Korean National Teachers Union Loses Legal Status

Recently, the court ruled against the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union‘s legal status as a labor union due to its membership problems. The union has received criticisms from the conservative side for their political nature and alleged ideology education. The animated movie titled “Red Classroom” below was created by the Parents’ Association for Reviving Public Education (PARPE) who oppose the KTU and shows the negative perceptions towards the KTU widely held by conservatives.

Article from news1:

KTU loses its legal status as a labor union

On 19th, the Seoul Administrative Court’s 13th division ruled against the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union, which accepted fired teachers as its members, in a lawsuit on its legal status against the Minister of Employment and Labor. Therefore, the KTU will lose its legal status as a labor union and the labor union employees should return to school. As a result, it is expected that conflicts between the progressive and conservative camps will get fierce.


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Comments from Naver:

I will just say one thing. Ya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~feel so good, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke.


This is only natural. This is not even news-worthy. Such a natural consequence.


The law saved this nation, children and their parents!!!


Please just go to North Korea. [to KTU]


Now our kids will be able to learn proper history and ideas instead of worshipping Kim Il-sung and learning North Korea’s Juche ideology.


KTU who claim they pursue “True Education” should first reflect on why the public turned against them and see them as a political group.


School teachers should be politically neutral.


Such a cool ruling in this hot weather. ^^


They are a group that takes hostage of our kids and only cares about their interest in disguise of being teachers.


KTU-affiliated progressive superintendents of education think they represent the nation’s future. They never listen to conservatives.

Article from Yonhap News:

Progressive superintendents of education to acknowledge KTU’s status and keep working with them

On 19th, newly elected progressive superintendents of education and their education offices expressed their regret over the Seoul Administrative Court’s ruling that the KTU is not a legal labor union. They expressed their will to acknowledge the KTU as a legitimate teachers’ organization and continue to work with them.


Comments from Daum:

The Swedish Nobel Committee said there was no lobbying for former President Kim Dae-jung’s peace prize win, but there was some lobbying against him from prominent Korean figures. In most countries, when their citizen is nominated for a Nobel prize, they fully support them. But strangely in Korea, Korean lawmakers staged a protest against President Kim Dae-jung’s win.


I support you. I think any acts from the KTU are still better than the New Right and chinilpa‘s history education based on colonial historiography. Remember the idiot who said we should buy and keep a history textbook from Kyohaksa as a family treasure??


Former President Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel peace prize for his achievements in democratization of Korea for about 40 years. In his forties, he was once a rival of dictator Park Chung-hee for presidency. The figures who succeeded the authoritarian government conciliated him that they would support him for the Nobel peace prize candidacy if he gives up running for the President. He limped because of the torture he got when he was fighting the authoritarian government.


Those people who call KTU commies are all like Moon Chang-geuk.


The public fully supports you. Of course, pro-Japanese conservative idiots would oppose you.


[KTU teachers are]
1) Teachers who are popular with students.
2) Teachers who clean up their own seats.
3) Teachers who reject bribery.
4) Teachers who often consults with students’ parents.
5) Teachers who don’t act careless around students.
6) Teachers who try to teach students excessively hard.
7) Teachers who publish class books and newspapers and enthusiastically teach students how to write.
8) Teachers who try to improve students’ independence and creativity.
9) Teachers who lead clubs such as a newspaper club or a folk culture club to communicate with students.
10) Teachers who teach students mask dance, folk songs, singing and play.


There are people who still haven’t waken up. Think carefully about why progressives were elected for 14 out of 16 positions for superintendent of education.

[The comments below received much more down-votes than up-votes. Daum does not subtract down-votes from up-votes when it sorts comments by votes.]


As soon as they are elected, the superintendents are doing crazy shit from the get-go.


There is no way progressive commies would follow the authorities’ order. Even if you came to this enemy state as spies, it is right to follow the ruling in our country, you commies~


So they will try to go against the ruling. The law is too lenient. Shouldn’t the law be able to punish any offender even if it is the President?

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