Protestant Priest Urinates on and Defaces Buddhist Shrine

Vandalized Buddhist painting

The Buddhist painting vandalized with the word ‘jot‘ [dick]

Vandalism of a Buddhist temple by an enraged priest this last month has resulted in strong criticism of Protestants in South Korea. The man who, until recently, served at a church in the same province as the temple, was captured on security cameras writing graffiti on Buddhist wall paintings and urinating on the temple shrine. While the man acted alone, the vast majority of online reaction connected his behavior to the entire Protestant church and condemned its influence.

While Protestants in South Korea have a loud voice and have become a political target in recent years, they only constitute around 18% of the population. Koreans also make a strong distinction between Protestants and Catholics, who make up 11% of the population and support different political causes and organizations. However, large numbers of prominent politicians, including the founder of the Republic of Korea, Syngman Rhee, and current President Lee Myung-bak have been very active in their churches, leading to criticism that Protestants have undue influence on the whole country.

In particular, Buddhists feel that they have been subject to discrimination since the current president entered office. A 2008 protest by Buddhist organizations against Lee Myung-bak’s government attracted thousands of monks.

From Newsis:

Priest Defaces Paintings in Daegu’s Donghwa Temple, even Urinating

According to recent reports, a protestant minister in Daegu defaced and urinated on the altar and wall paintings of a Buddhist temple.

Sources at Donghwa Temple say that a Mr. Seong entered the inner courtyard at around 5:00 in the afternoon of August 20th. Ignoring signs indicating that the courtyard parking spaces were only for employees, Seong parked his car in the very front of the lot.

Seong looked around the temple sanctum for around 30 minutes, glaring at the statue of Buddha and ripping apart eight prayer books. During this time, monks and visitors were praying inside the building.

Seong then moved to the Sanshin shrine, where he used a marker to write insults on the portrait of Buddha and wall paintings. Seong proceeded to urinate in the bowls and incense burners located next to the shrine.

Security cameras located around the temple recorded all of Seong’s actions. The temple made a complaint to the police on the following day. Ten days after the complaint, the police arrested Seong.

In a confession to police, Seong stated “I belong to the A church and am a pastor with the B association of the Protestant Church of Korea. I defaced the Buddhist texts because they are filled with false words.” Explaining the circumstances surrounding his outburst, Seong said “After having an argument at my sister’s home in Daegu, I drove my car to the temple and committed the crime in a fit of anger.”

The final police report mentioned that Seong had been ordained in 2005 and until recently had been working as an assistant pastor at a church in Gyeongsang Province, a position which he quit prior to him defacing the Buddhist temple.

The police stated that “the crime seems to have been committed without premeditation, rather it was the result of the perpetrator’s hatred of Buddhism…We are looking into all of the details of the incident.”

They added “the current laws do not include any additional consideration for crimes against a religion, so after an additional investigation we have decided to charge the suspect with destruction of property and trespassing.”

A spokesperson for the temple commented, “this blasphemy insults and gives psychological harm to Buddhists…While such incidents happen every year, they have grown especially severe under the current government administration.”

Stunned, the spokesperson added “while the police are addressing the incident as a destruction of property and have requested an appraisal of the value of the destroyed books, portrait, and wall paintings, I don’t know how to put a value on such cultural artifacts.”

Describing the perpetrator, the temple spokesperson said “the police are claiming that the man shows signs of mental illness, but how could someone like that be able to drive himself to the temple? In order to prevent reoccurrence of such crimes and for the sake of religious harmony, they should punish this man severely in a way that serves as a warning to others.”

In 2010, Donghwa Temple was subject to another religious insult when a local Protestant organization took pictures of themselves stepping on the floor of the temple and uploaded it to their homepage. The incident drew criticism from all corners that Protestants were undermining religious harmony.

In addition, it is also known that in recent years there have been numerous anti-Buddhist acts across the country and within Jogye temples and Busan area temples that were committed by Protestants.

urinating on Buddhist shrine

Security camera footage of the priest urinating on the shrine at Donghwa Temple

Comments from Daum:


Gae-dok, Daegu… there’s nothing you can say [Note: Daegu is part of the Gyeongsang area, which has a stereotype of being full of violent, ignorant people]

민심은 천심:

So those gae-dok pastor saekki aren’t so right in the head after all… filthy saekki! You wrote “dick” on the portrait…makes me want to spit.. It seems as if the crime was committed out of hatred for Buddhists??? Ke ke ke I’m filled with rage against gae-dok!!! Especially when I look at the brother of Elder Lee Myung-Bak…!


