Korean Air Fails to Silence Witness of Cho’s Nut Rage

Article from Hankyoreh:

Korean Air Tries to Placate 1st Class Passenger Who Sat Near Cho Hyun-ah With an Airplane Model and Calendar.

On December 12th, the former vice president of Korean Air Cho Hyun-ah , who went into a

On December 12th, the former vice president of Korean Air Cho Hyun-ah appeared at the aviation safety inspector’s office to announce her apology.

After the “nut return” caused by Cho Hyun-ah(40), former vice president of Korean Air, we now know that Korean Air tried to placate the only other first-class passenger on board that day to witness the incident. The prosecution has secured the statement of this passenger, who sent messages via a messaging application to her friend detailing the former vice president Cho’s violent outburst and coarse language.

The prosecution plans to investigate the former vice president Cho, and will notify her to be present.

Lee Geun-soo, the head of the Criminal Investigation Department 5 at the Western District Public Prosecutor’s Court in Seoul, announced that they questioned Park(32) as a witness. She was the first-class passenger sitting directly in front of Cho. Park testified in detail saying, “Cho swore at the flight attendant, ‘What kind of f*cking bit** is this?’ She pushed the flight attendant for three meters to the boarding door. She rolled up the service manual and hit it against the wall near the flight attendant.”

Park sent messages to her friend in real time using Naver Line about Cho’s violent behavior and verbal abuse, and she submitted all of her [Naver Line] records. A person from the prosecution said, “I felt like I was watching the situation on video, the records were so vivid.” Park was the only other passenger. She got a flight upgrade to first-class, giving her the opportunity to witness Cho’s violent outburst.

After the prosecution’s investigation, she told reporters that, “I complained to Korean Air after coming back to Korea. However, I didn’t get a reply until the media reported about the incident. And then, an executive of Korean Air called me saying ‘To apologize to you, we would like to give you an airplane model and a calendar. If you have a chance to be interviewed, please say you’ve received our sincere apology.'”

A person from the prosecution stated, “We need to consider what Cho did earlier as a crime of business obstruction and destruction of evidence, rather than as an employer-employee relationship issues, or just an argument. We’re going to summon Cho as a defendant.”

Comments from Daum:


Well done, witness!


Under these kinds of circumstances, if Cho doesn’t go to jail, it will be the end of justice in Korea.


An airplane model and a calendar ke ke. She was stressed out from the flight, and more importantly, her safety was threatened so…an airplane model and a calendar? Hey, of course you were supposed to refund her flight ticket. Are you kidding me? keke. An airplane model and a calendar, ke ke. We are going to give you an airplane model and a calendar~~

신의손님 :

Korean Air can’t think. Very cool for them to try to placate a person in her thirties with a toy and a calendar.

라벤더님 :

At first I thought Cho was just being bossy but as I get more information, I’m starting to think it’s not a good idea to fly Korean Air. The way they handle risk leaves me speechless.. This should be what they are preparing for if there is some problem with the flight…sends shivers down my spine.


Should’ve spent more money. In this serious a situation, they gave an airplane model, not a real one? Whoever was in charge of this can’t seem to do their job.


Korean Air! They are stingy till they have to deal with an upset customer. They aren’t fit to be a top airline.


After the terror attack, according to the regulation of ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) and IATA(International Air Transport Association), unaccompanied baggage isn’t allowed at all. If the crew member got off the plane and the plane came all the way here with [her] luggage on board, it would be a serious security breach. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport should conduct intensive investigation into this as well.


Even though they will try to escape the situation using money and lies, imprison her for violating aviation law.


I was wondering what the passenger did since she was young but now I read that she got a flight upgrade. I think this is why Korean Air didn’t apologize properly. If she was old, I don’t think it would be easy for her to tell her story like this. Thank goodness.


A flight upgrade from business to the first class ended up badly… She might have thought she could be more comfortable but then she ended up shaking, nervous, and uncomfortable. She might think Korean Air was messing with her when they gave her just an airplane model and a calendar.

수부티님 :

Suppose you were in her shoes. You spent ten-thousand won for the flight, and after you watched all that, and complained to the call center, they tell you that they will give you a calendar and an airplane model, who wouldn’t be pissed off? ke ke. An airplane model and a calendar.. ke ke. This is the low level of Cho’s family.

멸치다님 :

An airplane model and a calendar, ke ke. I thought there had been a plausible deal, ke ke. They should have let her use their company card to entertain herself, ke ke. Korean Air are showing their true colors.


How funny of her to keep lying even though the first-class passenger was a witness? Get rid of her.


If Korean Air wanted to shut her up, they should have given her one hundred million one. How can an airplane model and calendar be enough?

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  • Small twon

    Oh for crying out loud… another nut story ?..Ok.. I don’t wanna get kicked(figure of speech) by admin of Korea bang…again ..but I think there are much more interesting stories are out there.. For example , How about priest gone wild and do “Gangnam style” in Mexico ?- http://www.catholicnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=10373 or if you wanna go for “those silly koreans ” story here is photo of two drunken old hermit showing off their ..skill in the police station.(http://social.phinf.naver.net/20140726_148/1406332750771goI4T_JPEG/image.jpg?)

    • face

      We don’t care about your diversionary two bit feel good stories. you face loving Koreans might not like it but we want to see the real korea, not your k-pop plastic façade you are presenting to the world

      • Small twon

        Ok.. you are entitled to your opinion but what is real Korea anyway ?
        I haven’t figure it out(and quite many academics in and out of korea , so let me know what real Korea is.

        • Xman2014

          Please, don’t feed the troll. Don’t even get into it.

