South Korean Soldiers Shoot Man Defecting to the North

According to reports on September 16, South Korean sentries shot and killed a South Korean man who was trying to cross the Imjin River into North Korea. The 47-year-old man had a passport in his possession, along with packages of food and a styrofoam float to cross the 800 meter-wide section of the river. Reportedly, the man had applied for refugee asylum in Japan in June of this year, the application was denied.

News reports on September 17th stated that thirty Korean sentries fired their rifles at the man as he was crossing the river, firing “hundreds” of bullets. When the body was picked up by a South Korean boat as it floated in the river, soldiers confirmed that the man was dead, attributing it to two bullet holes. This is the first time since 1990 that South Korean border guards have killed a South Korean trying to cross into the North.

Article from Yonhap News:

“Military: Man Killed Attempting to Cross Imjin River into North Korea”

Military sources say that a man was shot and killed at 2:23 p.m. on September 16th as he attempted to cross the Imjin River into North Korea. The source explained that the incident happened in Choe-jeon in the northwest region of the city of Paju in Gyeonggi Province, saying, “the man ignored the sentry’s command to return back to the southern side and ran toward the river.”

Map of the location of the shooting along the Imjin River.

Map of the location of the shooting along the Imjin River.

Comments from Daum:


The man could have been a spy, I think shooting to kill was the right choice.


Of course he had to shoot!


If he was trying to go over to the North then you have to shoot to kill. The soldier who shot him is lucky, he will probably get a promotion and can go on leave.


It’s too bad they didn’t bring him back to Jeolla Province and shoot them all together


It’s like a movie. The timing was better even than in Hollywood. Couldn’t have been better, it’s giving me goosebumps


Whether he was a spy or not, the soldier did well. 100% chance that guy was connected to North Korea


Was the guy insane? It’s kind of weird… If he had gone to China then he could have just crossed over from that side without any problem. Why did he try to cross at the DMZ, with its strict border controls?


and now it’s just more fodder for the pathetic National Intelligence Service…it’s just sad~~


So it’s a strong message that we are willing to shoot and kill jongpuk commies. This is political control through fear, plain and simple.


[In English] Good shot!


Wait, was it Lee Seok-ki? [the South Korean lawmaker at the center of plan to start a pro-North Korean revolution]


Ah, here is some good news. They should give that soldier a medal. This is restoring our country’s sense of national security. Let’s round up all the red spies


Did he have to shoot to kill?


It’s been a long time since we heard about an attempt to cross to the north. If we are shooting people who try to cross the border to the other Korea, then what can we say when North Korea does the same thing?


Must have been one of Lee Seok-ki’s friends… He could have been a spy returning to North Korea, of course you’ve got to shoot


There’s a high probability he was part of some commie revolutionary organization [in Korean, the acronym “RO”]


Really? It wasn’t a North Korean trying to come to the South?


They’re beginning to dig them out of their holes, they must be getting scared ke ke ke


The news alert came out less than an hour after the shooting happened ke ke ke and it was at the same time as the report on the end of the negotiations about the NIS surveillance, hmm, what does that mean?

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