Korean Man Eats Neighbor’s Pet Dog, Gets Slap on the Wrist

Article from MoneyToday:

Light Punishment for Man who Killed Neighbor’s Pet Dog to Eat

Last September, 23-year-old Park Ji-hye, a resident of Cheongsong, North Gyeongsang Province, was shocked to discover her pet dog of eight years, named Gillyongyi, had become someone’s meal.

A 60-year-old man who lived next door killed her pet dog after it briefly left her yard, then ate the dog.

The killing outraged Ms. Park, who had thought of her dog as a younger brother. What has been more infuriating is the light punishment her neighbor received for the slaughter.

The lighter than anticipated punishment came after the police in charge of this case treated it as a case of “damaged property” rather than animal abuse.

The police explained to her that the property damage law can slap a heavier punishment on the offender, but Park vented pent-up anger saying, “Gillyongyi was my family. Is he someone else’s property?”

A photo of Gilyonggi as a puppy and then full grown that the owner put online

A photo of Gilyonggi as a puppy and then full grown that the owner put online

Photo of dog meat, thought to be Gilyonggi, discovered in the neighbor's home.

Photo of dog meat, thought to be Gilyonggi, discovered in the neighbor’s home.

With the prevalence of nuclear families and rapidly aging demographics, a growing number of people regard pets as life companions, setting the stage for the pet industry to grow exponentially. In a marked contrast to growing acceptance of pet animals, animal protection policy and law is still in its infancy.

Act of Killing a familiy member is equal to property damage act?

There are reported;y many cases where companion pets were slain but it is considered an act of property damage in legal investigations, thus not falling under animal protection act.

In once case from October 2013, a man in his thirties killed a dog named Rusi after her owner, his girlfriend, said she wanted to break up with him. In a fit of anger, the man threw the dog off the 14th floor of an apartment building, then stomped him to death when he was found to be alive on the ground. The dog had been with ex-girlfriend for 14 years. The man was fined ₩3 million on a charge of property damage.

In another case announced on February 11, 2014, a 50-something man faced ₩300,000 in fines after he killed his neighbor’s Rottweiler with an electric saw. He was accused of damaging property.

Why is the killing of a creature regarded as destruction of property?

The Korean Organization for the Protection of Cats (KOPC) said, “(The reason why these cases happen is) the animal protection act specifies outrageously light punishments. The relevant law should be beefed up to harshly punish animal abusers.”

According to present animal protection law, those who mistreat animals can face one year or less in prison or a fine of up to ₩10 million.

This is in contrast to the property damage law, which provides for a prison sentence of three years or less, or up to ₩7 million in fines.

The tougher punishment stipulated in the property damage law explains why the police seek to apply the latter to animal abusers.

The KOPC said, “some advanced nations put animal abusers in prison, showing a stark contrast with South Korea, which imposes fines of ₩200,000-300,000 for animal abuse. Along with stepped up punishment, various programs should be introduced, including community service and education programs.”

In the United States in 2009, a woman who shot a 6-week-old dog to death was sentenced to five years behind bars and a $500 fine.

The same year, a Polish woman also was subject to a two year prison sentence after she was found to have starved a pregnant dog to death.

Animal Abuses Turn into Crimes against Humans?

Experts point out that animal abusers could commit a crime against humans, calling for a tougher animal protection law and changes in social awareness.

KOPC Representative Kim said, “We should consider the killing of a life without a sense of guilt to be alarming. A human being could be the next target of such aggression.”

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said after analyzing 387 serial killers, “Serial killers tend to begin abusing animals to get an understanding about how to abuse creatures, before they do harmful acts against fellow humans.”

Reinforcing the FBI’s findings, Yoo Young-cheol, a notoriously prolific murderer who killed 23 women, including an elderly couple, is said to have killed small animals like rats and cats when he was a child.

Another serial killer, Kang Ho-soon, who murdered eight women in southwestern Gyeonggi Province, is said to have raised dogs and chickens, then slaughtered, hanged or starved them in a brutal manner.

Chief Vet. Lee So-ra of the Veterinary Medical Teaching School, affiliated with Seoul National University, said, “Criminal psychologists consistently said a common trait running through serial killers is the habit of abusing animals at a young age. This means that if animal abusers go unnoticed and unchecked, they can turn into a criminal detrimental to families and social security. We should bear this in mind.”

Anti-dog meat activits hold a rally in Seoul.

Anti-dog meat activists stage a rally in Seoul. What critics call a barbaric practice has long been a bone of contentions in South Korea. Some claim dog meat culture needs to be respected as other livestock around the world are slaughtered for eating. There is also a distinction made between dogs intended for the slaughterhouse and pet dogs.

Comments from Daum:


Is he out of his mind? How could he eat a pet dog? Did he drool whenever he saw the dog?

오자서: [responding to above]

Dogs on the loose should be eaten up. In the eyes of that bitch owner, the dog is a cute pet, but for a parent with a little daughter, that same dog can be a frightening monster. I think it’s good the man ate the dog.

대명용이: [responding to 스폰지]

There are other breeds of dogs for eating. Let’s not bash the eating of dog meat itself.


If I were her, I would want to punch him to death. How could he kill and eat that dog?


What’s the point of this 60-year-old man going on living if all he cares about is increasing his stamina after consuming what was a beloved animal? Even if it helps with his stamina, he will not use the stamina for good. He’s definitely not the kind of man who goes around doing good deeds.

gyudam: [responding to above]

Isn’t it wrong that the owner let a dog that could harm people go free???


There is no way to handle a man like him other than burying him deep into the ground.


Go to a dog meat restaurant. Don’t steal other dogs for eating.

Comments from Naver:


Why does the article bring up Rottweilers? Why doesn’t the article say that some developed nations would charge an owner with attempted murder when a fierce dog is unattended without a lead and a muzzle, like a Rottweiler?

lee7****: [responding to above]

That’s right. A line needs to be drawn between a case where a person is threatened by a fierce dog, and this one.


Did he really eat someone else’s pet dog for stamina? He might as well eat up a baby next door at this rate. What a barbaric act!

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  • Chucky3176

    That American woman who got five years for shooting the dog, if she had murdered a human, she would have gotten the same five years sentencing in Korea. In Korea, a man’s life is worth less than the dog’s rights in America. This is not about the animal rights issue, this is about law and punishment against crimes against humans or lack there of. The courts can’t even give proper protection to people, never mind they worry about animals.

    • Sillian

      Why do you think jail terms aren’t increased despite the constant criticism from the public?

      • Brett

        Is that rhetorical? Sentences haven’t been and aren’t being increased.

        • Sillian

          It was a literal question.

    • Trayboon

      “if she had murdered a human, she would have gotten the same five years sentencing in Korea”

      Exept if the human was black
      If he’s black he won’t go to jail

      • sheila m

        you mean if the human was black, he will be in jail or shot dead.. blacks make up the most inmates in prison, incarcerated for murder, rape, child rape and abuse, theft, home invasions etc, in the u.s., u.k.

        • narim

          I think they mean if the person killed is black the killer will not go to jail. commenting on the many cases where no one is charged, or killers are found innocent.