    • RegisterToPost

      Go back to Koreaboo or allkpop.

      • Small twon

        1. what is koreaboo ? 2. If you think allkpop is pro korea site…you know nothing.

    • Boris

      KB and its’ sister sites report what is hot online (in its’ related country). This seems to be hot and hence reported here. Were the two articles very hot online? If so, they will be here soon if there is time.

    • jin

      Kb and other sister sites only post what’s hot on the net, what netizens are interested in and not news you think it’s interesting.

  • Ken Morgan

    Kkangpae time?

  • k.ftw

    If that was someone else, she would have been tied to her seat and get hand over to the police at the arrival.

  • Xman2014

    My god.. when is this story ever going to disappear? The story about her is still plastered all over the media and the circus has been going on for weeks now with no end in sight. The bitch got what she deserved, she was childish and rude, so it’s fitting that she got disgraced. Before this scandal, nobody even knew who she was. Yet the whole fucking nation is looking at her as if she represents the very anthesis of being rich person in Korea. She’s an idiot! She screwed up! End of story! No need to drag this on forever and forever! Now let’s fucking move on.. for god sakes… shall we? It’s not as if she killed somebody or something.

    What this illustrates is that in Korea, you can’t make a mistake, you can’t misbehave, you have to be perfectly unflawed in character and in action. There are no second chances in Korea if you fall. When you do fall, it’s over in the court of public opinion. The thing is, she won’t be the first and the last person to act like a jerk. There will be more in the future, and South Korea will once again go on a national frenzy. In a society where they require you to be absolutely perfect, it can be absolutely stifling living in Korea. When will this country accept the fact that people are people, and there are going to be times when bad people misbehave, or that even good people can also misbehave? Why does every little incident have to turn into a national social issue? She got punished, let her go now, let’s move on.

    • bigmamat

      Do you read any blogs about Korea? Koreans demand perfection? How funny is that? Koreans being rude a revelation? That’s another funny one. Here’s what I’ve observed about “Koreans” (mind you this isn’t all Koreans but it’s pretty trendy) Koreans demand perfection from everyone else but themselves. This makes for a nation full of people that drive shitty, hock luggies and puke all over public streets, throw their trash everywhere, run around drunk in public, stare at anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them, cut lines, barge into people and basically mind everyone’s business but their own. Sorry that’s just the way I see it. Koreans want national recognition for being a developed nation, big cheap buildings and designer handbags don’t make you developed.

      • Ken Morgan

        Hmm sounds like Hong Kong.

        • Chucky3176

          She’s going by what she reads online from English Teaching forums, and has never been in Korea personally. It’s not a perfect country but at the same time, it’s not THAT bad as it’s made out to be. Seoul is much much cleaner and safer than New York, and it’s population is 10 million, versus only 8 million for New York.

          Don’t know anything about Hong Kong.

          • 금정산

            When you experience what she is talking about, it’s actually worse than whatever you read.

          • Chucky3176

            Seoul has its dirty parts, while other parts are clean. Hongdae and Itaewon at night.. filthy to the brim, probably filthiest in all of Seoul. But the debauchery, the brawls, the garbage everywhere, and drunkeness that goes on there every night involving millions of people in few square miles of not much space, it is what it is. That said, totally unfair to generalize that the entire country is that way, when it’s not.

          • redwhitedude

            Or she had a rough life for whatever reason.

          • Ewnerd Nasalo

            I would disagree with saying that it’s cleaner in Korea… Hong Kong these days is cleaner than both IMO.

        • bigmamat

          Yeah, I’ve heard that too. Asians do an awful lot of drinking, whoring, gambling, cheating, stealing etc. for all their talk about values and morals. A lot of Americans do too but an awful lot of us just own it. We admit we like sex, we admit we like to get high and we admit we like to have the freedom to do these things without judgement. As long as what we do is with full adult consent why be a hypocrite about it.

          • Chucky3176

            That’s odd, I find that it’s the Westerners who are often overly judgemental on Asians, not the other way around.

          • Ewnerd Nasalo

            Prejudice is a two way street, but when it comes to being outwardly judgmental… I’m tempted to agree.

      • 금정산


      • CK7

        Your post looks like some copy and paste material from anti-korea blogs created by bitter white males living or have lived in Korea.

        • bigmamat

          Yeah I’ve read them too. Problem is a lot of them have video evidence, photos etc. Yeah I understand not everyone in Korea is a hypocritical asshole but I’m an American so I can recognize denial when I see it. Americans are masters at it. Denying that we have a race problem. Denying that we have a gun problem. Pretending that we hold some moral high ground or that we don’t have a collective national delusion about some of our policies or social behaviors. It’s just human nature to pretend and prevaricate about our faults personal and collective. I don’t think so many “bitter white males” are telling lies about what they experience. Granted they are coming from a place of privilege. They’re male and white so naturally they are more bitter. I figure most of them are in Korea because back home they are losers anyway. Who stays in a foreign country when they don’t have to and then complains about it endlessly or refuses to see anything good about it? Losers that’s who. That still doesn’t mean they’re lying about the rude shit Koreans do. I’ve seen blogs by gyopos that say the same thing. Koreans stare. Koreans drive like they have a death wish. Koreans drink and puke, pass out anywhere. They whore. They gamble. Push, shove, spit, don’t flush they’re rude and mean to each other. Racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, sounds like Koreans are people to me. People do this stuff everywhere. It’s not unique to Korea just don’t fucking deny it. Own it or change it. Just stop pretending that certain aspects of the society aren’t fucked up. Every country needs a good dose of self reflection, Koreans are not exempt.

