Chinese Study Shows Korean Girls Blinded By Money Over Safety

A popular Chinese hidden camera program “Tudou Show Box” has made the news in Korea after controversial broadcasts of their social experiment. In this experiment, guys driving fancy luxury cars approached girls in Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Seoul and offered to give them a ride. While zero out of four American girls accepted the offer, eight out of eight Korean girls got in, leading people to claim Korean girls are blinded by money to the extent that they disregard their personal safety.

Article from SBS:

Are Korean Girls Unable to Resist the Lure of Money? Chinese Program Creates a Stir


Korean girls are unable to resist the lure of money, shows a Chinese internet broadcasting program using hidden cameras in Seoul. The purpose behind the project was suspicious and they clearly belittled the women, receiving backlash.

Beijing Special Correspondent Lim Sang-beom has more.


This is a popular hidden camera internet broadcasting program in Beijing.

The production crew is conducting an experiment to see how susceptible girls are to money by driving expensive cars around the city and trying to approach girls on the street.

korean girls chinese study expensive car

“Hey pretty lady, where are you going? Can I give you a ride?”

In Beijing, 5 out of 7 girls, and in Hong Kong 7 out of 8 girls got in the car.

korean girls chinese study luxury cars safety stranger

In Seoul, they conducted the same experiment.

“Where are you going?” (Karo-su-gil). “Let me give you a ride.”

They made a fuss that out of the 8 girls in the experiment, all of them got in the car without suspecting anything, lured by the temptation of an expensive car.

“I’m shocked. No matter how expensive the car is, your safety should be more important.”

The aim of the production crew was to intentionally ask some suspicious questions.

(I might be a bad person, so is it okay for you to just get in the car like that?) “But you’re a young person with such a nice car.”

In the United States, Los Angeles, CA, they conducted the same experiment, but out of 4 girls, none of the girls got in the car and turned away.

“Americans have a high level of concern for their safety.”

After the broadcast, some Chinese internet media wrote articles saying Korean girls were real money worshippers.

The results praise Chinese girls for having integrity and not allowing money to have a strong pull on them.

However, the aim to make their crude experiment popular is causing controversy even in China for belittling Korean women.

Comments from Naver :


This is the truth, you can’t deny it keke


This is only some of the women in Korea, but it’s the present state for young women.


They are right. What’s new about this? I’m also a woman, but these kind of women are everywhere.


When they are dating, they have fun with bad guys, tall and good-looking guys, or guys who are good at sex. When they are considering marriage, they close their legs, and cover their mouth while smiling at blind dates [with the aim of finding a husband] to look chaste. They hook up with nice guys who are pushovers, and live a comfortable life. When they get bored, they use the divorce technique, to swallow the alimony worth half the property. And then they have fun with younger or richer guys. Go for it.


Even if the program was said to have issues, isn’t this something that has some basis in fact?


Actually young Korean women compared to women in other countries are easy (they are very easy when it comes to Western men). They’re crazy about money, they’re vain, they show off. Many of them are feminazis, they get a lot of plastic surgery. A high number of them engage in overseas prostitution per capita. They have a lot of abortions. It’s true that they are the top at everything bad ke


The aim of the experiment is not important. The belittling of Korean women is not important. The important thing is…all eight Korean women got in the car.


No matter what country you’re from, would you even think about getting into a complete stranger’s car? This is embarrassing for me as a woman.


Regardless of whether it’s an expensive foreign car, why would you get into a stranger’s car?


Ministry of Women, what are you doing…You guys are making a fuss even for nothing. If you are truly for women, don’t you have to do something at a time like this…what are you doing with the tax money? keke

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  • jonny

    “While zero out of four American girls declined”.

    Did someone proofread this article? That sentence means all 4 got into the car.

    • Minjun

      Thanks for catching that jonny! I’ve updated the article to reflect that zero Americans accepted, not declined.