This is going to make me bring a bible in to the bathroom and use it whenever I run out of toilet paper


A pastor with an inferiority complex about Buddhism. A guy like him, who forgets where he came from, how his ancestors for hundreds of years were Buddhist or nonreligious, is going to get some divine punishment for sure.


Why would you do that…??? This pastor is ‘Gae-dok Style’…!!! [Note: pun on ‘Gangnam Style’]

어둠의 신화:

haha ssibal pastor, that’s all the gae-dok knows how to do


Gae-dok saekki… it’s like all they think about is money and women~! They have no idea how to be considerate or work harmoniously…! It’s obvious that the singers who perform with a crucifix dog collar around their necks are brainless~~!


“While such incidents happen every year, they have grown especially severe under the current government administration.”!!! They only just got more serious this year…they were always pretty serious..


Protestant saekki seem to be so selfish and elitist, we should make them all go somewhere and live with each other. Or just sending them to Japan could also be good.. for some reason it seems like they would get along well with the jjok-bari..


I’m stunned and at a loss for words, ever since Lee Myung-bak came to power the Protestants have been running wild


You think acting like that is going to get you into heaven??? Aigo~~~


What are you doing Buddhists? On Sunday morning you should throw a grenade into a church, then pray for them.


A tragic event.


God has thrown mankind away.


Well if lack of faith leads to hell and Jesus leads to heaven then what does ‘dick’ mean? Things like this make it impossible to call them anything but gae-dok. Pastor, why ‘dick’? of all things why ‘dick’?


If one’s own religion is important.. then someone else’s religion must also be important.. how could such a person become a pastor?? They should revoke that guy’s ordainment.. He’s a disgrace to protestants.. it’s just such a shame…


Protestants respond to articles like this with just one sentence, ‘the actions of a minority’. They’re a ‘cult’. Are you sure you’re not just a cult yourself ke ke It’s true that in order to save Korea gae-dok must disappear.


Now I understand why the commies killed all the Christians.. trickster garbage..


I really hate gae-dok… Stop coming up to me and trying to convert me so irritatingly on the street.. the only thing I feel is disgust… As soon as I see the pamphlets it’s ‘believe or go to hell’, ‘no matter how good of a person you are, if you don’t believe in Jesus then you will burn’


Q: why are you so noisy in the street and on the subway?
A: That was a cult.
Q: Was Am-Song-Wang fun? [Note: Am-Song-Wang is a card game that involves biblical figures]
A: That was the work of a minority
Q: Why did you go to Afghanistan and get kidnapped?
A: That was a minority group.
Q: Why did those pastors sexually abuse people?
A: That was a minority group.
Q: Why did you cut the throat on the statue of Dangun?
A: That was a cult.
Q: Why did you destroy the Buddhist shrine?
A: That was a minority group.
Q: Why do pastors pass down their power to their family members?
A: That’s just a minority.
Q: Why did you protest with gas cans in front of Seoul City Hall?
A: That was a minority group.
Q: Why did you support Lee Myung-Bak for election in your churches?
A: That was a minority group.

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  • Brett Sanbon

    Yup… And thats pretty much why I hate Protestants right there. Then again, we could all forgive him if it turns out he was drunk, right?

    • mouse

      Um.. because we all go and pee on stuff?
      Don’t label us.
      I find this just as disgusting.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Dont flatter yourself or your backwards religion. Protestants in Korea generally preach hate and fear. I didnt label you. I have my opinions and for good reasons. Maybe if Protestants turned to loving others instead of threatening them with eternal damnation I would change my mind.

        • k

          I graduated from a private southern baptist college…..I ended up hating Christianity by the time I left. The only class I ever failed in college was Church. I refused to attend the mandatory church services after one time, the youth pastor told an audience of several hundred 18-22 yr olds that masturbation was a sin, that God considered it a sin because you couldn’t get children from it. Also saw too much hypocrisy to ever take it seriously.

          • White Guy in USA

            There is nothing wrong with Christianity and if anything it has gotten better for women and minorities. You forget how Christianity use to be like what Islam is still today. Be lucky you are not under Islam, which could happen if it spreads, then you will have to cover that pretty picture with a burka. And if anything Christianity has become to relaxed, which is why so many get away with attacking it. If Christianity was still like Islam you would not be criticizing it, you would have to go to church.