          • Chucky3176

            “Just stop pretending that certain aspects of the society aren’t fucked up.”

            Biggest flaw of Korea new-b’s. That includes the white male expats who may have been in the country for 20 years. It’s because they can’t understand the language nor be able to read it because they don’t want to. They don’t care to know or learn what Koreans talk about. If they did, they would know, it ain’t pretty. It’s like an immigrant who arrived in America a year ago who can’t speak English, criticizing America that Americans think they are so perfect who deny there are problems in America.

            Koreans rip on Korea a lot, and sometimes overly idealize the status in the West. I’ve lived in both societies to know this. This site does some job of giving you a snapshot of what people talk about and what they think. But it’s just a small portion.

            I say you’re a wrong. Koreans are the last people on earth who would say their society is NOT fucked up.

            The problem is that Koreans know their society needs changing, but they don’t know how to change it with concrete methodical steps to bring effective change. That is the crux of the problem, not that Koreans are denying there are any problems in Korean society.

          • bigmamat

            Yeah well they may talk about it among themselves but they don’t like to admit it to strangers. I’d say Koreans and Americans like most people have that in common. I reserve the right to be critical of myself but you can go fuck yourself if you want to point it out for me. Rather a natural human tendency. As for those guys that hang around for years bitching and complaining yet still can’t communicate I’ve already stated they’re a bunch of losers. I couldn’t do it. I can’t stand not being able to talk to people or communicate. I already know enough basic Korean to get by for a couple of weeks. Where, what, when, how, left, right, how to count money and time, small talk and basic things you should know if you visit a foreign country. Part of the problem with the white expats is they’re white guys. Even the white women don’t complain incessantly like they do. It’s that white guy privilege thing. They’re used to the world revolving around them but fail to realize they aren’t the center of the universe.

          • CK7

            It seems white women go to Korea with a clear goal in mind. In other words, not to fuck around and it’s not that they’re not having fun while there. But generally, they seem to extend their stays longer and come away with more positive things or less negative things to say.

          • bigmamat

            I find women in general are more positive than men despite our image of being bitchy.

          • Probotector

            Which white guys think like this? Please take your misandry and bigotry elsewhere.

          • CK7

            I don’t completely doubt them either, some truth to it but like Chucky said over the top at times. I’ve lived in Korea for few months, just based on that brief experience, it was definitely liveable. Clean place for the most part. Had a ton of fun, I wish I could have stayed longer.

          • bigmamat

            I could find a way to be happy anywhere if I wanted to badly enough. While I’ve seen lots of pictures of drunk Koreans and frozen puke piles I’ve also seen a lot of pictures of beautiful scenery and smiling happy people. I personally would love to visit Korea and think it would’t bother me at all for a couple of weeks. I have zero desire to spend a winter there, hate cold weather. I also don’t think I could get used to the food for the long term. Other than that I’m one of those “friendly” Americans that never meets a stranger and I love learning new things. I’d be the ultimate tourist. I’d want to see all the normal attractions but I’d also like to just fart around and see what I can see. Just random exploration. Two weeks wouldn’t be enough I’m sure.

          • redwhitedude

            Nobody is claiming Korea is perfect and as chucky has said Koreans don’t go around saying they are perfect. However there are Koreans who shy away from dealing with foreigners because they are not comfortable with English which can be read in the wrong way. And a view of a country is dependent also on what aspect of the country you saw. If you hang out with the wrong crowd it could ruin the enjoyment of any country.

          • Chucky3176

            “Yeah I’ve read them too. Problem is a lot of them have video evidence, photos etc.”

            Yeah, but the problem of forming your opinion on a country that you’ve never been in before, based on few “video evidences and photos”, is that the posters often want you to see what they want you to see. This goes for both positive and negative images. Whenever you look for something to backup your stance, it doesn’t take much to find both positives and negatives if you look hard enough. Every countries have negatives and positives, it’s not too hard to find what you’re looking for. Also I would not take everything you read or heard and think it’s also true. That’s because everyone have their own colour of glasses to see the same things and interpret them in different ways. Some people who see something in a negative light, maybe a positive light for others. The best way to form your own opinion about a country is to go there yourself and form your own opinions. That’s just my little advice for you.

          • bigmamat

            Right I believe I responded to the other dude with something similar. While I have seen video evidence of some pretty crazy, dirty nasty shit, I’ve also seen beautiful scenery, buildings, parks and smiling happy people. I take everything with a grain of salt. Especially since I haven’t been there. I still maintain that even though these guys come off as baby bitch boys doesn’t mean they’re telling lies. Just means they can’t focus on anything but the negative. Since I have some Korean lady friends and I know a lot of people who have actually been to Korea and spent time there, expat blogs aren’t my only source of information. My two close Korean lady friends while having been here for years are Korean in their core. I have no doubt in my mind that it would be the same for me as an American. I wouldn’t allow piddling things to ruin my joy. It’s not like I don’t have to practice the same motto here. America ain’t no paradise.

          • Xman2014

            You are absolutely right.

            Anyway, just a personal anicdote that I noticed in the last few months, getting to know some Russian people. The color of the country that you see, also depends on the countries you are from. I believe different people from different countries can have different views of Korea when they’re essentially looking at the same things.

