Miss Myanmar Forced into Sexual Favors for Rich Korean Men

Winner of Miss Asia Pacific World, Miss Myanmar, had become involved in scandal when she made a statement claiming she was forced to perform sexual favors after returning to Korea to finalize a contract. Her accusations were proven to be true by an internal investigation by pageant organizers.

Article from Kukmin Ilbo:

It was true that Miss Myanmar was forced to perform sexual favors, according to an internal investigation by pageant organizers.


May Myat Noe who was elected Miss Asia Pacific World in in Seoul returned to Myanmar with her crown alleging that she was forced to have plastic surgery and to perform sexual favors. It has been found that her claims were in fact true.

According to the organizers, May, who won Miss Asia Pacific World in the spring, visited Korea again in August to finalize a contract with N Management. She had received offers including record production with a vocal training, from the company.

But from her first day back in Korea, Choi told her while at a hotel in Seoul that, “Since you don’t have any money, you should entertain the executives,” and urged her to perform sexual favors. Choi recently confessed the truth to the organizers who had begun to take legal action. This information was also confirmed by May.

The investigation showed that Choi had been making contracts with beauty pageant participants, international media, and more, without even maintaining an office. Choi was arrested on suspicion of fraud for pocketing investments, and was released on probation.

The organizers concerned said that, “To prevent tarnishing the image of the organizers internationally and prevent any further damage, we will soon report Choi to the police.”

Last year after May disappeared with the crown, valued at 2 billion won, she held a press conference in Myanmar and alleged that the organizers forced her to have plastic surgery and perform sexual favors.

The organizers of this competition had accused May and her mother, who is working as her manager, of spreading false information and slander, claiming damages of 10 billion won.

Comments from Daum:


This is such an embarrassment for the country – old habits die hard. The government should punish all the people concerned and sincerely apologize…


Korean old men behaving indecently… They only know their rights and how they should be treated but don’t care about anyone else. Assholes..


A few idiots are making our country look idiotic.


Who is the executive who was supposed to be entertained? Was it Bang? It hasn’t been long since the Jang Jayeon scandal, could it be possible? [*Bang could refer to either Bang Sang-hoon, CEO of The Cholsun Ilbo, or Bang Myeonghoon. Both were accused of being one of those receiving sexual favors from a coerced young actress, Jang Jayeon. She later committed suicide.]


Choi’s just some disgusting pimp. Successful Korean men wanna to stick their dicks anywhere they please. They are monsters, not human beings.


I vote for Miss Myanmar…This is a national disgrace..

James Noh님:

Shouldn’t they execute an asshole like that?


Read the old comments. People are swearing at this innocent girl from Myanmar. Racism like Ferguson in the U.S. is way better than anything in Korea. In Korea there are so much racism against Southeast Asians. Korea, world’s best in racial discrimination. Korea, the courteous land of the East. Korea, the land of beautiful scenery.


The organizers haven’t done anything right. Now I’m curious how they will treat May.


All Koreans are performing sexual favours.. The dirty hooker Republic, hooray!~


I knew she was telling the truth, ke ke. Where are all the people who treated her like a liar when she had an interview? Among the people who wanted sexual favors, there gotta be some with families. Dirty bastards.


Who are the executives asking for sexual favos? This is a national disgrace.


Humiliation on a global scale, tsk tsk.


Now it’s time for May to accuse the organizers of slander and claim for damages.

리타와 삼순이네님:

Korean people are doing all kinds of things.. How has the country come to this? I can’t show my face to foreigners, I’m too ashamed. Politics, economy, culture, and society… there isn’t anything right in this country.

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  • FYIADragoon

    The respect for women in this country never changes.

  • 금정산

    Pay attention Krap-pop fans. This is the same way your favourite stars are coerced into signing those glittering, sparkling contracts.

    Behind that shining curtain is a dark area controlled by dirty old farts who are rich enough to be untouchable.


    God. Korean men are so gross. Can you imagine how often this kind of shit happens? For Korean women this is a daily occurance. They try it on a non-Korean and that stuff don’t fly. A South East Asian, third world girl, who so many Koreans look down on, doesn’t want your 2 inch ajosshi cock. Keep it in your pants. Fuckin gross, soju breath, shiny suit peasants.

    • Boxplotter

      How dare you talk about ALL Korean men like that? There are a lot decent normal Korean guys. In generalizing you do exactly what you detest. Looking down upon a whole race and gender. You are just as full of bs as those bloody ajushi’s.


        I think Phil Collins said it best when he said:

        Yo Boxplotter. Be my, be my baby. Oh yeah. Tonight, tonight, tonight, wooooahohhhhh

        Really makes you think.

      • bigmamat

        If this is only a few nasty old guys why is prostitution so deeply embedded in Korean culture. It’s 4% of GDP. There are a million prostitutes in Korea. Travelling prostitute taxis, norebangs, love hotels, barber shops where your don’t get your hair cut, massage parlors, even old ladies working in public parks. Statistics show that Korean men are the #1 consumers of the sex trade in southeast Asia as well. One in 4 Korean men visit a prostitute up to 4 times a month. People don’t make this shit up off the top of their heads. These are statistics reported in Korean newspapers. It isn’t that things like this don’t happen all over the world they do, but Korea needs to get off the virgin act and stop pretending like they don’t let this shit go on.

