Incheon Dismemberment Murder: Woman Killed Man For the Money

Police have made an arrest in the shocking murder-dismemberment case of a body found with no legs in Incheon. The culprit appears to be a woman who killed for money which she used to buy jewelry. koreaBANG also has a translation of the first coverage of the case, when the police assumed the victim might be a migrant worker.

Article from eDaily:

murder for money

A woman who lured and killed a man in his 50s to buy jewelry was sent to the prosecution.

On June 10th, Namdong Police department in Incheon said they sent the suspect of a torso murder case that took place last month to the prosecution.

She planned to commit the crime to make money for jewelry. She lured the victim, whom she got to know through online chatting, to a motel in Paju and murdered and mutilated him.

She stabbed his neck, chest and other body parts with a 30-cm-long knife she’d brought with her. After the murder, she bought an electric saw to cut his legs off. She disposed his two legs covered with plastic sheeting in an agricultural waterway in Paju. She also abandoned his body in an alley in Namdong industrial complex in Incheon.

On the next day, she took his wallet and bought bracelets, rings, etc. at a jewelry shop in Ilsan using his credit card.

On May 31st, a corpse was found and the police started investigating. They arrested her after finding her car caught on CCTV near where the corpse was found.

She didn’t have a job and she had no serious criminal record. She claimed that she killed him accidentally to protect herself from being raped by him. However, her statement turned out to be false after the police found that she bought jewelry with his card.

Based on CCTV in the motel, the police have reached a conclusion that there’s no accomplice involved.

Comments from Naver:


Wah…What a brutal bitch..I’m speechless..


Wah..I’m wondering how that bitch grew up and in what kind of environment she was living. It makes me shiver. Judges should never let such a bitch back to society. Imagine she is living next to you, and I’m talking to you, judge.


Wah, she ended up buying jewelry after the murder. I’m more shocked by that.


Isn’t she a psyco? She killed and mutilated a man stronger than her. Murdering someone to buy expensive accessories? She is a real psycho. Psychos exist among females, too.


What a… Execute her.


They hide the murderer’s face while exposing the policewomen. They care about the murderer’s human rights. I hate human rights activists whenever I see this kind of picture.


She is not even a human, tsk tsk. Did they assign policewomen to take her considering that thing is a woman?


A whoring bitch who had no job was driving an expensive foreign car. Maybe this wasn’t her first time. If the police press on her, they will find more skulls buried by her.


Too cruel. No mercy just because she’s a woman. She should be sentenced to death. Such a person will commit crimes again if she comes back to society after doing her jail term for a few years.


It is like what you would see from a Japanese horror movie~

Article from Yonhap News:

A corpse with its legs cut off has been discovered in a bag in Incheon

A male corpse with its legs cut off was found inside luggage in an alley in Incheon, the police are investigating.

According to Namdong police in Incheon, the male corpse, covered with plastic sheeting, was found at around 8:00 a.m. near an industrial complex in Namdong-gu. He is thought to be around thirty years of age.

A 39-year-old worker passing the complex called the police, saying, “I found a dumped bag. When I opened it I saw a person’s head and something blood-like.”

A policemen involved in the case said, “He is presumed to be a foreigner but it is unclear due to the level of decomposition shown by the body,” and “No murder weapon or forensic traces have been found. We’re working on how it happened by checking nearby CCTV.”

The police have been investigating the crime scene while taking fingerprints from the dead to figure out his identity.

Comments from Daum:

Dangerous foreign workers are making Korean women feel unsafe walking at night.


Incheon has been dominated by Chinese for a long time, just like Jeju now.


My company is located at the southeastern industrial complex in Incheon. Even Korean men are afraid of walking in that area at night due to ghostly foreign workers. During daytime, the area becomes lively with the workers, but at night there are a bunch of vampires who are crazy for satisfying their sexual drives, staring at Korean women with their sleazy eyes. The whole street at night looks like the “Savannah” itself. A grass field across the complex is full of drunken foreign workers, contaminating my beautiful country.


It reminds me of Wu Yuan-chun, convicted of a kidnap-rape-murder in Suwon. The problems with foreign workers are becoming a global issue, and it is more serious that our government does nothing to deal with them.


Almost 99% of dreadful crimes in Incheon are by Joseonjok, aren’t they?


I had no prejudice against foreign workers but now I am because of reverse discriminatory policies by the Korean government. Get their fingerprints at the immigration, make them keep their passports at all times, and stop having foreigner-only prisons. By doing so, both local citizens and good foreigners will be protected.


The entire country is turning into Gotham city. Batman was defeated by Joker, which means citizens have to find a way to survive by themselves.


Incheon, Ansan, Hwaseong, Suwon, and freaking Gyeongsang-do..They should limit the number of population, gather DNA, and implant electronic chips for a location tracing. Hold ‘Hunger game’ annually to raise people’s awareness of social standards.


One rotten person, President Park, spoils the whole country ㅠㅠ


They must be from Southeast Asia, Arab countries, Uzbekistan, or Kazakhstan. There are many alleys around the complex. A foreign worker might have killed him in a nearby residence and dumped him in the complex. As there are lots of CCTVs, only a foreigner, who is hard to track down, should be able to do this nasty thing.


Because former President Roh Mu-hyun abolished the fingerprint registration system, crimes by Chinese and Joseonjok are soaring.


It is horrifying..


Horrible accidents happen almost every day and the people no longer trust the government. Nothing is going well. I can’t believe how the government has come to this just for one year. Even adverts are laughing about the current situation of Korea. Let’s eat chicken~~ [A chicken is pronounced as ‘dak’ in Korean, which sounds similar with Park, South Korean President.]


The problems with foreign workers in Korea are a lot worse than those in other countries as Korea with no standards imports any low-level beggars from developing countries.


This is insane..


Find Yoo Byeung-eon, the leader of Saviorist, instead!


Chinese, Southeast Asians, and Former President Roh Mu-hyun who abolished the fingerprint registration system. Kick them all out!

V For Vendetta:

Say no to multiculturalism! Additional punishment for crimes by foreigners and broadcast all crimes by them clearly without sweeping them under the rug!!


No hope for Incheon and Ansan..

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