Ulsan Man Fined One Million Won for Entering Women’s Bathroom

Recently in the city of Ulsan, a local man was fined for entering a women’s bathroom. Prosecutors cited the Special Sex Crimes Law in their case, which aims to prevent sexually related crimes and protect those who have been victims. Netizens criticized the case for diverting attention from serious sexual harassment, which, according to a January government report, is reported to the police only in 1.1% of cases. Other comments pointed out that women also mistakenly enter men’s bathrooms, and female cleaning staff sometimes make comments to men while they are working.

From The Kukmin Daily:

A peek into a women’s bathroom can lead to a million won fine

A court has announced that under the Special Sex Crimes Law, a male entering a female bathroom can be fined one million won.

On the 24th, the Ulsan District Court sentenced office worker Mr. A under the Special Act on Punishment for Crimes of Sexual Violence (invasion of public spaces for sexual purposes). His punishment includes a one million won fine and 40 hours in a sexual violence treatment program.

Last year, Mr. A was indicted for entering the women’s bathroom in an apartment complex just after exiting the men’s bathroom, allegedly to satisfy his sexual urges.

The prosecution stated that “while the defendant claims that it is not true he entered the women’s bathroom, the woman inside the bathroom at that time testified that a part of his body had crossed the entrance and moved inside.”

Also, “Even though the defendant denies that there was no intent to fulfill sexual desires, in light of his behavior and the account [given by the witness], we cannot accept his story.”

According to the court, “The nature of this offense violates the sense of peace and comfort in a public women’s restroom. Considering he ran away upon being discovered at the bathroom entrance and he lacks a criminal record, we have decided a fine would be the most appropriate punishment.”

Due to the possibility of further criminal behavior, the court also included a sexual violence treatment program in the punishment.

Comments from Naver:

And what about women who go into the men’s bathroom?


A little later this comment section will become a battlefield.


I really hate cleaning ladies. Those ladies who keep staring while I take a piss. Sometimes they giggle too, so should I sue them? So annoying. Can’t those kinds of ladies also be satisfying their sexual urges? What an annoying article to see as I start my morning.

korea men women bathroom

Why not fine men 100,000 won if they just brush up against sanitary pads in the convenience store as well?


If a man goes into the women’s bathroom, it’s harassment, but if a woman goes into the men’s room, it’s a mistake… Does that make any fucking sense?


Society turning men into pushovers.


I haven’t really been one to make malicious comments but this is ridiculous. Older ladies just smile and come into the men’s bathroom whenever the women’s bathroom is full. The men’s side has urinals out in the open so there’s a high probability of being exposed! Did you think it didn’t piss us off? Before calling for gender equality, let’s do a better job.


So if a woman goes even a little bit into the men’s bathroom, it’ll be also a million won, right?


Now even if you hear a cry for help from a women’s washroom, men shouldn’t go inside. The law will only change after some woman gets killed.


Even though I’m a woman too… this seems like it’s too much. It could’ve been a mistake. We don’t know if he was maybe looking for someone. For goodness sake, don’t make useless laws like this. Just focus on improving the life of common people… It’s not like the guy who went into the bathroom harmed any women ㅡㅡ It’s almost pathetic that I have to breathe and live in this kind of Korea.


Let’s get some cleaning men for bathrooms!


If a woman accidentally goes into the wrong bathroom, it’s a mistake, but if a man does it, he gets fined.


At places like rest stops or movie theaters, some women waiting for their turn in the bathroom just go into the men’s room, and whenever that happens do you know how embarrassed the men get? Why is there only a fine for men going into the women’s bathroom??


Let’s say you went into a women’s bathroom by mistake and some girl screams that you’re a sex criminal. Wouldn’t you run away too ㅡㅡ Obviously, it’s just a mistake.


Aren’t you allowed to just go through the door by mistake?


Should we sue the cleaning ladies in the men’s room?