        • Sophia Dalke

          Korea is kind of an anachronistic bubble microcosm of what culture in all of East Asia used to be. Prostitution was driven more underground in Japan by the American occupation and in China by the Civil War and the consequential communist moral asceticism. Korea was liberated and pretty much left to figure out its own way of synthesizing the vestiges of its historical culture with the modern world, and that can be somewhat schizophrenic and produce people like these. A century ago nowhere in East Asia would anybody give a second thought to successful businessmen patronizing high class (kisang, geisha) or low class prostitutes. Personally I think as long as there isn’t any compulsion it shouldn’t matter.

        • Z Kim

          Let’s be clear that these are South Korean men.

          • Ewnerd Nasalo

            Because North Korean men would just rape rather than pay for it?

          • Z Kim

            Because North Korean men treat women with respect, and North Korean women respect themselves.

          • David

            Not that I am denying this but what are you basing it on? I have no doubt that many less NK men are going to the Philippines for prostitutes but only because they are not allowed to travel.

          • Chucky3176

            North Korea record of prostitution is another whole record on its own. Just watch and read the accounts of many North Korean defectors who were sold off to the Chinese by their own men (as well as the Chinese who bought them).

            He has no clue what’s going on in the north because he’s only fooling himself. Not going to reply to people like him anymore, I’m tired of repeating the same shit over and over.

          • Smith_90125

            No, it’s because the only North Korean men who could get permission or afford to travel are in the communist government. And they can get away with raping and murdering their own citizens, so they don’t need to travel.

        • Xman2014

          4% of GDP is what is called the “entertainment industry”. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are all prostitutes. They could be prostitutes, but it also includes vast number of people who don’t work as prostitutes like models and doumies, pimps, people who work as cashiers or janitors in room salons, bar tenders, and various different jobs in shady establishments. The actual number of prostitutes who actually offer sex is difficult to find because they’ve been driven underground, ever since the 2004 anti-prostitution law that came into effect.

          • bigmamat

            No prostitution is 4% of GDP, not the Korean entertainment industry. Don’t make me link it for you. I only threw out that statistic because I wanted the men to understand stuff like this really isn’t shocking. I’m an American woman and obviously this shit goes on here just as often. So much for liberated American women huh?

          • Xman2014

            The prostitution industry is reported to be 1.6% of total GDP.

            Korea Women’s Development Institute


            Also read the Wiki sources of prostitution industry in Korea.


            Also you need to prove your claim that:

            “Korean men are the #1 consumers of the sex trade in southeast Asia as well.”

            Because give me a break. I’m sure the local South East Asian men don’t go to prostitutes, nor all those white guys that I saw recently in Pataya’s brothels and meat markets. I’m sure they were all evil Korean men in disguise. lol…

          • bigmamat

            I never said Korean men were the ONLY consumers of the sex trade in Asia. I think the number one indicator would be possession of a penis.

          • Xman2014

            No. But you did say: “”Korean men are the #1 consumers of the sex trade in southeast Asia as well.”

            I proved you wrong on that claim. Not sure why you think I’m wrong.

            I read your other reply, and I never said prostitution is not big industry in Korea. It certainly is a big industry. And I already showed you the figures.

            I don’t get your problem with this story. The Korean police found that there was sex for hire, the Korean media reported it, and the Korean people commented on it as shameful. I don’t see where Koreans are trying to deny it, as you and others are surmising.

            But at least Koreans are not ashamed to bring it forward into news and talk about it, unlike all the other Asian countries who have also huge issues with prostitution but you never see them in their news because they are far less open and honest about it.

            So really, I don’t see why you think there is any denial. Nobody denied that there is prostitution in Korea.

          • bigmamat

            I have to go back and read what sparked off my comment. I’ve been following South Korea for about 3 years now and there is a lot of denial about this problem in society and in the media it seems. Certainly mainstream Korean television is not much more than a propaganda outlet for the censorship board. Good old fashioned Korean values on display that rarely reflect real life. I’m a bit surprised sometimes what does make it in the news. Usually these things will spark a controversy for about 5 seconds then it’s business as usual. I’ve always felt like whatever problems a country that small has shouldn’t be insurmountable because of the size. But after the Sewol Ferry tragedy It seems apparent it’s just as hard to overcome political inertia as any larger country.

          • gumdeo

            This is one of the reasons sex work needs to be decriminalized, so we can find out what is actually going on.

        • Xman2014

          “Korean men are the #1 consumers of the sex trade in southeast Asia as well.”

          Er.. Korean men are not #1 consumers of sex trade in SEA. The number #1 consumers are the local SEA men. The number #2 are the white European foreigners who flock to countries like Thailand and Philippines. So please, don’t blame all of the world’s sex industry on the Koreans, OK??

          • Chucky3176

            That’s the Korean media and the local civic activist’s doings. They did a good job planting those ideals that Koreans are now controlling and consuming the world’s sex trade. I know what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to do good. But they sometimes go way overboard with their unfounded numbers and figures that they come up out of their asses. I’ve written about this many times before, how the numbers are crunched and floated around the media, which are later debunked, but those numbers are still going around.

          • Mink

            Can you please edit the wikipedia article on prostitution in korea if that is really the case?

          • Tae

            What? You think this a game Mike? Let me ask you this: were you the one who originally edited the wikipedia article? You wanted to besmeerch Koreanic men? Hmmm? You like that? You like dragging the 우리 나라 through the mud? Airing our dirty laundry? Well hear this Michael, wiki wars cant keep the truth down. You playing your little games wont fool anyone. Koreanic type men have been accused by your type (anglonic? Americoniccolonic?). Stop.

