Lunar New Year Book Giveaway

koreabang lunar new year

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! To celebrate the Year of the Sheep, we have another book giveaway for our loyal readers courtesy of Tuttle Publishing.

To enter, post a comment about your new year’s resolutions, and what you would like to see us cover this year. If there’s a book you would particularly like to receive, please mention that as well. You can comment as many times as you want, but you will only be entered once to win.

Please be sure to fill in the email line when you comment so we can get in contact with you. Your email will not be displayed in the actual body of the comment.

We will post the winners for each book next Wednesday.

Here are the books available:

Making Out in Korean

koreabang giveaway making out in korean

A Geek in Korea: Discovering Asia’s New Kingdom of Cool

koreabang giveaway a geek in korea

K-Pop Now! The Korean Music Revolution

koreabang giveaway kpop now

Good luck and we will post the winners next Wednesday!

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  • Anonymous

    resolution – sleep more
    please cover more on culture/society

  • mekko

    My resolution is to actually clean the space that I live in!

  • andy

    resolutionn is to study more korean
    please cover more korean tech news, such as startups and similar

  • Markus P

    Resolution: Drink less high percentage alcohol.
    I think the scope that you cover is good, but, more content at a faster pace would be nice. However, i would like to read more business stories if possible.

  • Marcus

    Resolution: To study more Korean.

  • Lynn

    My resolution is to pay off all of my student loans by next year. ^^ I like reading about cultural issues. I am interested in the book “A geek in Korea.”

  • MeiDaxia

    Resolution: Continue improving my Korean.

    Don’t care for a K-Pop book. The others are cool, though.

    새해복 많이받으세요!

  • Slowmotion

    Resolution #1: Conversational Korean at an intermediate level.
    Resolution #2: Stop making resolutions and then not fulfilling them!
    I love your coverage, particularly being able to see the native text and the translations (including the comments), keep it up!
    I flipped through “A geek in Korea”, it’s amazing and wish I had a copy.

  • disqus_FmhJWNeooL

    Resolutions: Study harder in school, learn conversational Russian and Spanish.
    I would like for KoreaBang to cover more stories on foreigners and youth.
    Interested in A Geek in Korea.

    Thanks for this great site and have happy new year!

  • apoc01

    resolution: to try and be successful in integrating into Korean society and communities this year.

    I would like to see more news on health and society/culture.

    Interested in A Geek in Korea.

  • There is one colleague of mine who is obese. In the fat ranking, he is #1, while I am… #.. err… Let’s say my resolution is to not rank so highly by losing a few pounds. :P

    If I may, I want the ‘K-Pop Now! The Korean Music Revolution’ book. I will be glad if you cover more stories about business and daily life of Korean people.

  • death_by_ivory

    To save up enough money to go visit my mother.Mind you she is in a different continent.
    A Geek in Korea looks interesting.

  • read more
    I hope koreabang will be updated daily in the future

  • AdamS

    Resolutions – cook more at home and quit smoking.
    More political analysis please!

  • My resolution is to study more because my exams are coming up and I definitely need to ace them to get a better future. Haha I all guess my moms scolding paid off. I’d like to see more news about the media in Korea like trends I guess? A Geek In Korea seems like a really interesting book to read in my free time. Happy Lunar New Year, staff of Koreabang!
    Uhm I’m not sure what an email line is haha but you can contact me at [email protected] :)

  • daisy

    This year, I plan on being more truthful. I’ve noticed that I sometimes tend to stretch the truth a bit just to impress people and I don’t want to do that anymore, I just want to be myself. I would for sure love to see more articles related to on the entertainment industry/actors/singers/models/public figures, etc. etc. I think I’d probably enjoy “Making Out in Korean” the best?

  • luna phan

    resolution: to become more outgoing and hang out with more friends and maybe make some new friends too. More lgbt stories please? A geek in korea looks like a good read.

  • Ellie Satuya

    My resolution is to get closer to my boyfriend because we’re going to have to break up next year because of our distance.. That might’ve been a bit tmi but that’s my #1 resolution. I’d love to read a geek in korea! Getting to read about the top news in Korea is good enough for me, I think it’s really cool to get to know about what’s happening in the real world halfway around the earth from me.

    [email protected]

  • Holly

    Wow, a book giveaway! So nice! Have a great lunar new year everybody!
    Resolution: Become more active in community service to look good for future employers and other people I need to kiss up to. “A Geek In Korea” please! I’ve always wanted to visit Korea one day so reading about Korea seems like a great idea ^-^ Seeing funny stories at KoreaBANG would be amazing! I could always use a good laugh. My emails on my disqus profile~~

  • lily wai

    Lunar New Years Resolution: Dress up more and be more fashionable! I’d like to see more articles about the fashion scene in Korea if possible? I would totally like to get my hands on a geek in korea! Korea’s on the top of my bucket list on the places to go to.

  • Julia Hani (Honey)

    my resolution is to get in shape because I can barely run a mile within 11 minutes and it’s kinda sad. making out in korea seems informative and learning korean phrases is something I’d like to do this year as well. check out my email on my profile. happy lunar new year and may you get good fortune this coming year, I wanna read more about the daily life of the average Korean person like whether theres anything new with the subways or if the prices of certain foods have gone up maybe?

  • linda m.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’m a huge bookworm (hence why I like to check out this website so much, what’s better than reading news articles?) so this book giveaway is a huge blessing for me. Articles about north korea interest me a lot since they’re so secretive. If I’m lucky enough to get chosen, “A Geek In Korea” is the book that I prefer. Have a happy chinese/lunar new year!