      • jonny

        no problem :D

      • Chucky3176

        All four Americans accepted. I watched the test which was done in LA. The Korean news report is false.

        • Guest

          How about you actually show us the program or article instead of talking out of your ass.

          • Chucky3176

            How about you actually watching the video that I posted above, video #2, instead of talking out of your ass?

          • Boris

            The replies don’t appear in order, so for you writing above, it could be below.

            It would help posting them in your posts more often. I really don’t know why Discuss does it. The posts are not in order.

          • Chucky3176

            I got my view set to “Sort By Newest”, and I think the default is “Sort By Best”. So what you said makes sense.

  • Realist

    Shit, 5/7 and 7/8 don’t exactly qualify as passing with flying colors either. The D student laughing at the F student LOL

    • adrian lowe

      that’s what I thought

      • Tokidoki

        Alas! I don’t think that’s the point exactly. The fact that majority of the women got in, in either country is not good. A stranger is a stranger, it also embarrass’ me as a woman.

    • David

      lol same thing I thought. I find it hilarious that they feel so superior over this.

      “After the broadcast, some Chinese internet media wrote articles saying Korean girls were real money worshippers. The results praise Chinese girls for having integrity and not allowing money to have a strong pull on them.”

    • Bowl Cut

      Beijing girls are much more conservative than, say, Shanghai girls. If they conducted this experiment in Shanghai, the rate would be much higher.

    • m

      The women in the experiment image seemed to act because they are casted

      This is a video of the similar test done in Korea at the year of 2012

      Lotus Evora

      Bentley GT

      Audi R8

      Benz E350

      It doesn’t look easy to get her phone number, let alone get a ride with him.

  • Chucky3176

    The NetizenBuzz blog had the full sets of videos, with second bonus videos shot in Seoul and LA. Now I can’t find them on their site. The videos were hilarious, especially the second video shot in Seoul and LA. In the second test, a Chinese guy was the driver picking up the girls. When the driver of the car asked how old she was, she says ’20’, and then gets disgusted that the driver is ’27’, so old she says.. But then the guy says ‘this is not my car, it belongs to a friend’. The girl says ‘can I have his number?”. The driver says, but he’s ’30! I thought 27 is a problem!’. The girl says, ‘no no, you can give me your number too if you want!”.

    Only one out of 4 Korean girls refused the ride. And that was only because this girl when she was being approached for a pick up, blurted out loud “you’re not Korean, are you?”. “No, I’m Chinese”, he says. She replies “oh no no… I don’t like Chinese guys, I only liked Korean guys, no thank you”. Walks rapidly away.

    In the LA video, there was one married white woman who got picked up. She was asked if she would like to fly to Beijing with the guy, and then she was asked about her ring on her finger. After the camera crew revealed themselves, the woman got all flustered and accused the pickup driver of making her dream.. lol..

    Funny as hell tests.

    But these results don’t surprise me. Materialistic women will never admit it, and they will always deny they would get in that car. But most will not able to resist the urge when you splash gold chains in front of their faces.

    • bigmamat

      So ridiculous….there are plenty of young women that would not get in that car. You also realize that a handful of women don’t represent the entire population even in places known for their conspicuous consumption like Seoul and LA.

  • Chucky3176

    “In the United States, Los Angeles, CA, they conducted the same experiment, but out of 4 girls, none of the girls got in the car and turned away.”

    “Americans have a high level of concern for their safety.”

    Maybe there’s high level of concern for safety, because the Americans have to be with so many cases of kidnappings and murders. No such concerns in S.Korea because people assume they are safe. In truth, they are right, they are safer than in the US – making people less concerned or worried about their own safety.

    But one more important point. The Korean media that is reporting is telling a lie. All the American girls that were approached, got in the car. Why they are lying? Oh, it’s because it’s Naver news.