          • Chucky3176

            I’ll bite and play your game.

            It’s not the matter of “dragging 우리 나라 through the mud”, as you are accusing me of thinking. I have not said that.

            It’s about accurately concluding the problem. Making gross statements like Koreans are number one sex buying consumers in Asia are not only factually wrong, but also does nothing to solve the problem for the locals, because Koreans aren’t the only ones engaged in sex industry. The sex industry is not just a Korean problem. I have to remind you that it’s the same Korean media that says a large number of ESL teachers in Korea have problems with drugs and are dangerous of carrying AIDS viruses. I’m saying the whatever the media or the civic groups in Korea says, you have to take it with a salt. They tend to blow up the numbers and exaggerate them to make their cases.

            So don’t give me the bull shit, alright?

          • BarleyStalk12

            Dude you’re FULL OF SHIT.

            Whatever the media outside of Korea says about this we should take with a grain of salt?! Huh? Such a typical insecure Korean dude that simply DENIES the truth when it shows itself.

            Of course not EVERY Korean guy is like this. No one is saying that.

            BUT: EVERYONE knows that KOREAN MEN are infamous in SEA for seeking out child sex and prostitution. They are all over the place. They have TOURS for that kind of thing. When I lived there, some Korean guy who lived next to my apartment TOLD ME that he and his friends went to the Phils. for that very thing.

            Just google “Korean men child prostitution” … there are plenty of articles and outlets making this claim.

            And the nonsense about all ESL teachers have aids? There is no correlation to the fact that Korean male sex tours that target children are a terrible problem that you all would rather hide under your tidy “우리 나리 제일” carpet and leave it be.

            Seriously. If you want these problems to go away, you need to face them square in the face. that’s how folks like you who are NOT like that are exonerated. (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don’t molest children)

          • Chucky3176

            I am not interested in what the Korean media or Korean organizations claim, nor am I interested in any foreign media who quote the Korean media thereby .

            “And the nonsense about all ESL teachers have aids?”

            Why not? If the Korean media prints sensationalized stories of ESL teachers running amok in Korea, you say it’s nonsense. But if they print sensationalized stories of Korean men in South East Asia running amok, you believe it’s true?

            Everyone knows it’s the Americans and Europeans that drive that foreign tourism industry, according to all the local newspapers of each country. For instance, proof here in Thailand,

            Breakdown on Thailand’s child sex tourists.


            It looks like it’s the Americans, West Europeans, Canadians, Australians – in other words, white males, who are the major consumers of child sex and child pornography in South East Asia.

            “우리 나리 제일”

            wrong grammar, wrong spelling, poor attempt.

          • BarleyStalk12

            LOL. You are such a complete idiot. You Korean men with your blanket claims without evidence:

            “Everyone knows it’s the Americans and Europeans that drive that foreign tourism industry, according to all the local newspapers of each country.”

            LOL. Such bullshit. Here’s a line in the very same article: “Debunking the stereotype that those engaged in child sexual exploitation are westerners, the report also shows that Asian tourists and expats are increasingly involved.”

            Sp you’re completely wrong again buddy. It is creepy asian men who ENABLE the very market for children all over Asia, it is also increasing asian men who help to drive it forward. They provide the might and force behind brothels, rape and threaten young children when they do not participate. They MAKE IT HAPPEN.

            You’ll probably claim that white men, with out any aid from Asian men, are responsible. LOL. Again – you’re full of shit.

            You keep telling everyone –and yourself– that Korean men have nothing to do with the child sex trade in Southeast Asia. Sure I get it. Denying the truth helps with your gaping insecurity.

            Read the wikipedia article about child sex tourism if you want solid references for the involvement of Korean men, and their role in driving it. You can deny it all you want. Every one else will continue to NOT listen to apologists like you, who simply have an agenda to protect Korean men from criticism.

            And then of course, this article, “Child sex tourists ‘mostly Asian'”


            That’s MOSTLY ASIAN, if you did not catch that.

            Here’s a direct quote: “The majority of child sex offences in the region are perpetrated by Asians, not Western tourists, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).”

            Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Truth will continue to come out more and more. You can keep denying that Korean men commit these crimes, and insist that the “evil white saviors” are the culprits. But truth has a way of sneaking up on men who do not own up to their shit.

            That said, the issue is important. EVERY race of men is part of this problem. But it’s high time that Koreans man-up to the role they play in it.

            But then, no one is holding their breath that Korean men will actually admit when they commit terrible crimes.

          • Chucky3176

            “And then of course, this article, “Child sex tourists ‘mostly Asian'” ”

            Did you even bother to read your own article? When they say “Asian men”, they mean Thai men in Thailand, Laotian men in Laos, Cambodian men Cambodia, and so forth.

            Of course, the law averages dictates the natives are going to out-criminal the foreign visitors whose numbers are far less.

            What we’re talking about are foreign men engaged in child sex in South East Asia.

            And out of all the foreigners in South East Asia, white men from Europe and USA are the ones who have the largest number of child sex perps. If you have any other ‘proof’ that this isn’t true, I’m all ears.

          • BarleyStalk12

            Of course I read it. And my points stand. You’re anti-white male fetish is getting you into trouble here.

            To deny that there is a very disproportionate amount of Korean men who have gone, and are going, to these regions where other Asian men provide the underground frameworks, distribution networks, and child brothels for Korean men to patronize–is ridiculous.