        • guest

          White people like Jimmy Sarville don’t go to prison when they commit child rape.

      • implying blacks are humans

    • David

      I have been astonished and confused by this for almost thirty years. I know Koreans like to believe that there are no evil people and that almost everybody deserves a second, third, forth, fifth and sixth chance to be good. Thus most crimes that are considered serious in other countries routinely get light fines or very short jail time in Korea.

    • Guest

      It’s because dogs are so much like us in their emotional perception of the universe. Whites therefore have compassion and empathy for them, the same reason we don’t eat humans. A chicken is a much less intelligent animal than a dog, same with cows, tuna, fish, pigs, etc. I don’t think we should be cruel to the less intelligent animals, but we eat meat, so that’s that. Whites avoid eating the more intelligent animals, it’s compassionate. That is why they don’t like to kill dolphins when we catch tuna. They are incredibly bright, sentient beings and we don’t want to be cruel to them. Koreans lack this human component. That’s why they eat dogs. That’s why the guy on the internet eating a HUMAN FETUS is ASIAN. That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen, BTW.

      • morondetector

        pigs are more intelligent than dogs you idiot

        also intelligence has nothing to do with how much an animal suffers

        • I still like bacon

          Think about it whenever you eat steak, sausage and stuff

          Thank about the pigs, social, intelligent and nice creatures that were slaughtered just because you want to make yourself a sandwich

          Think about the cow who maybe lived in insane condition, who maybe never tasted grass or anything

          When you think about… I’d rather not think about it at all

    • Strawberryicon

      I don’t get it. Koreans live in a homogenous society. Why r they oppressing themselves?

  • harvz

    Would’ve murdered him.

  • Guest

    What the hell… what a sadistic bastard. What kind of monster eats their neighbours pet dog?? He probably saw her with the dog many times and yet he still murdered and ate it… and the man that threw the dog from 14 stories and then stomped it to death.. how can Korea give him such a laughable punishment?? He’s obviously a danger to society, hopefully it went on his record, like what if he tries to work with children???

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Millions of animals get killed in the slaughter house everyday. Therefore all slaughter house owners and their workers should be killed? LMFAO.

      • harvz

        I agree with what you said a degree. The issue to me isn’t that he ate a dog, but that he ate somebody’s pet. That is fucked up, and he should have his teeth shattered for doing so.

        But I don’t think that a dog somehow has a more valuable life than a cow or chicken.

        • SakiVI

          I disagree. If the dog is a pet, then the dog has greater value to the owner than an animal raised for monetary gain.

      • Torgrim

        You’re not very good at identifying distinctions are you?

      • Guest

        What is wrong with you? Obviously there is a difference between killing someones pet and killing animals raised for consumption. -_- If that dog had been raised on a farm to be eaten then it’d be different, but it wasn’t. It was a persons pet.

    • bigmamat

      Let’s be clear here, murder is what you do to humans not animals. So the elevated language doesn’t help your case. Are the stories they related disgusting, you bet. Throwing his girlfriend’s 14 year old pet off the balcony. She’s lucky it was the dog and not her. Killing someone’s Rottie with a saw, gross. Are these people capable of violence, obviously, are they dangerous to society, perhaps. Are they “murders”, no they are not.

      • SakiVI

        They’re dangerous to society. It’s a slippery slope from torturing and killing an animal to doing the same to a human being. Those animals have nerve endings, blood, muscle, and, feelings like fear. Throwing a dog off a balcony and stomping on its neck later or attacking a dog with a chainsaw is too similar to doing that to a human to just let it go. It shows the perpetrator can’t or won’t appreciate another’s pain and fear. Plus, once the perpetrator does something like that once, any barrier they had comes down and they’re willing to do it again, and more, eventually to humans. So, such a perpetrator is dangerous.

        • bigmamat

          I completely disagree. People can and do differentiate between humans and animals all the time. I didn’t say that the two horrendous incidents listed were not disgusting or unfortunate. I also didn’t say that animal cruelty and sociopathic behavior don’t often go hand in hand. I’m a bit familiar with serial killers and the so called pathology because I used to like true crime and any manner of grisly stuff. I also agree that there should be laws that prevent people from doing these things. I draw the line at calling it murder.

          • SakiVI

            I can see why you’d draw the line at calling it murder. Probably there needs to be a new name for this crime because it’s beyond simple property damage.

            Re that disgusting old man who ate someone else’s pet: was he really that starving? Were there no soup kitchens? He probably did it to harass the owner. I hope he gets bullied back so he knows what it’s like. I really loathe people like him with no care for anyone else except themselves.

          • bigmamat

            The old guy that ate the dog was obviously doing it for one or two reasons. He had a grievance against his young neighbor and/or he just thought he was entitled to because he’s a 60 year old Korean man. I understand Korean old people get away with a lot of shitty behavior because they can.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            The guy who threw the dog out the window and when he found it survived he kicked it more to ensure it died has a few screws loose. Firstly, when someone does throw a living thing out the window at that height, something should really hit them, like “Oh, shit! What the hell did I just do?” but in this case the guy, when finding it alive stomped on it until it was dead.

            People in Korea as well as China do eat dogs. People’s pet dogs and cats getting stolen is quite common in China and the animals are killed for their meat and either sold in markets or to restaurants (and there are cases where they are sold to people as being meat of other animals such as pig, lamb, cow, etc.). Anyway, the old guy was being a ‘douch’ as my friend would say but since it is like Chicken to him, we shouldn’t be labeling him a murderer or a psycho.

          • bigmamat

            I think westerners shouldn’t mess with Koreans about eating dogs. It’s just bullshit from my perspective it isn’t like any culture has a sterling history of its treatment of animals. Koreans aren’t any more disgusting in their behavior toward animals than any other culture.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            True, but then you could say the same about the French and frog legs and snails. And they call the Brits, ‘Roast Beef’. Everyone has their own vices, like that dish that is made of goose liver i believe. Anyway, the point is more to do with the fact that the guy who through the dog out the window and stomped on it isn’t normal or healthy.

            The second part kinda went off on something else, it happens a lot to me as I do/think of different things at the same time. Basically the point of that one was meant to be that how Westerners feel about chicken, is probably the same as the old guy and dogs.

      • Guest

        Honestly I don’t see how you can read the stories about a man killing his neighbours dog and eating it, and another brutally and callously murdering a dog by throwing it from 14 stories and them stomping it and say you think they may not be dangers to others. If they did something like that then there is something wrong with them. Normal people don’t do stuff like that.

        • bigmamat

          Normal people kill animals all the time and don’t kill people. I didn’t say the two incidents mentioned were not disgusting nor did I say they should be legal. I don’t think they should. I just draw the line at calling someone who kills an animal a murderer.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Normal people have kill animals for food such as those bred for it or while hunting. Some people have done it for sport or even as a job to keep a population of a certain animal from exploding.

            But the incidents here are different. It is not like these people were hunting for food. This is a man, who killed his neighbour’s pet. Normal people do not do that. Normal people don’t put a chainsaw to a dog.

