Horrifying Murder of Gimhae Teen Leaves Koreans in Shock

Article from Hankook Ilbo:

Murder of Gimhae Schoolgirl, Shock at Evil Nature of Crimes

Gimhae Murder

After boiling water was poured over her body, she was forced to, “sit down and stand up.”

Gasoline poured over her corpse and set on fire, buried in cement.

“I want to go home …”

After running away from home, 15-year old Yoon, first year student at a girls’ high school in Gimhae suffered terrible violence and bullying from her peers. Before her last breath she expressed a desire to go back home. Even after her death, a long time passed before going back to her father’s arms. The frightening fact of these crimes is that they were committed by immature kids, who damaged Yoon’s body and secretly buried her body in unimaginable ways. In only a little over a month since she had left home, one is left to wonder what could have happened.

The misery begins. A meeting gone wrong.

Last May, an investigator from the Changwon Regional Police Station (Shin Myeong-ho, chief of the criminal department) made a statement saying that those jailed for the damage to Yoon’s body after committing acts of violence and murder are 15-year-old Yang, 15-year-old Heo, and 15-year-old Jeong. Also jailed for the same crime at Daejeon Regional Police Station were Lee (25), Heo (24), another Lee (24), and another Yang (15). Currently they have been committed and are in trial court.

According the the arraignment at the Changwon District Prosecutor, middle schoolers Yang, Heo, and Jeong had a senior-junior relationship with Lee and the others. [The victim,] Yoon, had spent time with Kim (24) who was friends with Heo (25).

Going back to this past March 15th, Yoon had recently started her first year of high school. Following Kim, she left home and went with him to Busan. They stayed together in an inn there. Kim and the others uploaded information about Yoon to look for a man for her to meet, and pressured Yoon into sex work. This sex work is how they made money for living expenses.

On March 29th, when Kim and the others found out that Yoon’s father reported her disappearance, she was sent back home to set her father’s mind at ease. They made her promise “not to tell anyone about being forced into sex work.” However, fearing she would tell someone, the next day on the 30th, they found her at her church, made her get into a car, and took her to an Ulsan motel.

Murder of a high school girl in Gimhae.  "I saw the devil."

Murder of a high school girl in Gimhae. “I saw the devil.”

Fed vomit and covered in boiling water.

Yoon was dragged from motel to motel to perform sex work in Ulsan and Daegu. On April 4th, Yoon used a motel computer to access Facebook. The men accused her of leaking their location and hit her in anger. From that point onward, Yoon was kept in captivity, the men taking turns keeping guard and abusing her.

Lee and the other men watched as they incited Yoon and other schoolgirls engage in one-on-one fights. She was also continuously the victim of indiscriminate violence. She was kicked all over her body. Electric fans and canisters of F-Killer, among other products, were thrown at her. She was forced to drink two bottles of soju from an empty bowl of naengmyeon [cold noodles]. When she got sick, they also forced her to lick up and eat her own vomit.

As the crimes continued, they also became more severe. Unable to withstand the torment, Yoon asked “ I got hit so much and it’s so stuffy, can I get a little water?” As soon as she made the request one person threw boiling water on her arm. After that two people poured boiling water onto Yoon’s body several times.

Yoon’s body was completely destroyed. Blisters formed all over her body from the burns, and her skin began to peel off. Due to the ongoing violence and forced drinking it was also becoming difficult to keep down water. Yet the accused gave Yoon orders to “sit down then stand up” 100 times, and whenever Yoon said, “I want to go home,” she was beaten. Unable to steady her body, Yoon was ordered to memorize the multiplication table. When she couldn’t answer correctly, she was beaten and suffered torment that [the accused] appeared to enjoy watching. If someone grew tired of tormenting Yoon, another person would come to beat her.

Yoon was also asked frightening questions. Someone asked her, “If you died, what would you take with you?” If she answered the question, some of the teenage girls would beat her without end. During one of these beatings, one girl hit Yoon with a paving stone. On April 10th at 30 minutes past midnight, in a parking lot near a Daegu motel, Yoon crouching on the floor of the backseat of the car died of shock and dehydration caused by the pain leading to heart arrest.

