Deliveries Not Allowed in Korean Apartments

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“Delivery Trucks Not Allowed”…Deliverymen vs Apartment Residents, Conflicts Abound

deliveries not allowed in korean apartment

In the A apartment complex in Jamshil, Seoul. For the last few years, deliverymen have not been allowed to enter the apartment complex grounds. The residents have blocked the entrance of delivery trucks for safety reasons. Delivery company B attempted to use the underground parking lot as an alternative, but they were faced with another “problem.” The ceiling of the parking garage was too low for delivery trucks to enter. Company B could either decrease the height of their delivery trucks to allow for entrance into the underground garage, or leave the parcels in storage places or in the care of the apartment security office. But then, the residents would complain and say “Why aren’t parcels being delivered to my door?”

The delivery company is finding itself in conflict with the apartment complex over the delivery truck’s inability to enter the apartment grounds. Residents are simultaneously calling for the delivery company to consider resident “safety” as well as resident “convenience,” but from the delivery company’s perspective, it is difficult for them to satisfy both demands.

On Jan. 31st, according to the delivery industry, delivery companies are having conflicts with residents in new or reconstructed apartments in Bundang, Ilsan, Gimpo, and other cities in Shindoshi over inability to enter the apartment complex. The conflict is worsening, as recently apartment residents have been getting rid of above ground parking garages or decreasing the number of streets around the complex, and have been erecting parks and green spaces on a large scale.

Residents who moved-in to the C Apartments at Gimpo last year had a large difference in opinion from the newly established delivery company over the no entrance policy.

Mr. D, who lives in the apartment supports the no admittance policy saying, “During this time, we’ve felt discomfort because of the speed at which the delivery trucks drive on the grounds of the complex” and “Now, I can be at peace knowing kids can safely run and play in the complex.”

Mr. E does not support the policy, saying, “Recently, one delivery driver contacted me, saying, ‘Because of the regulations, I left your parcel in the ice box at the security office, so you can pick it up there’ and ‘The parcel was heavy, and difficult to carry, so it was annoying to have to carry it all the way from the ice box to my house.’

The reason the apartment complex does not allow delivery trucks to enter is for safety purposes. They are regulating the entrance of delivery trucks to prevent accidents involving delivery trucks from happening. Some high-class apartments even complain that allowing delivery trucks to enter the complex damages the residential environment, or assert that it even causes housing value to fall.

The problem is that residents do not have a unified opinion about whether to allow delivery trucks to enter the complex, and are each making different demands of the delivery company.

There are many delivery people who suggest leaving the parcel with the security office, or putting the parcel in a storage location if they are not able to enter the complex. Some residents are having to put up with picking up the parcels themselves.

But according to the delivery industry, it’s very rare to have an apartment where all the residents support blocking entrance to the complex. Some residents say “Why can’t they deliver the parcel to my door?” and individually lodge complaints with the delivery company.

The alternative is for the delivery company to use delivery trucks that are shorter and can drive into the parking garages, or park the truck outside the apartment complex, and load up a hand cart to deliver parcels to residents. Deliverymen are not happy about this method, as it would increase the labor intensity and decrease income. The income earned depends on the number of parcels delivered, so every day, they battle with the time required to deliver packages.

A representative from delivery company B says, “Two-thirds of our trucks are shorter, but because we need to load up the products, the drivers have no choice but to avoid using the shorter trucks.” “Also, the trucks are so small drivers need to bend over when entering, and it makes it harder to move the parcels.

The representative added, “Delivery companies are offering to give drivers of the smaller trucks additional wages, but the number of applicants is even decreasing.” “It will take longer to deliver packages if we use a handcart to deliver them, so people in other regions will make it difficult for us and complain “Why is it taking so long?”

Comments from Naver :


If delivery trucks can’t enter the complex, deliverymen will just have to throw the parcels into the complex for residents to retrieve. If you don’t want the trucks to come in, don’t request a delivery.

omag****[Responding to above]

Honestly, is the apartment complex a playground? I put up with it and go about my day when the kids run around yelling, so when the deliverymen come, they just need to put up with it and go about their duties as well. We need to understand each other and live together in harmony. To put it bluntly, if you take an issue with the delivery, can I put a headlock on the boys who yell and talk loudly in the complex? Chill out. They’re your kids, so of course in your eyes they’re precious. But when they’re running around the apartment screaming, no one likes them.


Think about the deliverymen! Things that are heavy for you to lift are also heavy for them to lift. You should give them a place nearby to park their car when they’re making deliveries.


If it seems they’ll say the delivery men can’t enter the complex…you shouldn’t ask for something to be delivered then to the apartment then…


It doesn’t seem like these yangban [noblemen in the Joseon Dynasty] use delivery service?


keke then should the deliverymen just throw the parcel on the ground for people to pick up? Be humane and let them come into the apartment complex.


Charge extra delivery fees to deliver to apartment complexes like the ones above. Like the fees charged when they deliver to a mountainous area… Doesn’t the fundamental principle of capitalism say that if you ask someone to do twice the amount of work, you should give them more money…


What nonsense that having delivery trucks enter the complex will cause housing prices to fall.


Are these nouveau riche trying to show off…they think they’re emperors because they live in these apartments.


They’re freaking bossy. They should know when to stop acting obnoxiously.


I’ve done delivery in Seoul, and it’s hard to find even two out of ten people who thank deliverymen, and treat them nicely. Although there weren’t many people kind to deliverymen in other regions as well, deliverymen are treated coldly especially in Seoul. In Tower Palace, ordinary houses, even in apartments, people answer the phone coldly. And now they make an unreasonable request to carry a parcel such a far distance to the door…I want to ask if they’ve thought of the situation even once from the other person’s perspective.


We can’t go without mentioning Jamshil’s Apgujeong for these problems keke These people in Gangnam show off their ignorance. Yet they they make the most delivery requests. These selfish people.


If delivery trucks can’t enter the complex, wouldn’t it be the same as rejecting delivery of the parcel? They should just throw the parcel at the front of the apartment and leave. The delivery company should give some leeway to the deliverymen if their customers complain. [Sarcastic tone]


I’ve lived in an apartment, and the resident chairmen, or building chairmen think they’re something special. They really put me off. Just don’t get delivery service then. When I call for delivery of something heavy or bulky, I feel really bad, so I give them a bottle of Bacchus. People are so heartless. Sigh.


It must be difficult for deliverymen…They carry heavy boxes up and down stairs, and listen to complaints all the phone…also, this is a bit off topic, but don’t get mad if YOU missed their call.


It’s such nonsense that letting delivery trucks enter the complex will lead housing prices to fall. Do delivery trucks threaten safety??? Then do other people live in danger everyday? Such asshatery.

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