            But you are right. These people are not murderers.

          • bigmamat

            I wouldn’t consider any of this mentioned normal everyday behavior. I just understand that some people can be less concerned about killing as long as it isn’t human. I’m from the American south and we hunt here. Every single one of the men and boys and a few of the girls hunt. They raise hunting dogs in my part of the country, hunting dogs are not pets. Dog fighting is an old tradition as well as cock fighting. Both illegal of course now. I think it’s funny to argue about a subject like this with non Koreans. Westerners act even more obtuse which is funny coming from our history of violence, toward animals and humans.

            I don’t know why everyone believes that stiffer punishment is always the answer to everything. I understand that Korea has a relatively lower crime rate compared to the west. I’m not sure westerners should be advocating the same kind of tactics we’ve employed to combat crime. We’ve just turned my country into incarceration nation. Koreans have this figured out. This stuff doesn’t happen all the time. Somewhere right now in the U.S. there are millions of pet animals being mistreated. We don’t know how to give them advice.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            Punishment should fit the crime. Just because USA has its issues doesn’t mean Korea can sentence a guy who rapes a chick to 2 years in a cosy prison (or pay blood money) and be out again, unreformed to do it again.

            When I worked in Korea, an American woman working in the the same city was raped. The guy lived in the opposite building and use to spy on her. One night, he climbed up the building and broke into her home. She asked him not to kill her. He raped her and left her there. She called the police and they found him fairly quickly. He even had a telescope that was pointed directly at her home. The police actually pressured her to take the ‘money’ and not press much charge. I am told this is done to show remorse to the caught and also to help keep the sentence low. He offered her basically 3million won or something around that figure. I am told he got 2 years. All the while, the police and prosecutors were urging her to take the money.

            As long as the punishment befits the crime, I have no issues with stiffer punishment.

          • bigmamat

            I think westerners have a problem with the justice system in SK because it is quite different. All I can say is that I’m more in favor of some kind of middle ground, somewhere between a high usage of the death penalty and getting off free. I can’t really speak for Korea so much because in many ways this is a part of their culture that is very different.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I am not so pro death penalty but I don’t think it should be removed from the table entirely.

            People do have issues with Korean law when they see things about it they do not agree with. I do. I also complain about laws back home that I don’t agree with (either too light or too harsh or not properly implemented). It isn’t just down to it being different or the culture. And I don’t like culture being used as an excuse. I have seen how culture can make people closed minded.

          • bigmamat

            I don’t think it’s the culture so much as the type of justice system that Korea has adopted. I don’t know enough about the different systems to have a real opinion. I do know that in the U.S. we have criminal and civil law. Korean law seems to be more like civil law in the U.S. where if you break the law and harm someone you can mitigate your punishment by offering monetary compensation. I think Americans might actually like this kind of law in certain circumstances. Often with criminal law in the U.S. if any fine is to be paid it’s to the state not the victim. Victims of crime often have to go back into civil court in order to get any kind of compensation for their suffering.

          • sheila m

            wow, that’s pretty sick. he climbed up the building to rape her?? what the fuck is wrong with some of these asian males? is it true that some asians (koreans) fantasize about having sex with whites? truly sickening and disgusting.

          • bigmamat

            Where have you been, in a convent, in some remote location? You think only Asian males rape people? What do you mean is it true some Asians (Koreans) fantasize about having sex with whites? Is fantasizing disgusting or fantasizing about whites disgusting? How old are you anyway? Does your mommy know your’e on the internet?

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I have no ideas about “fantasize about having sex with whites?” but I am sure any straight guy has fantasize about having sex with women, especially when they hit puberty.

          • Chucky3176

            2 years for rape in Korea is pretty common and a tad harsh. Whether the victim took the money or not it wouldn’t have made much difference. So the police telling her to take the money anyway was a right thing to do.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            2 years might seem harsh to a Korean for rape or may be harsh considering the Korean system but in the wider aspects of things, it isn’t harsh.

            Do you think 2 years is harsh for rape, Chucky?

          • chucky3176

            Now I didn’t say 2 years for rape is harsh, did I?. But I did say 2 years for rape would be considered harsh in Korea where usually six months to a year is what they would get, followed by maybe a year of suspended sentence doing community work or something. What the police told her to take the money is that they did the right thing under the circumstances because it’s far better than getting nothing. All I’ve stated are facts, and did not give any opinion on it.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            chucky, I wasn’t saying you thought it was harsh (that is the reason why I asked the question). I did say in the wider aspects of things, it isn’t harsh.

            I am not Korean. I was told by a Korean that the money offered is to show remorse and may result in a lighter sentence. This is what I was told.

            The last point is, I did ask for your opinion, which you didn’t give. Can you give your opinion on it?

          • Strawberryicon

            Dog fighting is sick and U r sick/ ignorant 2 think that’s part of American culture. dog fighting can happen anywhere also.

          • bigmamat

            It was part of the culture in the south and so was cock fighting. It’s just a fact not something that has anything to do with me being “sick”. It still goes on illegally, obviously. Since we even had a high profile case about it just a few years ago with Michael Vick. It’s also silly to call me sick in a country where millions of people mistreat and behave very irresponsibly about about pet animals. I’m a pet owner and have always been responsible about my pet ownership. My daughter has worked with animals. First as a groomer and later as a vet tech. You know nothing about me to call me sick. I’m just not a hypocrite. It’s hypocritical to continue to bash Koreans for a practice that Is dying out but still and will forever remain a part of their history and culture. Grow up little girl and be careful who you call sick. I wouldn’t want someone to get offended and show you what being sick really means.

          • Strawberryicon

            Dog fighting goes on all over america, not just the backwards south and it’s illegal 4 obvious. reasons.Unnecessary killing is murder.Period. If U’r not killing an animal out of starvation then U shouldn’t be killing animals.There’s nothing hypocritcal about “bashing” korea 4 they’re dog-eating since korea is a 1st world country and they should know better already.Using tradition as an excuse is just that, an excuse. It reminds me of some spainards claiming tradition about bull-running when it involves so much abuse 2 bulls. Bulls naturally don’t run after ppl and gorge them unless they’re scared or made insane. The “tradition” went by the latter.The trainers would lock the bulls in small,isolated pens in pitch dark rooms 4 days straight,routinely poke and stab them with very sharp objects 2 get them angry and then when they finally let the bulls out and out of misery,they’d blind the bulls’s eyes with petroleum and clog their ears with shredded paper. That’s animal abuse and ppl were right 4 calling them out 4 it until it got banned.
            Obviously u know Nothing about “dog farms in korea. They’re 100 times worser than any pig,cow chicken farm in america fyi and that’s saying alot.4 one at least pigs,cows and chickens in america r given real food unlike korean dog farmers who feeds their dogs trash and human feces and even dog meal.They do so many evil/sick things 2 dogs in those”farms”,I could go on and on but I don’t have the time.There’s alot u need 2 learn about dog-farming before u say anything about ppl against it. Fyi, I’m not a little girl.

          • bigmamat

            I admit it’s an archaic practice that Koreans should abandon. I think Koreans have quite a few archaic practices that should be abandoned most of them involve the treatment of people not animals.

