Evolutionary Theory to Disappear from Science Textbooks

'We are not amused' - Charles Darwin

The decision to remove the evolution of the horse and archaeopteryx from Korean science textbooks is proving to make quite a stir on the internet, attracting thousands of comments within hours on web portal site Daum, leading netizens to condemn what they see as the Christianization and falsification of education.

From Seoul News:

The theory of Evolution to Disappear from Science Textbooks

‘The Committee To Revise Evolution From Textbooks petition removal of archaeopteryx from 6 textbooks.

Evolution of horse

A number of core references to the theory of evolution contained in the science textbook such as archaeopteryx and ‘the changes of horse over time’ have disappeared from the textbooks. This was the result of the Christian organization’s petition. The bio-science community hitherto remained dismissive of the Creationists’ challenge to the theory of evolution express dismay. As the calls to ‘defend evolution’ among a number of university students and biologists are getting more vocal, there are others who chime in to significantly update the ancient science textbooks that have not been revised for decades.

According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), of the seven science textbook publishers, three of them have decided to concede to the petition that called ‘the depiction of the evolution of horse is the product of imagination’. Chonjae Education publishing house decided to replace the ‘evolution of the horse’ with the ‘evolution of the whale’ and the rest decided to remove the reference altogether.

‘The Committee to Revise Evolution In Textbook’ (CREIT) also submitted for the removal of the reference ‘archaeopteryx is not an intermedium between reptile and bird’ found in the six science textbooks and as a result all of them had to be revised or removed altogether. The CREIT also plan to submit petition to remove other references to the theory of evolution such as ‘the evolution of human’ and ‘the adaptation of finch beaks based on habitat and mode of sustenance’, admitting that their end-goal is to change the educational structure that teaches the Darwinian evolution as the orthodox.


The fossil of archeopteryx

Korea's favorite bird

The textbook publishers in question are said to have responded in adequate procedure. The textbooks are written independently but in conformity with the core-teaching materials defined in the educational structure guideline. One of the publishing companies named Kyohaksa said ‘after some discussions the authors admitted that there is some scholarly controversies and as such decided to revise it.’

The biological science community is concerned about the removal of the iconic bird-reptile together with the depiction of the evolution of horse, which was portrayed as the best model for demonstrating the evolutionary process. Some scholars have initiated the counter-petition to ‘recognize the paleontological significance of archaeopteryx.

The experts blame the passive and reactive approaches by the scientific community. The professor of genomics at Seoul National University Jang Dae-ik said ‘the problem is that the writers of the science textbooks have neglected the new materials on the theory of evolution over the several decades. It even contains the references to Ernst Haeckel’s recapitulation theory (ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, get it?) which has been disproven a long time ago. This kind of lapse in up-to-date knowledge invites such an attack [from the CREIT].’

Comments from Daum:


I thought the whole purpose of religion was to suture up conflicts and make peace with each other, but why does the Christian church cause so much conflict? They are trying to form tighter group by attacking other religion that does not conform to their own gospel… True religion, where is it? Instead I just wish all the religions to disappear.


Gaedok, pay tax… We are breaking our balls here… Gaedok begets gaedok…


You think the entire universe is just created randomly???? ke ke ke The origin of universe, the origin of the Earth, the origin of human, the origin of living creatures, none of which we know for certain, right???? Science cannot tell you everything. Cannot prove everything. So it takes a lot of belief to believe in science. HAHAHAHAH~


The country that does not allow criticism against religion…


Science is science and religion is religion, why try to change the context by petitioning??? Should we petition to change the Biblical storylines??


Oh my, this is going overboard… I believe in God too… but this is not the way to do it…


The next edition might include creationism. Is this biology or theology…? Shit or soypaste…?


Maybe creationism is a product of imagination? Give me some provable evidence.


Catholics do not deny evolution. Evolution is simply a part of creation plan as well. So it makes no sense for the Protestants to reject evolution on the basis of creationism.


Scary gaedok groups are trying to distort the theory of evolution, the science. If this is not the end of the world, what is? The gaedok organizations are trying to manipulate the masses and start the end of the world.