            Russia interested me because of my friends who happened to be Russians. As I got to know more about them, I wanted to learn more about their country. I also visited hundreds of their numerous blogs and talk forums, I was also curious about what they thought of South Korea. I couldn’t help but notice that their views of South Korea are completely different. Complete opposite of expats from the Western Anglo countries in fact. The one praise that I constantly read were Koreans were kind, friendly, law abiding, gentle, clean, honest, punctual, and very polite. And this is the constant underlying theme on Korea in Russian language blogs. Many Russians who live in Korea, or who visited the country seem to have very few complaints about the country which they view as clean, safe, beautiful, and extremely convenient country. Many dream of permanently living in Korea. Also I noticed that many Russian women have indicated much more openness to interracial marriages with Korean men, compared to the women from the West who don’t seem to have much interest in dating Korean men.

            Comparing the Russian view points, the Anglo people will probably write the complete opposite.. Koreans are rude, impolite, ugly, lazy, criminalistic, disgusting, loud, unfriendly, untrustworthy, uncivilized, dirty, liars, and racists. I think we’re all familiar with these views that we’ve read and heard, and we’re all familiar with the general negative feelings towards South Korea, so no need to go into further detail.

            The differences in views by two sets of groups are so ridiculous, it’s not even funny. Are we all talking about the same country? So how can two different sets of people have such radical views….is South Korea, utopia on earth, or hell on earth? This is just my theory. Could it be that coming from a less developed country in Russia, S.Korea could look like a dream paradise, versus coming from more developed Anglo nations, they tend to view S.Korea from a higher standard point of views? That’s what I’m thinking. So I definitely think that the views of countries can be effected by where you are coming from and what you expect to see based on your own personal experiences living in your own country.

            So the conclusion is that definitely, you can’t tell what the country really is to you, until you have seen it and experienced it yourself. Also, the positive or negative experiences you have, is depended on you. You can make your own experience in the country. If you’re generally a pessimistic and negative person, you will see nothing but negative faults in the country. If you’re a positive and optimistic person who tries hard to have a good experience, your views and your experiences will be much
            more positive. Of course, there will be things that are out of your control, and you may end up with a bad experience. But how you can bounce back and have other positive experiences, will depend on you.

            One another interesting differences in thoughts. Russians think that Koreans love Americans so much, and Koreans think Americans are the best and the most superior people. They say Koreans suck up to the Americans, above all countries. Where as the Americans will say the opposite and say Koreans hate Americans. There seems to be a bit of resentment from the Russians who say Americans are so arrogant, yet Koreans just can’t get enough of America. Where as the Koreans view Russia in stereotypical ways (vodka, beautiful Russian women/prostitutes, skin heads, nuclear weapons, Communism, etc). It’s been absolutely fascinating.

          • bigmamat

            It’s fairly obvious Koreans have a love/hate relationship with Americans. I think the older Koreans while I understand they stare at foreigners more often, are more tolerant of Americans. It makes sense older Koreans are closer in age to have experienced the fallout from the war. The younger generation probably has a different view of the American presence in Korea. I think you’re probably right that Koreans in general like Americans. They certainly seem to like our pop culture.

            While I sometimes criticize Korean culture I also feel a deep affinity towards it even though I’ve never been there. It isn’t like I haven’t had exposure to other Asian cultures. I have two first cousins who’s mother was Filipino. Unfortunately my aunt passed away 10 years ago. While most Asian cultures are “conservative”, Korean culture most reminds me of my own. Perhaps it’s the evangelical Christian influence since I was born and raised in VA. I recognize now that Korean societal norms are not fully Confucian which is often the “go to” excuse why Koreans sometimes do ridiculous things. Like crashing air planes and going down with the ship while waiting for instructions from elders. Believe me evangelicals are every bit as “sheep like” in their thinking and behavior. I used to try to be one and I’ve lived among them all my life. It’s hard for me to explain exactly why I became more interested in Korea than Japan or China or some other Asian country. The Japanese undoubtedly have a much more “complex” society. Perhaps the underlying “down to earthiness” of Koreans is more familiar to me. After all Koreans are really just “poor folks” who have finally got a bit of cash on their hands. That’s why I can’t actually blame them for their competitiveness, conspicuous consumption and status obsession. They’re like a poor boy that gets his first big paycheck. I’ve seen a lot of them in my lifetime.

            Even that disgusting food they eat reminds me of home. Chitterlings, pork belly, bones, feet entrails, anything that grows, swims or moves. Pork belly, dude I’m from the land of pig, from snout to tail. Only difference is we cook better. Sorry Koreans boiling everything is not the way to go about it. lol

            One of the the more colorful and virulent bloggers on Korea calls them “peasants”, everything from their manners to their food. I’m fairly certain he’s an American. I find his assessment deeply hypocritical since 99% of Americans are likely from “peasant” stock and many of our traditions and food stuffs are hold overs from those peasant roots as well. He must be one of the aristocracy then, in which case he can go fuck himself. See that’s the peasant coming out in me..

          • Chucky3176

            Forget pork belly’s. The new food that’s rising in horizon is Australian lamb meat.


            This is going to change Korea’s food scape, it’s so popular and it’s picking up steam.

            Russians are mature people who are engineers and scientists who work for Korean technology companies. They have their families in Korea and compared to Russia, they are paid very well, and they interact with Korean middle class professionals from all walks of life. The Americans on the other hand GI’s and teachers. GI’s stick around the camp towns whose only contact with the civilians are Filipina drinky girls in Dongducheon. They are in Korea because they were forced to be. The ESL teachers are people who have difficulty time finding work in their home country, who work for $2K a month for dinky little after school hagwon institutes teaching English to screaming children whose best English phrases are “teacha you fat today”. Their only source of interaction with Koreans come from these kids, and the women they meet in bars.

            Of course, not all cases are like this, but a good chunk of it are.

