Popular “Infinite Challenge” TV Show Looking for Sixth Member

“Infinite Challenge,” a popular Korean variety show known for putting its members in strange and impossible situations including finding a wife for ex-member No Hong-chul, has taken to social media to announce it is looking for a new member to join the show. After No Hong-chul’s departure from the show after a DUI-related accident, the show was left with only five members instead of the original six. The show’s members are asking the public to leave them messages on twitter tagging the name of person they would like to see join the team. Some netizens chime in with recommendations, while others are dismayed, and threaten to stop watching the show if certain people join as the sixth member.

Video from My Daily:

“Infinite Challenge,” Looking for a New Member? “Please Recommend Sixth Man”

infinite challenge korean variety show looking for new member

The five-person MBC show “Infinite Challenge” is looking for ‘sixth man.’

The afternoon of March 5, “Infinite Challenge” posted the following on its public twitter: “Please recommend a sixth member for ‘Infinite Challenge.’ We are actively accepting recommendations for new faces on our broadcast through #Infinite Challenge Sixth Man.

In the picture they shared on Twitter, the 5 members of ‘Infinite Challenge’ were seated around a conference table in a luxurious looking room, and seemed to be in the mist of a summit meeting.

Last year, singer Kil and entertainer No Hong-chul got in a nasty accident, after which No left the show, leaving the 5-person show to start thinking about finding new members.

You can recommend a sixth new man for “Infinite Challenge” through their public Twitter account.

Comments from Naver:


They’re not really going to pick new members, right? I like it better the way it is right now.


I hope it won’t be an idol that doesn’t fit.


If we could let No Hong-chul come back after some time passes ㅠㅠ


Just leave the show the way it is…….


The way it is now is the best, assuming that No Hong-chul won’t be back.


Even if you get a new member, I hope it’s not Kim Young-chul or Kim Jae-dong


They’re not actually doing it, they’re just doing a parody of Kingsman. In the movie, agents dress up in suits and personally bring and recommend their own successor for Kingsman. It’s just a special feature, so don’t worry about them choosing a new member.


Add an idol out of nowhere…not.


Don’t choose Kim Jae-dong…Even if you beat me to death, I wouldn’t want him on the show.


I recommend Kim Tae-ho PD![Director]


If Jang Dong-min came on the show, I will stop watching Infinite Challenge, which I’ve been a loyal viewer of for ten years. Don’t even consider guys like Jang dong-min and Yoo Sae-yoon, who are very polarizing for viewers.


Stop it, just keep it as the five person show.


I recommend Lee Myung-bak…who can take over the missing conman role.


;; I don’t want to see the process of a new member settling in again…can’t they just keep things the way they are?

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  • gdyb

    “I recommend Lee Myung-bak…who can take over the missing conman role.”

    topkek, I hope people in korea actually attention to this instead of going crazy about Suzy/Lee Minho

    • pls dont get me started on suzy/gayho


      • bigmamat

        So now she’s just a beard? I thought she was Korea’s sweetheart.

        • redwhitedude

          All this idols. Who cares? Oh wait all those teenage girls do. LOL

          • bigmamat

            Not as much about her as the “uncle” fans. lol

          • redwhitedude

            Which goes back to being immature and childish. lol

      • redwhitedude

        gayho LOL

    • ParkJeongher

      Korean politics is too depressing. Going crazy about Suzy/Lee Minho is easier on the brain.

      • redwhitedude

        That makes you dummer. Nope I’ll pass on that.

  • takasar1

    basically, pick someone with a cookie-cutter clean image that doesn’t offend anybody. such B.S tbh. reason why anybody with half a brain prefers kim gura to the ‘big two’, that man actually says/asks sh*t the public need to hear, not what they want to hear.

  • elizabeth

    Lee Hwi Jae. He is funny. When he retires, his twins can take over.

  • bea

    Bring Hochul back! He was the reason why I used to see the show. Who the fuck cares about some silly and innocent drunk act, he’s just human. At least nobody was killed.

    • MikeinGyeonggi

      Drinking and driving is neither silly nor innocent. It needlessly puts others’ lives in danger. If you drink, take a taxi. He screwed up and there are consequences.

      • bigmamat

        Right there are consequences it’s called going to court. Perhaps losing your licence but not your livelihood. That’s going a bit too far especially since the courts have already had their swipe at you. It’s also a bit hypocritical in a place where drinking isn’t even a choice for a lot of people it’s an extension of your working life.

        • MikeinGyeonggi

          It’s not hypocritical. There’s nothing wrong with drinking, but just don’t drive afterward. There is never an excuse for drunk driving, and this is especially true in Korea where there is cheap and plentiful mass transit.

