Child Rape Survivor Sends Stuffed Toy to Naju Rape Victim

Naju rape perpetrator being sent to Prosecutor's office

The Nayoung case, the rape of an 8-year-old girl [parents changed her name to protect her identity] in 2008 that gripped the nation with both disgust and disbelief at the brutality of the crime, became a symbol of child rape. Whilst the seemingly incessant cases of rape that have been committed over the past few weeks in South Korea continue to make headline news, the recent rape of a seven-year-old girl from Naju has made most Koreans shudder for its terrifying resemblance to the Nayoung case. Similar the Naju case, Nayoung was raped and left with severe internal damage, by a man who was in a drunken state. The perpetrator received a 12 year sentence.

From Financial News:

Nayoung sends gift to the Naju rape victim

‘Nayoung asked me to bring her favourite rabbit doll to the Naju victim as a gift, saying she would love it..’

Nayoung (anonymous name)’s father (59), whose daughter was the victim of the Nayoung Case that took place in Ansan, announced that he met the Naju rape victim A (7)’s parents at Jeonnam University Hospital, Gwangju. Nayoung was 8 years old when she was sexually abused in 2008.

Nayoung’s father said ‘While I was packing my bag to visit Girl A’s parents, my daughter brought me her favourite rabbit doll and children’s books and asked me if I could pack them as a gift for Girl A.’

The two parents have talked about how to achieve recovery with further treatment.

In particular, they were mostly worried about the therapeutic treatment that she needs and simply ‘how to survive’ from now on.

Nayoung’s father said, ‘Based on my own experience, I advised Girl A’s parents the following: have intense psychotherapy; and pay special attention to her diet, as malnutrition may put more stress on her.’

He added that the victim’s parents should hold back their emotions to reassure their child; fighting with each other or agonising over the incident in front of her would be devastating for the child.

Regarding Girl A’s current state, he explained, ‘she’s in panic: she wouldn’t talk, and her body is under excruciating pain. She barely nods her head even though I tried to talk to her persistantly. She reminds me of my daughter right after she got raped.’

Meanwhile, Girl A’s siblings are under the protection of the Sunflower Children’s Centre.

Nayoung’s father expressed his wish for Girl A to fully recover soon, while saying that her parents are fully committed to her treatment.

He also stressed the need for both material and psychological support for child rape victims, removing any impediment to their treatment and bringing back the victims’ families on track.

He said ‘I know this might be too much weight on the government’s shoulder to fund child rape victims with their limited budget. But I hope the government can financially support the victims to get every treatment needed, for most of them are too poor to pay for long term psychotherapy.’

Comments from Daum:

브로콜리 :

A-hyu my poor babies ㅠㅠㅠㅠ A-hyu I’m sorry for not having been able to protect you from this..


Oh Nayoung ㅠㅜㅜㅠ You’re way better than us adults.

EXO-M 크리스:

My poor baby ㅠㅠㅠㅠ aigo ㅠㅠ

바닐라빈슈크림 :

How could he do such a horrible thing to sweet Nayoung.. I don’t even wanna type his dreadful name.


It’s so nice of her to offer her favourite doll.. ㅠㅠ


It’s been already been 4 years.. This filthy world hasn’t changed one bit.. ssibal..


My heart is aching for her..


ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let’s re-boot this world, killing all those bad noms!!


She’s such a beautiful kid.. ㅠㅠ She is still a baby.. I feel shame and owe her an apology ㅠㅠ


She’s got such a beautiful mind.

토끼의 봉춤:

Nayoung ㅠㅠㅠㅠ We adults apologize for not bringing about enough changes to protect you.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Oh you little kids.. Oh dear….. I wish I had some magical power…..


When Nayoung’s case came to light, I thought this kind of crime couldn’t happen again.. She must still be recovering from that traumatic experience, but she has a big enough heart to console others.. ㅠㅠ It’s heart-breaking to see her being so mature..


ㅠㅠ My heart goes out to them..


Oh Nayoung…ㅠㅠ A few days ago, I lost my mind when I heard that saekki will be free when she turns twenty. A-hyu .. That saekki [Cho Doo-soon, who raped Nayoung] so deserves capital punishment.


Ah that mother-fucking saekki did that horrible crime to a little angel.. That saekki is a demon.


Oh she’s just a little kid, yet she is helping another kid.. This article makes me cry.. ㅠㅠ Hey kids, fighting!!


Everything’s gonna be fine for both of you. Cheer up!!!


Ah how could this type of crimes keep coming back..? The punishment for sexual criminals is too lenient.


Why do these kids have to suffer because of those crazy noms?!


It’s so sad to see them suffering.. They are supposed to be whining and running around carelessly.. Ssibal that Cho Doo-soon saekki!! Ah Korea’s fucking criminal law!!


Ah If I were president, I would change the law..


Those crazy, un-recyclable rubbish saekki must be depart from Earth, straying as space waste..

호롤롤로 롤롤!롤롤! :

I hope the victims’ rights are protected more than those of the perpetrators’. Seeing those little kids suffer in such a way, how can people say we must protect those criminals’ rights?