          • Strawberryicon

            I’m against ppl and animal abuse.

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    Dogs should be on a leash when the owners take them out but this seems to be a case of someone after a cheap meal and not caring that the dog belonged to someone, especially since it was a neighbours dog. The guy probably didn’t care.

    • SakiVI

      Since he cared nothing for another person’s feelings or rights, I hope he gets hassled a lot. #KarmicRetribution

  • RegisterToPost

    Farmers in suits.

    • Guest

      more like butchers in suits. to be a farmer you have to raise the animal or plant.

    • chucky3176

      He was probably an old farmer, period. There’s no such thing as a farmer in suits.

      Cheongsong, North Gyeongsang Province, is a small town in south eastern corner of South Korea, which nobody even heard of.

      • bigmamat

        It’s like I said in the beginning he’s this old Korean dude that thinks he can do whatever he wants. Which he obviously did since we’re debating on whether or not he got punished properly.

  • mei mei

    He was cute dog and 8 years-old.
    that guy must be hungry to eat that cutie

    • SakiVI

      He was selfish.

    • David

      I don’t think hunger was the reason, probably he was mad at the girl for some imagined (or real) slight. He knew eating her dog would hurt her a lot.

      • mei mei

        ofc i just being sarcastic.
        this is South Korean not North

        • David

          awww I understand. : ) Sometimes it is hard to understand jokes when they are only written and not spoken.

  • bigmamat

    I think the article is a little bit humorous the way it tries to tie in the behavior of serial killers. Next will we see articles about Korean bed wetting and their fascination with fire? Korea obviously doesn’t incarcerate nearly as many people as we do in the U.S. or for longer periods of time. Even in the U.S.a 3 time offender who sells drugs can get a longer sentence than a rapist or a murderer. Pet animals should be protected to a certain degree but I don’t disagree at all that they are property. Even in the U.S. while it is illegal to be cruel and neglectful of your pet the law still treats the owner as though their pet is property. If someone steals your dog it’s not kidnapping. If your dog bites someone you are responsible as though you didn’t exercise proper control of your property. Parents don’t go to jail if their kids commit a crime. (Even though some people think they should.) Animals are still animals and people are still people, thank goodness.

    Westerners get on my nerves with their moralizing about Asians and the things they will eat. Americans in particular are so spoiled and far removed from what it’s like to have to actually worry about food. Not only that, they are light years away from knowing and understanding how inhumanely our food animals are treated. Very few of them even care how that hamburger got on their plate yet they will petition and be outraged over the treatment of a pit bull.

    I have 3 dogs living in my household now. I love them most of the time. They’re like small children there are times when I wish I’d never agreed to have them. However there is one thing I know, if the apocalypse comes tomorrow the dogs will be the first to go.

    • Guest

      Cruelty to animals is a sign of psychopathic behaviour. Most serial killers start out with murdering animals, and I don’t mean like wringing the neck of a chicken to kill it so you can eat it. But like they’ll torture the animals.


      There is something wrong with your morals. No one is saying eating dogs itself is wrong. But killing your neighbours pet to eat it is wrong.

      • bigmamat

        Yeah I know all that shit. Serial killers used to be my hobby. They also like to start fires and wet the bed. It’s called the “serial killer triad”. However, every person that kills an animal is not a potential murderer. Were the two incidents mentioned disgusting, yes. Does the act in itself indicate a willingness to extend their violence to humans, no. You can’t know that and neither can an FBI profiler. Do I believe that modern societies should implement laws to protect animals that’s entirely up to the culture of the society in question.

        BTW: I would not want to tangle with the guy that used a saw to kill their neighbor’s Rottweiler however, I wouldn’t want to tangle with a Rottie either. I’m an American so I would have shot the beast from as far away as possible. That is if I had reason to kill it. Because you see there is nothing wrong with my morals. I would not hesitate to kill an animal that threatened me or my children. Killing a man however is cause for some hesitation.

        • Guest

          being a Rottweiler doesn’t automatically mean the dog is dangerous

          • bigmamat

            I understand that a rottweiler is not necessarily dangerous. I said I wouldn’t want to “tangle with one”. If I have to fight off a mean dog I’d much prefer it be a small one. Preferably one I can drop kick if necessary. Since I have a pit bull mix living in my house it’s stands to reason I’m not concerned about the idea that one breed of dog is more dangerous than another. However I think it’s very naive of people to think that some breeds are not more inclined to be aggressive than others. It’s not just naive it’s denying fact. I also wouldn’t own an aggressive dog. I would have no qualms whatsoever in putting down a dog that cannot be trusted not to bite. People come before animals.

  • SakiVI

    This man is disgusting, selfish and disgusting, and he probably did this to annoy this woman. I loathe people who don’t give a toss for anyone else’s feelings or rights. I hope he gets some heavy payback for being such a creep.

  • Peter Pottinger

    Its an animal, would you cry if you killed my pet ant?

    Chill the fuck out

    • YourSupremeCommander


    • Paulistano

      Not my pet ant, but surely my 10 years pet dog

      • Peter Pottinger


        See how silly I sound?

        • mr.wiener

          If someone killed and ate my dog I’d beat him to a bloody pulp.

  • chucky3176

    This dog eating thing would have eventually disappeared on its own if there wren’t such high and mighty moralizing from the West, and condemnation of Korea. Most Koreans don’t eat dogs, although a fair percentage of the population have tried it at least one in their lifetime because of curiosity and because they wanted to make a middle finger statement at the Western world. Personally, I find the thought of dog meat repulsive. But when some Western activists put up anti Korean videos onto youtube, of how primitive Koreans are, Koreans who don’t eat dogs, get defensive and start defending the practice who think of it as an attack on Korean culture and Western attempt to impose their cultural thinking onto Korea. They are wrong of course, it’s not Korea’s culture to eat dogs. Eating dogs in Korea first appeared in Oriental medicine books which were imported from ancient China. But the wide spread practice of eating dogs didn’t take root until the early 20th century when meat and food were scarce in Korea, due to all the famines, repressions, and wars. But the more Westerners condemn Korea, the more Koreans will defend the practice. But if Westerners just let it go, and let Koreans decide on their own, this practice is going to die on its own because demogragphically speaking, it’s only the old men in the over 50’s or over 60’s crowd who have by far the largest share of consumption. As well, as more and more younger Koreans become pet owners, the practice will disappear on it’s own in time.

    • bigmamat

      Chucky you’re so full of shit. It’s westerners fault that Koreans are stubborn assholes and won’t admit that it’s not necessary for them to eat dogs anymore? Give me a break. Although I don’t want to eat a dog here in the U.S. I’m not saying I wouldn’t try it if I were travelling to country where they do. They eat guinea pigs in South America and they look like rats.

      • Paulistano

        Well, if you think that way, it’s western ”stubborn” ”assholes” that insist and won’t admit.that eating tons of tons of pork, chicken and cow meat every year is not necessary. Pardon my sincerity but I think YOU have the prejudice who don’t eat meat that it’s not western standards. Who said that eating dog and others ”stange food” is not necessary? And who said that eating meat exceedingly in the way we westerns eat is acceptable?