Even after her death Yoon was the victim of horrible crimes. The seven gathered to make plans to bury Yoon’s body in a mountain and the next day (the 11th), they all headed to an orchard in Gyeongnam, Changnyeong-gun. The three men poured gasoline onto Yoon’s face and set it afire so it would turn black and obscure her identity. Three days later, worried about getting caught, the three men met with 2 of the teenage girls and buried the body in a hill in the same area. To cover up evidence of the crime, they poured cement over the body and covered the entire thing in stones and dirt.

After secretly burying Yoon, the three men along with Yang (15) went to Daejeon and murdered once again. Lee and the others planned on also having Yang do sex work. However when the client realized he was being conned, he was hit with a blunt object and killed.

A father’s heartbreak at the loss of his beloved daughter.

Yoon’s father is at a loss for words over the cruel nature of the crimes. “I can’t forget that day she came home. She was terrified, crying, and I can’t forget what she said to me. She told me that the she was forced to sell sex and was tortured, only being given one bite to eat a day. She was worried they would come to find her,”he recounted.

Mr. Yoon had a special relationship with his daughter. He doted on her as she came to him at a late age, but he worries his love wasn’t enough. Mr. Yoon drove to manage the family but it was never enough for their circumstances. He divorced Yoon’s alcoholic mother and moved to Gimhae, but she was ostracized by her friends for not knowing Gyeongsang dialect and couldn’t adjust to the new school. “Every time she was shunned by her friends my heart ached for her,” he said, holding back tears, “More recently she had been faithfully attending church and made friends there. She was excited to become a high schooler, but she never even got the chance to wear her school uniform.”

After the incident, Mr. Yoon even while creating a new business visited Changwon and Daejeon to make an appeal to punish the accused. “As I went to find my daughter’s burial site, I shook from fear and thinking of my child I felt resentment and anger. Whenever I watch the trial, I hear those kids repeating the word, ‘regret’ and the whole world seems to be crashing down. They should receive punishment equal to the cruelty of their crimes, and may no other child be victimized like my daughter was.”

Comments from Daum:

Bring back the death penalty. Let’s incinerate some trash…


They should cut off limbs from those older than 20. Younger ones should be sentenced to life in prison. It’s supposed to be like that but the law is too lenient. The legal punishment system has problems.


I would kill the judges if they reduce punishments because the criminals are minors…. They are a social evil. Never let them back into society.


I’ve never seen nor heard of such devils. Delete them from the world.


I won’t pay taxes if they aren’t executed.


I’m afraid of turning on the TV and watching news because of all these “creative” murder cases, bullying or accidents happening every other day. What’s more upsetting is that we are just enraged with no measures [to take any action].


Why did her dad not report it to the police immediately when she visited him and told him she was forced to sell her body? This wouldn’t have happened if he did.


The end of the world is near. It is.


Xiongnu-Wokou mixes are infamous for their cruelty. [Regionalist comment to put down Gyeongsang people.]


This reminds me of the Japanese movie where male high school students tortured a female high school student to death in very cruel ways and put her body in a barrel filled with concrete. [Referring to murder of Junko Furuta] Japan was shaken back then… I can’t believe something like that also happened in Korea. That’s truly a real-life “I Saw the Devil”. How can humans be so cruel like that?


Execute them… Is it truly for human rights to keep those murderers alive with the tax money the victims’ families pay?


Show us that justice prevails. I’m for the death penalty. Kill them all.


Reveal their names and faces. Please, what human rights for this trash? Maybe they will be sentenced for 4 or 5 years and released. Reveal the identity of everyone involved.


No matter how young they are, this isn’t something a human can do. It gives me goosebumps and makes me teary. Why is the world being like this? Kill them all! Can you forgive them just because they say they are remorseful? Kill them all. They don’t deserve to live!


Never let them back into society.

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  • Cindy H

    Holy fuck. What is with this and the hazing incident where a soldier in the military was bashed to death??? Recent cases of bullying among young Koreans seem increasing/extremely violent. There must be numerous factors contributing to this pattern of behaviour… some obviously being the unfettered corporal punishment employed in schools by teachers and the whole emphasis on respecting the hierarchy.

