Bill Gates Turns Poop to Water; Korean Netizens In Awe

Bill Gates has a new invention that is set to change the world, and has inspired admiration among Korean netizens. Janicki Bioenergy’s “Omniprocessor” is his latest funding project that takes human waste and turns it into clean drinkable water within five minutes.

Article from JTBC:

Made out of “Feces”…Bill Gates’ Drink Is Changing the World


A machine that purifies human excrement and makes clean drinking water. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Microsoft founder Bill Gates is funding the dissemination of a machine that makes this happen. And the water will be drinkable.

Reporter Ryu Jeong-hwa has more.


Bill Gates accepted and drank a glass of water from a faucet attached to a huge machine.

Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder: It’s water.

But just 5 minutes before, the water was human waste.

You put the lumps of excrement in the machine, turn up the temperature [to boil the excrement] and the resulting vapor becomes clean water.

bill gates machine turn poop into water korean netizens

During this process, the heat creates electricity, and the dried lumps of excrement can be used as fertilizer.

It even kills two birds with one stone by reducing the cost of trash disposal.

There are 2.54 billion people who don’t have toilets, and just throw their excrement into the lake.

And for people of developing countries who suffer from waterborne diseases, this machine can be a huge help.

Doulaye Kone, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The sanitation system as we know it in the developed world cannot work in developing countries. We need something very simple.

Bill Gates, who is spending 2.5 billion dollars, or 2.75 trillion won to develop a company to improve toilets, plans to fund this machine so it can be demonstrated and installed in Africa.

Through this machine, he said, “We can save the 700,000 young people who die each year from poor sanitation in developing countries.” “I would drink this water happily every day.”

bill gates machine turn poop into water korean

Comments from Naver :


I really respect Bill Gates..


He is truly noblesse oblige [responsibility of privileged people to to be generous towards the less privileged]. I really admire him.


Bill Gates is awesome..


Science is wonderful.


Is the purification of water better practically or monetarily?


Thankfully the world’s richest man is this kind of person.


I’m getting goosebumps. Bill Gates is really a gift to humankind, as a businessman working on all kinds of products, and a philanthropist. This machine will surely bring hope to the many poor people in Africa.


Why doesn’t Korea have a rich person who is admired like Bill Gates…Money needs to be earned by people like Bill Gates.


That’s amazing. That’s how you should use money.


This is in such stark contrast to that someone [Cho Hyeon-ah] who would get upset and call it dirty if you peeled peanuts for her. I respect Bill Gates.


The scale of his generosity is great.


Why don’t we have these kind of rich people in Korea…

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