Conservatives: “Waste of Taxes” to Salvage Sewol Ferry

From YTN:

Conservative groups pronounce salvaging of MV Sewol “waste of taxes”

south korea conservative sewol ferry protest waste taxes

Representatives of conservative groups have expressed their discontent with the salvaging of the MV Sewol, claiming that the operation will be dangerous and deplete astronomical levels of taxes.

Leaders of groups such as the Young’s Liberty Union hosted a press conference in front of the Seoul Government Complex where they asserted that the MV Sewol recovery opposes national interest.

The groups claimed that the hull recovery process would waste as much as 200 billion won (approximately 183 million US dollars) of taxpayer’s money and cause more deaths due to the fast current at the site of the incident.

They also advised not to misinterpret President Park Geun-hye’s promise to positively consider the hull salvaging, calling it an attempt to make the recovery appear like it had already reached consensus in the media and legislative bodies.

Comments from Daum:


In my eyes that looks like nonsense, not conservatism!

아침의 나라님

You bastards don’t even have to right to use the word ‘conservatism’


What about all the taxes President Lee Myeong-bak plowed through in the name of river restoration, resource diplomacy, and the defense industry?


The support funds that go to you guys are the real waste of taxes!


You assholes~ Tons of money was wasted on resource diplomacy! Go apeshit at Myeong-bak’s front door holding pickets instead.


Don’t associate conservatism with this kind of toxic garbage.


Check yourselves into a mental ward or something


It’s not a waste of taxes since the government has raked in a lot with the cigarette tax hike. Plus, before you consider whether it would be a waste of taxes, you sick fucks should know it’s a duty required of the state. You wouldn’t contribute even one extra penny towards it anyway, would you?

paula cho님

Ah, what am I supposed to do about South Korea~ there are reasons why this country is a mess. They always assert the economic argument prioritizing the goose that lays golden eggs… They let the moronic older generation wear official armbands and act like their mouthpieces. They formed all kinds of conservative groups who speak up for the government and their divine affiliated groups. Now some futile joke-like conservative group reps are opposing the Sewol salvaging as waste of taxes. I’m at a loss for words. What’s the value of conservatism? Isn’t it a limitless responsibility towards our community? You trash who pretend to be conservative, throw yourself in the dumpster!


What about the money paid for you guys’ ramen?


I’m having trouble understanding why the media is calling them a conservative group


Would you guys be saying this if it was your family buried at sea?


You conservative groups, if you dropped dead your burial would be a waste of money and damage to the environment. Burying trash like you would rot the ground, wouldn’t it you assholes.

cura animarum님

I hope such a tragedy befalls your own grandkids…I’m curious what taxpayers would have to say then.


And the tax money you guys use is just fine?

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