          • Paul M

            @White Guy in USA There is plenty wrong with Christianity still. Take the USA for example. Rampant homophobia amongst Christians lobbying to deny homosexual couples the right to marriage. Lobbying to get creationism taught in science classes – you may call it “Intelligent Design” but that is just a smoke screen for creationism. Lobbying to shut down all abortion clinics thinking that it would end abortion without realising that it would drive the practice underground where it would be lacking in professional counselling let alone safe for the patient. Lobbying to end stem cell research which has the potential to end the suffering of countless people born with genetic diseases. Also if we look at day to day life in the so called ‘Bible Belt’ where atheists and non-believers are forced to live a lie or face intolerance, rejection and victimization. A friend of mine had to publicly apologise and deny his atheism for fear of losing his job!

            If Christianity has progressed it was not of it’s own doing. It was the enlightenment that dragged it kicking and screaming into the modern world and as we can still it still has quite a bit of adjusting to do.

          • White Guy in USA

            A small group of Christians in the USA may not like Homosexuals and even then this small group does not go around killing people for being Homosexuals or even discriminate by refusing service or being verbal. In most Muslim countries and even in UK, they kill Homosexuals in Muslim communities whether you are Muslim or an infidel.

        • Cuddycream

          I think you did label her/him.

          • Brett Sanbon

            How, exactly?

      • Ruaraidh

        Dendrochronology is a satanic lie
        The sun is not a star
        Space is made of water

        You ought to be fucking grateful that your religion doesn’t receive a lot more attention than it does.

  • Jang

    Dancing at a cathedral in Russia got 3 people two years in jail…”Last month three members of a Russian music group called ‘Pussy Riot’ were sentenced to two years in jail for a ‘punk prayer’ against Putin in Russia’s largest cathedral in a trial that provoked an international outcry.”

    Urinating on the altar, wall paintings, bowls, and incense burners located next to the shrine at a temple in S. Korea isn’t worth putting a Korean man behind bars.

    • xdsh

      Uh yeah it is.
      This is a hate-crime.
      It is worth putting ANY man behind bars.

      I don’t want to say more. If Buddhist monk pissed on a crucifix in Korea, can you imagine the reaction?

      Your analogy doesn’t make sense either.

      • Brett Sanbon


  • Yeah, I’m Irish

    Well look at the bright side, there was no victim here. If it was a Catholic priest, the article would have read “Catholic Priest caught giving Golden Shower to 10yr old Boy”

    • Stories of butts

      Im sure that shrine is older then 10.

    • White Guy in USA

      You realize that in other religions, including Judaism and Islam, they abuse just as many children if not more. You don’t criticize them because you never hear about it because they still know how to keep secrets. Why don’t you go after them for a change.

      • 미대협

        White Knight might be better than White Guy

  • Josh

    It seems what is failing to escape the comment section is that this isn’t a phenomenon that is witnessed amongst protestants in the country. Disrespect for other values seems to be one of the primary traits of Korean culture. I mean, unless it’s food related. A Korean guy got drunk and pissed on my friend’s bike. Like 30,000 Korean guys got drunk and pissed on the stoop outside my apartment. Usually in these cases, a public restroom was within eyeshot. So it’s very possible he just had to go really bad. Who’s going to fault him for that? Koreans also exhibit a penchant for writing their names on monuments ( This man wrote “dick” and was a bit smarter about it though; not immediately traceable. And if it weren’t for the western devil technology of CCTV’s, then he certainly would have succeeded in expressing his cultural values unimpeded.

    When they’re not publicly urinating or leaving behind their legacies, the typical Korean male can be seen shooting up our schools in America, drinking, trafficking women, taking bribes, giving bribes, talking really loudly, ignoring “domestic disputes,” causing “domestic disputes,”drinking, banging chicks who clearly wanted it because they were drunk, raping children, exploiting the weak in general, and occasionally setting up 24 man tents all by their lonesome. So while this is a horrible thing that this preacher did, I think outrage doesn’t really become the country. “I mean, we treat women like animals and hate all cultures that seem different and therefore frightening to us, but this? This is horrible!” The point of my post is that we need to prevent Koreans from setting up 24 man tents all by themselves.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    The church establishment may describe the man’s sabotage to the temple as his own act, with no connection with the Protestants in general.

