80-Year-Old Man Paralyzes Women with Acupuncture, Molests Them

Article from Munwha Ilbo:

After setting up an unauthorized oriental medicine clinic, a man in his eighties is suspended for repeatedly sexually harassing female nurses in their twenties.

On January 24th, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced 80-year-old Seo to eight months in prison with a two-year suspension, and a fine of 1 million won for sexually harassing his female nurses while he was practicing acupuncture.

Acupuncture needles are placed into the foot to treat health problems.

After acquiring an oriental doctor license in 1961, Seo set up an oriental medicine clinic in Seoul’s Dongdaemun District in 2009 without permission from the authorities, which brought in average monthly revenue ranging from 3 to 4 million won. Seo would grab the breasts of 20-year-old ‘A’ who has been a nurse since 2012 or demand a kiss saying, “I will give you acupuncture that is good for your liver.”

Seo is also accused of taking off A’s panties and molesting her after paralyzing her with acupuncture needles in the foot, he got access to A after promising to treat her uterus. Anther victim80-Year-Old Man Paralyzes Women with Acupuncture, Molests Them ‘B,’ a 22-year-old employee, was also molested after receiving paralyzing acupuncture from Seo. The 80-year-old doctor is charged with six cases of sexual harassment.

Seo claims, “I made physical contact with them for purely therapeutic purposes, and had no intention of sexual harassment. The employees approached me and kissed me or took off their panties to ask me to examine their uterus.” His claim was dismissed by the court.

Comments from Daum:


Insane old bastard! learn how to grow old.


I want to slap him across the face 80 times. An old man running wild.


Does the old man really think that people buy his flimsy excuse that the 20-something nurses jumped at him undressed?


As the saying goes, as long as a man has enough strength to lift a spoon he will be on the prowl… ke.

아오 진짱:

Shit! I thought paralysis acupuncture was only possible in movies. Disgusting, tsk tsk.


Crimes by professionals like prosecutors, court judges, lawyers, oriental doctors and doctors are on the rise. The penalty for the 80 year old doctor shows how weak the punishment is. A fine of 1 million? Bastards!


How could he get a suspended sentence?


How lenient the court is! The clemency explains why this kind of sexual harassment happens again and again. As the parent of a daughter, I want the law to specify harsher punishment for sexual offenders.


The way justice is served under the law is fucked up. A man who only put his foot beneath a toilet stall in the women’s restroom got a fine of 1 million won. That bastard doctor was just fined 1 million won for taking advantage of his job to sexually abuse women. The court judges should be drowned in the Han River for their unfair application of the law.


I strongly recommend he be the doctor for the Blue House.

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  • chucky3176

    I never really believed acupuncture really does work. Nor do I really believe in Chinese traditional medicine. I know that in Korea for instance, there are lot of shady phoney Oriental doctors with fake degrees practicing illegally. Color me skeptical.

    But getting paralyzed?? Can acupuncture really paralyze a person?

    • Lemmings

      I dunno about paralysis but i know it does relax muscles.

      The lady may have mistaken slack muscles in her foot as paralysis, look at all them needles

    • wnsk

      You can make a person feel numbness just by jabbing in the right spot (nerve) with your bare hand. Let alone sticking needles. If it didn’t work, why would people still seek treatment in such clinics? Contrary to what you may think, most people aren’t stupid. Of course, there ARE a lot of quacks out there as well. *shrug*

    • It’s an obvious excuse from the ladies, they clearly wanted to be touched by that sexy 80 year old man so they pretended to be paralyzed.

      • Mateusz82

        To be fair, “magic needles in your skin that make it so you can’t move” isn’t that much more plausible.

    • Barack Obama

      have you ever done it? it works for what it works on, not for everything.

    • Ruaraidh

      Acupuncture has been demonstrated to have no more effect than placebo. So the question is can placebo paralyze? Maybe it can for the weak willed and easily suggested.

      • Eric0912
        • Ruaraidh

          Wow one single study where acupuncture performed better than no treatment. It wasn’t even put up against a placebo. Quote me a few meta studies that show acupuncture as more effective than placebo. And while you’re at it, you can explain why trials have shown that the results of acupuncture are exactly the same when you compare ‘proper acupuncture’ and a fake acupuncture where the needles are put in random places.

          • Eric0912

            Wow, take it easy. I’m not an expert on neither Oriental nor Western medicine, and didn’t claim to be. (Are you a doctor in medicine, or a medical scientist?) I merely wanted to show that there actually is some research being done, nowadays, and that it (surprisingly) shows some positive results. Think the article pointed out that more needs to be done.

          • Ruaraidh

            Sorry, flew off the handle there. There is a lot of money that gets wasted on things like homeopathy and acupuncture when it could be spent on actual medicines or research that hasn’t already been done a thousand times.

          • David

            Thank you. You have no idea how many times I have had this talk with friends of mine. I have one friend who has spent thousands of dollars on magnets for her bed because she was told by the salesman it would help her MS. What a crock. I met the guy and reamed him out for talking advantage of my friend. He could not even tell me how it was supposed to help, just parroting what he was told by his boss. Every point he tried to make I negated with facts. While I not normally that mean to people it just makes me mad when people are taken advantage of like that (don’t even get me started on fake cancer treatments like Laetrile).

          • bigmamat

            I had a guy at work tell me that Laetrile can prevent you from ever getting cancer. He’s been taking some kind of legal vitamin that’s supposed to be the equivalent.

          • David

            Yea, ask him how it helped Steve McQueen. Instead of getting regular cancer treatment in the U.S. he went to Mexico for Laetrile (because it was already known at that time it was quack medicine so it was illegal here) and he died. I hope whatever he is taking does not hurt your friend but people will believe what they want to believe.

