Male Rights Group Files Injunction Against ‘Sexist Song’

Baek Ji-MEOW

Man of Korea (MOK), the one and only Korean male rights activist group, is in the spotlight for filing an injunction last Monday against K-Pop star Baek Jiyoung‘s latest song ‘Good Boy’. MOK claims that the lyrics of the song are offensive because they describe  men as dogs [because rappers calling women ‘bitches’ or ‘whores’ is apparently fine]. A lot of netizens seem to sympathise with the group for taking the allegedly extreme measure of standing up against the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, [the MOGEF], the government department infamous for meddling over such allegedly trivial issues as its recent statement on indie band 10cm‘s song ‘Americano‘ which was said to be ‘hazardous to children’.

The below video is of the offending song. Now be a good boy and listen to it, you dog! Woof.

From YouTube:

From Today Humor:

Man of Korea [MOK] applies for injunction to ban the distribution of Baek Ji-young’s song, ‘Good Boy’

Man of Korea filed for an injunction to stop the distribution of Baek Ji-young’s latest song, Good Boy, on the 21st of May, 2012.

‘Good Boy’ depicts a relationship between a ‘cougar’ and a ‘toyboy’ that is depicted as a master-dog relationship. In the lyrics, talking back to his girlfriend is ‘barking’ and ‘biting his master’. If you take a look at the music video, the male is treated like a submissive dog.

Some of you might think it is a freedom of expression issue. However, what if we change the role? Would you still say that is the freedom of expression? If your notion of the freedom only allows males to be described as dogs, your thought process is equated to dogs’.

‘Good Boy’ is about cougars taming her toyboys. A young, submissive boyfriend and having sex with dogs might be an old women’s fantasy, but normal, clear-minded men are seriously offended by this shitty song.

Even when males were the master of history, females were never treated or depicted like dogs. If a man has published such a song, say ‘Good Girl’, that depicts males taming young females like dogs, he would have been given a social death. The rationality and moral conscience of men would never allow such a rubbish song. That is why the listeners of ‘Good Boy’ are women.

Therefore, the MOK objects to the distribution of ‘Good Boy’.

Baek Ji-young tongues some soju

Give me your lips! That's what the Korean says, honest.

Comments from Today Humor:


It would be fucking hilarious if the MOK and the MOGEF went on the 100 Minutes Debate [popular televised debating show] ke ke


If this kind of incident keeps coming, there are only going to be non-romantic songs like Norajo’s Superman or Mackerel.


I haven’t listened to the song or seen the music video though, what the MOK says seems to make sense to me, yet the comments on this article are not really in favor of the MOK. Is there any other story that I’m missing?


I want to click ‘like’ 10 times! They are right! It’s all about equality!


Their rationale is not enough to ban the distribution of the song ㅡㅡ Even if the lyrics are like ‘you bitch, dog’ or ‘fucking bastards’, they still should be allowed to be distributed. I think banning from the public TV network should be enough punishment enough for their vulgarity.


If the MOGEF and the MOK are on the 100 Minutes Debate, they will need more than 100 minutes.

미물의 피:

More than 300 women’s right activist groups are government-funded, yet the MOK is financially broke ke ke. It seems silly, but it is a move to grab attention from the public and confront the MOGEF head-on.


I heard the song before reading this article. It didn’t feel good to listen to those lyrics. Am I stupid for feeling that way?


The MOK is doing this because it is what the MOGEF would do if the role of the song is changed. I’m not really standing up for The MOK, but this is what it takes to make the MOGEF come into senses.


I am not fond of the MOK since it stood up for Kang Yong-suk, when he was accused of a sexual harassment. They said he was unfairly judged by the public.


Imagine what would happen if a dude sings that kind of song.

Baek Ji-YUM? How did that get in there!


If a dude can sing that kind of song and the MOGEF doesn’t get bothered, then I’m cool with it.


The MOK itself is a protest against the MOGEF. Let’s take into account the MOK’s underlying thoughts.


People would go crazy if guys sing such songs, and the MOGEF would simply sue the guys. I don’t like the lyrics of Good Boy. Way to go MOK!


If a guy wrote a song with lyrics such as ‘girl you listen to me’, ‘Are you trying to defy me’, ‘stop barking’, ‘how dare you bite your master’, ‘try to act cute’ then the guy would’ve been given a social death sentence. I honestly think the MOK is right.


Who’s fine with this song? Do they seriously think it would be okay even if the song goes the other way around?