Nayoung’s father is doing all the work that the government was supposed to do.. ㅠㅠ It’s so sad..ㅠㅠ Why is this nation such a mess??

아무래도 나는 너여야 하는가봐:

That criminal stopped being a human, yet why some of you keep talking about human rights?? How can we apply ‘human rights’ to non-human beings?

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  • Kim Jong-un

    Lol, at least this sofa is mine, no one can take it alway!


    why don’t South Koreans just put a bullet into the brain of this bastard and solve the problem for once and for all?

  • x1sfg

    Cause most developed countries don’t do that… guess the 75 cents for the bullet is too expensive.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    Only a sick sick man would do this to a baby. Only 7 and 8 years old? I knew a girl in college who was very promiscuous. I wondered why. Turns out, she had been raped by her step-father since she was seven or eight. I haven’t talked to her in about twenty years and don’t know if she is alive because she had cervical cancer due to having 14 abortions by this man by the time she was in her teens. Her other turned a blind eye to the abuse.

    I wonder how these two korean children had their insides destroyed. This young woman from college, she only had damage after the multiple abortions and was not harmed by the man’s sexual penetration when she was a little girl, and repeated abuse (except of course, mentally and physically). I hear about young children being molested in America and none have had such drastic damage done to them internally. Their problems were the result of dealing with the problems psychologically.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Justice needs the death of a beast.

    Opponents might object to the death penalty, advocating the inmates’ human rights. When this horrendous crime was committed, I want to ask human rights champions whether they hold onto their stance if their child were a victim.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not a blind proponent of capital punishment. Considering that punishments of child molestors have been a slap in the wrist, falling far short of the penality that is specified in relevant law, there should be no opposition to take a drastic change for the toughened punishment.

    Of course, some might argue the harsher sanctions is not a panacea for raging sexual crimes, and that the fundmental problems lies in winner-takes-it-all society where losers, lagged behind cutthoat competition are abandoned without care.

    Partially right. The plight of external environment should not be an excuse for a crime that make perpetrators give up being human being. At least in this case, justice needs blood.

  • k

    Makes you wonder how many rape cases go unreported due to it being a step father, father, uncle, cousin, etc,….I bet a lot goes on behind closed doors in Korea that is not ever reported due to “shaming the family”.

  • u

    Makes you wonder how many rape cases go unreported due to it being a step father, father, uncle, cousin, etc,….I bet a lot goes on behind closed doors in Korea that is not ever reported due to “shaming the family”. I know that when I taught in Korea, we had several kids come to school frequently with bruises on their bodies that were pretty questionable and often had some of the boys ‘act out” what their fathers did, by hitting, throwing, punching, etc,. I know I had two korean teens that were seriously disturbed, and once admitted they were only doing what their father does at home. But Korea doesn’t have a “department of children services” to investigate child abuse. Those kids have no one to turn to that isn’t in their family.

    • Markus

      This kind off story hurts even more , when you know what has happend but cant do anything about it.

      being those students teacher knowing what had happend to them what did you do? Or try to do?

      I dont know what i would do. telling the school might make things worse, if Korea has no law to protect children/teenagers if the dad found out that others knew he may just his his son even more for telling other people.

      • u

        That’s the sh*tty part about teaching in Korea, as a foreigner and a teacher there is absolutely nothing you can do. I’m an elementary teacher in the USA and if we see that kind of thing in the public schools, we are legally and morally obligated to report to the DCS…..but in Korea, you are expected and told to keep your mouth shut. The reason being, it’s a private school and the parents pay alot of money to send their kids to it (my students each paid $1000 a month) and if we said anything, we lost the business of the parents. Also, there really is no authority there to protect children, Korea just entrusts that the parents will be good guardians, which often they are, but there are also many parents in Korea who are down right abusive and mean to their children. We had one father at the school, who would literally shove his son off of him if he even tried to hug him (his son was 5). Apparently the father hated the son, because the father had divorced the mother, and was only keeping custody of the son to be vindictive to the mother. The court favored the father’s grandparents and him over the mother, because she was a single mother. Seriously Korea has it’s own issues and people who say “asians have better family units” really have no idea what they’re talking about, because there are many, many, many, many messed up families in Korea too.

        • k

          Just from the different abuses I saw while teaching there, I can only imagine what happens behind closed doors. Like I said, I bet a lot of rape/molestion/physical/verbal abuses go un reported in Korea. It’s considered “shameful” to the family and also children really have no one to turn to if they are being abused by someone within their own families (which is often the case with abuse/rape cases). Even if a student had told me “Teacher, my uncle is raping me”, there really is nothing I could of done as a foreign ESL teacher there. Completely powerless to help, which is one of the reasons I hated teaching there.

          • Markus

            Just reading this makes me Angry…

            All i can think is WHY… we all know that every country no matter how great, poor or rich as scum who beat and rape children.

            The issue needs to be dealt with head on.

            How can a government not address such issues…?
            i can understand if its a developing nation from Africa but this is South Korea! They have their priorities in the wrong order. If any family member of mine did such a thing I wouldn’t have any sympathy towards them id disown them and let the law handle it as soon as possible.

