Mothers Get Plastic Surgery to Look More Like Their Daughters

Korean plastic surgery clinics are reporting a rise in the number of mothers seeking to have plastic surgery at the same time that their daughters. Mothers seek to modify their own appearance to hide any contrast with children’s new bodies, which could lead potential in-laws to realize that the girl’s appearance is fake.

Netizens mercilessly mocked the vanity of both mother and daughter, and asked if the grandchildren will also have to get plastic surgery to hide the family secret.

From Munhwa Ilbo:

Worried Their Daughter’s Plastic Surgery Procedures Will Be Found Out, Mothers Too Are Now Opting For Their Own “Face-Off”

Mothers elect to get plastic surgery to look more like their daughters.

Bung-oe-bbang (붕어빵), a popular molded fish-shaped snack sold by street vendors, is used to describe a child and parent who strongly resemble each other. Someone might see a mother and daughter and say, “They are completely bung-eo-bbang”, like this man…

Post-Sunung exam, Gangnam clinic offers “Mother-daughter discount”

On January 8th, Mrs. Jeon, 50, and her daughter, Miss Jeong, 22, had double eyelid and nose surgeries together in Gangnam-gu’s Sinsa district. Mrs. Jeong found herself on the operating table after being advised to join her daughter for surgery to “fix” their looks and better match with one another. Miss Jeong, with single eyelids and a low nose bridge, already had her consultation and was set to get the surgery prior to her year of study abroad. To allay her fears of a future son-in-law hearing about her daughter possibly having had double eye-lid surgery, Mrs. Jeong was determined to get the surgery as well.

Recently relocated Mrs. Song, 45, would hear her new neighbors at the local bathhouse always praise her daughters’ figures unabashedly, saying things like: “They are just as pretty as their mother.” But the truth is, Mrs. Song, along with her two university student daughters, had breast augmentation and thigh liposuction surgeries last year. Due to the exorbitant ₩15 million (USD $14,000) fee, Mrs. Song got a lot of protest from her husband, but did it in the hopes that her daughters would not suffer from any body complex issues as she once had.

According to an industry report released January 10th, the biggest plastic surgery clinics in all of Seoul’s Gangnam district show a rise in 40-50 year-old housewives getting “mother-daughter combo” plastic surgeries. The purpose of the surgeries is to hide the truth of their daughter’s surgeries. These instances occur most often after the daughters take their college entrance exams and become university students or ahead of their daughter’s marriage, when the mothers want to hide the fact that their daughters had previous surgery and try to match their look. For this reason “mother-daughter combo” service discounts are popping up at certain hospitals. At one renowned nosejob clinic in Gangnam’s Nonhyeon-dong neighborhood, daughters who accompany their mothers undergoing surgery can get free Botox injections.

Comments from Naver:

Then they will have to get their babies surgeries right after birth, ke ke ke ke.


Anyway, it’s game over when the daughter has a baby, ke ke ke. Also, plastic surgeries are obvious.


This is certainly odd.


What a funny article! Guys can tell if women have or haven’t had surgeries. What a case of putting your head in the sand!


Sigh, what a funny country…


The mothers should just speak honestly that they wanted the surgeries, too.


You had surgery but don’t want to hear others mention it? Ke ke ke ke. There’s nothing to say, ke ke ke ke ke.


Hundreds of years from now, our descendants will see their silicone corpses and will be shocked. And their cremation leads to noxious gases which will kill off the environment, ke ke ke.


They pretend they are worried about their daughters but really it’s just their vanity speaking, ke ke. Do you think the mothers of Kim Hee-sun, Lee Young-ae, Jeon Ji-hyun or Kim Tae-hee [famous actresses known for natural beauty] are all epitomes of beauty? Ke ke ke.


What’s with getting plastic surgery before your study abroad? A study abroad is for studying, right? Or are we talking about an “adult” study abroad?


I’m also a woman, but…this is fucking crazy.


A study abroad year, so why plastic surgery? You should be studying, so what’s with the face off?


You can change the outside, but not the inside.


Personally, I don’t prefer women who go under the knife over girls who are a bit ugly. How should I put it… They’re like robots. Of course, natural beauties are the best beauties.


It would be rather shocking for the husbands to be deceived before marriage and then see the kid. Although I can respect her decision to go under the knife, her hubby would get pretty upset later.

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