          • shellfishbisque

            For someone who harks on others for their misuse of words and grammar, it surprises me how inept you are at your own second (?) language. Your prose is rife with shoddy grammar and the occasional malapropism, yet you rudely berate others for their poor Korean.

            “Pork belly’s”

            “The new food that’s rising in horizon”

            Additionally, for someone who accuses others of twisting issues by taking ideas from one segment of the blogosphere and viewing them as widely applicable, you sure have an odd sense of reality. You just accused someone of forming her opinion from those who discuss Korea only in a very limited way. Then you did the same to others.

            And no, the perfunctory “not all cases are like this, but a good chunk of it are” (again, learn about plural pronouns in English if you are going to be rude to others for their poor Korean) does not mitigate the cliché generalizations you just made. I would be inclined to agree with many of the things you have to say if it weren’t for the fact that month after month you remain as oblivious as you are ignorant.

          • Chucky3176

            Thank you for the grammar lesson, Mr shellfishbisque. Now how would you correct this sentence? Go fuck yourself.

          • bigmamat

            I don’t like lamb. It’s because I wasn’t raised on it and don’t know how to cook it right. I’ve had it once and enjoyed it other than on a gyro. I think my friend from Brooklyn has to order it from the butcher when she wants it. Just like she does squid. It’s just not something you find in abundance in the grocery stores here. Somehow I’m not sure it will revolutionize Korean cooking since they only know 3 techniques, boil, grill, and fry. I had someone tell me in the comments section once that boiled pork and chicken were “delicacies”. I knew right away he was Korean. Although those delightful little grilled chops are what I did have the time I actually liked it. I’ve often wondered if someone opened a real pulled pork BBQ place would Koreans like it. I think they’d like North Carolina style with the vinegar and cracked pepper sauce. Can’t see why they’d object to cole slaw since cabbage is such a big part of their diet. I understand they have their own kind of “BBQ” but grilling is not BBQ, it’s grilling. Real BBQ is slow smoked. I know they like SPAM. They’d probably got nuts over a real Virginia salt cured or smoked ham. Yum, making myself hungry. I’ll be having ham soon enough since Christmas is only a few days away.

          • bigmamat

            Chucky…are you Australian?

          • Probotector

            Yeah I was agreeing with you above, but to say all expats who complains about legitimate issues in a country (to which you’ve admitted and perpetuated to exist) yet still choose to remain there are simply losers is a dismissive argument. Some of them stay for reasons other than it’s the only place they can get work or get laid. Come on, don’t be this narrow minded. There are many foreigners in my country who bitch and moan all the time, yet wold you tell them to fuck off home? I doubt it, there’s PC things to consider, am I right?

            “they’re male and white so naturally they are more bitter”

            Wow, and you’re not prejudiced/racist/ self hating (whichever the case may be), are you?

            The rest I’ll agree with, but it’s more of a pan-Asian problem, not just a SouthKorean one.

        • Chucky3176

          “Your post looks like some copy and paste material from anti-korea blogs created by bitter white males living or have lived in Korea.”

          Yeah she probably did. But the criticism, while it’s over the top, has *some* truth to it. You see, I think Seoul can do a much better job managing its garbage disposal. But before the bashers jump in, and say “see.. I told you so, Koreans are filthy pigs”, let me explain, because this is one of my pet peeves of mine regarding Korea, and want to give you the background as to why the things are the way it is.

          Seoul lacks land to use as landfill (Seoul’s landfills are filling up and it’s calculated that by 2016, the current landfill will be completely full, yet they have not found another fill site due to scores of resident oppositions who insist not on my back yard). After all, South Korea is an extremely small area filled with 50 million people, and lacks empty lands. For Seoul, it’s been a constant struggle to find a place to dump the garbage of 10 million residents. This was a foreseen problem beginning of mid 1990’s. That’s when the government in its attempt to reduce the amount of garbage that goes into landfills, instituted the paid garbage bag system where residents had to buy government designated bags for garbage disposals, and instituted recycling programs. To make sure residents who didn’t want to pay for the garbage bags, don’t throw garbages into public trash cans, the government took away all the public trash cans. Result? Dramatic reduction of trash ending up in landfills. But the problem of lack of public trash cans meant that garbages were now being ending up on streets instead, as lazy people didn’t care and started throwing their personal trash onto the streets instead of holding onto them until they got home.

          Press forward today, and that’s where we are today. They need to bring back those public trash bins, vigorously fine litterers, and most of all, the cities should institute a trash bin program – where residents and businesses instead of putting out garbages at night for collection, should instead require them to put trash bags inside a protected metal garbage collection bins (like what they do in the west) to hide the ugly piles of garbage bags waiting for collection from view. This would also prevent prying animals which rip up the trash bags causing unsightly scenes on street corners. The trash bins with covers, should also eliminate or reduce foul odoeurs, especially during summer nights when piles of uncollected trash waiting to for disposal means reeking rotting smell.

          Another pet peeve of mine, those handouts of advertising flyers of fried chicken houses and girly phone numbers that get sprayed all over the streets – got to be dealt with. They are meant to be given away to pedestrians, but these lazy bastards who were hired to hand them out, just dumps the damn things all over the streets. There, now his job is finished for the day and now he can go home and get paid later. And the people who receives those flyers just throws them away on the streets. Result, piles and piles of flyers with XXX phone numbers all rolling over the streets – real ugly. A serious enforcement of law needs to take place here.

          What we need here is to bring back the pride, pride in the country, that keeping neat streets is a civic duty of every residents and citizens.

