Bill Gates Turns Poop to Water; Korean Netizens In Awe

Bill Gates has a new invention that is set to change the world, and has inspired admiration among Korean netizens. Janicki Bioenergy’s “Omniprocessor” is his latest funding project that takes human waste and turns it into clean drinkable water within five minutes.

Article from JTBC:

Made out of “Feces”…Bill Gates’ Drink Is Changing the World


A machine that purifies human excrement and makes clean drinking water. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Microsoft founder Bill Gates is funding the dissemination of a machine that makes this happen. And the water will be drinkable.

Reporter Ryu Jeong-hwa has more.


Bill Gates accepted and drank a glass of water from a faucet attached to a huge machine.

Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder: It’s water.

But just 5 minutes before, the water was human waste.

You put the lumps of excrement in the machine, turn up the temperature [to boil the excrement] and the resulting vapor becomes clean water.

bill gates machine turn poop into water korean netizens

During this process, the heat creates electricity, and the dried lumps of excrement can be used as fertilizer.

It even kills two birds with one stone by reducing the cost of trash disposal.

There are 2.54 billion people who don’t have toilets, and just throw their excrement into the lake.

And for people of developing countries who suffer from waterborne diseases, this machine can be a huge help.

Doulaye Kone, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The sanitation system as we know it in the developed world cannot work in developing countries. We need something very simple.

Bill Gates, who is spending 2.5 billion dollars, or 2.75 trillion won to develop a company to improve toilets, plans to fund this machine so it can be demonstrated and installed in Africa.

Through this machine, he said, “We can save the 700,000 young people who die each year from poor sanitation in developing countries.” “I would drink this water happily every day.”

bill gates machine turn poop into water korean

Comments from Naver :


I really respect Bill Gates..


He is truly noblesse oblige [responsibility of privileged people to to be generous towards the less privileged]. I really admire him.


Bill Gates is awesome..


Science is wonderful.


Is the purification of water better practically or monetarily?


Thankfully the world’s richest man is this kind of person.


I’m getting goosebumps. Bill Gates is really a gift to humankind, as a businessman working on all kinds of products, and a philanthropist. This machine will surely bring hope to the many poor people in Africa.


Why doesn’t Korea have a rich person who is admired like Bill Gates…Money needs to be earned by people like Bill Gates.


That’s amazing. That’s how you should use money.


This is in such stark contrast to that someone [Cho Hyeon-ah] who would get upset and call it dirty if you peeled peanuts for her. I respect Bill Gates.


The scale of his generosity is great.


Why don’t we have these kind of rich people in Korea…

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  • commander

    Although I want to join those who praise Bill Gates for his latest invention, my question is can destitute countries–where there are no sufficient daily necessities for survival for the vast majority of their inhabitants, not to mention basic infrastructure, including electricity, paved roads, and the like–afford to set up the new facilities to provide drinkable clean water to their dwellers and maintain them?

    • Ken Morgan

      They already do. All they need is a bathtub/container and something clear (glass is ideal). You put the dirty water into the bathtub the put the glass over the bathtub at a slight angle with a tray at the end. The sun heats up the bathrub and causes the water to evaporate and condense onto the glass which dribbles into the container at the end.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Yes but that requires some knowledge of how stuff works. This is going to places where people don’t grasp basic sanitation concepts, like not leaving the dead in the streets, or not steal the towels from clinics that treat deadly diseases.

      • commander

        Your comment appears to imply that the purification facility is set up for EACH poor household. Is that right?

        • Ken Morgan

          It would scale well say 1 per village, but then it has problems in that it needs an energy source. While solar sills require the sun which is in the sky everywhere and requires no fuel to run.

          • commander

            I think it’s hard to remain calm when thinking villagers’ excrement mixes through the facility into clean water.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      More likely this will be first used in more developed areas where there is electricity.

      In turn the shit that just goes anywhere(like on the beaches of Somalia) can be harvested to provide power to areas that don’t have such reliable energy sources. And the added benefit of providing water to areas where people poop themselves to death from contaminated water is a big plus.

