On Ban, “Democracy Is Destroyed” Says Pro-NK Party Leader

The Unified Progressive Party (UPP, or 통진당) was recently ordered to disband, and its party members expelled from congress. The party, formed in 2011, was accused by the Korean Government of being too inclined toward North Korean political values. Party leader Lee Jeong-hee gave an emotional speech for journalists after hearing the news. While Lee accuses the government of a witch hunt, President Park remains firm that the UPP was a real threat to South Korean democracy.

Article from JTBC:

Party leader Lee Jeong-hee, “Democracy has been completely destroyed.”

lee jeong-hee pro nk party leader

[Summary of] Party leader Lee Jeong-hee’s speech at a press conference

“Democracy has been completely destroyed.”

“The constitutional court, symbolic of Democracy, judged us based on fabricated stories of government overthrow.”

“They have outlawed politics for the people, for the workers.”

“I am sorry we could not fulfill our democratic duties.”

We cannot stop history from repeating… I have been defeated.”

They cannot destroy the dreams of progressive politics!

“This witch hunt of North Korea sympathizers is destroying the multi-party system.”

Comments from Naver:

You better cough up your election campaign funds!


Democracy is alive and well!!!


Do you mean North Korean Democracy? [*The comment is the beginning of the name “People’s Democratic Republic of Korea”]


Bullshit!! It’s exactly the opposite!!!


Justice is still alive and well.


Democracy? Freedom? You’re playing around, right? You take that word and twist it around, go into someone else’s home and mindlessly create chaos. Is that freedom and democracy? Stop spewing bullshit and go to North Korea.


2014, the year pro-North Korean politics died.


We saw that democracy is entirely alive!


Goodbye, commie!!!


That dirty mouth can’t be arguing about democracy.


Lee Jeong-hee: (If) democracy completely crumbled (that would be great)!


Are you really for democracy? You love North Korea.

Article from Yonhap News:

President Park, “Disbanding the Unified Progressive Party is a historic decision ensuring a free democracy.”

park geun hye free democracy

Yoon Du-hyun, senior public affairs secretary, tells of the reaction from President Park.

On the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party ordered by the constitutional court on the 20th, President Park reacted by stating, through public affairs secretary Yoon Du-hyun, “This is a historic ruling, one that will strengthen a free democracy.”

Secretary Yoon met with journalists to give President Park’s statement. Regarding the disbandment of the Unified Progressive Party and the suspension of 5 of its congress members, the Blue House has not made a public statement, but President Park gave her own assessment in its place.

Before on the 15th, President Park also criticized Korean-American Shin Eun-mi’s “North Korea Concert” at a general affairs meeting, saying, “Through her own biased experiences, the reality of North Korea is being distorted and exaggerated. This is becoming a problem.”

The Blue House cabinet in general agreement stated, “The constitution’s first purpose is to ensure democracy. We see the decision to disband a political party based on its damage to these democratic principals as reasonable and appropriate. This action has caused our democracy to further develop.”

Comments from Naver:


Article 1 of the South Korean constitution states that the Republic of Korea is a democratic republic.


“Progressive” and “reform” are both good things, but sympathizing with North Korea is not acceptable.


Cleaning away leeches like Jeong Yoon-hee is also democracy~


Madame President, now please [prosecute] Lee Myeong-bak’s government [for corruption] in the 4-rivers project, international natural resources business, and the Defense Acquisition Program.


It’s a relief. The UPP can go north.


I saw this coming when Lee Jeong-hee made a fuss on that presidential election TV debate. [President Park] must have been seething.


The leaders were Lee Jeong-hee and Lee Seok-gi.


Alright let’s get Jeong Yoon-hee back.


Now can you get rid of Jasmine Lee?


I never thought I’d see the day Park Geun-hye talked about free democracy.

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