    • bigmamat

      Women aren’t any safer in Korea than women in the US. I just pulled up domestic violence statistics for Korea this morning. It’s not pretty. Any young girl that got in that car was taking a risk. Regardless of the country. You know that, so do I. If American girls didn’t “fail” the test it’s because American girls might be more aware of the dangers. It was LA after all, not Mayberry. Hell if it were Mayberry a guy in a nice car would be suspicious anyway….

      • You Shouldn’t Do That

        Domestic violence is a different safety concern fom rape, murder, kidnapping and assault by a stranger. Why are you conflating two distinct safety issues to denigrate Korea?

        • bigmamat

          So me suggesting that women aren’t any safer from men in Korea is trying to denigrate the country but suggesting that their women are gold digging idiots isn’t? Ok whatever you say. Kidnapping and assault by a stranger is statistically a much less likely way for a woman to be victimized by a man. She’s statistically more likely to be in danger from someone she already knows. This whole thing is nothing more than a bullshit exercise designed to make every woman that participated look like idiot or a money hungry slut.

          • Chucky3176

            Actually no. The Chinese media praised the Chinese women as not caring about riches (only 5 out of 7 got in the car – 71% rating), while 8/8 Korean women got in the car (100% rating) which meant that Korean women were money hungry sluts. That was the conclusion made by the Chinese media. So I don’t think it was an attack on all women. It was an attack on all Korean women, instead.

            Of course the problem with this study, is the paltry number of participants in the test which skewed the percentages, and no control methods, and the possibility that the tests were manipulated. It was a harmless fun little test that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

          • Boris

            Except it is used by Chinese media as a propaganda material.

          • bigmamat

            I’m not sure it if was actually “fun” if the goal was to prove how money hungry women can be, which is patently ridiculous since very few woman are ever in the same financial position as men….

          • redwhitedude

            I wonder what type of women in each country they approached?

          • bigmamat

            How can you tell what “type” of woman it is…by the way they dress? Wear their hair? What can you tell about the “type” from a moving car? Don’t go there dude….

          • redwhitedude

            It is just an innocent question? You can’t really tell 100% of the time. Perhaps you could gleam something by looking at who they hangout. Also if this supposed experiment was done by approaching women at different cities totally randomly it may not be a fair comparison. You have to compare people who are as similar as possible in socioeconomic situation and so forth.

          • bigmamat

            Yeah I said early on that the location of the study had a lot of effect on the results.

          • redwhitedude

            I guess I am being more specific as to why location is important.

          • David

            True but there are many sociological experiments like this done all the time, it is not new at all. I would be surprised if they were not done in Korea also. If you really wanted to look them up you could (my Korean is not very good so I could not). I think the part of the article that is interesting is the to the commentators 5/7 and 7/8 is good and 8/8 is bad.

      • bumfromkorea

        Well, domestic violence is a little different from what this study is trying to do. DV implies that the aggressor is someone the victim knows well, while this study is more about how safe a person feels in a nighttime urban setting.

        • bigmamat

          Yeah I get it…evidently they feel pretty safe. Especially if the guy driving a nice car and not some hoopty….

      • Guest

        “I just pulled up domestic violence statistics for Korea this morning” Im sure you can see that domestic violence doesnt have much to do with this experiment

        • bigmamat

          What you’re going to remind again 9 days later after someone did the day I posted this…OK…

    • Guest

      I didn’t watch the video, but where did you get this from: “The Korean media that is reporting is telling a lie. All the American girls that were approached, got in the car.”

      • Chucky3176

        Why do you keep insisting something that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about? It’s in the original Korean transcript of the news that this site translated. If you don’t know how to click on the link that’s posted up in the translation, I’ll link it for you directly here,

        My bet is that Korean news is lying to sensationalize the story and make the Korean women look like the worst of the lot and hype up the readers with Korea’s infamous bean paste girls.

        • Jahar

          He wasn’t insisting anything. And he knows exactly what he’s talking about. He wanted to know where it said all the girls got into the car. You’re just being a prick for some reason. You could just answer a question like a civil human being.