  • wnsk

    Boiling shit…I wonder why nobody ever thought of that until now. Then again, I
    wouldn’t exactly call it 100% purified until after a priest has blessed it…HOLY SHIT, that’s a great business idea–you could sell it to churches for use in baptisms or something! …um, nevermind.

  • Lou Maessen

    23 billion people without a toilet… I could swear I had one but it seems like no one alive has one…

    • adrian.lowe

      25.4 billion people..
      where did you get this number??

      • Boris

        maybe he meant 2.something billion?

      • David

        That is the number translated in the article. For some reason numbers often are tricky to translate from Korean to English (probably because of the different numbering system they use). This is probably simply a typo by Min Ju Chen, as I am sure Bill Gates said the correct number (after all he is investing a lot of money in this, he probably has done his homework). I suspect that the amount of money was also mistranslated. I doubt he is spending $25,000,000,000 on this.

  • bigmamat

    Koreans would like this….since they have some strange affinity for excrement to point they have fecal wine….I guess if you get thirsty enough…

    • Chucky3176

      I think that fucking Japanese have done well spreading this misinformation about the supposed fecal wine. Well they have meat made out of shit.

      • horrorvacui

        Meh. I’ve watched the VICE documentary and I immediately asked my korean friends if it was true. The thing is, none of them knew anything about that shit (literally).

        My point is, who the fuck cares? I think only japanese people know about it. If it’s really some misinformation to hurt korean people, it’s such a childish behavior. And guess what: the reporter was some japanese woman who looked like Doraemon.

        If anyone is interested, this is what I’m talking about:

        Obviously the comment section is a gold mine of japanese hikikomoris making fun of it like 8 years old.

        • chucky3176

          Perfect reason why I don’t like those Japaroos.
          Oops that is so… w-a-c-i-s-t…. whaa..!

          • Boris

            Is this the real chucky?

            Ususally posts under as a guest. And the wacist joke goes for Japanese, Chinese and Koreans.

        • Xman2014

          It’s the Japanese who created this news, which then got picked up by some foreign press in the west, including the British Daily Mail, then onto dozens of various different foreign press throughout the world, who never bothered to verify the veracity of such stories. This Korean site translated Japanese 2ch members laughing it up and enjoying their successes making Koreans look like primitive dirty people.

          But you should be aware that before Japan modernized their country, it was Japan who was famous for using poop wines to treat their wounded soldiers. The recounting by Chinese royal visitors to Japan, of Japanese practice of making poop wine often appears in the Chinese annals.

        • Choi

          Sorry to tell you that it is true. As a traditional medicine student and practitioner I have come across this treatment. There are some who still use and make it but very few. It is very old practice which why most have never heard it. Gut Flora from a health person can help people with an imbalance. But, it should not be drank, it is better go in the rectum and large intestine. Stomach acid kills a lot of bacteria good and bad. It is best to keep the small intestine sterile. Also, when made like this most of anaerobic strains die leaving mostly aerobic strains of bacteria which can die when in colon which makes the procedure pointless.
          Why get upset about this. It is not a common practice. Not a big deal. Japan has also done this but a very long time ago. I’m sure you can find people still practicing it all over Asia as it comes from traditional Asian medicine.

          • Xman2014

            You’ve just refuted everything they’re claiming. It’s not popular as claimed, to the point no-one knew about it, the traditional asian medicine used animal dung, not human dung, and nobody drank this (other then the Japanese in the old days who believed in magical drink that would cure their wounds). And people using this to spread their hate is a big problem and it should not be ignored.

          • David

            Actually modern western medicine has a treatment where bacteria is taken from the lower intestines of one person (via feces) and inserted into the colon of a sick person to help treat some diseases. I am not that familiar with it but read an article about it maybe 5 years ago. This is not the same as drinking urine or eating feces (or anything made from them) as they then go through the stomach and all helpful bacteria is destroyed by stomach acids.

        • Yukulainu
      • bigmamat

        Really because I watched a drama with some medicine man shaman type guy that was obsessed with his poop cures. Now of course I’m not saying I get all my info from dramas but it was a Korean production. Leading me to believe it was something Koreans knew about as well. Plus you cannot tell me Koreans don’t have an obsession with taking a big dump. The thing is bodily function jokes are pretty universal as comedy material. So you’re telling me poop wine is a Japanese lie?