        In my country (Brazil, by the way), there are entire states that have more cows than humans (200.000 heads of cow), do you think this is necessary? Please, stop judging other people because if I act like you I would said that I prefer eating dogs, snakes and strange foods than eating typical american shit food that is purely junk and unhealty (pizza, tacos, hamburger(?), hot dogs, fried potatos, waffles…)

        • David

          And yet the majority of the people in Brazil would rather eat a hotdog or Pizza than a snake (at least the last time I visited I saw many eating this and not one snake eater). BTW Snake is not bad, it DOES taste like chicken (well rattlesnake anyway).

          • markus peg

            When i had snake i felt that it was really really chewy, I didn’t enjoy it. Though i went it to it open mindedly wanting to like it, as i find that the best approach.

          • David

            Yes, I agree, really chewy but it was overcooked. I think because it was not cooked by an expert but by me over a fire on a stick. Perhaps if done properly it would be better.

        • bigmamat

          I guess you haven’t read any of my other posts or this one for that matter. I’m American and I don’t have a problem with what Koreans eat, even dog. Basically he says that if westerners would stop talking about it Koreans wouldn’t defend it. Although there was a scene in a drama recently and they were eating dog. I was a little surprised since I kept hearing out here on the internet about how Koreans don’t eat dog anymore. I’m telling you this reference was in a current network tv drama. So I think chucky is talking out of his ass trying to blame the west for the constant conversation about Koreans eating dog. If Koreans aren’t eating dog anymore they are still talking about it without prompting from the west.

          • d-_-b

            So drama is a perfect reflection of how one nation is?
            Well then I guess American housewives normally cheat with gardeners, and have girl on girl sex for curiosity and stuffs

          • bigmamat

            No but he says Koreans don’t talk about it and even in America if something is on network television then it’s reaching a certain amount of people. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Kochigachi

            Then why you’re sensationalizing and posting here?

      • chucky3176

        Yeah I’m full of shit. To prove that, I’m going to go out tomorrow night and have a big bowl of doggy soup just to piss you and your kind off. And no matter how much whining, protesting, and hating on youtubes, I’m going to enjoy looking at the Western assholes foaming at their mouths.

        If ain’t dogs, it’s whales and dolphins. How about leaving the world to decide for themselves what they want to eat, instead of trying to force your way unto others?

        But I hear, they’re already planning a mass boycott campaign of 2018 Winter games already.

        • B.kim

          Before you go enjoy your doggy soup you should go to one of the animal markets. Take a good look at how the dogs and other animals are treated. Look one dog in the eyes and select it for your soup. Than stand there and watch them beat the dog to death with a rod (sometimes a wood club). Also, they often do this right in front of the other animals.
          They will cut it up for you on the ground and then make a stew, dog steaks or anything else you want. You will have enough for the whole family. This is how it works. Personally, I wouldn’t mind the dog meat too much if it was all done humanly (from raising to slaughter) but the animals are kept in horrible conditions. I know all this not from internet videos but with my own eyes while shooting a doc.
          Enjoy your dog soup asshole!
          Oh, btw, I’m Korean so save your anti-westerner bullshit.

          • bigmamat

            I did read somewhere that the dog is beaten first because tradition says that it makes the meat sweeter. I was told by an older service man that was stationed in Korea several times that back in the day he had witnessed exactly what you describe. He had eaten the soup. Like I posted earlier, Americans are very much removed from realities of how their food animals get to the table. The only exception is country people. People who live in rural America still hunt wild game and they also live nearer to where we raise and slaughter our food animals. Suburbanites and city people are still pretty comfortably unaware of how messy and inhumane it is.

          • chucky3176

            Dogs that are bred for meat are electrocuted for quick deaths, they are treated just like livestocks. There maybe some old rural people who may still hang them and beat them, but it’s an unpleasant thing to do, and it takes a long time to prepare. So I’m not sure how prevalent that kind of practice is.

          • Kochigachi

            Americans eats port, lamb, chicken, beef and some crazy Americans east humans, so what’s the difference?

          • doggie

            that all people who do this are all disgusting!!!

        • bigmamat

          I don’t give a shit what Koreans eat. My daughter is hooked on watching Andrew Zimmern eat every thing from rotten tofu to monkey balls. People eat what’s available I get that. Do we need to completely deplete every animal resource on the planet with our appetites? I’m not sure that we do, but I see nothing strange or disgusting about people’s food traditions. What I do feel is strange is that Korean’s get so butt hurt over what a few wing nuts say and think the rest of the world even gives a shit. Most people don’t really care.

          • Kochigachi

            Seems you’re butt hurt. Just Coz Chucky brought some real stats & facts that doesn’t proves he’s shit you fagot.

          • bigmamat

            I’m the one that posted it was silly to complain about Koreans eating dog in the first place. Obviously you didn’t read all of my posts only the posts you wanted to troll. What I found ridiculous is Chuck blaming “the west” for the fact that Koreans are so stubborn and nationalistic that they need to vocally defend the practice.

            BTW: Your command of English is impressive.

          • milo

            It seems that Koreans and Japanese love the term “butt hurt”. Whenever a Korean or Japanese enters an argument the first thing they will do is accuse the other said of being butt hurt and think that they have won the argument.

            I always find it to be a cop out. Someone gives an argument and the come back is “oh haha lol. you is just butt hurt!!!1”

          • bigmamat

            I’m not Korean and not butthurt. Chucky asked for it by suggesting that Koreans only keep talking about this because the west brings it up. Which is bullshit. Koreans still eat dog and they still talk about eating dog and all their other odd ball traditional medicine practices. It’s just their nationalism showing in the silliest possible way. I think it a combination of the whole “han” thing and a desire not to get to far away from their traditions. Either way it’s a pretty silly way for an entire country to behave. Not every tradition is good no matter how old it is, not every criticism is in tented to insult.

        • DOGGIE

          know what? you should be a DOG… and be born a dog in your next life and be skinned alive and then tortured to death and electrocuted, also you should not just be all this things.. first you will starve for 3 months days eating your own feces and then pill you and then put you in boiling water for 1 minute..!!!! thats not all, all torture should be into you… lets see if your that tough? probably all people around the world will be happy to see you. SICK HEAD!

      • d-_-b

        No, actually he’s right. Before western animal rights activists screwed up the whole thing, most of youngsters in Korea didn’t defend the practice of dog eating. But then a French actress, Brigitte Bardot, called Koreans barbarians for eating dogs. This seriously provoked the public, and after that more and more youngsters were like “Fuck them. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our tradition”.

        • bigmamat

          Well damn. Brigitte Bardot huh…that’s so ridiculous it’s got to be true.

      • Kochigachi

        Chucky is right you fagot. Evey problems is created by Westerners from my POV, like how you people blamed Jews for every wars.

        • bigmamat

          Are you retarded?