          • Chucky3176

            Read the earlier reply to me, accusing me of speaking out of my ass, even before watching the video. I don’t try to be an ass to anybody for no good reason. It’s usually they deserve it.

  • Me

    This doesn’t really prove much. You’d need a control group: someone coming up to them in an average looking car and asking the same question. Only if more people got in the expensive car would it actually prove anything. And less than a dozen women for each city?

    • Matt

      It’s fairly obvious that a nicer car is going to attract more women. This really isn’t even the issue here.

      I do agree that the sample sizes mean that any international comparisons from this “experiment” are meaningless.

      • bigmamat

        The geographic location also make a difference. A guy in an expensive car in LA or Seoul is not a big deal there are other places in the US, China and Korea where he’d stick out like a sore thumb.

      • Jahar

        If you want any accurate data, then yeah, you do need a control group. The assumption here is that the concern is with money over safety, and they are using numbers to show this. but what if 75% of the people would just get into a normal car? Then their supposition is more off-base.

        You could do the same study again, with me driving the car. if 8/8 girls get in, then you could just say, “girls are more attracted to white guys.” because im white.

        • Matt

          I do agree that there are many variables influencing whether a girl decides to get in a car, but let’s not act like a Toyota Corolla and a Lamborghini would have the same success rate. We all know that isn’t true.

          • Jahar

            No one is acting like that. But to say, in a study, 8/8 girls got into a guy’s car because it’s a nice car, you have to actually show that’s why they did it, otherwise it’s not proof.

          • Matt


        • kari

          They did do that control experiment with a regular car, it was shown in the Hong Kong part of the video Chucky posted. No one got in the ordinary car.

          I don’t feel like ALL the girls who got into the cars were necessarily being materialistic. Some of them probably just wanted experience a ride in a super expensive car.

          • Jahar

            Yeah. I’d get in too. They should do one with straight guys.

  • Chucky3176

    So I found the videos. The study was done by the Chinese internet video portal site company, Tudou (similar to Youtube, but without any anti-pirating rules).

    If you speak and read Chinese, you should have no problems understanding the conversations in all the videos because of the Chinese subtitles. Unfortunately there are no subtitles for Korean and English speakers, so if you know both languages, you’ll be at least able to understand the Seoul and LA tests.

    Test #1 in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul (at 13:30 mark)

    Test #2 bonus video: LA, Seoul


    • Chucky3176
    • elizabeth

      Minjun Chen’s summary is inaccurate. All 4 LA girls got into the car, one of whom is even married. Not all girls in Seoul got into the car. These videos focus only on HK, Seoul, LA and German girls. Where are the Chinese girls?

      It is also interesting to listen to the conversations and reasons for getting into the car. Some go for the thrill, some appearances, others on wealth and practicality.

      Entertaining but definitely not to be taken seriously except that warning about safety.

      • Chucky3176

        “Minjun Chen’s summary is inaccurate. All 4 LA girls got into the car”

        It wasn’t Minjun Chen’s summary, it was from the original South Korean news, either SBS News or Naver. But I have noticed her translation is also slightly incorrect.

        The Korean news says this.

        “미국 LA에서도 같은 실험을 했는데 4명 중 한 사람도 안 탔다며 미국 여성들을 치켜세웁니다.

        [미국인들은 역시 안전의식이 높습니다.]”

        Her translation makes it look like the South Korean news is claiming that none of the LA women got into the car. But it’s not the South Korean news which says that none of the LA women got on. The Korean news just reports that the Chinese Tudou is claiming that none of the LA women got on. I don’t know who’s really lying (either Korean news or Chinese Tudou) since I can’t speak/understand Chinese. Perhaps Chinese speakers can clear up this confusion. Either something got lost in translation or somebody’s lying because the video clearly shows that all the LA women got into the car.

        • elizabeth

          No worries, I have no issues with Minjun. Just wanted to be clear what I was referring to.

