After Nude Photo Scandal, Fans Support Ailee

After her nude photos were leaked to the internet, singer Ailee has received an outpouring of support at public appearances. During the November 14th Melon Music Awards, Ailee broke into tears as fans cheered loudly when she took the stage. Positive public opinion and support from the mainstream media has been a change from the past, when a female singer’s career would have been ruined by such a scandal. Notably, it took famous singer Baek Ji-young five years to recover from a sex tape scandal.

Article from SBS:

In tears, Ailee proclaims, “To all of you, my fans, who always believed in me, thank you.”

Ailee in tears at the Melon Music Awards

Ailee in tears at the Melon Music Awards

At the 2013 Melon Music Awards held in Seoul on November 14th, Ailee began shedding tears during her acceptance speech.

Bruised and shaken by her recent scandal, Ailee walked up to the stage to receive an award. She was met with roaring applause from her fans and colleagues.

Ailee smiled confidently, about to give her acceptance speech. She could not hold back her tears as they began to fall, drawing sympathy from the crowd.

“No matter what, you always believed in me and cheered me on. Thank you to all the people and fans who have given me so much love.”

Netizens reacted to the Melon awards, writing “seeing Ailee cry, I couldn’t control myself,” “Ailee’s tears, it will all pass,” “seeing Ailee in tears makes me so sad.”

Comments from Naver:


onni, no matter what happens keep working hard ㅠㅠ Ailee fighting!


Sigh, what can she do.. ㅠㅠ In Korea the most talented singers are Lee HaeRi of Davichi and Ailee. And of course I like Ailee the best. This time it’s such a shame ㅠㅠ Seeing her cry is so painful. ㅠㅠ Ailee onni, I love your songs! Just brush the bad things away and get back on your feet and show us how great you sing ㅠㅠ Stop feeling bad ㅠㅠ I’ll always cheer you on and love your songs!


Ailee, stay strong. You always have your fans! Ailee, fighting!


Ailee onni, don’t worry too much about this sort of thing. I’ll look forward to all of the great things you will do in the future!


onni you are the coolest!


Be strong! Ailee you are a great singer and also have great songs.


You must be in so much pain. Just thinking about it, they say almost all of the people in Korea can see your nude photos… If it were me it would be so hard, I’d just want to die. Ailee you are so amazing, stay strong, beautiful woman!


onni be strong! I’ll always root for you!


Ailee onni congratulations! ㅠㅠ Cuz the only Ailee i see is an amazing singer, beautiful, and kind. ㅠㅠ Stay strong and if you see this comment I hope it is some comfort to you! You are amazing!


Honestly people who become fans after seeing the nude pictures really just aren’t getting it. Becoming a fan because you saw nude pictures just means you like the nude pictures. It doesn’t really mean you like Ailee.


Ailee, fighting! Stay strong ㅠㅠ


Did your mistake have anything to do with your talent? of course not. I hope you can get back on your feet again.


Be strong and don’t cry… if you start to cry look up at the sky, the tears won’t fall. Fighting.


The person who spread those pictures is in the wrong… your only sin was trusting someone else.


Stay strong! I’ll always root for you!


Ailee don’t suffer too much! Fighting! Your fans will always be there for you.


Seeing Ailee’s tears at the Melon Music Awards makes my heart ache too. Ailee, don’t cry. I’ll always be there to watch you become the greatest singer ever.


Ailee, you have your fans! Just pretend like this didn’t happen and show us all of your singing abilities. To keep seeing this crying stuff is so bad ㅠㅠ Makes me feel so bad ..

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