            This is not just the Korean media in any way, shape or form. This has been reported in many sectors for many years, by the UN, by the US State Department, it has been confirmed by NGOs, it has been confirmed by travelers like myself — who have seen the Korean groups of men drunk and fucked up making moves on children in complete fucking daylight in the Phlippines—- and here you are, dismissing all of it as somehow “inaccurate,” all because you’re terribly insecure and you hate white men.

            Many of the Brothels have their signs in Korean for fuck sake. I’ve seen it MYSELF you idiot.

            Then you come back with this nonsense about how the SK media is always wrong, so their reports on how SK men are travelling en masse to SEA. Wallah – Korean men are superior to white men. Wow. Great. Congratulations on your new-found self worth.

            And then all you say is this: “What we’re talking about are foreign men…”

            You are so stunningly creepy. Sure white men are around. Anyone who abuses children in any way should be punished severly. But you creepy Korean dudes just keep pounding the WRONG drum—as usual.


            The more you try to candy-coat it, the more children get abused.

            The more you twist the narrative that is YOUR problem into a narrative that serves your twisted need to demonize all white men…. more children get abused.


            Korean men are implicated in this cycle of abuse in Korea itself, in light of the tens of thousands of room salons, many filled with under-age girls. Then they travel with impunity to Asia on sex tours. I heard from Korean men DIRECTLY about how they go to the Philippines for this very thing. One creepy dude actually tried to sell me a tour!

            It’s sick. It’s creepy. And I don’t know how you sleep at night.

          • redwhitedude

            They combat one ignorance with their own ignorance. Not a good way of dealing with problems.

          • Chucky3176

            What parts of wiki article, are you saying that I should change? There’s nothing there to change.

          • redwhitedude

            Well they certainly going about it the wrong way. Certain troll are getting attracted to their numbers to bash Korea.

          • Tae

            Exactly. Its ridiculous! Korean men dont use prosititutes!!

          • carrier19

            They use prostitutes on average of 2-4 times a month.

          • Smith_90125

            So in your mind, 30000 abandoned children in the Philippines – Filipina mother, Korean “father” – aren’t Korea’s problem, and sex tourism by Koreans doesn’t exist.

            The facts say otherwise.


            Tourism statistics from the Philippines’ government show South Koreans account for nearly one-fourth of last year’s 4.7 million foreign visitors, outnumbering all other nationalities. That is nearly a near doubling over the past five years.

            Other child-welfare proponents say the rise of Kopino births is directly related to the growth of the South Korean community in the Philippines.

            There are no official statistics on how many children of Korean heritage have been born in the Philippines. But the Seoul-based branch of advocacy group End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, or Ecpat, estimates the number has soared to 30,000 from 10,000 in just the past few years. Lee Hyeon-sook, the organization’s director, bases those figures on reports from children’s aid agencies in the Philippines.

            Ms. Lee says Korean men coming to the Philippines in search of temporary liaisons or prostitutes is a main factor.

            “Koreans have long complained about being victims or sexually exploited by Japan and the U.S. Since becoming a developed economy, Korean men go to countries like the Philippines and have become perpetrators themselves,” Ms. Lee claims.

          • Chucky3176

            Read your own link:

            “There are no official statistics on how many children of Korean heritage have been born in the Philippines.”

            And like I said, the ones who are making up the numbers?

            Right in your link:

            “But the Seoul-based branch of advocacy group”

            They have no way of knowing how many Kopino kids there actually are. The way they come up with those numbers are dubious.

            By the way, the same advocacy group also says US GI’s are committing crimes in Korea in record numbers.

            Also this:

            “Tourism statistics from the Philippines’ government show South Koreans account for nearly one-fourth of last year’s 4.7 million foreign visitors”

            If Koreans are the biggest tourists to Philippines, it’s quite reasonable that more Koreans are going to be fraternizing with the Filipinos. What’s disgusting with these advocacy groups is that they’re saying all of the Kopino births were due to prostitution. Totally disregarding the births that happened because they were boyfriend/girlfriends. What they’re ending up saying is that all the Filipinas who gave births to Kopinos are whores.

          • Xman2014

            The number of Japinos (abandoned children who have Japanese fathers and Filipino mothers) is over 200,000 – more than 20 times the reported Kopinos. The American-Filipino number over 50,000, five times the reported Kopinos.


            But do we hear anything about the Japinos or Amerasians? Nope. Of course not. But you’re convinced that Korean men are number one sex tourists to SEA? Yeah right.

          • Tae

            Yeah. Why you guys just look at Korea. Everyone does it! Im sick and tired of it. Always finger pointing at Korea. Why? Jealous. We are not the only sex tourists!! The Korean media wants to lie about korean men. Its basically a Japanese-Jewish-Marxist-European plot to destroy the Koreanic man. Did you know Japanese women love korean men? The Koreanic male is more potent and manly then the Japonic male. The korean media in league with the jewish cabal is threatened. Also the korean government are part of it too. They are actually japanese agents. Cant trust anyone! Many ask me “Tae: what are you doing to stop this attack on Koreanic men?”. Well, many things. Mainly posting on the internet. Eventually ill go to my fatherland. First i must use western universities to get an education. And a job. Why dont i go to korea now? A good question. I feel im a secret agent living in western country my whole life. Avoiding military service. Avoiding the korean education system. Avoiding stiflung korean social pressures. By doing so im destroying thebmarxist jewish west from the inside!!

          • Chucky3176

            Did you even bother to read what he said, before rambling on about in such trollish manner?