          • bigmamat

            I remember back in the day a lot of cities used to have fliers and posters tacked up on utility poles. Most cities have outlawed that practice now. Aren’t those paper flyers pretty old school for a country that does so many other things on their cell phones? I understand Korea has a few left over archaic practices when it comes to banking and even their internet as well.

        • Probotector

          What a way to dismiss legitimate criticism just because it’s not what you want to hear.

      • Sungoddess

        Wow, tell us how you really feel. lol!

        • bigmamat

          It’s not a feeling it’s an observation. A second hand observation but I figure it’s not too far off the mark. People are people no matter where they come from really.

    • 금정산

      It’s big news not only because of who she is but also because Koreans are frustrated at the system. This kind of unfair treatment happens to Koreans everyday (at the smaller scale) and they aren’t able to directly say anything about it. I hope this story continues because it enables Koreans to speak out and open their eyes to the system.

      • Chucky3176

        Why they aren’t able to directly say anything about it? After all, nobody stops anybody from speaking up. And there are 200,000 protests in Korea every year, with every different issues which you can imagine. I saw an ajoshi few weeks ago who chewed out a policeman for giving him a parking ticket. In America, he would have been shot dead which is considered normal, and he would not been able to speak up. Koreans have every right to speak up and they often do. But if they don’t choose to do so, then it’s their problem, not the system’s.

        • 금정산

          I’m talking about the small scale issues faced everyday. Take for example the rude 아줌마 who push through the subway train doors while people are still alighting. If you are younger than them, you can’t speak up. You know it’s wrong, but you can’t directly say anything about it.

          Who stood up to the heiress when what she was doing was wrong. Nobody – not even the captain.

          I hate Confucian-based culture. Koreans hate the culture, too. People who don’t show any respect for others don’t deserve respect themselves. But in Korea if someone is older, or especially if they have higher status, it doesn’t matter who they shite on, they can’t be touched.

          • Chucky3176

            If a rude middle aged woman bumped you, what stopped you from saying something? I’ve seen on occasion seen younger ones saying something back when something disagreeable thing happened with an older person. Good for them. If you failed to speak up then, it’s your problem. It’s not the system’s fault, it’s not rich people’s fault, it’s not the older people’s fault. It’s your fault for not speaking up. Who said they can’t be touched? The problem is you, you the Korean citizen who accept the things as they are. The real problem with Koreans is, they like to complain, but they don’t ever do anything to remedy it. (other then superficial attempts to cover a cancerous sore with a bandage).

          • 금정산

            Firstly, I’m not Korean. I’m white.

            Secondly, when rude people step aboard when I’m trying to alight, I do speak out and say “내립니다” or step into them pushing them back. I can do this because I’m not Korean.

            I can’t do this when I’m with Korean friends because they will get scolded and end up apologising. When I was new to Korea I was riding a bus and wouldn’t move for a lady (there was plenty of room and she was obviously pushing for no good reason). I was with a friend and she got scolded for it. What stops Koreans from speaking up? It’s abnormal and frowned upon. Doing so will make someone appear strange which IS a big deal in Korea! Social pressures make Korea conformitive so that people don’t step out of line and challenge those above them. Don’t act like there isn’t a problem with the system – there is because Koreans are punished for speaking up even when they are in the right.

            I really want to know why you thought I was Korean. Please do tell.

          • Ewnerd Nasalo

            Your user name is in 한글? Although that looks like the name of a mountain I’m not familiar with.

          • 금정산

            Yes, 금정산 is a mountain in Pusan.

          • bigmamat

            My cousins live in a midwestern college town. There are lots of Asian students there now and evidently just lots of Asians. Something very different for them in recent years. She says the Asian people don’t seem to have a concept about “personal space”. They will butt in front of you to retrieve something from the grocery shelf. Cut lines, bump into you when there is plenty of room to go around. She was nice about it. Said she thought it was a cultural thing perhaps tied to living in an over crowded city. I told her it might be more than that and perhaps Americans were also a little too protective of that 3 to 5ft bubble of space we take for granted circling our bodies. I also think it has a lot to do with the culture as well. Asians don’t really need to be polite to strangers. They don’t have a personal relationship with them. If they do they can often be overly polite. She agreed since she has students in her elementary classes and their parents are very polite and deferential.

        • bigmamat

          He would not have bee shot dead for being a Korean, for being black yes but not Korean. Now he may have been tazed cops will taze your grandma for cussing them out.

    • RegisterToPost

      This story just keeps getting better and better. First ordering a plane back to the gate because of nuts and now an airplane model and calendar as a form of bribery. Those pictures of Cho going to the prosecutor’s office make her look like some sort of evil witch out for revenge. Loving every second of it.

  • takasar1

    good god. we get it. the rich are hated by all those below them, in korea and else where. so when a rich person screws up so publicly, fine, deride them, attack them, insult them. but for the love of god, keep it within a normal timeframe. right now b*tches are coming out with some randon ‘she endangered passenger safety’ bullsh*t, uh….not really, just admit that she’s a chaebol, the few rungs above you in the social ladder, admit that the nepotism on display p*sses you off and then go take a nap. moaning about this sh*t daily is annoying as hell. plus, i get why koreans are so focused on this, with their bottom and middle heavy society but why in the hell is koreabang reporting this story again? are we honestly going to be told that nothing else of worth is happening right now???

    • Chucky3176

      Because it is a huge story in the headlines that’s making news with all the latest updates, and that’s what K-Netizens are still discussing.

      But agreed, it’s way over the line of limits.