          • bigmamat

            Yeah about 15 years ago my friend was taking colloidal minerals. People were drinking that stuff and turning grey from the heavy metals.

          • No David

            well arn’t you the all knowing medical expert

          • David

            Wow, what an empty comment.

          • Eric0912

            No worries.

            Isn’t the research gap between “western” and “oriental” medicine large, has it really “been done a thousand times”? Feels like there could be some kind of difference between practices like acupuncture, and the scary quack business other commentors are mentioning here.

          • Joey

            It’s not Oriental medicine, it’s Oriental scamming.

          • PB

            at least he is able source a study. link to your trials or GTFO

          • Ruaraidh

            Acupuncture being no better at relieving pain than fake acupuncture: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

            The quality of many acupuncture trials are poor and include bias towards acupuncture: 1, 2, 3, 4

      • Moot

        Demonstrated by who? reputable source please.

        • Ruaraidh

          See above.

      • Sillian
        • Ruaraidh

          In all honesty I think it’s a bullshit article that makes a lot of massive and ludicrous claims and doesn’t back any of them up with any clinical studies. Sorry if you like acupuncture but that’s just how it is.

          • Sillian

            I don’t plan on getting acupuncture treatments. I’m just trying to see whether there really is zero proven efficacy except for the psychological one.

      • jon776

        Acupuncture “works” in the same way cutting your wrists “work” by releasing of endorphins. However, cutting your wrists leaves nasty scars so don’t do it!

      • Barack Obama

        don’t say anything about acupuncture until you’ve tried it yourself. it works like getting a massage, stimulating the “knotted” area of muscle and tendons. That is all it does. But to say that the entire thing is one massive scam, that is just ridiculous.

    • death_by_ivory

      We can not just dismiss 1000s of years of traditional medicine.Im not saying all is good but also not all is good in Western medicine.There has to be some truth to so much accumulated knowledge.
      For example:parsley takes down fever but Aleve never did it for me.
      For cough I use ginger,honey and lemon and not Mucinex which almost killed my husband with its allergic reaction.

    • commander

      I think acpuncture is effective in curing patients based on yin and yang principle.

      Contrary to general belief in western countries, acupuncture is prevalent in South Korea and I guess so in China.

      Practicing acpuncture requires vast knowledge of body parts where ‘qi’ converges and numerous trainging sessions.

      If you go out to ask people on the streets in South Korea to ask them if they believe in the effectiveness of acpuncture, I bet almost all will say that acpuncture has good efficacy in an answer showing that attributing any healing effect from acpuncture to placebo effect are wrong.

      And recently, I also visited a neighborhood oriental clinic to get acpuncture to relax my shoulder muscles, and that was a great reliever of a stiff shoulder.

      • jon776

        Acupuncture works by inflicting small amounts of pain which releases endorphins which is great for relieving pain and makes us feel good. Yin and yang / Qi is bullshit and has nothing to do with anything. Also, a regular massage is much better for a stiff shoulder.

    • mr.wiener

      Apparently it doesn’t work with everyone [Acupuncture].

    • 외국년

      hey we should say anything about it… if we leave it alone it will go away right?

  • HaydenG

    you cannot paralyze someone with acupuncture…

    • Jasta

      exactly, these women were just asking for it, and then made up a silly story afterwards to incovenience this old gentleman

      • Thor

        … And then ask for money.

  • jem

    Yep, because acupuncturists also happens to be gynecologists right? and that’s the reason why he would not to take off the panties? (sarcasm)

  • Claude

    The power of the placebo is powerful stuff. Mind over matter.

  • zachary T

    ok this whole story is just horrible.1. illegal medical clinic- did these “nurses” know it was an illegal clinic? I am not saying what happened to them wasn’t wrong, no one should molest anyone, ever, but did they think the illegal medical practitioner was going to do things by the book for them? 2.I do not know much about acupuncture but don’t the needles affect nerves? and how many nerves are in or near the uterus? did the “doctor” make it up that it would help their problem? 3. really 1million won ($924 American) 8 months in jail and 2 year medical license suspension? WTF?!

    • David

      You misunderstand. the 8 month sentence was suspended for two years. As long as he is not convicted of harassing any more women for two years the sentence does not have to be served, This is pretty common in Korea, they basically like to treat everybody as a drunk fraternity guy who didn’t know any better. “just be better next time”.

      • zachary T

        really? huh..well thank you for clearing that up.

  • holdingrabbits

    “I will give you acupuncture that is good for your liver”

    Classic pick-up line to remember

  • Plot twist: he had a needle dick

  • markus peg

    Avoid illegal shady doctors and medical clinics, they are illegal for a reason people…

  • bultak23

    what a prick.

  • One for all

    Something doesn’t compute here…maybe he offered them some bonuses in exchange for their “efforts”, when he failed to keep to his promise, the girls decided to get some revenge

  • MeiDaxia

    I feel a lot of people are glossing over the fact this guy only got 8 months for this shit. I feel like he’d have gotten 3-5 years in the states.

    • RegisterToPost

      It’s OK, he’s an ajeossi. Please understand his culture.

  • Mighty曹

    Old fool, when feeling horny he should poke a needle in the wrinkled winkle to alleviate the erection.

    • Claude

      “Feeling horny” He’s 80 years old!! Is there a 80 year old with a sex drive? Whats in his Kimchi?

      • Thor

        Viagra maybe…

      • Mighty曹

        His sex drive led him to commit sex crimes.

  • Miniluv101

    Remember kids: Rape is okay if you pay for it.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Seo: Tits taste better when they are sedated.

  • Purely anecdotal, but I’ve had acupuncture several times for muscle spasms and back pain. Worked like a charm.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      made mine worse….

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