            As this kind of issues are getting reported more and more in the news and on blogs hopefully people will band together to create a new law and system to help such cases.

            Also in relation “Asians have better family units” I disagree with this I have no idea what country this saying was taken from but personally I think western countries have a better family bond. But using my head it’s probably more likely that its just the same around the world with a almost equal % of functional and dysfunctional families

          • Markus

            Sorry for the chinglish in my last comment i typed quickly in a rage leaving English mistakes in my wake =]

        • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

          After reading your comment, I feel somewhat dumbfound becasue I thought that without prejudice, most of cases regarding sexual molestaion or abuse of children were committed in less fortunate families.

          News of those sexual crimes is on children unattended whose parents works to eke out a living. So, sexual abuses in private schools for which parents pay enormous fees, are quite surprising to me.

          A kind of children or protection center should be established, entrusted with the authority to investigate cases reported to be suspected of children abuses by anyone using anonymity.

          It is commonplace to see someone report children abuses of his or her neighbor to the authorities in western countries. By constrast, it is still unusual for outsiders to intervene in perceived matters on other families in Korea– the convention that should be shattered as soon as possible.

          • Stories of butts

            Agree, I find it so weird for a country as develop as South Korea to turn a blind eye in matters like this.

  • tristeau

    Man. It’s not often that I tear up when reading a story, but this made it happen.

    Rather than think about what I’d like to do to the evil and twisted men that did this to them, at this point, I can only find myself hoping that the little bunny brings some degree of solace and comfort to that poor little girl, and that maybe she can see something that is still innocent and soft and unable to betray her in this world.

    I will never understand how somebody could do something so sick and evil.

  • k

    markus I gave up caring about internet miztypes and grammar and spelling errors along time ago and especially now that everyone uses a smart phone (O_O) (━_┳)(━▽━)/_(≥▽≤)/♡.♡(@_@)(^_^)

  • Hae Mr

    This is so disgusting!

    He must have went gangnum style on her.

  • 바나나

    오빤 강간 스타일

  • Cleo

    That’s odd news. Because raping a child has nothing to do with a sexual motive. It’s always hatred and anger and most children don’t have that kind of personal relationship that would generate that degree of ire. The most common because it happened to the most children was that the Jews and Chinese ADULTS were hated by Germans and Japanese who felt inferior and fearful of not being able to compete on a fair playing field. Only after the war, did Japan energetically and coldly create the Lolita Complex to try to “normalize” the child rapes.

    So taking an eight year old Corean girl to a far off Comfort Station was to terrorize the parents and the neighbors, basically every one in the community. I doubt it was personal isolated hatred of the girl herself. All those women and girls taken away was to destroy the Confucian pride and self respect that was blocking Japanese influence. They didn’t want the Koreans to have anything to fall back on in their protest of the Japanese choices that were being made for an invaded Corea. They didn’t want Corean moral authority to prevail.

    So this terrible news. It doesn’t change people into thinking that Corea is the new baby rape central what it does do is make us more raw about reading about past child rapes because – it’s like watching a horror movie these days with the severe torture porn aspects lifted from actual German and Japanese atrocities like Human Centipede. It makes us more sensitive not less.

    But right now, this timing, it also will continue to handfeed the hyenas that everybody especially their victims are just as bad as they are and therefore, their victims can’t point fingers and decry the depth of evil of Japanese and German acts.

    Here’s the problem with that cheap facsimile of intelligence:

    If what you did wasn’t so bad then why is it so bad of the Koreans when even ONE incident occurs that echoes your mass transgressions.

    And if what a Korean did to a Korean child is SO reprehensible and the Koreans are all uncivilized because of this, then what does that make you and yours?

    See that?

    You don’t get it. You need it laid out for you. Because you are trogg trash.

    Koreans will severely punish this and await the day you step on their land again and they will use these new laws and enforce them upon you.

    Because you just can’t get enough and you WISH the Koreans weren’t ready for you this time.

    • Ruaraidh

      Sometimes, some things just don’t involve the Japanese and Germans. I bet you blame those damn Jjokbari every time you have a tricky shit.

    • k

      Who are you speaking to? I’m confused at whom your post is directed towards? Japanese and Germans?

      • Ruaraidh

        My post is in reply to Cleo’s lunatic rant about Germans, Japanese, Lolita and The Human Centipede. True to form it’s pretty much indecipherable nonsense.

        I’m guessing you’re viewing it on a mobile phone where it doesn’t show who you’re replying to. If so you there is a button at the bottom of the page that allows you to view it as if you were on a normal browser, I just noticed it today.

        • Ruaraidh

          Oh sorry, you were addressing Cleo not me, I’m fully retarded sometimes.

  • Cleo

    LOL, I guess this means the “100 beheaded club” members in Japan should think twice before entering Korea – even if they were to apologize sincerely:

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  • Djimd

    Just execute these useless wastes of flesh. That is not outrage talking, though outrage is in there. There is no benefit to society for keeping these monsters alive and they are a hazard to our children. Just snuff them.

  • TSK

    Why don’t countries bring back immediate death penalty to all child rapists? DISGUSTING!

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