      • bigmamat

        Hey Chucky…where was the plane when she turned it around and ordered it back to the boarding station….the nuts and her beating up a subordinate isn’t the issue here….the issue is fucking up a flight schedule at a busy international airport where planes are running on a tight schedule and people who have paid huge air fares are subjected to one woman’s whims….Yeah, it might just be dangerous if some idiot turned his plane around for something so trivial…

        • Chucky3176

          The plane was still on the runway, making its way to take off point. What I don’t get is why the crew already started the servings. The plane wasn’t even on air, so I don’t buy that it was dangerous. It’s just a simple case of a brat that parachuted into her position because of her daddy. But it’s now turning into another huge national scandal approaching the Sewol territory. The Korean Airline’s route to New York has also been suspended by the government, while the reporters are bringing up to the minute by minute analysis of the scandal, and the implications of all this, while they give us the rundown of the updates – the whole entire country is in upheaval. Jesus, talk about over reaction, they’re going full out over a bag of nuts.

          It’s crazy. Talk about nuts.

          • bigmamat

            No were they in Korea or in New York?

          • Chucky3176

            New York.

          • bigmamat

            Yeah that’s what I mean. What a dumbass. They weren’t even in Korea where they might be able to get away with this shit. Some dipshit pilot is fucking up the flight schedule out of New York? Yeah, Koreans need to be embarrassed. The real scandal is that Korean flight that killed all those people because of pilot error.

          • Xman2014

            The woman’s been thoroughly disgraced, she lost her job, the prosecutors raided her office and her home, she’s been charged with criminal behavior, she will do jail time and facing 15 years in jail for assualt and endangering of passengers. Her father apologized for her, Korean Air’s been punished by the government, facing a huge fine, and suspension of operations. I don’t know what more they can do to punish all the players. Would it satisfy you if she killed herself? Maybe her death would put an end to it all. I don’t know.

          • bigmamat

            I don’t really give a shit. I just think it’s pretty stupid. Not the problems it caused for her and airlines. They deserve to be ashamed and embarrassed. I can’t imagine the pilot of an American airline turning the plane around and screwing up an international flight schedule unless something serious is going down. I was on a flight once when this entitled idiot of a woman shoved one of the attendants. All three of them were on her like stink on shit. They forcefully subdued her and walked her back to her seat. The Chicago police were waiting for her when she got off the plane. I had to stay behind and give a statement because I was in the last seat on the aisle less than a 2 ft away when it happened. The arrogant bitch deserved to get a good slap from every passenger on that plane for fucking up the ride but they took her nasty little ass off first.

          • Xman2014

            If you didn’t give a shit, why do you seem so angry?

            Let me guess, you enjoy watching the train wreck and gloating of the plane crashing with deaths. Why are you comparing with Americans? I never brought up Americans. Americans will never do those things, we get it. That’s fine. But Korean cops don’t kill their own citizens without trials like American cops, and Koreans don’t go bat shit full stop rioting and looting like some fucking third world banana republic countries after a dictator has taken over. So we’re kinda even in stupidity department.

          • bigmamat

            Didn’t I just fucking say that….or do you have a reading comprehension problem….I said I can recognize hypocrisy when I see it because I’m from the land of hypocritical assholes….

          • Xman2014

            And I asked you why are you bringing Americans into this when I didn’t mention the US? You are the one who is bringing hypocrisy when that’s not what my point was.

          • bigmamat

            No you were saying everyone should let it go. Obviously they don’t want too because it’s so much easier when you have one person who comes along and represents everything that fucked up about a society. Much easier to bash this woman into the ground than to try and fix whatever is really pissing them off.

          • CK7

            Yes and don’t forget that San Francisco Fire Truck that ran over the Chinese teen who was ejected but later found to be alive, responders never checked her pulse but only assumed she was dead and ran over her. Even running over a dead body is not right. Incompetence!

          • bigmamat

            Ok and your point is….what? That because the EMTs made a mistake after the fact that cancels out the original cluster fuck of a mistake that downed an entire plane? OK whatever you say….

          • CK7

            Since you mentioned “killed all those people because of pilot error”, keep in mind only 2 died. 1 could’ve/should’ve been saved if it wasn’t for SFFD incompetence. You just conveniently left that out. Why?
            Over here in SF area, after the initial coverage of Asiana pilot error, the real scandal and the coverage was dominated by FD’s incompetence, lawsuit against FD by the girl’s family and a firewoman, SFFD and SFPD blaming eachother. It’s become a circus, aftermath of a cluster fuck.

          • bigmamat

            Yeah I’m way over here on the other coast and do not ever turn on the television news. Not that we’d get much news out of SF anyway. Honestly I don’t even remember how many people died. It took months for the actual report to come out. By then it was just another tragedy in a nation that seems to have a lot of those almost every damned day. I know there was a lot of talk about “cultural” differences and if that came into play. I pretty much stayed away from that conversation because they devolve into this “us opposed to them” conversations that bore the shit out of me. I know it might not sound like it from the tone of this conversation but I mostly choose to focus on the similarities between people more than the differences. One reason I became interested in Korea in the first place was because I felt Koreans and Americans had a lot in common. I’ve always felt that Koreans have a opportunity to fix their political and cultural problems if for no other reason than their shared background (homogeneous) and relatively small population. It’s got to be easier to get 50 million people to agree on some things than it is to get 350 million. Maybe that’s not the way it works. I know one thing this country is practically at a stand still when it comes to “political will”. We can’t seem to get anything done anymore.

          • TheDickinDixie

            They started ‘servings’ because it is standard practice.

            Inflight service for first / business class passengers starts when they board the plane.

            It’s part of the reason they are boarded first.

            It’s part service / part unsubtle marketing ploy.