I’m a woman but this just doesn’t seem right.. How do they know he wanted “to satisfy his sexual urges”? It could’ve just been a mistake.. The women’s bathroom isn’t an open-style bathroom anyway. All you could really see is someone washing her hands. I’ve seen this a few times, and the man gets embarrassed and runs away, so I just laugh it off as just another strange event..ke ke. I’m saying that we need to increase punishments for actual sex crimes, not this type of thing.

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  • harvz

    But seriously… Those ladies cleaning the men’s room give me the creeps too when they just walk in and clean while you’re doing your business.

    Close the restroom for 10 minutes while you make the rounds. There’s no reason why this should happen in a subway station or incheon airport for heaven’s sake

    • Mighty曹

      They actually come within inches as they sweep the mop around.

      • linette lee
        • Mighty曹

          Hahahaha…’soft’ and ‘short’ and ‘evidence’. LOL!

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        They always sneak a peak.
        At least that is my experience.
        I tend to use the cubicles anyway because it is a lot more private.
        Except in China….

        • Mighty曹

          If they peak then giggle I’ll be offended. LOL

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Well, what you don’t want to happen is they take a peak and then you see them talking to your boss (mine was female) who then informs you that the lady thinks you are handsome….

          • Y.h

            Didn’t you say you’re an East Indian heritage from UK? The Indians have the worlds smallest sized dick

          • Y.h

            The lady prolly laughed at you teeny weeny size

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Well, if that makes you feel any better, sure, that is what happened.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Of course I know Indians have one of the smallest dick sizes, and you know there are exceptions. I am not small or big, I would consider myself average for a western person. Now my dad, he was big down there. How I know this? Because he never locked the bloody bathroom door when he was using it!

            Anyway, according to data, India’s, Pakistan’s and Bangladesh’s average is higher than Korea.

            Pakistan>Bangladesh>Japan>China>Sri Lanka>India>Korea
            There isn’t much between them other than a CM of differences.

            Then you could look into the flaccid state vs. erect state.

            Anyway, my experience of Korea was that older women, around 40+ would comment on how handsome I am or kids at 13-15 and under.

          • Y.h

            Not “one of the smallest”, it’s THE smallest period at only 5cm. Lol

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            The computer says ‘No.’

          • Sillian

            This talk is petty and stupid but because of that very nature, the myth has been perpetuated even more. After all, someone even made this blog to debunk it. xD


            In other words, there have never been any uniformly controlled measurements across the world for this sort of thing.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger


            Can’t read the blog here in China, but why do the Chinese, Koreans and the Japanese have such a ‘complex’ about penis size? According to Y.h. Indians are apparently the smallest yet, they have no issues of penis inferiority.

            I know the rumour about black men being big. Now, I’m not black so how often do black men have to deal with people trying to sneak a peak while they are at a urinal in a public toilet compared in US/UK/Canada/Western Nationto that in Korea, China, and Japan (I had had that happen in two of those countries listed)?

            It would be hard to find data on it as it would only be anecdotal.

            Anyway, most guys when taking a leak will have their penises in its flaccid state and not its erect state. So even looking at it in that state doesn’t really tell you if a guy is small or big (unless there is something clearly saying otherwise).

          • Sillian

            At first, there was trolling from some Japanese netizens and later media picked it up. Initially Korean netizens were puzzled but didn’t care much because it’s a stupid topic to argue about but there had to be debunking at some point because various international media began citing each other and reinforced it for years. So much so that whenever the words ‘Korean’ and ‘penis’ were put together, you will always find someone shouting ‘the smallest in the world!’ The myth was easily debunked even though there was shaming to block any attempt to debunk the obviously misleading results because the table showed spiking gaps between neighboring countries, which apparently indicated differences in the methodology rather than the reality.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I read that most of the time, people just ask the men their size. Now, if that is how it was carried out, either some people are really honest with their size or over/undercompensating for some other reason.

          • Sillian

            Self measurement is commonly used. Sometimes they measure the flaccid ‘stretched’ length instead of the erectile length.

          • johnny foreigner

            around 13cm erect is still pretty small man

          • Mighty曹


      • Steven Richards

        The cleaning lady is probably mopping up the last guy’s bad aim!

