Internet Powerhouse South Korea Loses #1 Ranking to Denmark

Article from Yonhap:
ICT ranking

South Korea Cedes #1 Position in Information Communications to Denmark

The UN-affiliated ITU (International Telecommunication Union) announced its Information Communications Technology Development Index on November 24th, Korea time. Out of the 166 countries surveyed, South Korea was in the second rank behind Denmark.

According to the annual ITU report from Geneva Switzerland, South Korea’s 2013 IDI index came to 8.85 points, just 0.01 point behind Denmark. The previous year, South Korea was in the first place ranking with 8.81 points and Denmark following close behind with 8.78 points.

This time around, European nations occupied the top rankings; Sweden in 3rd, Iceland in 4th, and England in 5th. Heading over to Asia, Hong Kong was ranked 9th. This was the highest ranking for an Asian nation apart from South Korea. Japan came in at 11th, and China at 86th. The United States were ranked 14th, and in dead last was the Central African Republic. North Korea was not included in the index and is not an ITU member nation.

The IDI evaluation measures internet and cellular phone usage and accessibility, as well as ICT [Information Communications Technology] usage levels.

The report states, “Currently there are more than 3 billion internet users, and ICT is growing steadily.” However there are still 4.3 billion people who are unable to gain access to the internet. Of these, 90% are living in developing countries. Yet, internet growth in those countries is at 8.7% – 3.3% higher than in developed nations. The report also cited that the cellular phone count worldwide this year is estimated at 7 billion, closing in on the same number as the total worldwide population.

Comments from Naver:

Would you please lower cell phone service prices?


Isn’t this what we expected? It’s not all about speed, improve the quality too!


This doesn’t really seem like a big deal. It’s just that we lost 1st place.


If they’re gonna follow let ’em follow. Megapass.


Isn’t this what we expected to happen. tsk tsk


#1 in voice phishing! keke #1 in personal info leaks too!


Yeah not surprised. Threw away so much money on *some dirt. [*This is a reference to the Four Rivers Project]


Well I guess when I download porno torrents there’s a lot of Danish flags.


It’s alright to lose 1st place. Even at 2nd or 3rd place it’s already really convenient. Let’s try to lower the service fees instead.


Is all of Denmark a wi-fi zone?

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  • Eric0912

    Does this mean we won’t have to read overused sentences like “South Korea is the most wired country in the world” for a while? Yay!

  • KCdude

    Great. But South Korea should seriously get rid of ActiveX. It should also use more user-friendly Linux distros.

    • 금정산

      ActiveX is on its way out and I think it will be within this political term. I would like to see Samsung develop a full-fledged, out-of-the-box Linux distro for desktops, but it seems the market is in mobile devices.

  • Dark Night

    With the government censoring so many sites, who needs to be ranked first in internet speed anyway?

    • bigmamat

      I was thinking the same thing. Speed is good but unfettered access is even better.

      • USER

        They block North Korean sites and porn sites, it’s not too bad, far from being like China.

        • Sum Ting Wong

          Blocking North Korean sites is politically motivated, so that means SK is no different from China which censors foreign websites for political reasons.

          • USER

            Not really. South Korea and North Korea are still in state of war, if you didn’t know. Even with the armistice, there have been a number of deadly clashes periodically. It’s far different from China’s reasons which is to block dissent and human rights in China.

          • Guest

            But I know that the Freedom of Speech and Information is 100% guaranteed according to the South Korean constitution.

          • redwhitedude

            China does far more dodgy things than SK.

      • redwhitedude

        And don’t forget laws pertaining the internet and internet security as well.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    “This doesn’t really seem like a big deal. It’s just that we lost 1st place.”

    This article summarized.

  • commander

    Last year, S. Korea edged over Denmark by 0.03 to top the list, while it was pushed one notch back to second place with a margin of 0.01 point, conferring the top spot to Denmark.

    The negligible point difference indicate that the top two countries are almost indistinguishable in information communications technology development levels.

    The media coverage of S. Korea’s slide to second place in IDI index indicates the obsession with international ranking of S. Korea, no matter what field it is.

    • 금정산

      I agree, also the uncertainty could be 0.05 points, making it pointless to compare them.

      • commander

        You can say that again. It would be much better for the original article to detail how the IDI index is measured, instead of just mentioning evaluation factors in one paragraph, and to describe possible negative sides of prevalent Internet connections across the nation.

      • seno

        da whytes r trying to make koreans loosers again!

        • justmega

          No, your poor spelling makes you a loser.

  • x1sfg

    Well, Scandinavia does host pirating websites like TPB (Sweden) which make take up a huge portion of internet bandwidth usage.

    • Balkan

      Denmark is no.1, not Sweden.

    • Hwang Dongseong

      How much subscription fee of 4g per month in Denmark?
      In Korea, $90. In Finland, $30. I guess it’s supposed to be similar to Finland.

  • Xman2014

    Once again, much about nothing. The media with their over imagination, must sell a story. And this sky’s falling story fits perfectly. Why can’t Korea have a decent media? Where is the fair ethical journalism?

  • GJM

    Oh cmon, who cares about this stuff ! What we all really want to know is, why are our Korean-made fans in our appts trying to kill us? Yeah, cmon, that’s what we all want to know. FAN DEATH……..Yeah, you may laugh, but there’s evidence….

    Do you think….I mean…Is your fan trying to…kill you?

    Yeah, it’s all gotten so serious now, that even the Korean avant garde art community is exploring the issue, and its intellectual and artistic implications — it’s the dialectic of fan death in South Korea.

    No one knows if the phenomenon has been reported in North Korea yet. But I bet is has. It’s fan death.

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