        • chucky3176

          Yes it is a Japanese lie. Or a lie invented by you. One or the other.

          • Boris

            chucky always blames the Japanese.

          • Xman2014

            He has a point. It started with the Japanese show, (posted by horrorvacui), then spread to Japanese online communities. Then all the Japanese bloggers got on board like this crap which says it’s a very popular drink in Korea.


          • Boris

            I wouldn’t put it past 2ch to spread such information.

            And though Chucky may have a point, his posting history demonstrates a clear hatred for Japan and Japanese. It’s why I can’t take anything he says about Japan or Japanese seriously. It’s like listening to KKK members about Blacks back in the day.

          • chucky3176

            I have a hatred of these people, but not because of their race or background. I am not going to lie and say that I don’t hate them. They hate me, and I hate them. The hate is mutual. My posting history? 98% of the time when I comment about Japan, it’s usually after there are hate comments made by Japanese commentators involving Korea. It’s interesting that you have a problem with me only, but defend to death all the Japanese hate comments. Very interesting, Boris. Did I say anything that wasn’t true? We know for sure where this rumor came from. What is your problem with my point, other then your beef with my posting history? My posting history doesn’t effect the fact that the rumour came from Japan.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            ”98% of the time when I comment about Japan, it’s usually after there are hate comments made by Japanese commentators involving Korea”
   Count when you use multiple other names too

          • chucky3176

            I don’t use multiple names. Maybe you do, look at your ID.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Sure You do. I eyewitnessed you edit your name more than couple of times. lol

          • chucky3176

            Oh sure you can see everything what I do behind my computer. I believe you, Boris.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Poor boy. Chuky. I didnt mean to hurt you that much.
            Sorry Boris.

          • Boris

            That’s not me.

            I am sure the mods on here can vouch that for me. The IPs get logged and I am usually on these sites when I am at work and there is a lull (usually in the mornings).

          • Boris

            Did I defend everything?

            You attack everything Japanese. I would understand if it were racist posters, even 2ch, but no, you attack all Japanese.

            Not all Japanese hate Koreans and vice versa. There is an element in these countries of hating the other for the past and/or current rivalries.

            Your hatred makes anything you say about the target of your hate to be dismissed. You cannot be taken seriously. It’s the same for me when I won’t take the far right seriously or at their word when it comes to coloured people or immigrants.

            You claimed in another post that Yahoo Japan has comments hating on Korea and none of the others are like that. Yahoo US and UK have plenty of hateful comments about Muslims. You took that as a defence for Yahoo Japan rather than my criticism of Yahoo in general.

            And 98% of it is a joke. You have made plenty of comments when Korea wasn’t even mentioned or was a topic. You even defended trolls on the matter.

          • chucky3176

            I have irrefutable proof that this all got started from Japan.

            Japanese wiki which in itself is half fabricated (like the claim that poo wine is registered with UNESCO’s world heritage by South Korea), lists the history of how this poo wine from South Korea supposedly was discovered by the press.


            Read the トンスルに関する報道の歴史[編集] part of the link above, that it all started with Japan’s Rocket News in 2009, then it went viral in Livedoor site (2ch), then again in 2012 and blah blah blah. Straight from the horses mouth, in Japanese Wiki, bragging about how they’ve spread this rumor.

            You have accused me, in this thread, that I’m posting anti-Japan accusations blaming Japan for no good reason. Once again, my posting history got absolutely nothing to do with how this rumour got started.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            So this Korea Joongang Daily Japanese edition and this korean editer telling lies?


            You must be able to read about poo wine…

            Dongui Bogam registered as UNESCO world heritage was actually crap then…

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Your proof coulld be refutable.
            This is some article Korean version. Guess the same contents.


          • Xman2014

            Yo, you seriously equate an article that recalls what was recorded in ancient history, as irrefutable proof that Koreans drink poo wine? What is wrong with you Japanese?

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Yo, What is wrong with you? The frim beliefe that this BS were all created by Japanese media(s), could be refutable. That is what I said. You tell me, Xman. What were described with UNESCO registered Korean ancient medical journal are just craps or not. Korean news media and the editor are telling lies and hence are craps . Take into accountn what Choi posted. Whether I am Japanese or not is irrelevant isn’t it?