    But, what is missing here is that the offender with no composure and discipline was ordained and served as a minister.

    After a squabble with his sister, he drove to the temple and damaged the temple’s heritage. Was it just an offense committed in a fit of anger?

    I doubt it. He should be harshly penalized because his acts of vandalism tarnished worship of the temple’s believers.

    • Brett Sanbon

      In many places, this would be considered a hate crime and he would do serious time in prison. Actually, Korea was supposed to have gotten strict on hate crimes but legislation changed in 2007 making discrimination legal and therefore, socially acceptable.

      • k

        Well you know, in Korea there is no law at all protecting foreigners from discrimination. It’s perfectly legal to openly discriminate non-Koreans. I don’t see how a country can consider itself “progressive” and “global” when foreigners are allotted no legal protection from racism and hate.

        • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

          You are right. Unlike the United States or European countries, where people of diverse nationalities are naturally accepted as legitimate constitutents in society, Korea is still boastful of its ethnic homogenity and some uncultured Koreans bear dicriminatory minds against foreigners. This wrong tendency is especially manifested in the treatment of other Asians, most of whom come here for working.

          Open-minded, inclusive mindset in Korea should be an precondition before any grandiose slogan, like going global or joining the ranks of advanced nations.

          Plus, multiracial families should draw much attention from the government and be guranteed as just members of Korea for equal access to education, jobs and politics, with no shred of prejudice against them.

      • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

        That’s news to me. If the authorities has no legal grounds for punishing such an grave crime, it is shameful. Altough taking into considertion that Korea has an sentiment of allowing religious matters to be placed outside the legal enforcement, Law enforcers should slap a heavy punishment on him and use it as a warning for a possible recurrence.

  • Shawna

    “You think acting like that is going to get you into heaven??? Aigo~~~”

    My thoughts when I read this. Among others.

  • mr. wiener

    That buddist painting guy has a really funny shaped head.

    • Tippy Long Stocking

      It’s oddly phallic… and then there’s the man who urinated on it. go figure.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Pee pastor guy wrote “dick” on the painting guy’s nose.

      • mr. wiener

        You must have seen some funny dongers in your time. It is more reminisent of a gentleman’s trouser python encased in a rubber Johnny.
        Anyway you paint it however, bigoted Christian, public hosedown, funny shaped novelty condom head buddist sage… it is a story of dicks.
        For the sake of fairness I’d like to see a story about a buddist nun pelting a statue of the virgin Mary with over-ripe figs.

  • Josh

    The thing I think people are missing is that these traits aren’t exclusively exhibited by Korean protestants, so much as Korean people. One of the major traits of Korean culture is hatred and disrespect of other cultures/values…unless it has to do with food (specifically Italian, but also Chinese, which everyone knows is just a ripoff of Korean food). Koreans piss everywhere. So this guy pissed *once* in a temple. Big deal. I have drunks pissing all over my building every night of the week with a public toilet within eyeshot. In broad daylight I see grown men openly urinating on the streets. I think this is proof enough that Koreans have weak bladder control and/or poor decision making skills. Another aspect of Korean culture is writing your name on ancient/irreplaceable artifacts or monuments, like those kids out in New Mexico. This guy was a bit smarter and broke with tradition by merely writing “dick.” It was a cultural compromise of sorts. He got to write on something, but didn’t get to use his name. He would have succeeded in expressing his culture if it hadn’t been for western devil technology, CCTV’s. Apart from urinating without reservation or shame and writing on things, Korean men can also be seen drinking, talking loudly, ignoring “domestic disputes,” causing “domestic disputes,” giving it to chicks who totally deserved it because they were drunk, suggesting the genocide of various people groups, slap fighting, drinking, molesting children, taking bribes, becoming angry over insults to their pride, and occasionally putting up 24 man tents all by their lonesome. “Exploit South Asians all day long, beat your wives constantly, please, but do not dare urinate in a temple once! Don’t you know where to draw the line?” Truly, a marvelous journey through the minds of the mentally less fortunate. Ultimately, I think we can all agree that we should put a stop to men putting up 24 person tents by themselves.

    • Josh

      didn’t show up earlier, so decided to recap. would delete if possible.

  • A Japanaese Guy

    Something wrong with Koreans to have 18% of their populations be Christians….

    • Cleo

      Like your “empress” and Taro Aso are Catholics just like that Nazi Pope – something’s wrong alright but not with Koreans

    • Well then look at the Filipinos, with 99% christians. By the way, the article claims 29% of Koreans are Christian. 18% protestanst + 11% catholic.

