Conflict Over Balloon Launch Near North-South Korean Border

Conflict Between Group Releasing Anti-North Korea Leaflets and Locals, Progressive Group.

Article from Yonhap News:

Locals using tractors to block a conservative group from launching balloons carrying anti-North Korean leaflets.

Locals using tractors to block a conservative group from launching balloons carrying anti-North Korean leaflets.

Members of a progressive group raid a truck filled with leaflets, destroy balloons.

At the entrance to Imjingak (Gyeonggi-do, Paju-si) on the 25th, clashes arose between a conservative group releasing anti-North Korea leaflets, and members of a progressive group who were joined by Paju residents.

Members of the National Coalition of Anti-North Korea Leaflet Launching arrived on a rented bus at Imjinkak at 11:40 a.m. Just as they arrived, a group of 30 people, made up of Paju residents and members of a progressive group, blocked and surrounded the vehicle, strongly protesting the launch.

The protesters yelled, “We can’t farm because of you! Go back to where you came from!” at Choi Woo-won, who is a representative for the conservative group.

Young people ripping up balloons meant to carry anti-North Korea leaflets.

Young people ripping up balloons meant to carry anti-North Korea leaflets.

A small group of locals threw 5 eggs at Professor Choi.

Members of the conservative group chanted slogans such as, “Protect Korea! Eradicate North Korea sympathizing leftists!” and picketed.

At 11:20 in the Imjingak area, approximately 20 members of the progressive group covered their faces with bandanas and masks, raided a parked truck owned by a North Korean defectors’ organization, and stole the balloons and leaflets.

They went around Imjingak slashing the stolen balloons with knives, and scattering the leaflets along the roadside and nearby stream.

“We did this so they wouldn’t be able to release the anti-North Korean leaflets,” said someone from the group.

left-wing group destroying balloons and leaflets

“Our plan was to hold a legal event, but those North Korean spies attacked our truck,” insisted Professor Choi Woo-won

The police are buffing up security forces so as to intervene quickly in the case of physical altercations.

Comments from Naver:


It doesn’t matter if the leaflets are scattered or not, the people in that area are worried.


What is this nonsense about North Korean spies, that’s totally absurd!


Those guys don’t live there and just go over there. It just makes it so the people living there can’t get any work done. tsk tsk The conservative group are North Korean spies making life hard for South Koreans.


Why not go to some hill or an isolated island and release them? Why of all places, Imjingak? Was the point to make trouble with the people there by saying you would release the leaflets? What, are you afraid the North Koreans would aim their guns at your when you actually do that? tsk tsk


If you want to release those leaflets then get on a boat and go to an island on the border with North Korea and release them. There’s nothing to stop you so it’d be okay. You’d get missiles or bullets flying all around your boats on the way home and that’s when you’d understand how the people in Paju have been feeling. There’s a lot to say in your next lecture. Of course you should get back to your life.


Freedom has its limits. It can only be exercise so long as one is not hindering the freedom of another. Don’t take away their freedom to live in safety . It’s scary even for people who don’t live in that neighborhood.


The government has to mediate. Would they still avoid intervening if someone got hurt?


Are they spies who got orders from North Korea to start a war? Or just brainless Ilbe bugs?


If you want to release them just go to your own neighborhood. What the hell are you doing going to someone else’s neighborhood? You should make an apology the people of Imjingak immediately!


Fuckers. Innocent people could die. For you it’s just releasing leaflets, but the damage for the residents and the soldiers remains.


That professor is crazy. Doesn’t think about others at all. tsk tsk tsk


If war breaks out will those conservative group members come out and fight the North Koreans? You have to take responsibility for your actions.


Aren’t those guys the bad eggs in Korean society and spies against South Korea? What do they think of themselves? They don’t have the right to make innocent locals tremble in fear, and the entire country feel uneasy. They’ve got to get it together first.


For Christ’s sake, if they say to stop just don’t do it. Go to your own country and do it! We’ll take care of our own security. The security of the people of Yeoncheon is more important.


That person talks just like X. You’re basically saying those people got orders from North Korea. But they’re just working their asses off to stop it because they feel their lives are threatened. What an ungrateful professor!


Regardless of South or North, there shouln’t be anything that causes harm to the majority because of the minority.


Why don’t you move to Paju or Yeoncheon first before trying to release the leaflets? So irresponsible.


It’s a good idea to send them off at the Imjin River, since it’s close to North Korea. But the thing is, those conservative group members send off the leaflets and then go home proud of themselves, but for the people who have homes in the area, they’re walking on thin ice. It might be for a greater cause but it’s too selfish. The conservative group members aren’t the ones that will get hit by bullets, but the residents. Korean citizens.


Look at what they’ve said! What kind of orders from North Korea? They shouldn’t be afraid when North Koreans shoot right at their neighborhood? Dumbass motherfu****! What the hell kind of professor is this!


I live in Ilsan and even I am scared. I can’t imagine how it is for people in Paju. The information was third-rate, the government should’ve stepped in to stop it.

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