    • David

      When I lived in Korea in ’85 I ate dog, just tasted like pork. The skinned bodies were in many butcher shops windows hanging there along with pig carcasses. When I went back again during the Olympics the practice was pretty much gone from the cites but still widely practiced in the country and down south. As Korea became more open and prosperous in the late 80’s the majority f people seemed to find the practice more and more offensive. However, I still have students today who will defend it and give me the old “well, I would not eat a pet dog but I have eaten one raised as food on a dog farm.”

      • bigmamat

        My daughter asked me two weeks ago if Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig could be eaten. Her friend has three of them and wants to get rid of them. They aren’t really pets. The girl lives on a small piece of land in the county and she has chicken, goats and a couple of horses. I didn’t see why she couldn’t have someone slaughter them for her. I figured she could see if there’s anything in the state code that said she couldn’t.

    • 외국년

      ok so in countries where they have a serious problem with child prostitution for instance even the people that don’t use these ‘services’ are defending child prostitution just to show their pride or.. cultural identity? is that what you are saying?
      so what you say is we should all just stand by and watch and not to anything because all problems will eventually die out ?! oh my gawd you need to get a reality check!

      • d-_-b

        so dogs = human children now?

        • bigmamat

          Funny he should mention Koreans and child prostitution…seems they have a little problem with that in SE Asia according to recent statistics.

          • chucky3176

            The recent statistics was made up by Korea Times which often distorts stats to blow up a story for sensational effect. The article even said outrightly that they had no statistical backup, yet they interviewed one person in South East Asia, to come up with the conclusions. None have come out with real statistics, which still points to Northern European countries who are still kings, when it comes to this problem in Southeast Asia.

            Rule #1, when learning what’s going on in Korea, never trust what’s printed on Korea Times, they’re absolute crap.

          • bigmamat

            Sure I’ll go with that, although I think I saw it in the Chosun Ilbo instead. I do realize statistics like that are hard to capture. I saw an article I think it was here about Koreans leaving behind babies in the Philippines but that didn’t seem like such a high number either, 3000 or so.

      • Kochigachi

        How’s child prostitution got to do with this? Yes, U.S do have alot of child prostitution issues isn’t it?

    • Ron

      Actually I’m a little curious why Jpanese didn’t prohibit doing that (like many other things they did which Koreans forgot by now) during the occupation of Korea in the first half of the XX century…

    • linette lee

      Eating dogs is something first imported from Chinese? Are you joking me. Why can’t you just accept the fact that Koreans eat anything for food. Koreans they eat shxt from the bottom of the ocean too, and not because they copy the Chinese.

      How come Koreans love to blame Chinese and Japanese for everything whenever they get criticized for something by the westerners? They can never accept wrong. And no, it’s not only the Chinese but the Koreans eat medicine with human flesh too.

      • chucky3176

        The first history of dog eating appeared in Chinese medicine books which Koreans used and adopted. Don’t get butt hurt just because I mentioned the truth. No go have your baby fetuses and human meat pills, and leave us alone.

        • linette lee

          The Koreans eat placenta and use them as creme too. They consider that the fountain of youth. God knows what other human flesh you guys eat. I beg you eat dogs too. You go to those Korean restaurants and eat barbeque dog meats or stew. Probably not on the menu for the nonKoreans to order but the Koreans order them by asking for it. You think I don’t know.

          You guys eat all the same shxt like us Chinese eat too okay. Don’t say it’s because of Chinese this and that. Take some responsibility and have some balls.

          • chucky3176

            All this butt hurt because I said dog eating first appeared in Chinese medicinal book. as good medicine. I thought you guys are mad because Koreans are supposedly stealing Chinese medicine?

          • chucky3176

            Apparantly, eating human placenta is a popular trend in the west, where mothers eat their own placenta after giving birth.


            Placenta facial cremes are also popular in the West for anti-aging and moisturizing effect, as part of the stem cell therapy.

          • linette lee

            That too. lol. Why Koreans steal Chinese medicine? Like Ginseng and roots all that good stuff. Only the Chinese would thought about using roots as medicine.

          • Rutim

            Not only that they stole from China. Pigs and dogs were eating human poop as well in both countries.

          • linette lee

            What nationality are you?

          • Mighty曹

            Only the Chinese thought of ‘tiger penis soup’ among many, many more. LOL

          • Kochigachi

            Yes truth hurt isn’t it?

          • linette lee

            Are you Korean or Japanese? You dumba55.

          • Kochigachi

            Same with Chinese, are you denying traditional oriental medicine isn’t Chinese origin?

          • Eidolon

            There is no such concept as traditional Oriental medicine. Oriental countries did not have a shared medical tradition. There is, however, traditional Chinese medicine, which influenced traditional Korean medicine, a separate practice:

            “In the period of the Three Kingdoms, the traditional Korean medicine was being influenced by other traditional medicines such as Chinese Medicine. In the Goryeo dynasty with the influence of others like Chinese medicine, more intense investigation of domestic herbs took place, and the result was the publication of numerous books on domestic herbs. Medical theories at this time were based on medicine of Song and Yuan, but prescriptions were based on the medicine of the Unified Silla period such as the medical text First Aid Prescriptions Using Native Ingredients or “Hyangyak Gugeupbang (향약구급방), which was published in 1245.”

            TCM is Chinese in origin. There is little dispute of this among experts, which you, Mr. Koreansentry, are not.

      • Kochigachi

        Linette, you island Chinese mogrels, take your country for example, China consume more dogs & cats even humans than any other.

        • linette lee

          Oh be quiet, didn’t I tell you stop eating dogs?

    • Truck Furniture Maker

      I personally have no problem with Koreans eating dog, but let’s not pretend somehow Westerners forced Koreans to eat dog, that’s just idiotic.

  • chris

    i don’t think it is fair for Westerners to expect the rest of the world to abide by their own set of cultural cuisine standards. that said, there is no reason why anyone should be killing their neighbor’s pet for consumption regardless of the type of animal. but if a certain breed of animal were farmed and harvested for consumption purposes only, what difference would it make from cows, pig, chicken, turkey, lamb, and etc.? Muslims and Jews do not eat pork within their culture but the rest of the world is still okay with eating pork meat? while i do not support inhumane acts towards animals and killing other people’s pets, there is a sense of hypocrisy when you condemn an entire ethnic practice thats existed for centuries because it is different from what is being practiced in other parts of the world.

    • bigmamat

      I’m not sure if consuming dogs is centuries old even in Korea. I think the practice was born out of necessity during more modern times of famine. Which still doesn’t make it bad. Believe me Americans don’t know what people ate here in the beginning just to survive. American colonists ate song birds, something most Americans would find repulsive now.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      See, I have no problem with people eating dogs. Or whatever animal they want. I may find it disgusting, but that’s my own opinion. You’re entitled to yours. E.g. Snails, I find it digusting, but I have been in Korea and have a French friend who eats it.

      But there has to be a distinction between animals raised for food and eating your neighbour’s pet. You also have to take into consideration of how the animal is killed. I have read online that dogs are killed in an inhumane way so to increase the testosterone levels in the animal. So it’s death is long, painful and is kept alive in this state for a few days before killing it. I am told this helps for stamina and keep people warm in winter. Of course, I don’t know how much of that is true. But if the animal is killed this way, people should have the right to condemn it. Just as people in the West are taking stances on battery farms and the treatment of animals during their living period to their salughter house.