            “I am not saying South Korea does not have prostitution problem, no one is claiming that. I am saying South Koreans are not the worst people responsible for prostitution as everyone claims to be”

            He gave you facts and links to prove his points. If you can’t counter it rationally then just shut the fuck up and go back into your hole.

          • Tae

            Who are you sucker? Are you even Koreanic?? How much O2b dna do you have? What are your yDNA levels? Traitor. Maybe YOU use prostitutes. But you arent representative. Most of we koreanics dont. How you spend your free time is your business. But you are making us all look bad when you go on sex journeys in Cebu. So in future dont sleep with these Austaliod women. If you want to, DONT come online and brag about it while pretending to be koreanic! You arent.

          • Chucky3176

            What the fuck is an O2b is that an oxygen? Yes Tae, you don’t sound like a Korean at all, but do sounds like a Western caucasion male. Sounds like you’ve been lurking the ESL racist forums bitching and moaning about how you’re getting screwed by the evil Korea. But nice try, white guy pretending to be Korean. Go get tested for AIDS. Did you get that criminal record from your country that you’re supposed to get? Did you remember to pick up that mail that contains all that pot? How’s it feel to be an E2 visa immigrant, barely same as the Mexican worker with green card? How’s it feel to be a hagwon monkey with white face?

          • Tae

            Tae in the house!
            Chucky3176 are you a esler? You are spreading your white man lies around here. Are you a Jewish teacher? I knew that already. Chucky3176 is trying to paint Koreanic men as dirty and prosititute users. That’s why he comes on here and brags about using prostitutes. Are you proud of that. Why do you pretend to be Korean? Here is Korea! Yeah? Here is Korea. So just stop it. You cant lie your way out of this. Take your caucaisan stink out of her. Go back to your esl job you white man. Get the hell out of Korea. You are jealous of we Koreanics. We are born of the Koreanic blood. We breathe the air. We serve in the military (well some of us..)! We defend the Father land. And the fact you dont know O2b shows you are a troll who knows nothing about the Koreanic nation. Blood and steel! Land and power!
            So what I want to say to you Chucky3176 is that your game is up! We know you are a dirty white esler. We know you sleep with Korean womaen. And we do want you to stop that. Its disgusting. Go to your hagwon job. Its a job that makes us angry because how dare you! How dare you spit in your hosts face. Im shaking with rage!

          • Probotector

            God you’re a pathetic insecure racist cunt, aren’t you?

          • Smith_90125

            You’re as much a clueless idiot and rationalizing asshole as “xman”, as proven by your paranoid and racist ranting.

          • Smith_90125

            You’re a clueless idiot and rationalizing asshole. Your “argument” amounts to saying, “They did it more than we did so we’re not wrong!!!!!”

            You are using the same argument given by the Japanese government that you condemn. After the rape of Nanking, Tokyo said, “Our soldiers didn’t kill 500,000, it was only 25,000!”

            Just because the number of victims is fewer doesn’t make it any less awful, whether it’s Japanese soldiers murdering and raping Chinese people, or Korean men partaking in prostitution and affairs then abandoning babies in Manila. There is no “lesser crime”.

          • elizabeth

            On the other side of the coin, this shows that the Philippines government is doing an extremely bad job. What forces so many of their women to succumb to the sex-trade for survival, not only locally but overseas? What is their government doing about it? They should be doing more than just expecting help from other countries whenever there is a crisis.

          • Smith_90125

            The problem there is the Philippines’ stupid attitudes toward birth control, sex education and abortion, still too influenced by the catholic cult. Only now after the population hit 100 million is the government starting to talk about controlling their numbers (e.g. promoting condoms), yet abortion is still treated as murder or manslaughter (re: doctors lose their license and get years in prison).

            Just wait until they start having food shortages and people are starving because of overpopulation. Being an island nation means oil is needed for transport, and oil is the basis for artificial fertilizer as well. We haven’t only hit peak oil, we’ve hit peak phosphorus, which means food production worldwide will start to slow in the next 20 years.

          • bigmamat

            I read this on a Korean news site sometime last year. I never claimed Korean men were responsible for the world’s sex industry. I said Koreans need to get off the “nation full of virgins” act because anyone who’s been there or has a 5th grade reading level and google search can figure out that’s a big lie. I don’t see the big deal here. It’s grubby, but it’s not shocking. It’s pretty commonplace really. I’m glad he was exposed but I really don’t think there is any motivation to prevent this kind of behavior from happening again. He got caught that’s about it.

          • Xman2014

            Read the US State Department Report on Prostitution and Human Trafficking.

            I am not saying South Korea does not have prostitution problem, no one is claiming that. I am saying South Korea is not the worst country in prostitution, as what you and others are claiming based on what Korea Times write.

            South Korea is the only country in Asia which fully complies with international effort to combat trafficking of women. The rest of the countries in Asia have even far bigger problems with prostitution but they remain silent. This is the report on Myanmar.


            The Chinese, with a great help and contribution by corrupt locals, have taken over Myanmar’s prostitution industry, but do we read anything in the Chinese media about the Chinese nationals contributing to Myanmar’s child sex and prostitution industry? NOPE.

          • bigmamat

            OK so that has something to do with what we are talking about? Did some Chinese guy run a pageant and turn his teenage contestants into hookers recently? Bottom line this goes on everywhere you have men and women. I’m just get sick of seeing people online saying stupid shit like, not all Koreans do this or not all Americans do that. Of course not all people do these things but there are some pretty shitty things that happen in every society and people try to pretend it doesn’t include them. If you live there, if it’s your home and you don’t clean it up then it’s yours buddy. As an American it would make me sound pretty stupid or just plain dishonest to say we don’t have social, cultural, economic and political problems. It’s like saying America doesn’t have a race problem anymore or even that woman have achieved equality. Clearly that’s not the case.