          All that confusion about numbers goes to show that facts get distorted easily, intentionally or otherwise, and more surprisingly, that many take what is reported at face value.

  • Zappa Frank

    a statistic with such small groups doesn’t have any relevance.

    • Nihilist

      Thank you, that´s what I was thinking all along and people seem to ignore. This “study” is not a scientific study at all, it´s just a damn tv program.

  • FYIADragoon

    5/7 and 7/8 and still having the gall to criticize an 8/8? Like idiots laughing at retards.

    The true conclusion of the experiment is that Northeast Asian women are blinded by money.

    • icup ✔️

      every girl’s dream is to catch a prince that can provide for her.

  • Xscape

    Korea’s a Culture of Superficiality, Materialism and Self-Pride leads to one of the highest suicide rate in
    the world.

    • derintellectual

      They need an internal revolution. More focus on spirituality and self cultivation and less material worshipping.

      • Boris

        “More focus on spirituality and self cultivation and less material worshipping.” – Could be said of plenty of countries in the world. Everyone is going the material worshipping route.

        • derintellectual

          I think China are going down this route in a more devastating fashion. Xi Jinping even outlined money worshipping as a problem. Doubt he’ll do much because it hurts ‘business interests’.

  • Sid Driver

    Actually young Korean women compared to women in other countries are easy (they are very easy when it comes to Western men).

    lol. I keep hearing Koreans say this but I haven’t found it to be true.

    …maybe I need to start grabbing more Korean girl’s wrists and asking them to sleep over. ( ㅋㅋㅋ ;)

    • Boris

      There is a lot more pressure on Koreans to be with other Koreans (this is not unique to Koreans though). This goes for both men and women. Though a Korean man may be given props for hooking up with a white chick, they do also have the perception that white women like to sleep around and are quick to jump into the sack if they can get one.

      White dudes are ‘better’ than coloured. Western/First nation coloured are better than people of ‘poorer’ nations. There is not just racial but also ‘economical’ things that are considered.

      Back to the social pressure. For women it is worse than men. They are seen as ‘easy’ or ‘loose’ if they hook up with foreigners. If the guy is coloured, it is worse. Guys who hook up with a coloured chick (think black or Indian) will have been pressured by his parents to break up, or may be allowed as a gf but not as a wife.

      Of course, these are generalisations that I am making. I have seen this in practise but also seen the opposite. A Korean man married to an Indian lady running the foreigner mart (these two were probably in their late 30s early 40s). Nice family. Both spoke Korean and Hindi. They have a son. I saw on two occasions Korean guys with black GFs. One was engaged and though his parents weren’t pleased, they accepted it. Both females being American could help the situation, I don’t know. And of course, coloured and western guys with Korean gfs/wives.

  • Gerhana

    cant really make any conclusion based on this article. sampling technique is not good. :)

  • icup ✔️

    i’m not gonna lie, i was walking outside a club and a girl pulled up along side me. i was expecting she needed direction but instead she told me to get in… and i got in. she pulled into the nearest parking lot and started unzipping my pants.

    i’m sure your imagination could fill in the rest. funny thing was her boyfriend was at the club… how do i know this? cause she answered her phone.

    sure there’s a possibility she’s a serial killer and my life was at stack, but what’s the point of living if you’re too scared to take risks. it’s something out of the ordinary mundane routine, the thrill of not knowing what something may lead to.

    …but always trust your gut feelings if something doesn’t feel right.

    • BSDetector

      How about that? One of my male friends likes to go out dressed as a woman and he told me he pulled up alongside some guy walking outside a club. He told him to get in using his fem-voice and the guy did!

      I’m sure your imagination could fill in the rest.

  • elizabeth

    Is there a typo error or were there really only 4 American girls in the sample? Were the samples also distributed in different areas or concentrated in Garosugil?

    I won’t take this too seriously because the sampling is questionable.