  • NSA


  • Thor

    “the woman inside the bathroom at that time testified that a part of his body had crossed the entrance and moved inside.”
    “A part of his body”.

  • commander

    What many men call an absurd verdict appears to be based on the two assumptions: Criminal intention is the crucial criterion to determine criminality;men are more liable to sexual crimes than women.

    If a cleaning woman steps into a men’s restroom to do he work there, there is no criminality element in it though her presence is a big embarassment to men inside standing to deal with nature calls.

    In a rare case, a woman also could commit sexually assault or harass a man, but it is still not common. The main culprit in sexual crimes are men.

    Coupled with these assumptions, the growing calls for strengthened punishment against sexual crime perpetrators may work when the court deliberated over the sentencing for the man.

    But the beefed up punishment for convicted sexual offenders is one thing, the circumstantial evidence-based(that is, no concrete evidence proving his guilt) punishment is another.

    Harshier punishment for sexual crimes can be justified as much as evidence is concrete, reliable and clear.

    • Mighty曹

      If it can be proven (not assumed) that a man enters a woman’s restroom with the intention of committing a sexual assault or even to simply masturbate then I strongly support the harsh punishment.

      This man’s antic does appear suspicious as he had just exited the men’s room. We have all mistakenly entered a women’s room but never after coming out of the men’s room. As with the Japanese man who got arrested for simply entering the women’s room the laws should be more clearly defined.

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        The problem is this:

        ‘The prosecution stated that “while the defendant claims that it is not true he entered the women’s bathroom, the woman inside the bathroom at that time testified that a part of his body had crossed the entrance and moved inside.”’

        So we do not even know if he was fully inside the toilet. It mentions a part of his body was.

        There isn’t much to go on in the article. So we have to make some assumptions. Either A – He left the men’s bathroom, was entering the women’s bathroom when the woman saw him and he made an hastey retreat to not get caught. OR B- Some other as we haven’t got anything else to go on really. It could be the men’s was full so he’d quickly head over to the women’s.

        I do remember once I was in a park in Busan and was going to use a public facility when I entered, I saw a half naked man washing his arse in the sink. He saw me and quickly retreated to the cubicle and I also retreated away from the public toilets and waited until I got to another toilet.

        • Mighty曹

          It wouldn’t be a bad idea to install CCTV’s at the entrances. But there will be complaints of invasion of privacy.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            It does depend on how the enterences are like. It would be easier if the CCTVs do not actually show the inside. I don’t think too many would complain as long as it was easy to see and not invading the ‘private’ place.

  • linette lee

    Are you for real?????? The cleaning lady is inside cleaning the male bathroom while the men are using the bathroom? What kind of country is South Korea? Is this common? This is the first time I see this. Don’t they close the bathroom a while for the cleaning crew to clean? You put a sign there no??

    • firebert5

      Never once saw this anywhere in the US, but it happens pretty much always here in Harbin, China. Didn’t imagine it would happen in South Korea.

      • chucky3176

        This only tells me linette lee knows dick all about China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. She probably has never even been there.

        • David

          I believe she is from Hong Kong Chucky and lives in the U.S. now, so I imagine she at least knows a little about HK.

    • Mighty曹

      Actually this is very common in Asia.

    • Doge Wallace

      They do this in the United States as well. At least in the building I work in, which is in California.

      • linette lee

        Never seen it in USA. At least not where I am at. Never seen it in HK neither. And I doubt they do that in Singapore or Taiwan. A woman cleaning while the men peeing in front of her? Can you imagine you have to do that job. It’s common in Asia? hahaha..lol. I am not very good handling this type of job if I have to work there.

        • d-_-b

          But China has the worst washrooms in Asia according to tourists and ESL teachers.

        • Doge Wallace

          Well how many men’s restrooms have you been inside?

          • linette lee

            No really. It’s not the norm. Are you a man? You have no problem peeing in front of a cleaning woman? I am surprised cleaning ladies don’t mind. I am not saying it’s bad but I was just surprised when I see this.

    • harvz

      “What kind of country is South Korea?”

      Yes, let’s judge an entire country on the merits of the ladies doing the floor mopping. How stupid are you?

