Photos of Tanned K-pop Band Spark Controversy over Skin Colour

A K-pop idol band, Sistar recently came back from the Hawaiian Islands, where they were shooting their new music video. As it can be noticed from the above video, they seem to have spent a lot of time outside under the blazing sun, which gave all but one of them an ‘olive-coloured skin’ makeover. A netizen posted the teaser pictures titled, ‘Hyorin looks African, compared to White Dasom’, which sparked controversy over their skin colours.

From Daum:

Sistar clothing in marine look

Of course, the palest one is Dasom

Bora and Dasom

Dasom(left) and Bora(right)

Bora and Dasom

Bora and Dasom

Sistar singing in neon-clothing

Sistar in qipao

The second one on the left is Hyorin

Siatar is meeting its fans

Soyou, Bora, Hyorin, and Dasom

Comments from Daum:

passonist (gjdbrk*****) :

I watched Sistar’s performance at Konkuk University Festival, and Dasom stood out from the crowd. She’s the prettiest. Hyorin looked ugly in person, at least compared to Dasom.

wjsqjsRkqhk (mab**) :

When are they going to give up on those pervert-magnet looks?

노란연필 (mimos****) :

To be honest, dark skinned people look kind of unhygienic and smelly ke

안뇽 (this***) :

I can see a lot of mental case/trolls among commenters. ke ke ke Sistar seems like nice girls.

꽃잎 (dud_***) :

Hyorin is an attractive lady. She is also such a talented singer..

반도체 (starq****) :

Dasom and ugly girls.. Especially Bora and Hyorin are the ugliest.

sert243 (zaxs***) :

Ugly, dark skinned girls..

바카선조아 (belld****) :

Hey, 노란연필 (the 3rd comment)! What?! Dark skinned people look smelly? -_- You could get shot if you say such things abroad. You sounds like as crazy as some redneck racists saying Asians looks dirty.

편하게 살자 -_- (toso***) :

Hyorin is so attractive. She’s the prettiest!

스마일8D (akai***) :

Dark skinned people are not smelly; to imagine such a crap makes YOU a smelly person.. Can’t you smell yourself?

Kaylee (pyb**) :

Hyorin looks the best on those photos. I don’t understand why some people say pale skin is prettier than dark skin. When there’s an international beauty pageant, ‘Miss Korea’ is the only pale girl who looks like just a bathtub. You pay for tanning salon these days, so why such a praise for pale skin?

치차리토 (sinm***) :

Her skin looks more like Mexican than African. She looks nice and healthy.

한2L (baby***) :

Hyorin has natural dark skin..

괴기월 (these****) :

Screaming is not singing: some of you are confusing the two, which is a reflection of K-pop idol’s incompetence.

CaRdIuM (myour****) :

Tanning can be a camouflage for ugly faces..

페리토트a (7ghld****) :

I know Hyorin is dark-skinned, but some of you are going too far. Her skin is part of her charm. I can see there is a difference between Dasom and Hyorin’s skin, yet the title of this article seems insulting.

나 (qnrj***) :

Whatever shade of skin one might have, they are all beautiful in their own ways. You stupid. -_-

플라토닉 (ckckc****) :

There seems to be a lot of racists in Korea. Dark skinned people look smelly? ke ke ke ke ke This is 21st century, you know. You guys get fucking furious when Asians are discriminated tsk tsk, yet you have no shame on disparaging other races? tsk tsk.. And Daum is also out of its mind, letting the trash comment on the top.

네티즌 (wangt****) :

I hope they abandon the whole ‘sexy concept’ thing.. They look cheap.

이것저것 (from***) :

You’d be surprised to see Hyorin in person. She is so gorgeous. And Sistar can sing, especially Hyorin.

실버토미 (78081****) :

Thanks to Hyorin’s popularity, Sistar could make it this far.

진짜악마 (sanse****) :

Let me compare Sistar members with steak: Dasom (rare), Soyou (medium), Bora (well-done), and Hyorin (charcoal)

abmajo (riccik*****) :

Dark skinned people can easily tan^^ I’m the living proof.

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