I once read about the MOK, and they are not working for boosting the men’s rights. Its existence is to make the MOGEF realize its own stupidity, thus the MOK would reflect the MOGEF’s silly actions. And they also said that the MOK’s biggest obstacle is in fact ‘machos’ saying ‘MOK’s losers’ or ‘shameful’. I can see some obstacles on this internet forum, too.


As a lot of you already said, I would’ve criticised the MOK if the MOGEF hasn’t been so over-the-top. As long as the MOGEF keeps acting stupid, we shouldn’t flatly blame the MOK. The MOGEF isn’t capable of self-contemplation.


It doesn’t sound terribly wrong. It would’ve been controversial if the song was about women being tamed by men.


Even though I usually hate machos, I think it is understandable to feel offended by this song. No matter who should be blamed[the MOK or the MOGEF], the lyrics are a bit…;;;;


I am more disturbed by the music video than the lyrics. What if a male singer likens his girlfriend to a dog? And then he is on the music video with his girlfriend/dog? What would the MOGEF do then?


ke ke You don’t fucking deserve to judge the MOGEF. You two are basically the same. Think of the lyrics of some male singers.. TinTop’s ‘Don’t put on perfume’ or Taeyang’s ‘Even when I cheat on you, you have to be faithful to me’.. One of 2PM’s songs goes as to grade female bodies.^^ If we are to point out every offensive phrase for women, it would be a lot. They are certainly doing whatever it takes to tackle ‘the discrimination against males’. ke ke

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  • Ruaraidh

    Chungwha get in here.

  • chucky3176

    I think the lyrics to the song is just hilarious.

    Especially the “onya onya hetdoni” part. It really puts the real state of Korean male-female relationship into perspective with one cute phrase. Women’s power over men in South Korea is really hidden well. Foreigners new to Korea may not understand what I’m talking about.

    I love this song! Certainly different from her usual love ballets. I think this song could be a hit.

    They should just lighten up and enjoy.

    • James

      Hey! You’re really lovely when you’re not talking about xenophobia or nationalism! Nice to have you back Chucky.

      • Justin_C

        it says “good boy” on the front, LOL

    • Jang

      “Women’s power over men in South Korea is really hidden well. Foreigners new to Korea may not understand what I’m talking about.”
      Please let us know how it’s hidden? Do you mean that when they have sex for money that most of the money goes to the male pimp. Yes, what power they have:( Or, do you mean all the power they have in court if/when they want a divorce from their male husband while wanting custody of the children? Or, do you mean all the “hidden power” they have at work?
      Let’s be straight. Women cannot sell sex legally in S. Korea but males can.

    • Brett Sanbon

      I meant to post this to you Chucky….

      Haha did you ever see the movie 너는나의펫?

  • k

    her eyes are really puffy, like she has been crying or hasnt slept in days….

  • Mich’insaeki

    Debating lyrics of a K-pop tune. Wow. The evidence indicates strongly “netizens” have. No. Life.

  • Brett Sanbon

    I heard that “cougars” were also known as “sponsers”. If I was a young and single Korean guy, I would totally be on the lookout for a sponser…. it sounds like the perfect relationship!

  • aldex

    In the soju advert, it doesn’t say “give me your lips” directly. It’s a pun with the name of the brand 잎서주 (leaf soju) and the word 입술(lips), forming 잎술(leaf alcohol), so it’s a little bit more sutile.

    • Raphael

      ㅋㅋ true. When I read it first I saw ‘lips please’ until I saw the name of the soju…

  • Brett Sanbon

    Haha did you ever see the movie 너는나의펫?

  • Stories of butts

    MRA’s groups are usually joke within themselves.

  • James

    I think it’s clear from the poll that it’s only dogs that are really offended by this. The RSPCA might have a thing or two to say.

  • flock

    The author in KoreaBang is clearly a feminist. Orphan group defending men and she’s dying to find it erased from earth.

  • Bitch (female Dog) Fcker

    who every wrote this is probs a lesbian, hope she get ganged

  • A Golden Retriever

    I find this song very offensive and the fact that men think it’s offensive frankly makes me laugh! MOK is clearly very stupid, Baek was actually elevating men above women by calling them dogs. Everybody knows dogs are the true masters of the world and also the supreme species. Why do you think humans spend billions on dogs? Just because we’re cute? NO! It’s because humans are petty little slaves and Dogs are the greatest. However, I have to say this song is very offensive because men are clearly nothing near dogs! That’s like comparing worms to cows! We’re better than you and I won’t allow some stupid girl to say different. She says men are as good as dogs? Baek is retarded. Good thing she didn’t say women are as good as dogs or we’d know she’s either insane or a cat. XD

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