      • linette lee

        You are stupid. Dumba55.

      • linette lee

        Be nice. Don’t be so mean. I buy this for you if you be nicer to me. Toilet time is a good time to relax.


        • harvz

          Thanks, but if I wanted to smack something across the bathroom floor with a long shaft I’d just invite you over.

          • linette lee

            No thank you, but you can smack your head against the toilet if you want.

  • Patricks

    A little odd going to the bathroom when a cleaning lady is in there but doesn’t really bother me. This man’s intent was to be a perv. He didn’t enter by mistake because he just came out of the man’s bathroom. As it was also an apartment complex this tells me he’s also likely familiar with the place which makes it even more pervy of the fellow.

  • Mighty曹

    [email protected] “I really hate cleaning ladies. Those ladies who keep staring while I take a piss. Sometimes they giggle too, so should I sue them? So annoying. Can’t those kinds of ladies also be satisfying their sexual urges?”
    But…. I do feel a bit sorry for them for the type of work that they do (I’m sure it isn’t they first choice of work). I encounter these cleaning ladies mostly in shopping centers and airports throughout Asia. I actually smile and say ‘hello’ to them to show appreciation of their work. No, it was not for my sexual desire, mind you.

    • bigmamat

      Can’t those kinds of ladies also be satisfying their sexual urges?….Evidently not since they were giggling…

      • Mighty曹


        • bigmamat

          Sorry…you left yourself wide open for that one.

          • Mighty曹

            Nope. I was merely laughing at the original poster’s comment (in bold).

  • bigmamat

    You won’t see this in the west but then you won’t find these in the west either….


    • linette lee

      wow…………………hahahaha…lol. I don’t understand this neither. You can take a nice hot bubble bath at home, so why do it in public with other naked strangers?

      • bigmamat

        And they freak out cause some old broad with a broom sees them pee…

        • Sillian

          The old broad is still female. xD

          • bigmamat

            I guess I see your point although…

      • chucky3176

        You’ve never been in one, have you? You don’t know what you’re missing. No, having a bath at home is not the same thing. This picture doesn’t do justice because of the old men. And there are higher end places. But once you’re done in there, where there’s hot/cold water and more water splashing down on you to give you a relaxing massage, your dead skin literally falls off from your body. You lightly scrub them off, and rinse the dirt away. You soap up, rinse them off in the shower, and then you soak in the extremely hot water bath. After fifteen minutes, you go to the cold water bath to cool off and freeze your ass for few minutes. Out you come again, this time, you head to the hot sauna where you spend 10 minutes. Come out again and repeat the cycle. The trick is to not spend more than an hour inside the place or you risk health problems. But once you’re done and you come outside, your whole skin head to toe is pink, soft, and supple. If you have acne, I guaranteed that it will relieve it because all your pores that were stuck with oil, have been released.

        • linette lee

          No thank you. I have never been to a spa or gym. Never did manicure or pedicure at nail salon. Never been to a beauty salon or plastic surgery clinic. I am just fine. I know how to groom myself without all those salon, sauna, and spa. And no I don’t have acne problem. All I need is a good face cleanser, face body scrub and moisturizer. A manicure set, razor and wax. My bathroom is my personal spa. I don’t need to walk around half naked in front of strangers to some sauna.

          • d-_-b

            Are you one of those so called bananas?

            Your last name is Lee, but you don’t seem to know / respect Asian culture at all -_-

          • David

            That is ridiculous. My wife is also Asian (born and lived there for 35 years) and neither her nor any of her friends goes to places like this. I have been going to Asia (Korea, Japan, Thailand and now China) for 30 years and the number of native friends who have recommended I do this I can count on one hand (I have done it a few times but never enjoyed it). Most of those who I ask about it consider it ‘dirty’ and prefer bathing at home.

          • d-_-b

            Your Asian friends didn’t ask you to do it because they knew you wouldn’t understand it. Yes not everyone in Asia goes to public baths but majority of people do. That’s why there exist millions of public baths. There’s nothing “ridiculous” about it. Should I remind you that public bathing existed in ancient Greece, Rome and 20th century USA also? You whites wearing shoes at home, that’s literally “dirty”. You bring dirt in your house and breathe in dirt because of that.