    • John I.B.C. Madison

      If you had actual knowledge of anything relevant, you would know that “unfettered corporal punishment” by teachers is not the problem. South Korean public schools now have less corporal punishment than before, not more.

      • Cindy H

        lolll ok John. Corporal punishment in South Korea may be ‘less’ prevalent than before but it’s still rife in many schools (refer to the other reply to my comment). Moreover, it is that as well as excessive corporal punishment within the military that has reinforced a culture where the assertion of violence is widely perceived to be concomitant to gaining respect or at least, subservience from others. While I was listening to an ASIANOW podcast about the military hazing incident, a Korea Times journalist recounted a story about corporal punishment in high school and how his teacher would yell at them, saying that they weren’t humans if they couldn’t obey instructions. This sort of rhetoric is also prevalent in the South Korean corporate world, according to the Korea Times journalist (so John, this is not something I have just invented). While rhetoric is not corporal punishment, it still contributes to that same culture. Of course, not ALL students end up as bullies because of these teachings, but at the very least, it exposes them to a reality where violence is deemed ‘okay’ to make others listen/respect/kowtow to you.


    • Black_Plague

      “unfettered corporal punishment”

      I’ve seen a lot of fellow classmates at Korea get slapped in the face, have thick textbooks thrown or slammed at their heads, whipped in the thighs with thin canes (myself included), and none of them showed signs of doing things as violent as the recent military murder case or the this particular article.

  • Tae

    This is why multiculturalism must be stopped. I’m sure the criminals who did this were migrant workers. They must be.
    They come to Korea and create a sex industry. Did you know before multiculturalism there was no sex industy and prostitution in Korea. This is all the Jews fault. And Japan. The Japanese had something to do with this too.

    • Mike

      Tae, you xenophobic piece of shit, these people were 100% korean. I wish I could meet you and share my multicultural thoughts with your retarded ass. You are one brainwashed fool, did you know that retards hope that people believe their fact less ramblings.

      • Tae

        Hmmm. I’m brainwashed? Back to your american mass media loser boy.

        • Athena

          American loser? If America didnt help your piss poor country you would be speaking Russian right now. You should be grateful pathetic dog.

          • Tae

            America divided my nation. Why should i be thankful? Korea would have a free democracy after ww2 but america came in and killed any who opposed and set their personal stooge up in power. I will NEVER thank the USA

          • takasar1

            yet, you exist because of them…

          • Black_Plague

            “America divided my nation”

            Lol, so I guess the USSR’s role in the matter doesn’t exist in your head either? Or are they heroes in your world of alternate reality?

            ” Korea would have a free democracy after ww2″

            And what makes you think it would have performed better than what has already transpired? Being a free democracy doesn’t automatically mean it would have become a successful country, yet alone the same economic success seen from the 60s to the 90s.

        • David

          Don’t feed the piece of crap troll. Just ban him.

    • Nathan Millard

      Wow Tae, thats an impressive level of ignorance, or you’ve got a severely twisted sence of humor. Basically everything you said has no basis in fact and is a degree of high-racism that I’ve not seen. Blaming your problems on foreigners is what the nazis did and that didn’t work out too well for them or the rest of the world.

      • Tae

        It’s not blaming its saying facts. Ge t out of here.

        • Hey Tae,

          • elizabeth

            You are using a child. That’s, that’s…child abuse.

          • But it’s darn cute child abuse, though.

      • bballi bballi paradise

        He is trolling, just ignore.

      • Bryan Cheron

        Tae is either doing an impression of a Korean nationalist gone wrong (for humour), or s/he’s trolling. It’s a fact that the sex industry existed long before Japan was involved in Korea, so it must be a joke of some kind.

    • Guest

      But those korean girls sure love prostituting themselves in Japan lol

      • Tae

        Get out. That is stupid. Why would Korean women do that? They are simply Chinese with fake Korean passports.

        • Hahah

          Because working conditions and safety regulation are better in Japan than Korea. Your country hasn’t updated crap within 50 years.