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Oi Xman, another Korean media column in 2005 as one of proofs which possibly refute yuor proof. Read well and try not to attribute everything you dont wanna berieve to Japanese.
            Its not just fair.


          • chucky3176

            I don’t recall making comments about Yahoo US or Yahoo UK. I think you’re confused me with someone else. But since you mention it..

            For god sakes I read the Japan Yahoo with 7 out of 10 top topics on Korea, day in and day out, with 99% of the comments bad mouthing Koreans. Even if Yahoo US and UK with their fair share of anti-Muslim comments don’t come close to total unanimous nature of Yahoo Japan who stand all alone in another total different level. Don’t fucking try to deny this, I doubt you can even read Japanese.

          • disgusting korean democracy

            Reading all the comments posted 7 out of 10 top topics on Korea everyday… What a waste of time.
            OK Japanese seems your 2nd or 3rd language, then sure you must know through other media or (through day-today life in Japan) what Boris meant….like Not all Japanese hate koreans… or… like Korean netizens are equal status in that regard. Hate bears hate. its mutual. Thats what you said.

          • Boris

            We had this thing abuot reading Japanese before. I cannot read Kanji, I can speak a bit and my Hiragana is ok. Saying that, I have no idea if you can speak Japanese or Chinese. Have you learned Hanja? And I don’t spend that much time on Yahoo because the commenters are very right wing.

          • JennyChang31

            Please understand Chucky suffers from a condition where he freezes up whenever faced with human contact. As a result he lives this Walter Mitty existence online which consumes his whole life. Ironically enough the name for his condition was coined by the Japanese (hikikomori) as its a big problem for their youth, hence the popularity of 2-chan.
            I think he believes he’s a warrior, a soldier, a sentry if you will who must defend his ancestral lands from all enemies. So the Japanese are to blame for everything.
            Its not his fault, please remember this.

        • ?

          Name of the drama and the link which shows this poop wine?

        • Hwang Dongseong

          In the same sense, can I consider Japanese as fucking subhuman cannibal?
          Actually I like common Japanese except for retards like you.

          Interview with a Cannibal:

          • bigmamat

            What the fuck are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about the Japanese. I didn’t say anyone was subhuman. What conversation are you in?

          • Boris

            I don’t know you, but if you follow Chucky, when it comes to Japan and Japanese, he has an intense hatred – some might call him racist based on it.

            And I though Bigmamat was an American woman. I could be wrong. We don’t know anyone truly here.

          • Xman2014

            And you sure like to defend Japan. Are you sure you’re not Japanese? You’re right, we sure don’t know anyone truly here.

          • Boris

            I’m not Japanese. But I guess anyone who says which can be taken to ‘defend’ Japan must be Japanese or neotyo (or whatever that term is), right?

            Some of us can actually see two sides of the coin. And it is fun picking on chucky about this. He does post some interesting stuff concerning Korea and its’ politics and/or culture.

          • Xman2014

            But he’s right on this. This rumor was started by Japanese netoyu.

          • Boris

            See my reply from another response to you.

            “…his posting history demonstrates a clear hatred for Japan and Japanese. It’s why I can’t take anything he says about Japan or Japanese seriously.”

        • Sillian

          I don’t know how serious you intend to be with the comment but I assume you do know the ‘fecal wine’ is irrelevant in modern Korea. I also first heard about it through the Japanese media. It was one of the quirky things in old herbal medicine recipes. It was due to false medical knowledge, not because they enjoyed it or whatever. Again, I assume you do know all this. So were you trying to be funny?

          • bigmamat

            No I actually wasn’t trying to be funny. But I don’t place a 21st century value on what people did in the past. Just like the whole eating dog thing. So what, sometimes people eat dogs. I don’t get why that’s a big deal considering how much people like to consume animal flesh. Not to mention the fact that we will find a way to eat just about anything that doesn’t kill us immediately out of either necessity or because it just fucking tastes good. Europeans had some pretty ridiculous notions about medicine and food back during the same time period. Let’s not get our panties in a bunch over some imagined slight.

          • Sillian

            But I don’t place a 21st century value on what people did in the past.