A friend of mine is a Christian and he thinks God created this world, and what he says makes me skin craw, and made me realize that he was beyond help. The gaedoks really do believe everything in the Bible as truth and forces that onto others. I don’t mind them being crazy but don’t make others go crazy as well. His grandfather passed away not too long ago and I expected him to have cried his eyes out but instead he was worried that his deceased grandfather was sent to heaven or not.

사람 사랑 삶:

If there is a legitimate ground for revising the theory of evolution on the basis of new evidence, it ought to be done. The case of archaeopteryx is a case in point, which was rejected by scientific community in the eighties.


The theory of evolution has too many holes.


This does not surprise me anymore…


The textbook should only publish theories or hypotheses that are proven by science and make mention of anything short of that as tentative. If anything that is presented as evidence of evolution does not have the scientific evidence, it must be removed or revised.


Real gaedok, there is no answer


This is exactly same as the modification of the history textbook in Japan by the lobbying of the far right elements ke ke


You evolution-believing morons… If you accept that the population of mankind doubles every 500 years, in 500,000 million years (according to evolution theory) of our existence, our physical bodies [170cm*40cm*17cm] would have filled the entire universe with our bodies. You stupid humans… The history of mankind is exactly as described in the Bible, only 6000 years.


Religion should just stay religion. It should be a place for rest for those who are tired and exhausted, do not try to tell the world what to do and how to do it.


Just because one denies the theory of evolution does not mean creationism will be accepted as science.

양촌리의 현자:

Now that the gaedok is on the rise, there is no more science or conscience ke ke

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  • W


    • skippy

      Yes – big, smelly poo!
      This is really silly.
      Maybe an article about fandeath will replace it?

      • steven

        You beat me to it!

  • dim mak

    Only made worse by the comments actually supporting this

    What the fuck Korea

    From China, I am disappoint

    • Patrick

      Super Fucking DITTO

  • lonetrey

    Go fuck yourself, Korean officials in charge of education.

    Faith should not be force-fed to people, nor tricked into believing. For people to develop their own opinions they need to know the facts. And if the debate is not fair, there is always doubt.

    Who the hell are these imbecile Christian fundamentalists?

    • sm

      good one.

    • Truthseeker

      Nobody wants false information taught to their children. “Evolutheists” should have removed this nonsense a long time ago. Next they should remove all the missing links that have since been disproven as well as release a public statement apologising for misleading the public.

    • Truthseeker

      I wish evolutheists would stop corrupting science. Students deserve to be taught science, not some atheist creation myth.

    • goodstuff

      Most evotheists have zero knowledge of creation science and about one percent knowledge of evolution theory. For example do you know how a giraffes neck evolved? Do you know the physics/mechanics required for this? Do you know that if the earth is more than 6000 years old, then the human population should exceed hundres of billions of people? Do you know that the moon drifts away from the earth at 4 cm a year meaning that millions of years becomes a problem? Indoctrinated evolutions are more dogmatic than their christian counterparts.

  • glenn

    one thing for certain.. i wont accept the fact that i come from the apes… if you guys do… then by all means.. ^^

    • Bam Wam

      I pray that you didn’t evolve from an Ape either, else our gene pool is in danger of being diluted with idiocy. Judging from your reply and mastery of grammar, you must be some crazy branch off of the nethanderals, I’m surprise you managed to pound some words together instead of just grunts.

      • Brett Sanbon

        Did you know early humans ate neanderthals?

        • Bam Wam

          No I did not, but I would love to have try it, nothing tastes better than eating the losing branch of evolution.

      • glenn

        “Judging from your reply and mastery of grammar, you must be some crazy branch off of the nethanderals…”

        ooh.. we have an expert over here… Judging on your choice of name and your reply…I would agree that we are not of the same branch…

        PS: i love people who can deduce information from random things state it like it’s a proven fact… ^_^

        • Bam Wam

          Wow, that’s your comeback, a reply with no substance, masquerading as an insult? I guess millions of years of fossil evidence as well as DNA and mitochondrial DNA is not evidence enough for you. The point that you are missing is the difference between a theory and a fact, go educate yourself on those differences between you make a sweeping deduction that man did not evolve from apes, or in your case, jackasses.