          • Multiple Personality Disorder

            Using three different ID’s to talk to yourself? That’s pretty sad.

      • jobiforus

        Korea’s #1 speciality has always been selling its ass to bigger nations. China mostly. Russia, USA and Japan to a lesser degree.
        Literally gangsters and whores, nothing more.

    • Johnny

      Unless you are a complete tool. I imagine this is supposed to be sarcastic

    • 금정산

      I suspect this person is pretending to be Korean; making absurd and provocative comments for attention and to make Koreans look bad.

      Everyone, please ignore this character from now on.

      • Tae

        Who is you? Are you even Korean? Do you live here?
        Get lost chinilpa!

      • David

        Tae is certainly not Korean. Maybe a Korean wannabe at most. He is a troll.

      • Sillian

        Obvious trolling is obvious indeed.

      • martymcfly33

        Koreans make themselves look bad. Nobody needs to pretend.

    • One for all

      Troll Alert

    • Chucky3176

      Now I know you’re a troll, trying to invite Korea bashings. Fuck off.

      • Tae

        Hey shut up. You dont like the truth? The truth hurts? Then hit the bricks. Because i throw truth bombs and if your libertard ass cant handle that then i refuse to apologise. I’m a Korean nationalist and patriot. Who are you? A scared gyopo little bitch.
        “Oh please may i come here and work sir wibble wibble”.
        Get a clue ass muncher.

        • Black_Plague

          So insulting people online with terms like ‘gyopo little bitch’, ‘libertard ass’ as well as bringing up the ‘blame it all on the Jews’ excuse your way of being a nationalist and a patriot?

          Hitler would’ve been proud of you.

          • Chucky3176

            He’s probably an ESL teacher in Korea, trying to make it look like he’s a Korean extremist. But he makes it look so obvious, it’s not fooling lot of people.

          • David

            Libtard is a common expression in some political circles in America. I think if he were actually Korea he would be doing a little commenting in Hongu, Also, his grammar and syntax usage is definitely American or Canadian. He is some punk troll from North America who wants to sound like he is speaking for Korean people. However, anybody who actually KNOWs any Korean people or has lived there knows he is full of crap.. I really don’t understand why he is not banned.

          • Chucky3176

            “Libtard”, is that something to do with American Liberalism? Didn’t quite get that one. Anyway, he would have been more convincing if he didn’t try so hard. If he gets deleted, he might come back with another ID, tone it down a little, and become more convincing to others that he’s a Korean.

          • Brett

            “Libtard” is an insult that conservatives use against radical liberals. Liberal+retard

          • …if by “radical liberals”, you mean anyone who isn’t a radical conservative.

            I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen non-Americans get called “libtards” just because they express mainstream non-American views that infringe upon the American conservative bubble.

            I believe just 1 or 2 days ago, I saw a self-described conservative on Yahoo basically get called a “libtard” for expressing support of Obama’s military strikes on IS (formerly ISIS).

          • Insomnicide

            ‘Liberalism’ in the US is a different ideology from the liberalism used in the rest of the world.

          • Black_Plague

            If that truly is the case, that makes it all the more hilariously hypocritical on his/her part.

        • David

          Libtard? Your American Tae. Your not even Korean. Your just a wannabe loser troll.

    • David

      Why are you not banned from here you troll? Seriously moderators, why? All this guys does is post crap like this.

  • commander

    Death penalty for those responsible for her death. And harshly punish men who bought sex with the victim, which is a minor, with the revelation of their personal information fpr humiliation.

    • Chucky3176

      Those minors probably know they’ll serve 6 month sentence in juvenile detention facility with 2 year suspended sentences, while their names protected from publicity. That’s the average punishment in Korea for under aged murderers.

      • commander

        Then, the father of the victim will have to take the law into his hands to punish the bad criminals.

        • Black_Plague

          In all honesty, I think Korea desperately needs someone like this.


          • Brett

            Yes but if he’s not Korean he’ll get his name released to the public, a hell of a prison sentence, and then deported. Chucky is right; in Korea, Koreans don’t get punished for wrongdoings.

          • elizabeth

            Funny but, seriously, I think the nature of these media is one of the sources of twisted ideas.

