Billions Stolen from Nonghyup Accounts; Bank Not Responsible

Article from SBS CNBC:

Fifty People with Nonghyup Banking Accounts Insist the Money in Their Account Disappeared


Suspicions have been raised that savings from thousands to hundreds of millions won were stolen from people’s Nonnhyup bank accounts without their knowledge.

It has been assumed that hackers used pharming, but Nonghyup has consistently responded indifferently.

Reporter Lee has more.


These are the March transaction details for Mr.Kim, a victim of the hacking.

123 million won was withdrawn on March 15th.

There were nineteen withdrawal attempts, and more than eighteen times, a sum between 1.5 million won to 2.8 million won was withdrawn.

The transaction was completed in less than 30 min, from 4:32 p.m. to 5:01 p.m.

[Mr.Kim (60’s) : I dropped by the gas station but found out I had a balance of zero on my card. I want to kill myself just thinking of that day.]

The transactions were similar for Mr. Cha, another victim.

The transactions only happened on July 14th, which was 4 months after Mr. Kim’s savings were stolen.

Thirty-six transactions were done, and including withdrawals of 1.99 million won ($1,990) and 2.02 million ($2,020) won, a total of 80 million won was stolen.

[Mr. Cha(40’s): Though it has been 6 months since July when the money was stolen, my life is a mess. I can hardly sleep, and I’m receiving psychotherapy at the moment. I can’t answer the phone and I’m even terrified to read text messages. What have related financial agencies done about the money being stolen?

Nonghyup sees the incident as a case of pharming.

Therefore, it is the customer’s fault, not the bank’s fault, and the bank is not responsible for this case.

[Nonghyup staff: We requested compensation, however, the insurance company denied our request. It’s because this is a typical pharming case and customers entered their personal information themselves..

At the moment, there are about fifty confirmed victims including two previous cases.

The withdrawal amount known so far is in the billions, but no one knows what the actual total will come out to be.

Comments from Daum:


Damn, not just 1 person but 50 people. Can we really call Nonghyup a bank? Nonghyup should apologize and prepare countermeasures to prevent further disasters.


I need to switch my main bank tomorrow…


Zero responsibility for Nonghyup? I wonder how Nonghyup will get people to make deposits from now on.


Nonghyup is crazy but the government ignoring this case is crazier.


Nonghyup is the one to be blamed. This is so evident because money was taken from an account where the owner didn’t do anything.


Nonghyup, OUT.


Banks are asking customers to give all their personal information, but they don’t blink when this kind of accident happens. Aren’t they still your customers? Ugly ones..


Just like last time, Nonghyup turned a blind eye. I need to change my bank because I can’t trust it anymore. If an incident happens, Nonghyup will blame the customers.


I have an inactive Nonghyup account. I need to visit Nonghyup to cancel it tomorrow.


Nonghyup doesn’t have basic bank standards.


You leaked customer information, but you’re not responsible for the accident? Did the customer leak their own personal information?


In 2011, when its computer network was shut down, their response was disappointing. So I changed from Nonghyup to another bank near my place. I think I did a good job.


Anyone who has an account at Nonghyup should withdraw all their money. Victims continue to appear.


If someone who borrowed money from Nonghyup got it stolen, he doesn’t need to pay it back? huh?


Nonghyup has become a place only for Chinese swindlers. I feel suffocated.


If the situation has come this far, the person who uses Nonghyup should be blamed.


I used Nonghyup for fear of thieves breaking into my house. But now where am I supposed to deposit my money? Should I bury it in the garlic field? If the bank refuses to take responsibility, who is responsible for the accident?

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