          • Sawada Tsunayoshi

            what do you mean by that? korea need to get off the nation full of virgins act??

          • mistertibbs4u


      • flpsde76

        You must be a Korean man yourself.

    • Z Kim

      South Korean men.

    • RaphaeI

      Net-uyo detected. No need to share your rancid and perverse fantasies (which you no doubt practice on your blow-up dolls) with us.

      • Tae

        Yes. Its a Japanese. It has to be. This story was planted and paid for by the Japanese. The Japanese wont rest until they have turned the world against us. And now this Japan troll is here stoking the anti-koreanic fires. Disgusting.

  • commander

    The best way she should have behaved when she was pressured to go to bed with men in power with whom the organizers of the beauty contest is she revealed that pressure to the media and should have stepped down as the queen of the beauty pageant.

    But in reality she absconded with a pricey tiara to her home country, pushing herself into mutual mudslinging.

    I am not defending the organizers who are revealed to coerce the Myranmarese to have sexual encounter.

    It would have been good if she had chosen other way to prove she is a victim of the ostensibly flamboyant but inwardly disgusting practice in the beauty industry.

    • 금정산

      I agree but she was 15-16 at the time. It would have been difficult for her to stand up for herself.

      • commander

        You mean she was a minor when she competed at the beauty contest?

        How could a middle school age girl be allowed to become the contestant?

        That’s completely beyond me.

        • 금정산

          Simple, it’s corrupt. They don’t care about the well-being of these girls, they are trying to find people they can exploit.

          She was pressured into breast augmentation surgery. When the organisers were questioned about her maturity for the surgery they said “she is 173cm tall and won’t grow any taller”.

      • Sid Driver

        If she was a minor, and performing sexual favors, shouldn’t the people that took advantage of her be charged as pedophiles?

        • 금정산

          The age of consent in South Korea is officially 13 (but see below). This dates back to 1985 when Korea based their modern laws on that of Japan.

          The law pertaining to juvenile consent was revised in 2011. There is now a Protection of Children and Juveniles from Sexual Abuse Act which protects people under 19 (international age).

          Shouldn’t they be charged as paedophiles? Definitely, if people are prepared to stand up against them.

    • bigmamat

      Even if we didn’t know she was 15 you are still suggesting that the victim could have somehow prevented herself from becoming a victim.

      • Steven Richards

        I broke my foster dad’s arm for trying to molest me at 14; some people are not as strong though.

  • Traveller

    Kudos to Korea for airing out the dirty laundry, and dealing it honestly.

    I’ve travelled through many countries in Asia, and I’m pretty sure in any other Asian country, internationally embarrassing scandals like this would have been buried.

    Now just get rid of this entire disgraceful pageant.

  • TruthHurts

    Truly a disgusting culture.. and what I mean by that re pageants and the entertainment business! This is happening all over the world I’m sure. Dirty dirty men (also women) who take advantage of their position; just utterly disgraceful. And they’re not just ‘laying out’ (emotionally destroying) the women they are doing it to children and inciting sexual perversion and confusion in young boys. What a mess! :(

    • Z Kim

      South Korea adapting too much of America’s culture.

      • Tae

        Yes. YES! This is a redult of Yankee american cultural imperialism. Directly injected. We dont want it.

        • Ewnerd Nasalo

          When it comes to beauty pageants, that is totally true. Let’s not act like you don’t want it though, otherwise you wouldn’t have it. You can’t get international popularity (and foreign money) without accepting a degree of foreign influence.

          When it comes to the disgusting behavior of entertainment industry executives however, you gotta own up to that shit. No Yankee told Mr. Kim to bone a 16 year old.

          • Z Kim

            “You can’t get international popularity (and foreign money) without accepting a degree of foreign influence.”

            Yes, South Koreans have sold out in the name of $$$ and popularity.

    • WannabeXenophile

      That last sentence reminds me of the continuous child sexual abuse allegations and arrests from the UK … *shudders*

  • Z Kim

    North Koreans are shaking their heads.

    • 금정산

      I doubt it. You’re wrong if you think there is purity in the DPRK. Kim Jong-il was just as perverted and used many aspiring young female performers for sex.

      • Z Kim

        Why would you doubt it? Even South Koreans find this shameful, but they accept it. Of course North Koreans will also find it shameful, but even more so. Go to North Korea and tell me how many red light districts or business cards/fliers you see that promote massages and fellatio.

        Even President Park’s spokesperson, Yoon Chang-jung, embarrassed South Korea when he was in the U.S. and was groping a 21-year-old Korean-American intern. Shows that even if the ROK has a female President, the men in power think women are just toys they can treat as they wish.

        Regarding Kim Jong-il… Ah yes, of course. We all heard those rumors of his “pleasure squad”. Yes, he also scored multiple holes-in-one during a golf outing, correct?

        • 금정산

          Since you mentioned NK from out-of-the-blue, I assumed you were referring to their condemnation as somehow greater than other countries, particularly SK. I doubt it is.

          Prostitution in the DPRK exists and many women depend on it for survival. Doesn’t make any difference that it isn’t advertised.

          I don’t believe Kim II was that great at golf, as per the common Dear Leader appraisals. But I do believe that he was a fine marksman and womaniser, as per the reports from those who were close to him.