      • Crazy guy

        Yeah the Filipinos are 99% Christian and the Philippines has poor infrastructure, more violent crime, and worse unemployment than anywhere else in East Asia. Just goes to show how fucked up Christians are when they finally take over an Asian country.

        • anritsabol_star

          at least the filipinos are not crazy and ugly like you.. they do have round eyes you know!

  • dejune

    Crazy priest has lost it.

  • vetomon

    If that painting was that of the Dalia Lama, I won’t be saying anything bad about it.

    He needs to get stoned.

    Send him to Tibet and let them at him.

    But what would he do if that painting was Hesus and he needs to take a pee?

  • Cleo

    Remember when the Japanese murdered their most successful supporter of Buddhism way back in the 7th Century? Buddhism is seen as having influence over people you wish to control so of course, is your rival. That’s probably why the Buddhist, Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns were raped and murdered by the Japanese never mind the Taoists.

    So what is this Protestant doing – he’s an ethnic Korean, right. The Wars of Religion which were basically the Germanics trying to steal power away from the Holy Roman Empire occurred in Europe not Asia and certainly, with a Nazi Pope, the Germans don’t need to do THIS to a piece of sculpture. How unimpressive are you that you actually validate an idol, an objet d’art as being sacred by trying to commit a sacrilege upon it. Do you see where this isn’t working for your side of the argument?


    • Ruaraidh

      No matter how many times I read this post, it still doesn’t make any sense. If you’re not actually a madman, you certainly do a good imitation of the ramblings of one.

  • Cleo

    Do the Koreans have case law over there? Just because it’s not in the books yet, doesn’t mean you can’t make it so, right?


    Have fun throwing the book at him. HARD – like Koreans are wont to do. I’m sure someone you would really like to lay into is watching closely.


  • Paul M

    As much as I think that all religions are crocks of manure (some worse than others) I actually have some respect for Buddhism. Their members are not in your face, overbearing or aggressive as members of other religions. It promotes thinking and self reflection rather than slavish obedience to scripture. And in Korea it does a great job of preserving Korea’s architectural history and culture from the depredations of mindless and short-sighted urban development.

    • Patrick

      And for 200 000 won you can get a lantern put up in the temple, and for 1 000 000 won they’ll even do a prayer for you that you have a happy death.

      • Paul M

        A cool million won for a happy death you say? Intriguing.

    • my 2 cents

      In the catholic church a blowjob is free! Only your giving it!

    • Yu Bumsuk

      Paul M, you may be completely correct, but doesn’t it look like about the most boring thing a group of people could possibly conspire to do?

      • Paul M

        I’m not sure, what is it that’s boring?

  • glenn

    Personally, as a protestant, i don’t think this has anything to do with my religion. They must have their own version of protestant in there ( or perhaps views differ from one country to another ). The person involved acted out of stupidity and immaturity in terms faith and understanding.

    When i first arrived in Korea, I was not able to find any christian church that I think would be able to accommodate me. The concept of most churches on Christianity and religion is quite shallow and immature. Maybe they need more time.

    I even heard that they are using churches to create a sphere of influence, status, and affiliation rather than as a religious or worship group itself.

    • Ajumma

      Thank you for supporting our faith, I too am a Protestant, and am deeply hurt by the posts on this page that attack us.
      I do not know much of churches in Korea, but I have heard others say what you have about them.
      May Jesus bless you!!! :)

  • Yesway

    Christians; always full of love and tolerance for other believers.

    What a joke.

    • White Guy in USA

      Compared to Islam, Christianity is nothing but love and tolerance nowadays. Unfortunately modern society does not reward us for this but instead attacks us. I think maybe its time to go back to the old ways like the Muslims still practice. I don’t see anyone insulting Islam in even secular countries because they are to afraid they will be killed. Maybe society has mistaken our kindness for weakness. Maybe modern Christians should be like the Christians of old, like modern Muslims are still. You know, actually throw Homosexuals of buildings, attack Jews, Muslims and kill them for not believing.

      • Ruaraidh

        Comparing dog shit to poison won’t make the shit more palatable.

        • mr. wiener


      • Stories of butts

        Your name is extremely fitting from all your post so far.

        • Bryan

          I am a White Guy living in America. What are you? Do you have a problem with me!!

