SBS Investigates, Finds Lack of Evidence in Sex Abuse Case

From Dispatch:

“Shocking Twist”…The Full Story of the Mother and Two Sons’ Sex Abuse Case – Part 2


On August 1st, the SBS TV program “I Want to Know the Truth” continued their investigation into the mother and two sons’ sexual abuse case. There was a shocking twist. There was no evidence that could prove the mother’s claims. The program speculated that shaman Kim might be behind the case. Let’s take a look at what the production team revealed.


Lee: “Would you believe my sons and I had sex with my husband and father-in-law? But it really happened. Sometimes, my father-in-law would bring a dozen of his believers. On days like that, we would have an orgy.” (The older son and younger son will hereafter be called by false names Junho and Junsu.)

On October 29th, 2014, Lee and her two sons held a press conference. She claimed that her husband, Pastor Heo, her father-in-law and her own parents’ family members all worked together to rape her and her sons. In fact, Lee sued a group of people in the village for rape.


However, the village people did not know her at all.


They didn’t even know that she was suing them.


The village people told a shocking story. They thought shaman Kim was suspicious.


All the people in the village Lee was suing had some bad experiences with shaman Kim in the past.


The production team was able to talk with an actual victim of shaman Kim.


A villager: “Shaman Kim introduced me a person who would be my daughter-in-law. Afterwards, Kim demanded an excessive amount of money from me. Since I was thankful for my daughter-in-law, I gave her as much money as she wanted. But later she threatened me because I refused to give her more money.”


The villager said her good daughter-in-law ran away because of shaman Kim. She also added Lee seems to be controlled by Kim.


However, Lee still claimed that she was raped. She strongly asserted her claims with her sons’ support. Her ex-husband Heo said this whole situation is impossible without someone behind them controlling them. He said a normal mom would never want to use her children like that.


Heo said Lee had changed after she met shaman Kim.


Heo: “Kim made them do this. Since the boys are not her own, she could tell them to go around saying things like ‘I had sex. I was raped.’ How would a normal mom be able to make her own children say those things?”


According to Heo, shaman Kim’s behavior was suspicious from the beginning.

Heo: “Kim said my wife’s parents’ family was trying to take our money. She told us to turn our real estate into cash. When we were selling our land, Kim was there with us. She told me to let my wife deal with everything because it wouldn’t look good if I did it.”


The production team met the buyer, who said Kim had indeed participated in most of their transactions and once even took deposit money.


The money that vanished. Heo claimed that shaman Kim stole it.


There were more than a couple of people who were victimized by shaman Kim.


Victim A (ex-believer of shaman Kim): “I even bought her a car and a house. When I couldn’t give her any more money, she even told me to make my daughter work at a bar. When my wife opposed it, Kim even told me to get divorced.”


As victim A claimed, shaman Kim was living a luxurious life. A security guard nearby said Kim has an expensive foreign car and a driver.


Junsu’s diary: “Was I really good? Is granny happy?”

Lee and her sons’ trust in shaman Kim was tremendous.


Experts said the kids were not aware of how serious this situation is. They gauged that the kids only want their mom to be happy.


In the end, Lee’s parents’ family sued Lee for child abuse.


The day Lee was ordered to stay away from her sons, she resisted fiercely.


The kids also resisted the separation.


Lee and her sons even used a code to talk. Eventually the sons were separated from their mother.


On the same day, the production team received a phone call.

Park: “The sexual abuse scandal episode will be broadcast, right? I am Park ***. I know a lot about the incident. I called you because I want to give statements as a witness.”

Victim A said Park is shaman Kim’s maid.


Park: “They will put the mom in a mental hospital.”
Kim: “A mental hospital.”

Kim’s voice was heard during the phone conversation. Victim A said it was certainly Kim’s voice and she is controlling Park now.


After Lee and her sons were separated, they searched the records on Lee’s cell phone. What they found was shocking. Lee was reporting to shaman Kim in real time.


On the date the first episode aired, shaman Kim visited the production team.


Shaman Kim claimed that she didn’t know anything.


Lee defended Kim until the end. Currently, the boys are in protective custody away from Lee.

Article from TV Report:

“I Want to Know the Truth” Mother and Two Sons Had Absolute Belief in “Great-Aunt”

In the broadcast of “I Want to Know the Truth” about the sexual abuse case of a mother and two sons, the two sons called the shaman great-aunt, and referred to her as the “dearest member of the family.”

In the August 1st SBS broadcast of the show, the production crew went after the truth about the sexual abuse case that has caused quite a stir.

On August 1st, the production crew asked the two sons who was the person they cared most about. They replied they loved their mom and great-aunt the most. However, the sons said, “It’s been a while since we’ve seen our great-aunt, and even though we want to see her, we can’t.”

Professor Pyo Chang-won, who saw the video of the interview the production crew shared online said the sons’ absolute belief is because of their mother.

Professor Pyo said, “No one could provide comfort for or answers to the couple’s troubles and domestic discord, so if someone gave her an answer and assurance, she would probably have placed her absolute belief in that person.”

He also said, “We frequently refer to this as brainwashing. So they behave like a religious fanatic, and when other people see them, they can’t understand why the person is behaving like that.”

Another expert explained, “The two sons believed they needed to satisfy their grandmother to make their mother happy.”

Comments from Naver:


To the mother and two sons, please wake up ㅡㅡ Stop being controlled by the devil. I feel sorry and angry when I see them.


Keke so if they say “number seven,” shaman Kim takes action? keke


Number seven keke ah so funny keke.


They need to be treated.


What number seven…


In 2003, why didn’t they punish the shaman when she appeared on Pursuit 60 Minutes [an investigative TV program]?.. I really pity the mother..this kind of crazy shaman needs to be quartered and killed..


This shaman was imprisoned in the past for being a fraud…confiscate her possessions and throw her back in’s not worth waiting to see.


This shaman abetted murder…she even ordered Lee to kill her husband…kill this shaman quickly.


From the shaman’s video letter to President Park Geun-hye to the passcode number seven, I don’t know what to say. People were saying Lee was kidnapped and put in a mental hospital but it was a measure to protect the kids. This feels like a movie. They will have to do something about the shaman as well as the mom.


The righteous netizen investigation team..I sincerely hope they completely expose the shaman for who she is. This is a devil class worse than the professor who fed shit to his victims…how did the mother get so brainwashed she mistreated her own children and stayed loyal to the shaman to the would really be unjust if the shaman lives.


Through their investigation, “the police and broadcast team” knew exactly what was wrong and that they had to save the kids. They were taking the right measures all along. In the midst of it, I can see the director’s gaze of concern for the kids, and feel his sincerity…After the truth was exposed, these 30,000 smartypants on the internet cafe [who were supporting Lee’s claims] ended their activity by simply closing down the forum, which was a pathetic response instead of assuming responsibility. I deeply feel how futile these internet activities are.


I’m really mad that the shaman came for the interview [for an attempt at clarification] because she was afraid her own children would be shocked. She exploited other people’s kids in such a cruel way and brainwashed them. She destroyed other families but I guess her own children are precious to her? What to do? The crimes you committed will fall onto your children.

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