          • Rayna

            lol a white asian fetishist lecturing asian people on what their culture should be and how appropriate their views are. how cute.

          • namepen

            Please expand on what you mean by ‘Asian people’ and ‘Asian culture’.

            The Asian continent contains countless races and cultures, who would blandly throw around ‘Asian’ as if it meant something.

          • bigmamat

            I didn’t mean to suggest there was anything disgusting about a public bath. Just that it’s funny 30 people at once can look at your dick and your butt crack but one little old lady can’t, maybe, see you pee. That’s even if she bothers to look. I love men they crack me up sometimes.

          • Rayna

            “Are you one of those so called bananas?”

            oh shut up you stupid racist.

          • bigmamat

            I too, for years had a phobia about getting a pedicure. Finally I did it but I’ve only done it a few times. I usually do my own. I have been skinny dipping a few times in my life but that was mostly with people I know. Hot tubs, Americans do hot tubs.

          • linette lee

            hahah. I do skinny dipping with someone I love too but not in public. I am not against sharing bath. lol.

        • David

          No thanks.

      • David

        I agree 100%. I have no desire to see a bunch of other men naked. This is not social fun for me.

  • chris

    the cleaning ladies are such a double standard. when i go to a bath house in Japan, you always see cleaning ladies picking up towels from the bin while men walk around naked. imagine how much outrage it would spark if the gender roles were reversed!

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    Usually the cleaners will put a sign out front saying there is some cleaning going on, or that was my experience in Europe and north America. If you’re a guy, you’d wait until they are done or use a cubicle if you really had to go.

    Anyway, according to the article, the man left the men’s and just slightly entered the woman’s bathroom. Like not fully in it. Now, I don’t know about you, and I am going by what I am reading, he wasn’t fully inside and still got fined.

    The problem with these laws is not the law itself but how it is applied.

  • noshitbutsmile

    I have a dream that one day monkeys stop laughing at monkeys.

  • Guest23

    Seems pretty silly and outright can’t taken seriously if they start handling sexual crimes that is kinda petty, long way to go.

  • Rayna

    “And what about women who go into the men’s bathroom?”

    lmao like that’s the same thing. let’s take a look at those rape stats again shall we?

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      There was a tv show called The Estate Agents, and there was one episode where the cocky-i’m a ladies man-character was in a bar, and a fat lady starts talking to him. After a she pints he looks hot. He spends the night with her. The next morning as he was making his escapes, she corners him, pulls out a gun and rapes him. It’s not as funny written down as actually see it happening in the show. Every time someome mentions a man getting raped by a woman, I am reminded of that scene.

    • Sillian

      But the guy didn’t rape anyone. He was punished for entering a women’s bathroom. Offenders are punished for what they actually did instead of what’s statistically more likely to happen in certain scenarios.

  • That’s marvelous

    … and at the same time it is fully accepted that Korean women regularly get raped by their boyfriend/husband.

    • BSDetector

      Enflame much?

      • That’s marvelous

        It’s a sick reality though. I know several women that have experienced it, and they didnt even break up over it. So you could say it’s accepted. Just as accepted as that a Korean man is allowed to cheat as long as he is wealthy.

        • BSDetector

          Wait a second, I thought you were talking about rape? Now you’re on cheating… The story is about some weirdo getting his perv on in the bathroom. He was caught and fined, not sure why you have a problem with this or how it’s a valid bridge to the gender issues of Korea.

  • Alexis Lee

    “Society turning men into pushovers.” i just totally agree with that. For example, once one korean woman posted a requirement against EVERY MAN WHO USUALLY RIDES BUS IN THE MORNING. She was arguing that whenever she feels someone else’s body part in the bus, she would feel so gross. Fortunately she erased that post and apologized, many women’s attitude are changing in weird way. Referring to the earlier term of 2000, women always tried to get their right insisting “gender equality”. Girls, you guys went so far. It’s time to calm down.

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