          • Thor

            I, for one, have to say it occurred to me too.

    • elizabeth

      Also, impose age-related requirements on motel (even hotel) guests and allow minors only if they are accompanied by parents. Then penalize motel/hotels if they do not have a system in place to comply with the requirements.

  • HaydenG

    Yoon’s father is at a loss for words over the cruel nature of the crimes. “I can’t forget that day she came home. She was terrified, crying, and I can’t forget what she said to me. She told me that the she was forced to sell sex and was tortured, only being given one bite to eat a day. She was worried they would come to find her,”he recounted.

    So how on earth was she murdered??? Did this Yoon guy not call the police? Why isn’t he in prison??? His daughter told him she was kidnapped and raped and the kidnappers are coming back for her and he did nothing???

    • Eggpop

      I’ve watched some news video on this and it said that Yoon and her father was going to report to the police but on that day she was kidnapped by the accusers. When the father reported this to the police they threw the responsibility back and forth between Kimhae police department and Busan police department and when the investigation finally started they treated it as a simple ‘run away from home’ thing. And they didn’t even investigate properly and it was all too late :/

    • Chucky3176

      Even if he did report it in time. The police wouldn’t have done anything because they won’t take these matters seriously. In Korea, the law is for the show only. Hardly anybody gets punished what they deserve. Look at the death penalty. Even if it hasn’t been abolished, nobody has carried it out since 1997. Why is that law in there, if it’s not going to be used? Because it’s a nice decoration. The only justice left is the people’s justice. Koreans should take the law into their own hands and stop relying on the useless judges and police.

      • elizabeth

        Then you’d be doing the dirty work while they continue to enjoy passive income from your pockets.

      • Zappa Frank

        I can tell you that this is the feeling most counties have about their laws and judges (usually everyone think to be the worst).. I think it may prove that justice’s problems are common everywhere.

  • Guest

    this kinda reminds me of the murder of Junko Furuta… hopefully this girls murderers are properly punished.

    • NewGuest

      Yes, I had the same thought. Really similar to her case. Terrible!

  • Johnny

    As an American I can say we have become too used to these sties. In Korea I realize they are still very rare but simply punishing the perpetrators of the crime is not enough. This is the beginnings of social problem that need to be addressed, parents need to know who their children are, instead of pushing them off to do more school work develop a relationship with them, teach them right from wrong such as someone with a different dialect might need their help instead of being tormented for being different. If you really want your children to be successful and stand out teach them to embrace cultural, racial and social differences as advantages rather than as handicaps. I can say without a doubt my most successful students who spoke the best English were in Ansan and Itaewon public schools where diversity is the highest in the country both of immigrants but also Koreans from other regions as well. As an example imagine a baseball team where everyone was a good pitcher but they have no skills in other areas. How often would they win a game? The same is true in life. Society needs people who are different from each other to function. Koreans have achieved m,ore in 50 years than most countries could ever imagine. This was only achieved by people trying to be their best not by stepping on the next person but by EVERYONE holding hands and pushing forward. Then something changed Koreans got rich and forgot the important parts of group effort and now mostly are out for themselves while superficially talking about the group as important. Think about these things the next time you get mad at a poor person in your way or a south Asian factory worker that annoys you just by being there. Perhaps it is actually you that you dislike the most!

  • Yi Hwang

    It is shameful and disgraceful to allow such atrocities to exist in modern times. Should not forget though that each person is entitled to a fair trial and due process. The recount of the story as it is written here is only one perspective and assumed to be 100% truthful in its content. This should be thoroughly investigated to find all the facts before condemning people to death. If there is no due process then there is no difference between communist north Korea and “democratic” South Korea. North Korea has “kangeroo courts” where the accused are senselessly beaten to attain a confession with no interest whatsoever to discover the truth and dispense fair justice. Often times, people will be ambivalent between choosing to pander to the temperment of a furious crowd and using one’s inner moral compass to doing what is right. In this case, the right thing is to mourn the tragic death of Yoon, a young woman denied the opportunities and chance to live out her life and her dreams. Meanwhile, the culprits should be found, investigated and their stories should be told for the record. If there is reason to doubt their testimony and if it can be discerned what exactly was their crime and what actions they committed in enslaving, torturing, abusing, eventually killing and attempting to defile and mutiliate a corpse to destroy evidence, etc, then the hammer of the law should crush them. The safety and welfare of those still living should be paramount concern as those responsible seem to suffer from sociopathy disorder. This is a serious matter but no man or woman deserves to suffer without it being the truth. The truth must be found and sensationalizing and demanding reprisals is not justice without the due process of law.