            They want economy passengers to have to trundle past 1st / Biz passengers who are already relaxing with a snack (a plate is more visible than a bag for nuts) and a glass of champagne (or whatever).

          • Chucky3176

            Never flew first class unfortunately, so never knew this. Thanks.

    • face

      you Koreans need to stop trying to save face. This is the real korea therefore worth reporting.

      • takasar1

        you imbeciles need to p*ss off. insecurity is not welcome here

      • Xman2014

        He’s not even Korean, but troll on.

        • Probotector

          takasar1 is a cunt.

  • 금정산

    Listen to the passenger’s complaint
    Wait to see if this makes the news
    Just give the passenger a model aeroplane and a calendar
    Do not to make it a big deal
    CEO to publicly apologise
    But do not say what was wrong
    Take no accountability
    Fake your sincerity
    Minimise the damage

  • x1sfg

    A model airplane and a calendar.

    I got delayed overnight, the customer service agent straight from the Middle East a year ago, didn’t know English, and claimed he couldn’t connect me to my destination. Had to pay $60 for a hotel, even with the voucher, and missed an important deadline. I complain, receive a $50 travel certificate. WTF. I find the COO’s personal cell phone number and called him a dozen times. I received a calendar, a mug, and a $100 certificate. I hate airlines.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    “Sorry you, who had direct seeing of the incident, was inconvenienced. Take this cheap calender and a model plane! See, we’re sorry. As for everyone else who was interrupted…. screw ’em!”

  • commander

    Admittedly, he must have felt ignominious when he was forced to kneel as there was nothing wrong with flight service except for uncontrollable outrage from the Korean Air executive.

    Emboldened by a wave of support from the media and ordinary people, especially Netizens, he appears to have chosen confrontation over capitulation in exposing what happened in first class of the flight from New York to Incheon, Seoul, and contradicting the vice president’s testimonies made during investigation of her on criminal charges of breaking aviation law.

    Chief steward Park has done nothing wrong. Each and every one should be equal in front of law. His actions strike a chord with the public in a country where a growing number of people get acutely thirsty for justice.

    But on a personal level, I think he might go overboard.

    The powerful people, regardless of who did wrong in the first place, tend to harbor a grudge when things are not done in a way they want.

    All the more so when things takes a dramatic turn for the worse for them.

    It means Park may face a vendetta after this high-profile nut scandal subsides and anonymous support for Park wanes.

    In a personal life, there appears to be a delicate balance between bringing wrongdoers to justice in a true sense and choosing a safe way albeit with some shame.

    Either way, there must be regrets that I should taken the other way.

    The best way is to avoid this situation in the first place.

    When that kind of situation takes place, it is a haunting dilemma.

    • Balkan

      I wish I could say I disagreed with you. At this moment, Ms. Cho is acting humble and apologizes for what she has done. But, in a few months, with her family’s influence, public will forget this and than she and her family will be able to serve Mr. Park and his colleague a cold-blooded revenge. It can be a set up that will “expose” Mr. Park as a liar or something similar, which will bring immediately up question whether he was telling the truth about the incident. In a real world, people who have money also have influence. They might not act when the media lights are on them, but they will for sure prepare their revenge and serve it when the other side expects the least.

      As much as I support Mr. Park, I’m worried whether this vicious woman or her family will try to do something to him in the future.

      • commander

        I am not trying to say that justice is a sort of negotiable thing.

        My point is that if Park is just a naive believer that justice ultimately prevails and have no things to protect himself from vindictive broadsides, he may be regretful over his decision to confront the powerful and his underestimation.

        I also hope my foreboding proves wrong.

        So, my conclusion is: If he is ready to fight the establishment, and confident of his success, go ahead.

        But if he feel threatened somehow, and have no fallback positions, his decision may put himself in a scrape.

        This is said on a personal level.

        I am a firm believer that justice should prevail in any circumstances in society.

        I know this sounds paradoxical. But I am also worried his action could him in peril.

  • codfilet

    Well, that’s what the airline gets for being cheap and clueless-they could have given Park and the friend she was talking to a pair of First-Class tickets to wherever, and they might have forgotten all about the whole thing. A model airplane? LOL!

  • jonny

    korean women are yummy

  • Sam

    Yikes, an offer of an airplane model and a calender AFTER they knew the media had gotten their fangs into this and AFTER the guy whom they knew was a witness had complained? And they were using this as some sort of a bargaining chip to get him to do some PR work for them?

    Someone in that company should have been smart enough to realize this was a situation to switch out the standard issue goodie bag with something a bit more substantial; like a refund and free miles or a round trip ticket to anywhere. Shouldn’t even take a PR expert or high level executive to realize that!

  • Smith_90125

    When I saw the title, “Korean Air Fails to Silence Witness of Cho’s Nut Rage”, I was expecting to read that KA tried to threaten the passenger into silence. That’s what the chaebol usually do when people report unethical and/or criminal acts.

    It doesn’t, however, surprise me that they tried to buy the person’s silence with cheap crap. The Korean way is not to fix the problem. The Korean way is to silence, hide and cover up problems and hope they go away. In their minds, the person complaining is the problem, not the problem that the company and employee actions caused.

  • UserID01

    All this drama because some dumb cunt couldn’t be bothered to open a package of nuts by herself. Was it that fucking difficult? Was it worth losing face with the public? Getting so indignant over something so minor is the height of spoiled brat lunatic behavior. And Korean Air should know better than to send out toys and calendars to a grown ass adult to try and quell the drama.

  • Sid Driver

    I got excited when I first read they were offered an airplane model… some pretty girls work at Korean air! ;)

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