Chinese Study Shows Korean Girls Blinded By Money Over Safety

A popular Chinese hidden camera program “Tudou Show Box” has made the news in Korea after controversial broadcasts of their social experiment. In this experiment, guys driving fancy luxury cars approached girls in Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Seoul and offered to give them a ride. While zero out of four American girls accepted the offer, eight out of eight Korean girls got in, leading people to claim Korean girls are blinded by money to the extent that they disregard their personal safety.

Article from SBS:

Are Korean Girls Unable to Resist the Lure of Money? Chinese Program Creates a Stir


Korean girls are unable to resist the lure of money, shows a Chinese internet broadcasting program using hidden cameras in Seoul. The purpose behind the project was suspicious and they clearly belittled the women, receiving backlash.

Beijing Special Correspondent Lim Sang-beom has more.


This is a popular hidden camera internet broadcasting program in Beijing.

The production crew is conducting an experiment to see how susceptible girls are to money by driving expensive cars around the city and trying to approach girls on the street.

korean girls chinese study expensive car

“Hey pretty lady, where are you going? Can I give you a ride?”

In Beijing, 5 out of 7 girls, and in Hong Kong 7 out of 8 girls got in the car.

korean girls chinese study luxury cars safety stranger

In Seoul, they conducted the same experiment.

“Where are you going?” (Karo-su-gil). “Let me give you a ride.”

They made a fuss that out of the 8 girls in the experiment, all of them got in the car without suspecting anything, lured by the temptation of an expensive car.

“I’m shocked. No matter how expensive the car is, your safety should be more important.”

The aim of the production crew was to intentionally ask some suspicious questions.

(I might be a bad person, so is it okay for you to just get in the car like that?) “But you’re a young person with such a nice car.”

In the United States, Los Angeles, CA, they conducted the same experiment, but out of 4 girls, none of the girls got in the car and turned away.

“Americans have a high level of concern for their safety.”

After the broadcast, some Chinese internet media wrote articles saying Korean girls were real money worshippers.

The results praise Chinese girls for having integrity and not allowing money to have a strong pull on them.

However, the aim to make their crude experiment popular is causing controversy even in China for belittling Korean women.

Comments from Naver :


This is the truth, you can’t deny it keke


This is only some of the women in Korea, but it’s the present state for young women.


They are right. What’s new about this? I’m also a woman, but these kind of women are everywhere.


When they are dating, they have fun with bad guys, tall and good-looking guys, or guys who are good at sex. When they are considering marriage, they close their legs, and cover their mouth while smiling at blind dates [with the aim of finding a husband] to look chaste. They hook up with nice guys who are pushovers, and live a comfortable life. When they get bored, they use the divorce technique, to swallow the alimony worth half the property. And then they have fun with younger or richer guys. Go for it.


Even if the program was said to have issues, isn’t this something that has some basis in fact?


Actually young Korean women compared to women in other countries are easy (they are very easy when it comes to Western men). They’re crazy about money, they’re vain, they show off. Many of them are feminazis, they get a lot of plastic surgery. A high number of them engage in overseas prostitution per capita. They have a lot of abortions. It’s true that they are the top at everything bad ke


The aim of the experiment is not important. The belittling of Korean women is not important. The important thing is…all eight Korean women got in the car.


No matter what country you’re from, would you even think about getting into a complete stranger’s car? This is embarrassing for me as a woman.


Regardless of whether it’s an expensive foreign car, why would you get into a stranger’s car?


Ministry of Women, what are you doing…You guys are making a fuss even for nothing. If you are truly for women, don’t you have to do something at a time like this…what are you doing with the tax money? keke

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