top. This is because we teach people that it is acceptable for women to show their bodies and people are held accountable for their actions. Teaching people it is not okay to rape is the ONLY way to stop rape.

        And even when women cover themselves from head to toe in the Middle East, they still get raped. And because they are blamed for being raped by their families and communities, some women will get honor killed. Even when the victim isn’t murdered, they are still made to suffer in silence. Because that’s what REALLY happens when we victim blame. The rapist gets away with it, and the victim has to suffer in the rapist’s place.

    • mr.wiener


  • Fire

    Predators will be predators. Preying on one’s flesh. Preying on one’s mind or preying on one’s feeling. One must learn to counter such individual. They will not change because you want them too… they will change when they want to.

    • Easygoing

      Classic case of teaching others not to be raped instead of teaching people not to rape. It’s sad when someone has to adjust their life to fit the immorality of other people. Don’t drink late/get drunk because a man will rape you. Don’t wear a short dress because a man will rape you. This is the message that has been sent out for decades and that’s why so many people feel it is the victims place to “prevent” a rape from occurring rather than the perpetrators place not to rape.

      • Sillian

        You know, we can’t say ‘folks, feel free to get drunk and sleep anywhere because ideally you are supposed to do whatever you want and be safe!’ The reality doesn’t care about what we think it is ideally supposed to be. How effective is ‘teaching people not to rape’? 13-year-old kids already know it is a crime. Predators don’t think or feel like an average person. Unfortunately, they will eternally exist until the end of the universe. As such, it is extremely important to keep reminding people of the old street smarts in order to save that one potential victim. Also, strong punishment on the criminals should be implemented as well to suppress that one potential predator.

      • Fire

        the world is an immoral place

  • lonetrey / Dan

    What an obvious double standard. I’m not sure how so few have pointed it out…

  • It is okay to have differing opinions and express your thoughts. I accept your’s and while you may not accept mine, please understand that I do respect Korean men as a whole and many are good friends. These are purely my experiences from night clubs in Korea after excessive drinking has taken place. True my work place is listed for all to see but I’ll ask in all respect for you to delete your last post. Appreciate. Thanks.

    • Justin_kBANG

      good point, Pat. I do share your worrying thought about the common perception held by Korean dudes sometimes… even jokingly. I do know it’s a problem everywhere in the world, but that does not make it any lesser of an issue in South Korea. Improving their view towards women is urgently needed…

    • dk2020

      While you witnessed all these rapes at the club how come you didn’t stop it? Is it plausible it was just some sloppy drunk sex and not rape .. You never see any happy couples in Korea, It’s all just misery and rape huh? Please whitey save Korea by teaching them English because without proper grammar they are savages. You’re not married, do you date your students?

      • Witnessed all these rapes? You’re a hard person to respond to because in every post I have to say, when did I ever say that. My whole point on this story is that drinking is a major past time in Korea unlike any country I’ve ever traveled to and spent time in. I hear in Russia they drink a lot too, but I’ve never traveled there. In other countries, where they ask, “what do you like to do in your free time?, In Korea, I’ve been asked, “how many bottles of soju can you drink?” just as often. This question alone should tell you something as to the frequency of drinking and the chances of misbehavior that is due to alcohol consumption being higher. As you, yourself said, “I think alcohol is definitely the root of bad behavior .. in any country”. In a country that has more of this than most other countries, wouldn’t it make sense to have more problems associated with it? I think the answer would be likely, yes. With that being said, there are good drunks and bad drunks. Not all Koreans are bad drunks and misbehave after drinking. Still dragging off drunk girls to motels or homes happens, and I’m sure it happens other places too. Hell, you can even find this kind of thing in almost every Korean drama. It has become a part of the culture.


        Yes, there are happy couples in Korea. Of course there are. Why would there be only misery? Still, these are also difficult times for many people as the economy is struggling. In times like these, people tend to drink even more and so we get stories like the above, perhaps. Koreans are not savages and they don’t need white people to save them.

        You’re right. I am not married and I enjoy my single life and no, I don’t date my students. For one reason, it would be unethical and for another they’re far too young. That makes sense, does it not.

  • Kim

    “foreigners keep trying to talk to me” lol..
    indeed, the white men in Korea, and other parts of Asia are only there to pretend to teach English, while their real intention is to rape and molest women and underage children :p type “peadophile” in google search, photos are only of white men

    • Not sure if trolling or retarded…

    • dk2020

      thats what I’ve been saying .. but white people gonna get mad and say thats racist! We can’t say nothing about white people from a colored person’s perspective .. they don’t do no crime in Korea at all … ever. You see the statistics you have a 2% more of a chance of getting raped by Korean men so you better hang out with all foreigners while in Korea to be safe.

  • expatrick

    There’s lots of fat, ugly, lonely Korean guys who would love a piece of young passed out pootang. Being White, I don’t have to wait for girls to get drunk so I can take advantage – they just flock to me.

    • SuperHappyCow

      you smell herpes, you say?

      might be your upper lip

  • Seoul

    Yes. So many stupid little drunk Korean girls on a weekend. Wait and
    steal all their belongings. Wouldn’t rape them, because who would want
    to dirty themselves with that nasty, ugly, weak? Korean girls are good
    for nothing. Skinny, pale, lifeless pieces of shit. More need to go.

  • Dconn

    Theres no justification for the rape of a person. Women if you are going artying with friends stay in a group, one or persons remain sober. Man are the corner stone for any nation if we can’t protect our women and children then what kind of nation do we have.

  • I ran across this site by chance and find the stories appalling. Has Korea turned into that much of a cesspool since I left in 2005?

    It was around 2005 that the law changed, when “domestic violence” was finally criminalized, when women finally had equal legal status with husbands under the law. I have to wonder of the number of instances of assault and rape listed on this site are a backlash against women – and if the “ladygate” stuff is a backlash agaisnt decades of sexism and abuse.

    Reading this site makes me glad I don’t live there anymore.

  • Teddy

    Don’t women have to attend hweshiks too?
    What if some of these women drank excessively at company parties because they were pressure by superiors and were only trying to get home?They might not all have been drinking for fun or whatever.

    The main point is that rape is never the fault of the victim.
    Unless they are saying that men are somehow incapable of controlling themselves and they are, men are not animals, they are perfectly aware that they are raping someone.
    If they happen to be one of the minority of men with a psychological problem that renders them incapable of controlling their actions they need to be medicated in a mental institution, otherwise they are just rapist plain and simple.

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