  • bedevilled

    Being able to speak my moms native language by the end of this year would be my most important resolution. I think stories about huge celebrity scandals would be fun to read once in a while. The book I am interested in is Aa Geek in Korea: Discovering Asia’s New Kingdom of Cool. I’ll cross my fingers, hope to win!

  • Hani

    my resolution is to get in shape because I can barely run a mile within 11 minutes and it’s kinda sad. making out in korea seems informative and learning korean phrases is something I’d like to do this year as well. check out my email on my profile. happy lunar new year and may you get good fortune this coming year, I wanna read more about the daily life of the average Korean person like whether theres anything new with the subways or if the prices of certain foods have gone up maybe?

  • hehe
  • Jenna O

    My resolution is to find a new job and new friends!

  • reetu

    My resolution is to be more bravery and honest within myself (so that I am not anymore afraid to speak about unpleasant topics with people who are dear to me -no for self-censorship).
    I find the various topics of Korea Bang very interesting because they give me a chance to have a small peek on Korean society. Therefore, I hope your news range will be as vast as it has been before. I have especially liked to read news about controversial topics in Korean society and politics.
    All in all, keep up with the excellent work you have done so far and thanks for last year’s news.

  • K. Sun

    Resolutions for the new year: Lose some weight so that I can finally be a size 3! It’d be a huge boost in my self confidence if I can manage to lose at least 10 pounds by the end of this year. I already like most of the stories tat KoreaBANG chooses to translate but I like the ones about trends the most. Examples would be like the honey butter chip craze? I found it pretty interesting to read. A Geek in Korea seems like a good book to read :) Thanks for this giveaway by the way!

  • Gowigasa

    Good afternoon! Happy Lunar New Year. My resolution for the new year is to stop procrastinating because it’s bringing the quality of my life down a bit. I’m now writing this comment while I’m procrastinating some work.. I think reading about what Koreans think of worldwide news is cool. It’s like inception, reading about what others think about others. I, like 20 other people, prefer A Geek in Korea. Man, so many people want that book but I guess my crazy good luck might come in handy right about now, huh? Looking forward to another year filled with stories from Korea BANG!

  • Bobbi

    resolution: stop spending so much money things that I don’t need. I swear my bank account would be pretty well off if I didn’t waste so much cash on things. More stories about things related to tourism might be pretty cool? Interested in a geek in korea.

  • Char

    This years resolution is get more friendly with my classmates, can’t be a hermit for the rest of my life can I? Interested in Making Out in Korean and I like amusing stories that can cheer me up at the end of the day so I guess more of those? Keep up the good work in the new year!

  • jhishikawa

    my resolution is to stop eating so much junk food and start eating more veggies and fruits and what not. i think the book A Geek in Korea has more stuff that I’m interested in than the other two books and as for what I’d like to see more of in KoreaBANG, I think more articles dealing with sexism and the falling birth rate would be awesome.

  • Abbigail

    I seriously need to stop buying so many K-pop albums. I have wayyyyy too many and I’m even starting to run out of space for them.. You’d probably expect me to say that I want the K-pop book but since I’m trying to detach myself from that, I think Making Out in Korean would fit me better. Thank you, for this giveaway! I’d like to see more stories about healthcare if it’s not too much trouble.

  • Sam

    Resolution: Win a free book, take up smoking, quit smoking, come up with a better resolution, start smoking again.

    Would very much like to see content published more often. Perhaps another translator to join the team to help things run a little faster.

    I would like to receive Making out in Korean so my girlfriend will have another reason to beat me when she finds it on my bookshelf.

  • Mercy Reci

    Resolution: read more and stop watching so many soap operas and dramas.

    Things I like to read about: English teachers in Korea? I’m thinking of traveling there for a year or two after I get my degree.

    Book I’m interested in: A Geek in Korea since I may or may not be living there for a while after I graduate.

  • alejandra

    This year I want to read 50 books and spend more time with my family

  • sarah

    GIVEAWAY ♥♥♥

    My resolution is to make new friends and have good marks and to start doing sports, I’m interested in K-Pop Now! The Korean Music Revolution

  • chinhanpa

    새해 복 많이 받으세요! As a university student, I find sparing time for news—much less Korean news—difficult. Fortunately, koreaBANG and its chinaSMACK network provide a convenient and thoughtful option. This new year, I hope to fulfill a resolution by reading more international-based news. Thanks to koreaBANG and Tuttle Publishing for this giveaway opportunity—and if drawn, I would be pleased to read “A Geek in Korea: Discovering Asia’s New Kingdom of Cool” in which Daniel Tudor separates from his first book “Korea: The Impossible Country” the “coolness” of South Korea that appeals to the youth. He describes culture beyond the K-pop and melodrama that captivate international fans by exploring drinking customs and religious influences for example. Soon, Tudor will be publishing his third book, “North Korea Confidential”.

  • Intan

    Happy New Year! I usually check KoreaBANG for updates during my morning commutes to kill the time because it’s a whole lot better than staring at strangers or the bus window. The articles usually interest me (especially ones about politics/opinions!) so that makes the ride a whole lot better. I’ve been mostly a silent reader because I’m not very opinionated and extremely indecisive which is what I want to work on this year as a resolution. My friends/family always complain about me taking a hundred years just to decide what kind of sauce I want on my chicken nuggets so imagine how long it takes for me to decide on important decisions. I’d like to read “A Geek in Korea: Discovering Asia’s New Kingdom of Cool” I think it’d be a lot better to read a book during my free time than play on my phone, not only will strangers on the bus think I’m a nerd who likes to read, but I’ll also save some battery on my phone so that I can slack off even more during my classes.

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