          And although there is a lot of social pressure to drink in SK, people have free will and can say no. I never drink soju (because it’s gross). I don’t care if it’s my father-in-law or my boss whose offering it; I always politely refuse. Life is too short to waste time drinking that swill.

          As far as No losing his job, that’s what happens when you’re a public figure. Being on TV is a privileged job and his reputation reflects on the entire TV show. If he develops a bad reputation, they will replace him. He knew that. If he doesn’t like that, then he can either (A) not drink and drive, or (B) find a new career where no one cares about your reputation.

          • bigmamat

            Somehow I don’t think being on Korean television equates to a “privileged job”. I can’t understand why anyone would want to be in the Korean entertainment industry. Especially anyone smart enough to do something else for a living. Koreans seem to think that if people aren’t suffering they aren’t working hard enough. They are certainly a people that are devoted to being as rigid and as brutal to each other as possible.

          • ParkJeongher

            The entertainment industry in Korea is both sad and f*cked up beyond belief. He didn’t get the boot from TV for drinking and driving, he got booted for getting caught drinking and driving. Unfortunately, there’s probably no amount of penance that will remedy this. Considering the amount of slimy and back-handed behavior that happens behind closed doors in the evening within the entertainment industry….

            And simply saying people have the free will to say “no”… that’s a pretty weak argument. Life’s not that black and white. It’s like blaming all the fat people in the US on their “choice” to eat crap food…that’s not how this works

          • bigmamat

            Exactly. I just read a blog post from a young man who did military service in SK. He talked about the paperwork he had to fill out at the time of his enlistment. How personally intrusive it was, about his family, their occupations, their ages and ethnic backgrounds. What he was railing about was it asked if he had ever “cohabitated” with someone. He said yes because he had back here in the US with a girlfriend. He thought it was all over until one of his superiors called him out and started asking him questions about it. Once they learned he was a returnee and lived in the US they let it go and it was never brought up again. He’s having a difficult time understanding all the overt social policing coupled with the pass out level drinking and openly visible whoring. He doesn’t get why Korean men are so childish in their behavior toward women, or why women acting like 12 years old kids is attractive. He mentioned something about seeing a lot of young guys putting their girls in headlocks. I thought that was funny as hell. Figured is was the reason Korean men don’t date western girls and seem to be intimidated by them, they should be. lol

          • redwhitedude

            Korea men childish and women acting like 12 years old. I guess that happens when 1. you practically expected to be nerd and hit the books 24/7 up to high school 2. parents coddle their kids. Basically socially stunts you a bit.

          • bigmamat

            Also when you have a society that mistakenly equates, purity and innocence with youth. Even a government that propagandizes it. I’m told when you join the Korean military you fill out one of those typically intrusive questionnaires. It actually asks if you’ve ever cohabited. How is that necessary for boot camp?

          • redwhitedude

            And the answer is always yes. With your parents. LOL

          • MikeinGyeonggi

            Koreans are free to say no to excessive social drinking. If you don’t want to get piss drunk with your coworkers, then don’t. Have a glass of coke instead. If you don’t want to do something, then simply don’t do it.

            This bullshit about “I had to do it because my senior told me to” is ridiculous.

          • redwhitedude

            Easier said than done. If you go out with your company buddies there is tremendous pressure to drink with them or you will get ostracized. The drinking culture is messed up.

  • faves_slayer

    It would be cool if you made a translation of all the embezzlement scandal right now rather that the search for the 6 member which is already like 3 weeks old. And i’m saying it as a super fan of the show.

    • Sillian

      There is no real ’embezzlement’ scandal except from some netizens who just heard it from other netizens. It is a question of whether he gave any privileges to some companies when they got loans.

    • commander

      You’re right. There are some many attention getters having huge implications. Like an growing accusation of energy diplomacy, and the partial crapping of free school meals in Gyeongsang Province.

      But kB being understaffed is always a problem in making updates.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    I like this site, and it’s free so I shouldn’t complain too much. But isn’t there something more important in the news than Infinite Challenge looking for a new member? I mean, c’mon…

    • bigmamat

      Like there aren’t enough sites devoted to Korean entertainment.

    • redwhitedude

      They are recruiting members publicly so it’s better to publicize it.

  • commander

    No Hong Chul’s departure from the show over drunken driving shows that despite all missions on Infinite Challenge, the biggest challenge comes from whether to take a taxi or call a designated driver when drunken.

  • JapchaeBhoy

    Someone of you complaining about the content need to realize that these sites report on things that are currently “popular” in the country. If it was based on controversial news then we would be seeing a lot more of that in KoreaBang, JapanCrush, and ChinaSmack.

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