          Than all that fails me, enlightened me with how you think man came a bout.

          • glenn

            my turn… please check your grammar.. ^^

          • Bam Wam

            Still your turn, answer my question.

    • Paul M

      Glenn, you ARE an ape. We are all technically African apes. Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Genetics, Archaeology and Anthropology all attest to this fact. If you want to reject mainstream science then by all means be our guest. Remove yourself from the internet and go live in a cave for the rest of your days eating berries and wiping your butt with leaves.

      • Ruaraidh

        Indeed, one creature doesn’t become a totally different creature through the process of evolution, it becomes a sub-type of the original. They might as well ban teaching of evolution given how so many people have such a poor understanding of it. Also Brett, Europeans have around 5% neanderthal DNA so the early Europeans fucked them, or got fucked by them, too.

    • Quagmire

      You came from an octopus.

    • LaPoutine

      you’re an idiot! you did not evolve from apes. imbecile creationists always state this common misconception. apes and human descended from a common ancestor. secondly, a theory in the scientific sense has a different definition than that used by the general population. Gravity is a theory, but that doesn’t mean it is false. a scientific theory is a set of principles, supported by evidences and research, that explain and predict a phenomena. creationism is just hocus pocus that is not supported by any evidences, yet the religious nut-cases continue to propagate it like it is. Additionally, creationists like to put down the theory of evolution by saying it has holes in it. guess what? nothing in science is certain. that is what scientific research is about. scientists continue to explore the natural world so that we can learn more facts and improve upon existing scientific theories. Just because there are still a lot of things left to be learned and discovered, it doesn’t mean that an entire theory is wrong. the only way to disapprove a theory is by discovering something that does not fit with the current system of principles and coming up with a better explanation that has better supporting evidences, but you obviously can’t do that with creationism, because it’s not testable!!

      perhaps you should go to university and take some biology classes before you talk again. btw, I’ve read the bible, i went to church before and i’ve taken religious studies classes in college. and i can tell you one thing, the bible is so full of hypocrisies, contradictions, violence and hate that i’m surprised any sane human would continue to believe in this crap. but bible-humping nutjobs love to pick and choose the best parts out of the bible and conveniently ignore all those things that are bad. that mentality does not make good scientists, cause you can’t pick and choose evidences to fit your conclusion. you need to modify your conclusion according to the evidences.

    • Alvaro Garcia

      Is there anything bad with a bit of humility?
      There is nothing wrong with accepting our animal origins.
      By the contrary, to try to put ourselves as the center of everything, as the top organims, as the chozen ones among all creatures, in my opinion, would be something really arrogant.

  • sojubang

    Why not present both theories, then let them decide on their own which one they believe?

    • Brett Sanbon

      My thoughts are keep science in school and religion at church. But you can’t teach a science class, while leaving out the things that scientists hold to be true. This may cause problems along the road for Korean students.

    • steven

      As long as we can include FSM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monster, and Islam as taught by Imas then I agree with you.

    • LaPoutine

      that’s because creationism isn’t science. it’s pseudoscience. it isn’t a scientific theory. it’s religion packaged as science. man, the lack of basic scientific knowledge among the general population is astounding. this is how susceptible ignorant individuals keep falling into religion traps set up creationists nutjobs.

  • Stories of butts

    ‘the depiction of the evolution of horse is the product of imagination’
    Okay and a guy in the sky that created the entire universe in 6 days isn’t.

  • Ev3nt H0riz0n

    Reading the comments, this is pathetic. It is unfortunate I don’t know Korean.
    While you are at it how about stop teaching the earth revolves around the sun, replace chemistry with alchemy. Go ahead, undermine science and thus your country’s economy and power.

    Here’s the thing, everyone understands animals like dogs can be bread by humans that select their preferred traits and this lead to all the countless breeds by ARTIFICIAL SELECTION. Natural Selection is the same thing except the traits are just those that increase the chance of survival and reproduction in a natural environment. Even my ancestors who thought up that disgusting turd of a philosophy known as monotheism would have been able to figure it out.

