Nurse Threatens to Kill Annoying Patients in Three Seconds

Korean nurse notes she can bring people back to life as easily as she can terminate them.

Killer Queen: Not-so-nice nurse causes witch-hunt whirlwind

The latest trend of naming and shaming those deemed unfit for Korean society was in full swing last week as a hospital nurse used her Twitter account to express her anger at ‘annoying’ patients, which she said she could end their lives in a mere 3 seconds. The expected online witch-hunt ensued shortly after, while her acquaintance defended her noting the tweets may have seemed straned out of context.

From Financial News:

‘We can terminate you in just three seconds’ – rough words of a nurse bury her in controversy

A working nurse created a stir with her shocking words, ‘if you bore the nurses a grudge, they can kill you in just three seconds.’

Nurse A working in hospital C Tweeted on the 18th that ‘Earning the enmity of the nurses is a shortcut to the grave. We not only know how to resuscitate someone but also how to terminate one.’

Nurse tweet

‘Don’t pick a fight with me, patients and their relatives. It’s just a matter of making up my mind to kill you in mere three seconds. Ok? But I’m a normal person in the midst of controlling my anger,’ the nurse continued.

This Tweet rapidly went viral, shocking netizens.

The netizens generated a cascade of criticism, saying ‘It gives me goose bumps all over my body all of a sudden. Fit for a horror movie,’ ‘The nurse doesn’t seem right in her head,’ ‘Nurses… it’s a scary job,’ and ‘Completely outrageous.’

Thereupon, an online community started on excavating the identity of the nurse A, who wrote the Tweet.

The members of the community discovered which hospital the nurse was working in, as well as her face, and wrote criticising remarks on the online board of the hospital’s website.

Regarding the issue, a Tweeter who introduced oneself to be the nurse’s acquaintance said ‘The words seem to spread farther and farther. I’m too scared to go on SNS.’ The acquaintance also feared that a witch-hunt seems to have started with no knowledge of the situation the nurse was in, asking ‘I sincerely request you to remove at least the re-Tweets.’

Acquaintance defends nurse

Before this, the nurse used to vent her anger on diary-like Tweets about patients and their relatives, in order to relieve her stress.

Amidst continuing controversy, the nurse has deleted her Twitter account and the hospital’s website became blocked to outside users. Currently the website only shows a page announcing that renewal work on website is in progress.

Comments from Nate:


We know how to fuck up a person’s life in just three hours, too.


Netizens say: Three seconds, and your identity will be out…


‘If you bore nurses a grudge’? Such an ass, really… Shut your mouth before I punch your teeth out in three seconds.


Even when you blow your top, you should be careful with your words. If someone with a different job, I’d just pass it off as a bluff. Suppose a waiter says ‘if you keep annoying me, I will kill you all’ or ‘I can send you to grave in three seconds by poisoning the food I carry.’ You’d have different responses to them, wouldn’t you?


Go to the club like you often do, when you get stressed.. Don’t take it out on a random person.


Miss Ara Jo, who was working in Cham-Jo-Eun Hospital… You’ve started working on the 1st of May and now you’d be fired, not even paid for this month’s work… Oww what a pity….


Such an asshole.. You’ll be done within a second since I’m majoring in chemistry, then.


This is because those ill-bred girls skim through their preparatory studies and any random one of them start off as nurses ke ke ke


[Making puns with the names of the nurse and the hospital] Wow the weather is so good. Would it be nice or bad if I went to the hospital to get the Ringer’s solution?


I request the match of Tae-Chon Kim’s button man who beat up the nurse in charge VS the ‘three-second’ nurse… [Tae-Chon Kim is a boss of a gangster group; while getting hospital treatment, one of his underlings beat up the nurse in charge last March.]


Is bluffing an option that comes with a Twitter account…


I’m crying now. Hold my hands and let’s go and apologise to the patients. Please come with me. Let’s take Yeong-Wook and kneel down to ask for forgiveness. I’m crying now. [This is a parody of a comedian’s Tweet to another comedian who retired from the TV after his offensive comments on comfort ladies back in the Japanese colonization period were revealed.]


Before I got married to my husband, I often had couple dates with his friends and their girlfriends. One of the girls was a nurse at an obstetrician’s clinic. We would leave around midnight but several couples would continue drinking into the dawn. After that she would get back to the newborn unit reeking of alcohol, and would talk about it like an episode of bravery. Of course, not all nurses are out of their minds. There are many who are nearly as good as Nightingale, the white-robed angel. That sort of a girl in the article fouls everyone with the job, but it is a job that requires a special mindset, not just work ethic.. Dealing with all sorts of patients would tire you out, but I hope people don’t work in medical institutions with an idea that the job is just like an office job or just a ‘job for life..’ Everyone.. nurses and doctors..


Disqualify that nurse. She can’t help a person to life… There are loads of great nurses, even without you, who can help people to life! Crazy…


So that bitch is a nurse….. She’s out of her mind. Quit the job if you can’t stand it. By the way wouldn’t those bitches like her deliberately kill patients they don’t like, disguising it as medical malpractise?


The top jobs to avoid when you are choosing a prospective spouse are nurse and kindergarten teacher.


‘I’m a normal person so controlling my anger???’ Does a normal person write shit like that?


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke just pathetic. Those people with mental cancer would disgrace other nurses who are working hard. kekeke It’s not impossible to have this and that things happening when you start a career. ke ke ke A nurse’s job is to save people’s life but she’s a nurse talking about taking people’s life just out of anger. Tut tut. Disqualified for the job.


Is she stupid?? Why doesn’t she know that she herself is at harm when she writes that kind of stuff? Real moron, any way I think about it – – ke


Let’s find out who it is and give her a severe punishment.


There usually aren’t many normal people among the Twitterians… Tut tut


That reminds me of the nurse who told me to cry outside the ICU, when I was crying over my dad’s dead body.. Shit

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