          • Z Kim

            Yes, I’m sure prostitution exists in the DPRK. Yes, women depended on it for survival. However, the Arudous March ended around 15 years ago, so what happened out of necessity in the past is not as prevalent as it is today.

            Additionally, it does make a difference that it’s not advertised. South Korea sells sex everywhere. From highly-sexualized K-Pop girl groups, to doumi girls who promote new shops, “racing girls”, red light districts, massage parlors/anma, lip cafe, kiss rooms, DVD rooms, room salons, incall/outcall, officetel, sex clubs, etc. What like 4~5% of GDP?

            And not even to survive in most cases, but a desire for “easy” money or to get the latest designer products from Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, etc. or finance a new plastic surgery operation.

            Do you not remember it was just over 10 years ago that minors were still working in the red light districts of Miari in Seoul? And the one minor who was kidnapped a few years back and was sold to numerous men… it wasn’t until after several hundred men that one of them realized that maybe it was wrong to be paying for sex with a minor who’s being held against her will.

            South Korea, while they have the latest gadgets and don’t starve, is not without major problems. How can a country so “successful” have the highest rate of suicide and longest working hours? Why are there those that “snap” and go on a killing rampage (not just in SK but in USA as well)?

            South Korea is not Korea anymore. It’s America (Hollywood + Wall St.) on steroids with Korean faces.

            And by the way, North Koreans don’t think Kim Jong-il was that great at golf, either. They never heard the stories of all his amazing hole-in-one shots. That was another rumor spread by the fake media.

            And who was close to him? Are you referring to the Japanese chef? He was the closest and was the one who predicted Kim Jong-un would take power, and turned out to be correct.

            Here’s something he said about Kim Jong-il: during the famine of North Korea (Arduous March), Kim Jong-il only ate simple Korean fare. How many people know that? Not many. People prefer to spread false rumors.

          • Steven Richards

            Yeah, maybe, but he never missed a meal.

          • David

            Did you get your check from the north yet this month? If it is so great why are you not living there?

  • 42

    what a dum biatch, even if they did offer indecent proposals, you just dont go public with it, her career is definitely over.

    • Z Kim

      Because money is more important than integrity.

      • MikeinGyeonggi

        North Korea has neither.

      • gumdeo

        Sex work has integrity; it is a noble profession.

    • nattaly

      Are you serious??

    • Sid Driver

      Wow… this comment… were you one of the executives indicted? I really don’t know if you are being serious or a troll…
      Silence helps no one and blaming the victim is just ignorant and only serves to continue the cycle of abuse. I would suggest that you perhaps have much to learn.

    • JohnDoe7

      Agreed. She should and able to charge high prices for her service. She then can either, (1) spend the money in ROK, boosting ROK economy, or (2) remit the money back to Myanmar to invest, give to family, charity, to help her poor fellow countrymen and women back in Myanmar which is still only has a GDP per capita of USD1113.

      This is also a good way to reduce inequality in Korea by getting rich men to spend their money, since anyone who suggests realistic method such taxation to reduce inequality gets denounced as being a socialist or communist. No one can denounce prostitution as socialist.

  • how did this happen when her own mother was her manager
    the poor girl

    • Steven Richards

      Money does strange things to people–even family.

  • flpsde76

    And fucking Korean men wonder why most Korean women would rather marry a foreigner! The idiots in this country are mostly STUPID 2 inch dicked KOREAN MEN. FUCKING IDIOTS!! GO BUY A FUCKING BRAIN THAT WORKS STUPID!! FUCK KOREA>>>FUCK KOREANS!!

    • Steven Richards

      So, what do you think of Korea?

  • Balkan

    It was very brave of this young woman to speak out. Hope Choi ends up in jail and that executives who wanted to be “entertained” should be publicly named and shamed.

    I agree with some comments by Korean netizens. There are many nice things about Korea and Korean people, but things like these really bring shame to the country.

  • nitrostat

    wow… i hope all those involved in this scandal excluding the girl get the proper punishment they deserve.. that is some truly fucked up shit..

    • Steven Richards

      You can say that again!
      I feel bad that they made Korea seem backwards; in the States, a lot of actresses have sex for money and fame, but people here have become indifferent, especially when a ‘really bad’ one gets a part.

      • Ewnerd Nasalo

        This is true, but there is an entirely different attitude towards sexuality that allows for this. Paris Hilton porks on camera? she gets movie deals and endorses fashion products. Kardashian takes a pounding on cam? She marries Kanye, gets a TV show, and makes the most famous ass pic this decade. In Korea these ladies would be slut-shamed into obscurity and irrelevancy.

        I’m not sure which I hate worse…

        This kid from Myanmar however goes from a poor country to a rich country, gets taken advantage of, and shamed when she first speaks out against it. It was essentially a form of human trafficking. So yea, in that regard, Korea IS backwards…

  • elizabeth

    It takes two to tango. Whichever party’s version, it’s two sides of the same coin. The better storyteller wins.

    I’d take this with a pinch of salt.

    • Tae

      Exactly. Everyone believes her? Why would a Korean man even do this? It doesnt fit the Koreanic mindset. I take it with a whole salt shaker.

      • elizabeth

        If she’s forced, she’d be crying rape. And it’s not like she was kidnapped and tied onto the operating table to undergo plastic surgery.

        She was offered a deal, chose to play along, took the crown and cried wolf. She would have been more convincing if she had walked out of the deal and returned without the crown.

        That’s how I see it.