    Reality aside, I’m sure being made from mud and a man’s rib is so much more uplifting than advancing from an ape or the idea that there is some sorta Cosmic Dictator judging everything I think and do is so awesome that millions are kept away from fleeing to North Korea. Ah yes in the name of the Holy Father Kim Jong Il and the Son Jim Jung Un we praise!

    • James

      Jim Jung Un lol

  • Brett Sanbon

    I don’t think many Christians understand speciation.

    Until we learn more about how life emerged on earth, Christians can still believe that divine creation is responsible for making the natural world, while accepting speciation. No need to cut pages out of books.

    The lack of willingness to budge reminds me of some nationalistic guy on this site….

    • Wang that!

      They sound pretty similar to most of the Christians that I met that hail from the American bible belt states… God made everything… end of story… even this site… God willed the person to create it so it came to be through a divine thought process… sorry for the poor humor…

      basically agree with you.

  • His noodly appendage strikes again. The Flying Spaghetti Monster has thusly infiltrated Korean society.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Are you referring to the archeopteryx of me? It hasnt been since middle school that someone referred to me as the “flying spaghetti monster”….. Thanks for bringing up the past…. :(

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  • I had no idea that such backward groups were so influential in Korean society.

  • Jess

    Archaeopteryx has been screwing with science for far too long. It’s about time it got its comeuppance. Stupid dinosaur.

  • PeteJB

    All I can say reading some of the Netizen comments is: What the flying fuck.

  • Wong

    Its funny cause evolution is ACTUALLY A FACT as much as any accepted science theory

  • Dyer

    So they’re supposed to believe that man was zapped here in 7 days…..riiiight.
    Thats a shame… and a slap to the face of our ancestors, who died again and again, in trial and error, so that we could evolve into the biggots that we are now… We have a long time to go… but evolution is no theory anymore you fucking idiots… it’s a fact. Like gravity is a fact… 98% of the science community believes in evolution….that means archeologists, geologists, chemists, biologists, astrophysicists and more…. and you think your studied enough to say there are too many holes in it…..you ungrateful, egomaniacal fools! If ignorance is bliss, then you all take the cheese… just die believing in a lie… idc anymore… it doesn’t hurt me

    • blacksheep

      It is also a shame that people will take something like sevens days literal when if you read it carefully you can see that the days are not literal days but just a period of time.

      A friend of mine almost 60 years ago who loved the science world was telling me how butter milk was made.

      When i told him how i had turned a lot of cream into butter and butter milk from the time i was six years old his mouth dropped, he had never lived on a farm

      Nothing wrong with real science, nothing wrong with creation but there are fools mingling in both areas when they could do a much better job if they would have not threw their shovel or broom or what ever they were capable of handling away.

      Fools are fools regardless of what field they are in but there are way too many who goes to college and gets into some field when they are not qualified for any field except the bean field back home, and then only if they have their mother to tell them what to hoe and what not to hoe.

      But like the old saying, there is no fool like an educated one.

      Incidentally that is why i stayed out of the dam college,s.

  • A gawd dang Mongolian

    Yeesh they have it worse than America. Creationists and Evolutionists are at each others’ throats but the textbooks for public education have never really changed because of a religious belief.

    • Rich R

      @agdm- I think you haven’t been paying attention if you think text books have not been changed or attempted to be changed in the US.Google “texas school book controversy” for the latest in the humiliation.

  • Kate Ashton

    Korean exchange students are going to be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to doing biology topics at other universities. How could this happen?

  • Ami

    Things like this make me sad because it shames all christians and oppresses people who believe in evolution.
    Not all christians/religious people are against evolution (I’d say most areny) but the silly some who are somehow got their message to the top first.
    I’m agnostic and I don’t much about korean christans though, maybe they’re the super crazy type

  • Che

    ‘the depiction of the evolution of horse is the product of imagination’

    I see. And all those stories about man splitting the sea in half and virgins being impregnated via dream – what about these, hmmm?

    freaking clowns need to get properly educated.