            Sure, but you said the following.

            Koreans would like this….since they have some strange affinity for excrement to point they have fecal wine….I guess if you get thirsty enough…

            Aren’t you talking about 21st century Koreans? Then what’s up with the association with fecal wine? I would get it if it was a lame joke but you claim it’s not even a joke. Hell, I didn’t know I have some ‘affinity’ for poop. How is your comment supposed to be understood?

          • bigmamat

            Maybe that was stretching it a bit. But I do watch Korean entertainment and taking a poop often figures fairly prominently as a source of comedy. Just recently I watched a drama where a guy was taking a dump out in the weeds and fell back in it. Always good for a laugh I guess. Maybe I should have said it’s a meme. There are so many instances of using the need to take a big raging dump in drama that it’s hard to remember how often. So it’s comedic meme in Korean entertainment does that sound better?

          • Sillian

            I know what you mean by poop jokes as comedic material, but you admit you were going too far with the fecal wine comment. That’s cool.

          • bigmamat

            Yeah I suppose but I have to tell you in western comedy you just don’t see quite so many bodily function references outside of a Jim Carrey movie. On prime time tv rarely at all, I’ve often wondered though when those people actually eat and take a piss….lol

      • Ewnerd Nasalo

        To be fair, Korean is hard to parse from just hearing it. For the longest time I too thought 동동주 was spelled 똥똥주

        That said I imagine Chucky a little like this:

    • Guest

      what the fuck?

  • Ken Morgan

    Err… this isn’t anything new. In fact you can do this with a beef jerky making machine. The only benefit I can see is that it harvests the heat for electricity. Though a pressure vessel to reduce the atmospheric pressure of the er place where the turds are heated up would significantly reduce the heat requirements. But of course there is the energy needed to generate the vacuum.

  • cant wait for bill to bring this machine to the ganges river lmao

  • Sean

    According to this article 25.4 BILLION people do not have toilets. Wow. I thought there were only 7 billion people in the world….. idiots.

    • Minjun

      Thanks for pointing that out Sean! It should be 2.54 billion, not 25.4 billion. I’ve updated it to reflect that change.

  • FYIADragoon

    Noblesse Oblige. A foreign concept to the wealthy of Korea where fortunes are inherited, not created.

  • SorayaVonDerAlm

    where in africa will this be installed? Which country? #AfricaIsNotACounty

    • BSDetector

      You make an excellent point, much more deserving of attention than anything discussed in the actual article.

      Nah I’m kidding, you’re an a55.

      • SorayaVonDerAlm

        why because I’m pointing out that Africa is not a country?

        • BSDetector

          Because the article doesn’t claim it is. It only says “installed in Africa”, so what? Things can’t be installed in Africa? Add to it you threw in a dumb hashtag reference showing you were clearly commenting to use this as a sounding board for something completely unrelated to the article.

    • Xman2014

      Nowhere. It’s just arrogant thinking by rich white people that poor people in Africa deserves something that’s made out of shit, and that the poor Africans would be so happy with this, since after all, beggars can’t be choosers, right? If I was an African, I would have been totally insulted.

      • BSDetector

        Technically considering what’s mainly used as fertilizer aren’t we all eating stuff that’s made out of 5hit?

        Considering how coveted reliable drinking water is on the global scale I’m not sure how this can be a bad thing.

        You grumpy cause Uncle Marmot’s MIA?

  • Are Koreans in awe of Gates, poop or water? I am in awe of your dramas, soju and bulgogi.

  • Guest

    looks like those keyboard warriors from kkksentry never noticed ddongburger restaurants, ddong bakery, or received a ddungchim.

  • Guest

    looks like those keyboard warriors from kkksentry never noticed ddongburger restaurants, ddong bakery, or received a ddongchim.

  • wtf…

    I wouldn’t drink that shit.

  • aasdf34sdf

    That water is probably cleaner than most tap water, because it’s purified and going through cleaner pipes. Truth.

  • I♥Anmahs

    What Bill Gates is doing is nothing new.

    And I did see see that poop wine story on Vice and I thought it was pretty cool.

  • Insomnicide

    Bill Gates is mechanical Jesus

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