  • WannabeXenophile

    Really reminds me of the Bulger murder! Very saddening. Hope they punish those responsible severely.

  • FYIADragoon

    Death for every last one of them. Even the minors. Someone that fundamentally twisted shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. And why was her father even allowing her such freedom that she would have the opportunity to go around with a 24 year old that was creeping on middle schoolers? None of this would have happened with a bit more supervision. Most frustrating is that Korea has a system similar to Japan’s for these kind of violent crimes by minors. The kids will get a slap on the hand for acts reminiscent of Unit 731. Korea and Japan need to get their shit together.

    • Moreover, executions need to be public. The death penalty doesn’t act as a deterrent when it is hidden from the public view. The most important aspect of the death penalty isn’t to kill the guilty (they’re already locked up and can do no further harm), but to frighten other potential criminals from following in their footsteps. Would-be criminals do not read news articles about convicted murderers paying the price for their crimes. But you can be sure that if the death penalty were nationally televised, everyone in the country would realize that committing murder should be thought tantamount to committing suicide. Every state execution that occurs behind closed doors is a missed opportunity and a waste of human life.

      • Chucky3176

        Sure, and have bleeding heart human rights activists crying human rights violations staging rallies in front of judges, US State Department writing up Korea for human rights abuses, and the Amnesty International going all berserk over Korea’s human rights nightmare, while Americans/Westerners lecturing Koreans on why Koreans are so culturally inhumane (as they do with immigration issues). No thanks. Not a good ideal.

        • I was talking about in general, not just Korea in particular.

          I don’t see how televising what’s already done behind closed doors would constitute human rights violation. It could be advertised as making the system more “transparent”. Better yet, make a reality TV show out of it. Bitches love reality TV shows.

        • guest

          so you’re not so concerned about the controversy about capital punishment but instead, more worried about S. Korea’s reputation?

          not saying i wouldn’t be happy if these sick fucks met their date with Death soon, but you need to set your priorities straight son.

        • elizabeth

          Some human rights activists have gone too far. They abuse the issue of rights to achieve selfish ends, the way some do to religion and and issue of racial discrimination.

          Governments should not be afraid to do the right thing, even in the face of repurcussions. That’s what they are there for. Easier said than done? That’s why they are given tremendous authority and power, privileged access to classified information and, in some countries, ridiculous paychecks.

          This case is no different from sex trafficking. The wider issue is, what has been done about it? And why didn’t the father alert the police?

          From the most powerful to the weakest, fear is one of our greatest enemies.

      • Allen

        The thing is harsher punishments (including the death penalty) don’t really work any better at deterring crime because no criminal commits a crime thinking they’re going to get caught. Every one of them either thinks they’re going to get away with it and therefore isn’t concerned with the punishment, or feels so strongly about what they’re doing being justified they don’t give a shit

        • Yes, and the reason why they aren’t able to visualize themselves paying for their crimes is because they aren’t confronted with the reality of other criminals paying for their crimes. Hence my comment encouraging public exposure of the death penalty to instill the societal pathological fear of getting caught. These “kids” weren’t criminals until they were. Every “hardened criminal” starts off as an innocent person making the first wrong choice; strong deterrents ingrained into the public consciousness disincentivize that first wrong choice.

          • jon777

            Sorry, but It doesn’t work. People who commit these crimes are often out of touch with reality and don’t think they will get caught. The best prevention is a good welfare state, then these kinds of people wont develop.

      • tomoe723

        Why in the hell would you want a televised public execution? That is a very twisted ideal not far off from the criminals who just killed this little girl with everyone in the group watching (and/or taking part).