        • David

          Yea, it was the fault of the 15 year old girl in the foreign country with no money. Not the rich old Korea men. You know she just could not control herself when she saw their ugly old fat asses naked with their 2″ penises. Keep deluding yourself. Tae is a troll not even worth answering. When you find yourself agree with him you should start looking in the mirror.

          • elizabeth

            Yea, she is an innocent, helpless, vulnerable bright-eyed 15-y-o who knows nothing about the dirty business of beauty paegants. Yet she managed to manipulate her way through the intricate web of doom set up by powerful sex maniacs and not only escape their clutches and live to tell of her unsolicited sufferings but also skillfully grabbed the tiara from her deplorable predators as she fled like a frightened little mouse from their menacing claws.

            She was so innocent and vulnerable yet streetwise and strong. Rare, so rare.

            Bravo, all hail your classic victim-heroine who is able to think straight in the state of panic. The perfect poster girl for a campaign against the evil dark fat-ass lords!

            Dream on dude.

      • carrier19

        Doesn’t fit the Korean mindset? Geez you have no idea what youre talking about.

  • Tae

    Are you guys idiots? She is making lies. Koreanic peoples are generally gentle and hard working. Also we prefer our own race. She is some sino-burnese phenotype. Why would ANY korean man want that. The Korean phenotype is the envy of Asia. This repulsive austaluiod…..basically the Japanese have paid her off. If you cant see that then you are stupid. Before the Japanese and Americans came to korea there was no sexual harassment. Nowa days red light districts are restricted to foreign areas only. Only dirty foreigners do this sexual stuff in Korea. We need a true korean nationalist Koreanic volkish party leader to root out this kind of stuff and get rid of dirty eslers!!

    p.s. i’ve never lived in Korea, but I WILL ONE DAY (once the possibility of military service has passed)

    • What?!!!

      A pretty accurate parody. :-) I remember last year a national newspaper blaming the US military for the high prostitution rate in Korea. You might be able to convince a dumb Korean housewife with that but every ajeossi, conscript and male student in Korea knows why there is really so much of it.

    • Xman2014


    • carrier19

      Hey Tae stop defending yourself. Stop talking about Japan. Stop with this Korean pride. You are some delusional moron. You are also embarrassing yourself.

      • Xman2014

        Why are you talking to yourself?

  • x1sfg

    It happens in Hollywood as well. Couldnt tell you about the pageant world. All those guys deserve to burn.

  • carrier19

    Pageant History
    2011 – Korean winner (any surprise?)- but later crown taken away for being a prostitute (any surprise?)and given to some Ukrainian.
    Also three contestants try to flee but are harassed and prevented from leaving.
    Check out her account here.

    And now this. Anyone that knows Korea isn’t surprised by this. Just like they aren’t surprised by the Nut on the Korean airline, indictment of the Japanese reporter, Sewol, Stem cell scandal, copying Apple, etc.

    Just another day in Korea.

    And the crown being worth 2billionwon? Give me a break. It was given free and probably cost 100,000won.

    Korean are the leader in making counterfeit goods as well.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget about the rampant plastic surgery. I’d say 80% of the women and 20% of the men. Soon it will be mandatory upon birth.

    May Myat Noe is more attractive than any Korean woman WITH plastic surgery and they want her to be the poster child for the Korean plastic surgery industry. As if to say she is only attractive BECAUSE of the Korean plastic surgeons. One day they will ruin someone’s life by forcibly giving them plastic surgery.

    Why would a country be proud that 80% of the population get cosmetic facial plastic surgery before they turn 18?

    • Xman2014


      Shouldn’t spend too much time masturbating on anti-Korean videos uploaded to youtube, from Japan nationals, unless you’re the one uploading these hate videos.


  • Dave Park

    Prostitution is everywhere and in every culture throughout history. If a woman chooses to use her body to earn money then so be it. It’s her choice. But I feel bad for Miss Myanmar because she was forced to do it. That’s an entirely different issue.

    But reading the non-Korean comments here, I’m quite disturbed by some of you. Koreans do have a closeted sex industry. But that doesn’t mean all Korean men are immoral and disgusting. How is this any different than prostitution in other places of the world?

  • Oligarchs behaving badly is a worldwide phenomena. Koreans with their traditional fierce protesters have a better chance of curtailing this behavior than just about anywhere else on the planet. I am on my knees imploring you because my country has already succumbed to their machinations.

  • frimurer

    I love asian traditions like this.

  • KKKorean1PPPeninsula1

    Sexual favors for rich Korean man???? It takes two people to Tango.

    • 금정산

      Is that how you see Japan’s use of sex slaves?

  • Lothrop Stoddard

    Haha, I just googled Chuckster’s name and a bunch of youtube videos with white girls turns up.

    Chucky, you never fail to make me laugh bro.

  • Digitalsoju

    “The organizers of this competition had accused May and her mother, who is working as her manager, of spreading false information and slander, claiming damages of 10 billion won.”

    I hate this shit. The organizers not only did her dirty (no pun intended), but get mad because they are being accused and try to sue them for it. They treat her like a 3rd class citizen, make you get plastic surgery, make you bone some dirty ajushis, but don’t dare say anything otherwise we will sue you for telling the truth.

  • 다니엘

    No need to punish but he should apologize publicly so that it will be educative

  • The reality of the dirty korea, i just see the movie of Hang gong ju that happend in real life and I am traumatized, they really don’t respect to the woman.

  • Guest

    The same thing happens to Korean beauty pageant winners. Korean men are animals.

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