Child Rape Survivor Sends Stuffed Toy to Naju Rape Victim

Naju rape perpetrator being sent to Prosecutor's office

The Nayoung case, the rape of an 8-year-old girl [parents changed her name to protect her identity] in 2008 that gripped the nation with both disgust and disbelief at the brutality of the crime, became a symbol of child rape. Whilst the seemingly incessant cases of rape that have been committed over the past few weeks in South Korea continue to make headline news, the recent rape of a seven-year-old girl from Naju has made most Koreans shudder for its terrifying resemblance to the Nayoung case. Similar the Naju case, Nayoung was raped and left with severe internal damage, by a man who was in a drunken state. The perpetrator received a 12 year sentence.

From Financial News:

Nayoung sends gift to the Naju rape victim

‘Nayoung asked me to bring her favourite rabbit doll to the Naju victim as a gift, saying she would love it..’

Nayoung (anonymous name)’s father (59), whose daughter was the victim of the Nayoung Case that took place in Ansan, announced that he met the Naju rape victim A (7)’s parents at Jeonnam University Hospital, Gwangju. Nayoung was 8 years old when she was sexually abused in 2008.

Nayoung’s father said ‘While I was packing my bag to visit Girl A’s parents, my daughter brought me her favourite rabbit doll and children’s books and asked me if I could pack them as a gift for Girl A.’

The two parents have talked about how to achieve recovery with further treatment.

In particular, they were mostly worried about the therapeutic treatment that she needs and simply ‘how to survive’ from now on.

Nayoung’s father said, ‘Based on my own experience, I advised Girl A’s parents the following: have intense psychotherapy; and pay special attention to her diet, as malnutrition may put more stress on her.’

He added that the victim’s parents should hold back their emotions to reassure their child; fighting with each other or agonising over the incident in front of her would be devastating for the child.

Regarding Girl A’s current state, he explained, ‘she’s in panic: she wouldn’t talk, and her body is under excruciating pain. She barely nods her head even though I tried to talk to her persistantly. She reminds me of my daughter right after she got raped.’

Meanwhile, Girl A’s siblings are under the protection of the Sunflower Children’s Centre.

Nayoung’s father expressed his wish for Girl A to fully recover soon, while saying that her parents are fully committed to her treatment.

He also stressed the need for both material and psychological support for child rape victims, removing any impediment to their treatment and bringing back the victims’ families on track.

He said ‘I know this might be too much weight on the government’s shoulder to fund child rape victims with their limited budget. But I hope the government can financially support the victims to get every treatment needed, for most of them are too poor to pay for long term psychotherapy.’

Comments from Daum:

브로콜리 :

A-hyu my poor babies ㅠㅠㅠㅠ A-hyu I’m sorry for not having been able to protect you from this..


Oh Nayoung ㅠㅜㅜㅠ You’re way better than us adults.

EXO-M 크리스:

My poor baby ㅠㅠㅠㅠ aigo ㅠㅠ

바닐라빈슈크림 :

How could he do such a horrible thing to sweet Nayoung.. I don’t even wanna type his dreadful name.


It’s so nice of her to offer her favourite doll.. ㅠㅠ


It’s been already been 4 years.. This filthy world hasn’t changed one bit.. ssibal..


My heart is aching for her..


ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let’s re-boot this world, killing all those bad noms!!


She’s such a beautiful kid.. ㅠㅠ She is still a baby.. I feel shame and owe her an apology ㅠㅠ


She’s got such a beautiful mind.

토끼의 봉춤:

Nayoung ㅠㅠㅠㅠ We adults apologize for not bringing about enough changes to protect you.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Oh you little kids.. Oh dear….. I wish I had some magical power…..


When Nayoung’s case came to light, I thought this kind of crime couldn’t happen again.. She must still be recovering from that traumatic experience, but she has a big enough heart to console others.. ㅠㅠ It’s heart-breaking to see her being so mature..


ㅠㅠ My heart goes out to them..


Oh Nayoung…ㅠㅠ A few days ago, I lost my mind when I heard that saekki will be free when she turns twenty. A-hyu .. That saekki [Cho Doo-soon, who raped Nayoung] so deserves capital punishment.


Ah that mother-fucking saekki did that horrible crime to a little angel.. That saekki is a demon.


Oh she’s just a little kid, yet she is helping another kid.. This article makes me cry.. ㅠㅠ Hey kids, fighting!!


Everything’s gonna be fine for both of you. Cheer up!!!


Ah how could this type of crimes keep coming back..? The punishment for sexual criminals is too lenient.


Why do these kids have to suffer because of those crazy noms?!


It’s so sad to see them suffering.. They are supposed to be whining and running around carelessly.. Ssibal that Cho Doo-soon saekki!! Ah Korea’s fucking criminal law!!


Ah If I were president, I would change the law..


Those crazy, un-recyclable rubbish saekki must be depart from Earth, straying as space waste..

호롤롤로 롤롤!롤롤! :

I hope the victims’ rights are protected more than those of the perpetrators’. Seeing those little kids suffer in such a way, how can people say we must protect those criminals’ rights?


Nayoung’s father is doing all the work that the government was supposed to do.. ㅠㅠ It’s so sad..ㅠㅠ Why is this nation such a mess??

아무래도 나는 너여야 하는가봐:

That criminal stopped being a human, yet why some of you keep talking about human rights?? How can we apply ‘human rights’ to non-human beings?

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