Bacon Cooked by Machine Gun, Netizens Dispute Photo Origins

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Sometimes these headlines write themselves. The following pictures of bacon being cooked inside the hot barrel of a discharged machine gun, originally posted on popular internet communities, attracted a surprising amount of attention from military-loving netizens. Whilst Korean men questioned the source of the pictures, and the general consensus was that the photos were not Korean in origin, the article generated a substantial amount of internet traffic.

With half of the population spending two years of their lives in the military, military slang and practices such as ‘eolcharyeo’ [group punishment] and ‘singosig’ [rookie hazing] have reached every nook and cranny of Korean society. For most Korean men, their time in the military is also a popular conversation starter. You can guarantee to get a certain amount of attention with a military related statement like ‘I can pitch a 24-person tent by myself in two hours,’ which probably means nothing to the rest of the world.

From Daum:

How to roast meat, military style: ‘it  only takes one shooting to make it nice and crispy’

An internet article on roasting meat in the military is gathering attention.

The photos were posted on an internet community, entitled ‘How to roast meat in a military way’

Those pictures explain in time order how to roast meat like military men. First, wrap aluminium foil on the inner frame of a machine gun, coiling meat on top of the wrapping. Second, reassemble the gun and shoot some targets. And voila, your meat is roasted, nice and crispy.

How to roast meat in military way

Netizens were amazed at the article, saying ‘Is it possible, for real?’ ‘You might get burned,’ ‘Wow, it seems convenient,’ ‘Shooting a gun would smell like roasted pork belly,’ ‘This is incredible.’

Comments from Daum:


Those pictures are not from the Korean military.


Those of you who thought the pictures were from Korea haven’t served the military yet.


When polishing rifles, it smells awful: like gun powder. If the meat tastes like that, it wouldn’t be edible for most people.


Even though the photos are neither from Korea nor new, the journalist did get a score. Oh boy.. ;;


Those of you saying ‘Investigate which squad they are in,’ ‘Soldiers these days are not as sharp as they used to be’ are automatically proving that you haven’t enlisted in the military yet. ke ke ke ke ke


In the Korean military, doing such cheeky acts will guarantee that the hell breaks loose.


The meat seems like bacon to me. And it’s not the Korean military.


You’ll eat gun power sprinkled on top of that meat.


Hey you morons, just do your job! Those defectors from the North might come and knock your door. [meaning a recent defector safely crossed the 38th parallel and knocked on the door of a barracks]


The reporter seems like a woman.


Is it worth room in a newspaper? tsk tsk


That rifle is not used in the Korean military. Journalists these days are getting better at baiting the public. It must be really easy to be a journalist, making money by posting some random photos without any fact-checking.


I heard rifles have some features to absorb the flame and smoke caused by shooting. It would make that meat inedible.


It doesn’t deserve to be in a newspaper. If such things happen in South Korea, that guy would be dragged to military prison at worst and the Preliminary Rifle Instruction at best.


Those pictures must’ve been around for several years.


Reading these comments makes us realise that there’re so many kids who haven’t even enlisted in the army and chinks on this website. Ban those kids under 19 and foreigners from signing up for the website.


Those guys must be eager to get their asses kicked by their administrative load managers.


They are eating up national security, ignoring the sound of North Korean defectors knocking on their doors. Alas!


Only Koreans are stupid enough to use aluminium foil for containing food. Korea has the biggest rate of aluminium poisoning and the number one growth rate of dementia.


What kind of rifle is that? huh huh

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