      You used the fact that Muslims and Jews do not eat pork. But they do kill the animal by making a deep incision to the jugular so it bleeds out in minutes. To some people, this is inhumane as the animal has to bleed out for some time before actually dying. To others (Muslims and Jews) this is more humane (the massive blood lost causes hemoraging that shuts off the brain quick, or something like that) than stunning an animal and killing it with a bolt. Muslims and Jews will say that the latter looks better to the eye but is actually worse than the former due to the animal being in a state of shock, confusion and parylis, and suffers more but since we don’t see it from the animal it makes us feel this method is better. Of course, that is their opinion.

      West itself has a long way to go to deal with this, but they do do things about it. Korea doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. Hence the criticisms it gets. If you are Korean, then maybe you can inform us of what Koreans themselves are doing about it to give us a better view and/or understanding on whats going on in this issue in Korea.

      • chris

        I am not Korean. my dear friend Chucky would know that! LOL

        I totally agree with you on inhumane treatment towards animals. there are quick ways of killing an animal rather than to bleed them out for a prolong period while they are still alive or try to increase their stamina with other sorts of practice. moreover, I am not aware of how dog meat is prepared there either. I just think this stigma against East Asian and other cultures around the world on the type of meat they consume is completely hypocritical. there are videos of slaughterhouses in the US with cows that are still conscious, bleeding from their throats and yet, a lot of people still consume cow meat.

        i also have a problem with people/vegans who are quick to condemn and criticise anyone who consumes anything from an animal…but thats different story. like you, if it floats your boat whether you eat dog meat or hate the idea of animal consumption, then be my guest. just dont shove down your own personal ideals down another’s throat.

        • chucky3176

          What’s hypocritical is out of all Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and Philippines, who all consume dogs, why is Korea being picked on. Go to google.com and type in the search box “dog meat”. 99% of the time, the country of Korea comes out as search results. China’s annual dog consumption is more than 10 times South Korea’s. So why is only South Korea, westerner’s favorite target of scorn?

          It’s not as if dog meat is a daily part of the diet. Koreans don’t eat them as daily meals. It’s a specialty dish which are mostly served in specialty restaurants, in older, poorer parts of the cities. Because dog meat is neither legalized or illegalized, and it’s one of those grey areas where there are no regulations on handling of meat, there are lot of shady restaurants. I would not eat in any of those places. Most of the consumers are older men. But some of the people in the west exaggerate this. It’s mostly chauvinistic attitude of the west.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I think it has to do with Korea being the most known for eating dog meat than the others.

            And if you really think China doesn’t get it in the neck with the food they consume then you really do have a victim mentality. Chinese have had snake eater, snake blood drinker, cat eaters, scorpion eaters, and the worse (and untrue) eat baby fetuses. Vietnam culinary ‘delights’ aren’t well known and most people know it for the war and the philliphines for some holiday destination as well as whores. These aren’t good reputation to have. Korea has to put up with eating dogs and well issues with the North. That is what most people know about it.

            And we even criticise the French for eatin frogs and snails and how they treat their goose to make Foie gras. So it isn’t like the West don’t criticise each other. British food has a reputation for being bad. Germans are known for their sausages and beer, like that is all they eat and drink there. And then there is that Cheese from some place in Italy that is illegal because it is deadly.

          • Chuck

            “I think it has to do with Korea being the most known for eating dog meat than the others.”

            Why only Korea when others are even worse?

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            World Cup 2002. When you guys were hosting that with Japan, the stories about dog meat and restaurants came out in the press. As dog is known to be kept as pets in the West, stories like these will sell.

            Like I said, you guys are known more about eating dogs than the other nations, even if consumption of dog meat has decreased in Korea and increased in the other nations.

            There was a TV chef in the UK who likened eating a dog to a pig. He got a lot of hassle for those words because of how people view dogs in the West (primarily as a pet).


            “In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm.

            “You can’t object, unless you also object to the farming of pigs. It’s an artificial construct of our society, a cultural decision, to make pets out of dogs and meat out of pigs.”

            Those are his words and I kinda agree with him there.

          • chris

            but frog, alligator meat, buffalo, and other types of meat are consumed in the U.S. but no one blinks an eye. you dont see people from other cultural backgrounds making TV shows about trying to stop alligator hunting on Animal Planet. the only bad rep the French gets is force feeding the ducks, but not the actual consumption of duck meat. many Westerners consume duck meat in Chinese restaurants.

          • bigmamat

            Americans eat more than frogs, alligators and buffalo. We also eat squirrel, possum, deer, elk, rattlesnake, various types of birds. It’s ridiculous for people to complain about other cultures eating dogs and cats. I said this from the beginning. Koreans just get so over the top butthurt when anyone says anything about them. Everyone understands that dog was a traditional food. Just some people think that a modern country shouldn’t need to eat them anymore. I don’t think that’s necessary either. Some people seem to care more about animals than humans anyway.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            I think generally people think of dogs as pet rather than food that gets people that reaction.

            I have met plenty of Americans who are willing to try dog in Korea. Some do and some do not. Usually those willing but do not, cite that while they are willing the killing of the animal has a lot to be desired (e.g. having heard that the animals death is prolonged, and last as long as 3 days before actually dying of the wounds caused).

            Now, take that last bit out and I am sure more people will be willing to try dog when they come to korea for it being a local delicacy.

            Also, thanks to Indiana Jones, some people still think that people in India consume monkey brain as a common meal.

          • bigmamat

            My daughter watches Andrew Zimmern on the travel channel eat all kinds of strange and disgusting stuff. I admit that not much about Korean food appeals to me anyway. A lot of Asian food traditions don’t appeal to me at all. I’m not a fan of sushi, I don’t like the texture of raw fish. I can eat ceviche because of the size of the cut and the partial cooking from the acidic marinade. I don’t even eat California rolls because I don’t like nori either. I don’t eat game meat here in the states because I don’t like that wild taste. It’s the same reason I’m not a fan of lamb unless it’s marinated and smothered in something so I can’t taste that “twang”. I just began be able to eat spicy food because I don’t like anything that numbs my tongue so I can’t taste anything else. All that aside, if I was hungry enough I’d eat anything, bugs, dogs. I’d draw the line at cannibalism except I don’t know what it’s like to be that hungry either. I can’t fault people who are hungry for what they eat.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            cannibalism – I think that only comes in extreme cases for most people.

            Like for example you’re on a plane that crashes in the mountains, and there is snow everywhere, after the food on the plane finishes, you’re left with the survivors and dead bodies. Something like that, it is understandable.

            But killing someone and eating them with fava beans isn’t.

          • bigmamat

            Right understood, both good movies by the way….one of them is even true…

          • bigmamat

            It’s just more cry baby Korea stuff. They get picked on, didn’t you know. You are right people eat all manner of strange things everywhere. I’m from the American southeast and we have traditions of eating some pretty ugly stuff. Chitterlings are the pork intestine, not the yummy belly, the actual gut. They are just like what you imagine. Long white tube things that stick to high heaven. You might as well eat a pig’s asshole it’s pretty much the same thing.