  • bultak23

    nothing new. guys like young women with curves, women like rich guys.

  • bumfromkorea

    This probably has more to do with how safe women feel in a certain city than anything about how “shallow” women are in Hong Kong, Seoul, or Beijing.

    • derintellectual

      Not really. Women in these places are really materialistic as anything it’s rampant. Whoever says otherwise is lying.

      • bumfromkorea

        That sounded a little too personal for me to not smile in sympathy.

  • redgirls

    That is just creepy, hitchhiked everywhere when I was young but that is just sleazy cruising. I mean they come across as a bunch of trade chancing their arm looking for some cheap fun.The guys and the girls.
    \\Do you want to go to china…. The way he put it it sounded like the longest walk of shame in the guinness book of records

  • Jahar

    There’s a big flaw in the logic here. As usual, when it comes to Chinese reasoning.
    The car was expensive, therefore the girl got in the car because it was expensive. Idiotic logic.
    There was no test to see if the girls would get in a less expensive car.

    • Insomnicide

      There’s several thousand Youtube videos done on that subject

  • derintellectual

    Chinese women are just as money obsessed Korean women. Seriously, they both feel so empty inside they have to cover it up through superficial means.

  • Raymond

    I wonder if a rich sexy woman was driving around town, how many men would get in?

  • 민영

    ehh yeah ia koreans are superficial and appearance driven as hell, but this doesn’t really prove anything..there’s tons of them on youtube with women from all over the world falling into the “trap”

  • kari

    “Many of them are feminazis”

    Do Koreans actually listen to Rush Limbaugh? :O

    • Probotector

      What’s rush got to do with it?

  • fk wish i had a nice car i’d be swimming in the korean poon

    • BSDetector

      Bah I have a nice car and I’ll tell you this it turns wayyy more heads of men than women. So unless by poon you mean pen1s save your gas.

  • KoreansKP

    What Chinese study??? This is China Communist Party Propaganda!!!!!!! Chinese woman love money much more than average Korean woman. Take a look at Shanghai New Years Day accidents….. those who died are not Korean woman. They were Chinese, Taiwan Chinese woman.

  • Ami

    who gets into a fucking stranger’s car ??? Didn’t your parents tell you to stay away from suspicious people ?

  • Mark

    Wat de frak? Who conduct an experiment with 8 test subjects. At least do a thourough test with at least a 100 women you moron. Dont just generalize the whole women in a country by the deeds of several. Stupid article.

  • tubs

    LOL Chinese media trying to portray other countries in their own light? 99% of you beijing/china trash are just digging whores. Go fuck yourself China

  • goldengluvsk2

    I watched one of these experiments on TV but it has the same man driving a normal car first picking up a girl -she said no- and then a friend of his picked the same girl with a luxurious car and she got in… I was shocked some women dont care if they get killed as long as they were in the passenger seat of a expensive car O_o 8 girls cant really talk about all women of a country but “The results praise Chinese girls for having integrity and not allowing money to have a strong pull on them.” excuse me?? this praise to Chinese girls might make sense if none of them got in the car but if I read correctly, more than half got in the car… their nationalism is showing.

  • Guy Forget

    Stupid korean girls with plastic surgery faces 8/8 accept ride from strangers not knowing who they are trusting.

  • Richard S

    The stats follow the safety factor for women. Korea is the safest. Mainland China is relatively safe but not without risk. In the United States, you’re taking a real risk going into a stranger’s car.

  • Miguel Lozano


  • chris


  • chris

    sad reality is here, the majority of women who enter the adult business in Korea, is to keep up with the jones, to show off to friends!
    in western countries, the girls go into the adult industry to survive!
    Korea is all about money!

  • Being born & raised in the USA I would like to point out there are more serial murders in the USA than any other country. It’s with good reason those women immediately refused to get in a car. We’re taught from childhood getting in a strangers car is the fastest way to get your face on a milk carton

  • John

    Chinese propaganda material

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