      • Yesway

        @White guy in USA. The fact that you think not throwing homosexuals of buildings and attacking others means you are kind, proves my point.

        Monotheistic religions like islam and christianity intrinsicly reject people who are not like them and though they might not commit violence on them, there is a sense that those other people are lesser and deserving of punishment.

        • Ajumma

          I am a Christian, and I do not reject those who are not like me. My husband is an agnostic, and his mother a Hindu. I love them both dearly. Please do not label the entire group when you do not know every single Christian.
          Thanks, and may you be blessed!!!

  • Paul M

    This is kind of related as we’re talking about Christianity and it’s effects on society and people’s behaviour. Here S. Korea can stand tall and proud and I heartily applaud this turn of events.

    • Bryan

      This is what I am talking about. What has Christianity done to you. Did the priest go into the temple and blow it up or force you to believe in something. You attack Christians because you know we wont do things like Muslims will. You think Muslims believe in evolution. Muslims have no choice whether to believe in evolution or not. Christians don’t force you to believe in creationism or force you to practice Christianity.

      Go to a Church and burn a Bible see what happens. Then go to a Mosque and burn the Korean, see what happens. Go to the Mosque last since they will kill you and dead people cant have epiphanies.

      • Paul M

        But Christians do try and force you to believe! They’re on the subway and street corners shouting at you saying that you and your family will burn in hell if you don’t believe. Many of my Korean friends have told me that they used to go to church as kids because the priests and pastors would entice them with snacks and treats and then tell them they must believe in Jesus or they will go to hell. What kind of sick nonsense is that to be telling kids?

        Besides, do you think evolution should not be taught in Biology classrooms? If so then you need to get your head examined as evolution is the fundamental grand theory that underpins the whole of biology. We find that in places like Korea and the US it is evangelical Christians (not Muslims, Buddhists, Jews or Hindus etc.) who are trying to stop evolution being taught in school. And since most of us here are from, or reside, in those countries that is why you will hear us criticising Christianity more than other religions. As soon as there are Muslims preaching on the street corners of Seoul or forcing us to stop drinking alcohol then you will hear us complaining about Muslims. As soon as there are Hindus demanding that we all stop eating beef and let cows roam the streets of Cheonan then you will hear us complaining about Hindus. But at the moment it is Christians who are creating the stink here in Korea and that is why you are hearing us complain about them.

        • Ajumma

          I’m a Christian, and I have not forced you to believe. You have free will, so I cannot force you into anything, nor would I try. Please do not label the entire group when you do not know every single Christian. That’s like saying “All Asians eat rice”; what if not all of them do? It’s a stereotype. It’s better to say “Some Asians eat rice” because that is true- but we do not know that all Asians eat rice. So, do the same for us. If you must, say “Some Christians do try and force you to believe”, not all.
          Thank you, and may you be blessed!!!

          • Paul M

            Now did I say all? No, I was making a generalisation. Generalisations are not entirely inaccurate and shouldn’t be dismissed. Saying ‘ALL Asian people eat rice’ is inaccurate whereas saying ‘Asian people eat rice’, as a general rather than a specific truth, is (Or, if you prefer, ‘Western people eat bread’ can be used).

            One of the many problems I have had while talking to Christians is that you have so many groups and factions it is difficult to know what exactly you believe in. I think there are something like 30,000 different denominations of Christianity. It appears to me that if there is an all powerful, all loving and all knowing god then it did a pretty poor job of telling humanity what exactly it wanted from us since all the people that worship it can not seem to agree with each other. But one thing I have noticed about the branches of Christianity that I’ve heard about is that you proselytise – seek new converts. Christianity does not lend itself to debate. It is either believe as we do or go to hell, there is no free will in that at all.

      • Yesway

        Why do people keep talking about Muslims here? They are a far smaller group than Christians in Korea (or in the US for that matter).

        No, what we should compare them to are Buddhists or Atheists. But of course you won’t since Christianity would not come out looking good.

  • As a Blues Brothers Papist, I can only this is twit is just another “Jive Ass Preacher who just talks about Heaven and Hell” and was on no “Mission from God”.

  • M-F

    your are white..that’s the problem!

  • Cassidi

    Krazy Korean Khristians

  • Cuddycream

    “Ignoring signs indicating that the courtyard parking spaces were only for employees, Seong parked his car in the very front of the lot.” This guy is off the rails!