        Executions are afforded only to involved officials and the bereaved or affected if they opt to, with the intent to provide closure (which is subject to debate). It’s going to be a kill-fest for some people who enjoy violence/murder as a form of entertainment. Publicly televising such event only desensitizes society to more blood, contrary to your preconceived notion that it will instill fear into the masses. Studies show that murderers often act irrationally and impulsively, without a second thought as to the consequences of their crime, therefore death penalties have negligible effect on deterring murder. In fact, it has been found that states without a provision for capital punishment actually have lower murder rates across the board than states that have a death penalty.

        As this article states:
        “There is no good reason to televise executions. The fallacious arguments people use in an effort to make it more prevalent only go to show that they are just trying to explain away their sick voyeurism. As civilized human beings, we should not be beholden to our base tendencies of vengeance and violence, nor should we enact literally medieval humiliations upon people.”


      • Zappa Frank

        is a joke?doesn’t seem a your post. You know why public executions were suspended? because the human behavior was horrible… it doesn’t turn in more awareness of what may happen if you do something horrible, but in an enjoying watching the death of people and losing sensibility to death and murder…

        • Thor

          And the proof of what you said happened in France : until 1939, the executions (guillotine) were made public. And the stats say that each and every single beheaded criminal watched one or several executions before… Nowadays is no longer the time of middle-age tortures, and let’s not allow our society to become even worse than its criminals.

    • Rational Thought

      I would really like these people dead, but I try to remain rational. The death penalty has not proven to be an effective deterrent against crime. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, as it is ‘the punishment they deserve’. How does this make us any better than them though, and how will it benefit society?

      They need to go to prison, that’s certain. They need to be treated like humans though. They need to see psychologists so we can start to understand what lead them to this, and what can society do to prevent this in the future. Sweden is known for it’s very lenient legal system, and treating prisoners humanely. They are now having to close prisons as there are so few prisoners now. This is because they focus on turning criminals into productive members of society – and dealing with the root of the crime.

      Perhaps all of the people involved in this were raised in an environment which didn’t teach empathy. Maybe they were abused by their parents and peers. In some instances people are just plain psycho and can not be reintegrated into society, but with this many involved, it seems very likely there were other factors involved.

      I realise for many, this won’t be a satisfying punishment. I am sure if I were her father, I would want to personally beat each and everyone of them to death. This won’t achieve anything though. We need to learn from this and deal with the cause of the crime directly. If they can’t be rehabilitated then keep them in prison for life.

  • Black_Plague

    All of them should be either hung, put behind a wall in front of a firing squad or have their asses thrown in the middle of a minefield in the DMZ.

    They cannot be let back into society at ANY cost. But who the hell am I kidding. Korea’s justice system is woefully pathetic. And if they come back out in prison, then I hope someone takes the law in their own hands and puts either a bullet or knife in their heads.

  • joshua

    Reveal their identities at the very least, so they get tormented until they kill themselves.

    • aquila

      Bullying people to kill themselves… that’s very noble.

      • 민영

        oh shut your ass up

        • aquila

          You despise people committing such crimes, yet you share violent fantasies just like these murderes.
          Yeah, unlike them you haven’t acted on these fantasies (yet). But having the same mindset doesn’t bother you? Hypocrite.

          Don’t know where you’re from, but if you like that concept of eye-for-an-eye (like these late posters here), I suggest you join people who make it part of their society. Try the regions controlled by the Taliban or the IS(IS).

          And spare me a wise and elaborate reply a la “shut your ass up”.

  • vincent_t

    The Korean Press should disclose fully the identity of the convicts, just like how the Shukan Bunshun (Japanese newspaper) did in Junko Furuta Case.

    And this how Shukan Bunshun defended their action: “human rights aren’t needed for brutes”!!

  • Xio Gen

    Looks like Korea’s got their own Junko Furuta now.

    • Karl Yang

      I support the concept of killing murderers as well as rapist and pedophiles. I have alot of trouble supporting todays death penalty which leaves these animals on death row for 20 plus years and spending millions on endless appeals. I’d like to go back to the hanging them at dawn days. The Chinese have a very efficiant death penalty system where the person is killed in days or weeks of the verdict. With todays forensics and DNA evidence it is unlikely that any innocent would be put to death. Almost all those on death row aren’t debating guilt, they are arguing extenuating circumstances.