    • Paul M

      Don’t forget the one about the woman who was made from a man’s rib being tricked by a talking snake into eating magical fruit.

  • TheNoob

    Traditionally the most wealthy organisations is the ones that has power and have the financial funds to be able partition a move to change the laws. With the numerous corruption issues in Korea and more then a few government officials being prosecuted or have committed suicide due to corruption. I am sensing that this petition which cause the government official to act was heavily funded by the church. The dwindling believers are a direct result of people being too well educated so the church groups are trying to root out the problem at its roots by pressing schools to not teach the evolution theory….this is just disgusting and the only people that would benefit from this is the religious groups.

    Religious groups are an enterprise, where knowledge is free…For anyone that tell me that I will burn in the nine hells, take this ㅗ(^^)ㅗ take it to with you to the heaven.

  • bultak

    Everything changes and evolves, even religion.

  • Zappa Frank

    i didn’t know koreans are so stupid. Nowdays nobody, even in vatican city, have doubts on evolution. And all from a religion that don’t even belong to them… crazy.

    • James

      To whom does Christianity “belong” to then?

      • Middle Man

        White people? No other country/race believed in “Christianity” until they started converting other people. They did create the bible(man made). Ever heard about the crusades that churches part take? They were trying to wipe out people that didn’t believe in god or sometimes not white. What’s worse is that churches deny the atrocities that ever happened. It’s pretty foolish how koreans can be so nationalistic but 1/3 of the population believes in a religion that murdered just for not believing.

        • dim mak

          You do realize Christianity started in the mideast and Ethiopia is the oldest Christian covenant right

  • goodstuff

    Evolution theory is nothing but fabricated science fiction. Creation theory is not testable. Neither is right or wrong. I don’t care but don’t force evolution or religion on our kids. Either teach them both objectively stating pro/weak points and teach them equally to allow the kids to make up their minds or don’t discuss origins at all. Why do we even need to discuss origins? It is all guesswork and science fiction guesswork made out to look like truth (which is is not)

    • Ammonia

      Everything about God and creation is true bro

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  • barack obama

    religious people are sooooo stupid ><

    • Ammonia

      May God forgive u

  • Hagenmaster87

    omg, that can´t be true! that few people don´t understand anything! Who ever denies the evolution is silly or has bad intentions!

    What do you religious people all over the world say to something like this???!!


    Evolution is already proven! And it does NOT say that people or animals would develop just to higher and higher stages…it just means that everywhere in a group of livings there sometimes (randomly) there can be some mutations. If it helps or hinders you to cope with the environment it will be spread because that people or animals have a benefit or an obstacle with it. Evolution in my eyes has not even conflict with religion. It doesn´t attack the idea of a higher source that initiated all living…it JUST says the truth about their evolution and gene development. So why there are just some silly idiots and GAEDOKS that want to bring back the great Korean Civilisation back to middle age? I am happy that so much young Koreans oppose that!!!

  • Evolutionary theory = the Greatest Idea Man Ever Had
    Christianity = the Stupidest Idea Man Ever Had
    Guess which one Korea picked… lol!

  • The horse evolution diagrams where removed from museums everywhere almost hals a century ago because it was scientifically proven that they where just product of imagination. Also archaeopteryx was proven not to be the link between reptiles and birds a mere 10 years after its discovery. Yet they both remained in text books for so long. Also Enckel’s fake diagrams remained in the text books. Also the list of so called “vestigial organs” that where proven not to be vestigial. Also that diagram with the arm and the wing side by side. (DNA tests have proven that the code for an arm and a wing are completely different). Also the idea of homology (if two animals look similar it is supposed they have similar DNA) was proven wrong. Also many of the so called missing links. All this should be removed from texts. As a previous poster said, a science book whould show only proven things not theories and certainly not things that have been proven false over 40 years ago.

    • Ruaraidh

      Most of what you wrote makes no sense whatsoever. The fact that you’d write so much nonsense betrays your total ignorance of what phylogenetics is and how it works.

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