  • 바나나

    오빤 개독 스타일


  • wacky

    i give my support if this kind of people to go to middle east and try to convert the muslim, it is a better deal with higher risk and become martyr rather than doing something stupid like this.

    • M-F

      i hope they will come to you (the muslim) and convert you!! ahhh it’ll be so nice!

  • Monkey see

    So this guy is pissing on his grandparents and the like…

    Let’s face it, Buddha looks more like Koreans than Jesus..LOL

  • RealKorean

    Western Christianity is poison to Korea.

  • lonetrey

    I can’t tell if that last Korean netizen’s comment is sarcasm or not. Is he pointing out that these people are making the same excuses over and over, or is he defending them by pointing out the obvious fact that only the minority does things like these and make the rest look bad??

  • Ajumma

    Could I please ask a favor of those of you who dislike Protestants? Could you please stop talking down to us, and insulting us? Not all of us are like this. I’m not trying to be rude, but if you’re insulting us and ganging up on us, you’re not much better off then you make us out to be. Again, this isn’t in an attempt to be rude, but, please pull the plank out of your eye before you point out the speck in ours.
    And please don’t reply to this with a hate post. I didn’t bash your faith or personally attack you- I simply asked you to stop bothering us and told you why to stop it.
    Thanks, and may you be blessed!!! <3

    • Brett Sanbon

      Could I ask a few favors of you protestants? Could you stop trying to convert people with fear of an eternity of torment by fire and maggots and nashing of teeth? I mean, isn’t that the same as tricking little kids to get into your car with candy?
      Could you stop forcing little children to become missionaries? They are 1. Just kids 2. Impressionable 3. Just kids!! Let them play outside on Sundays.
      Could you stop fighting to the death with the Catholics? It sets a really bad example for your cause.
      Could you keep your damned religion where it belongs; at home and/or church and no where else? Stop preaching to people on the street. The last one anyone wants to hear after a long day of work is how they will burn in hell if they don’t accept your professions.
      Could you stop denying proven scientific and mathematic fact? The universe isn’t made out of water and pi is not 3

      Please don’t reply to this with a love post. Please show that you can at least think for yourself and answer my questions. I simply asked you to stop bothering us and told you why to stop.

      • Tippy Long Stocking

        Brett, please shut up and stop being a douchebag. The whole point of Christianity – which you clearly know nothing about except what you have been “told” by fellow athiest, is to go out and convert. Without converting non-believers there is no Christianity. That’s what Jesus did, he converted anyone who wanted to believe in God at a time when the Jewish people refused converts. Jesus and his disciples went from place to place doing GOOD DEEDS, helping the poor and the sick, and converting those who saw their good work and wanted to join.

        What harm in there is that? That they make you feel uncomfortable for not doing all you are able to do? What harm is there in being inspired?

        • Brett Sanbon

          1. Just because I question a religion doesn’t make me an athiest.
          2. I ran and organaized bible study, young adult group, and lead worship at a church throughout university. Therefore I will be bold enough to claim that I understand Christianity more than most “real” Christians who just show up to church.
          3. Right, Jesus helped others, not himself.
          4. What do you mean I am not doing all I am able to do? What am I doing? What am I not doing that I should be?
          5. There is no harm in being inspired. Only harm can come after you do something with your inspiration.
          6. You’re right, I was kind of being a jerk. Sorry Ajumma!

          • Tippy Long Stocking

            glad you were big enough to admit to being a jerk. but you did not question the religion, you criticized the people.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Correction: I criticized the actions (scaring people into believing and forcing kids who aren’t old enough to make reasonable choices to be missionaries at their schools) and beliefs (like pi=3) of the people. I never said the protestants were not good people, nor do I feel that way. I am saddened that you could possibly misunderstand my sentiments as much as you have.

            My point number 6 was the only one you were willing to comment on? How about apologizing for judging me without knowing my background? A background that I have posted about, in length, on this website many times before.

  • Concerned

    These people are betraying their nation. The best thing the real Korean people can do is develop better genetic modification technology, and grant these stupid traitors their wish and make them white. Then send them to America to live with their kinsfolk.

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  • Only urination? It must be getting better.

    When I was living there, there were numerous reports of christians vandalizing and committing arson against buddhist shrines.

  • edl

    christians and muslims both loves confrontation with ‘non believers’ they even have a word for non believers which no eastern religion has ‘kaafir’ ‘heathen’.
    and whole world is burning because if these two silly faiths

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