  • Guest

    It’s unfortunate the places that should be considered as a safe haven for you is where you get your ass handed to you in Korea. I mean, home, school and at work?? Forget the military and the streets!! Maybe toting enough cut ass at these places prepares you FOR THE STREETS?? Get ready, because you haven’t seen anything yet! The world is gonna get worse since principles on morality stated in the good book have been laid out to pasture within schools and the family unit and mocked by those who think they know everything. Keep it up!

  • icup

    if that was my daughter i would hold that grudge until i could serve my own form of justice. doing time to repent is not enough, an eye for an eye.

    i’ll wait until they leave prison with only the thought of freedom on their mind, before abducting them. i would have made a playroom specifically made for torture and confinement.

    i won’t take their life. i’ll leave them crippled so they can remember it.

  • Someone06

    I’ve always had the conviction that death penalty was a horrible thing. But when I read about a group of people doing something like this, a crime so evil, so inhumane, without the slightest compassion nor regard for human life, I start to think execution is the only thing they deserve. All my heart is with the poor father, knowing you lost your daughter in such a cruel way, I honestly don’t know how he will be able to live with this.

  • Karl Yang

    Actually, a firing squad is the most humane way to put down offenders. I would use the death penalty for torturers, child molesters, mass murderers, rape murderers, kidnap murderers, and torture murderers. Shooting the town bully would not therefore get you the death penalty.

    I would also allow deadly force to be used against those whom sic attack-type animals on other people and pets of the same. This also would end the so-called ‘Pitbull Problem’.

    Mass self defense shootings would be exempt, as would any act of violence meant to stop a criminal(s) evil crimes. Think the Korean store-owners in Rodney King or somebody plowing a car through a violent mob. Killing a bully would be exempt, too.

    I would allow self-defense for life, limb, property, and pets. I would also disallow purely circumstantial evidence in death penalty/long term imprisonment cases. Upon conviction, the defendant would be automatically interrogated under drug-induced hypnosis while simultaneously hooked up to three different kinds of lie detectors. If there is any doubt after this process, the sentence is automatically commuted to imprisonment without mercy.

    Furthermore, I would apply the aforementioned concept to inconclusive/doubtful forensic lab evidence. If the sentence is not carried out within 72 hours, life with no mercy becomes the automatic replacement sentence. Deterrence only works when punishment rapidly occurs.

    I oppose public executions, because history shows they do not deter offenders. I also don’t want some heart disease patient having a fatal attack witnessing a public hanging as he leaves the cardiac clinic.

    I would allow the condemned anti-psychotic drugs, along with a pastor if the same so requests. They would then be given their choice of general anesthesia(gas or injection)and then taken to the execution place.

    Also, I have all the prison inmates lined up at gun point, to witness the execution. They would see the condemned stood up and the same would be machine gunned to death. Afterwards, the condemned’s crimes would be announced over the P.A. The announcement would be punctuated with .”this will be your fate, if you continue on your criminal path.” And so deterrence would be actualized. Also, the usage of hollowpoint ammunition would prevent ricochets, too.



  • Dave Park

    They shouldn’t be executed. They should be made an example of. They have forfeited their humanity and their very souls when the idea of torturing someone went through their thinking process. The men should be neutered, marked, monitored, and forced to carry on their lives.

  • bultak23

    maybe the environment these kids lived in produces evil people.

  • David

    No new story in 10 days? Are there any problems at KoreaBang?

  • Guy Forget

    This sounds like a made up story. How would they know all the details of the situation and explain it like it was a novel? She died and somehow they had an interview with her to recount all the details step by step, quote for quote. Hmmm…

  • mindyzz

    the exact same should be done to them. I dont care how fucking much you regret your actions.

  • Deegii Sun

    koreans…..wow..im getting too much bad knowledge about this country’s humanity like bullying, shitty society, plastic surgery of middle schoolers, super high rate of suicide n now this i’m done

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