          • chris

            well that could be said for whaling in Japan. not everyone eats whale meat in Japan and dolphin meat certainly does not exist in almost all places. i have seen whale meat ONCE in Ameyoko in Tokyo that was prepackaged and NEVER seen any dolphin meat at fish markets or in restaurants. Norway hunts hundreds of whales every year, as well as Iceland and other countries but the media only portrays the Japanese as the only country that still practices whaling. I think. it is easier for people to label a non-Western culture as “barbaric” or stigmatise their culture. 2. due to the fact that S. Korea and Japan are modern countries, it is easier for them to condemn them because Westerners assume that their Eastern counterpart is up to their standard of “modernisation” and for China…well, China is China…

          • bigmamat

            Why do Koreans always think they’re being picked on? Why make yourselves such a large target by getting so butthurt over everything. For a nation that bullies the shit out each other you guys sure can’t take a little criticism from anyone else.

    • mei mei

      so true.

  • bumfromkorea

    Hmm… why isn’t there a theft charge in there as well? If the dog is considered a property (and it is a property), this guy stole another person’s property and then proceeded to destroy it. Not to mention animal cruelty charges, which should be assumed because I don’t think this guy has an electrocuter handy.

    So it is a slap on the wrist. Minor theft + destruction of property + animal cruelty = 1.5 years in prison, I’d say.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Can they do that in Korea?
      If they could, then why did the police only charge him with the damage to property? Couldn’t they do at least two of them?

  • Yaminah Jamison


  • Olrik

    Someone should liquidate that old yellow bastard…

  • markus peg

    What a @%!, steeling someones pet is bad enough but to then kill it is really evil!
    As for the other story throwing the dog out the window was a cruel act.

    The value and respect of life needs to be known. Punishments for not abusing animals should be harsh and known about.

    As for the food issue, anyone who wants to talk about slaughter factories to try and humanize this man should know that even the factories have regulations about the treatment of animals. If any abuse takes place in a factory such as painfully abusing the animals, even though the animals are going to be killed for food the employee would still be harshly punished by law in many countries.

    Killing someone’s pet on purpose is quite low.
    3 of my pet cats in China were stolen, killed and then sold as pork to local restaurants, it was in the news and stopped only because the meat was cat and being sold as another type of meat.
    Steeling another persons pet and killing it has no punishment in China what so ever. So I fully understand this girls pain, my pet cats were tame and would not run away from bad people trying to catch them, it really hurts me to think about how they were skinned alive and died painfully. Even going missing or killed is hard for pet owners…

    Rules for how to look after a dog should also be known, when walking a dog most areas require a lead. Failure to do so could displease others and a fine should be paid, as well as not clearing up dog poop. However the dog also needs to be allowed to run free in certain dog friendly parks.

    • bigmamat

      That’s unfortunate someone stole your pets. But I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about humane treatment about food animals. I can’t speak for China but I’d be willing to bet the slaughter house is nowhere an animal lover would want to visit. In the U.S. we have activists trying all the time to expose how inhumanely our food animals are raised and slaughtered. The biggest problem we have is what they call “factory farms” where millions of animals are raised in very tiny spaces and pumped full of antibiotics to keep them healthy.

      • markus peg

        I am in no delusion that disgusting things still happen and living conditions for many battery animals are disusing. However, if you look at how far things have moved on over the past 30-50 years.
        It should theoretically slowly get better over time.

        Rules and regulations are sometimes broken and in some cases we don’t have rules in place where their should be. On the other hand with a growing population and demand, it could get worse for the animals so it is an area that needs many inspections and more transparency to try to avoid mistreatment.

        • bigmamat

          I agree. I think people would be a lot more appreciative of the meat they eat if they knew how much pain and hard work are involved to bring it to the table. In the U.S. the meat packing industry is still one of the most dangerous and poorly regulated places to work. So you have food animals being raised in very inhumane conditions and then the workers who process the food in dangerous conditions. People take so many things for granted when they begin pointing the finger at others.

  • chris

    “:Dogs on the loose should be eaten up. In the eyes of that bitch owner, the dog is a cute pet, but for a parent with a little daughter, that same dog can be a frightening monster. I think it’s good the man ate the dog.”
    you are a stupid idiot! the daughter doesnt see a dog as a monster if you educate her to not be afraid of dogs! the monsters are humans! so it better your daughter doesnt have you as a father or mother, because you are stupid idiot!

  • babybear

    dogs actually taste good …

    • WonBinゲキカラ

      Your a monster.

  • Alexis Lee

    I have none proposal to pass judgement korean, but whenever these kind of shits happen, i just can’t help stop understanding them. They are more close to sevages. But the point belongs to korean government. They are just busy being gratifed their own selfish intersts and desires. They don’t give a shit.

  • bultak23

    too sucks!

  • linette lee

    Poor doggy got murdered. The doggy is cute.

    • Kochigachi

      Says Chinese who probably have tasted anything that crawls and stand on two & four legs. God knows what Chinese have eaten even human fetus?

      • WonBinゲキカラ

        Don’t bash Chinese people you dog eating dipshit. Do you thing insulting Chinese people will make you look good? Think again, you bastard.

  • Kochigachi

    China, Mexico, Philippine and even Switzerland consume dogs and cats, why blaming on Korea when Western countries exterminate more unwanted pet dogs & cats than any non Western country? Btw, I’ve tasted dog meat, I found it better than Kangaroo, Crocodile and horse meat. Isn’t better to consume them rather than left them alone in wild and let them become pest for local natural habitats ? Australia, NZ, Canada & U.S have killed more unwanted dogs & cats than Korea. At least in Korea, dogs are not spared since they’re also pest for local habitats for native birds and small mammals. I hate these pet dogs & cats and I hate even more when some pet owners couldn’t raise them with manners. This world have enough of Humans, Dogs & Cats. We don’t need them.

  • Strawberryicon

    Dogs were domesticated 4 companionship unlike pigs,cows,chickens from the
    get-go. Eating any animal made 4 human companionship like a dog,cat or horse is kind of like eating a human imo.

  • j

    when i see these disgusting people stare at my dog nonstop for 5-10 minutes then start to drool (im not kidding), i realize theyre less than human.
    do you go to a pasture and stare at cows and drool?! NO. you dont. you drool over steaks.
    these animals drool when they see my dog. mentally messed up, low quality, less than human, and vial!

    one pig picked my dog up and pretended to beat it againt a pole. he was screaming, “barbeque!” again and again. revolting!! that happened in hongdae. ill pick him up and beat him and feed him to the black ddong pigs! they wouldnt even eat him.

  • WonBinゲキカラ

    Whoever thinks this is right or eating a animal that was made as human companions, is a different kind of Evil.

  • These judges yo
    handing out harsh sentences for despicable crimes is not going to revert the country back to the Park Cheong Hee era

  • Sapbeee

    Motherfucker that man should be killed and eaten up

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