18 Things to Know about Jessica’s Exit from SNSD

Recently, Jessica, a member of one of Korea’s most popular pop groups, Girls’ Generation (aka, SNSD) tweeted her shock at being told she could no longer be in the group. This article, from early this month, tries to get at the heart of the issue. This story, however, is ongoing and many details may continue to be revealed.

Jessica Exits Girls’ Generation: “Who is the victim?”

Article from Dispatch :
Jessica SNSD Girls Generation 1

Even for minor cases, its good to take measure of the gains and losses. You have to verify who has been falsely accused, and who is the real victim.

This goes for Jessica’s exit [from SNSD] as well.

Did she leave, or did they tell her to leave?

If she was asked to leave, isn’t Jessica the victim here?

Did the other members want to lose her?

Rather than dealing with the nature of the event, we are making an account of the gains and losses involved.

But according to Dispatch’s results, her removal from the group was simply pushed ahead early. If it wasn’t September 30th, it would’ve happened on November 30th, December 30th, or even January 30th of next year.

Which goes to say, this isn’t a case of finding out who has been victimized. First we must understand the main conflict, and then the depth of the conflict. Only then can we understand the true nature of this event.

On the 30th, Dispatch met with three people who are very close with Girls’ Generation.

Q1: What we are most curious about is, did she leave, or was she asked to leave.

Dispatch: Both are true. Jessica was the first to say she would leave the group. This year on January 7th, she said many times that she wanted to leave the group.

So did the other members respond to this with, “then leave”? To be precise, the nuance was similar to this. It’s more accurate to state that she was asked to choose one of two options.

Q2: Let’s look at the timeline. On January 7th, what exactly did Jessica say?

D: Last January, Jessica brought up that she wanted to get married. She met with members individually saying several times, “I want to get married. I’ve been talking to the company about this.”

Also, last July after finishing a concert in Japan, she again hinted at stopping her activities with the group. At the time, Jessica said, “I can’t do this anymore. It’s sad but I will get my life back.”

Jessica with boyfriend Tyler Kwon.

Jessica with boyfriend Tyler Kwon.

Q3: She will get her life back? Is this another way to say she will marry Tyler Kwon?

D: It appeared at the time that Jessica did not have the desire to continue with Girls’ Generation. The other members already knew about [Jessica] wanting to get married. Jessica talked more about the future than about marriage.

For example, she said things such as, “Next year I will study abroad,” “I’m looking into schools,” I want to start a fashion business,” and, “If I quit Girls’ Generation, I will become a designer.”

Q4: How did the other members respond to all of this?

D: At the beginning of this year, she already went through the ordeal of leaving the group. Jessica and SM agreed that she would continue to do her best for the group until the final album, planned for early next year.”>

The other members were in shock, but also thought it couldn’t be helped. Since she was planning to get married and start a business, she expressed that it would be best to focus on activities [with the group] only until their final album.

Jessica SNSD Girls Generation 3

Q5: So did Jessica do her best to be active in Girls’ Generation??

D: To be honest, it was a situation where she couldn’t focus completely on the group. Jessica was too busy. Especially because of her work with Tyler, she was very busy. It was for the August launch of her fashion line, BLANC.

She had her own schedule, going between China, Hong Kong, and New York. In fact, Jessica was in New York with Tyler right before the [group’s] fan meeting in China. She came back to Korea one day before the meeting.

Q6: Tyler Kwon has not been left of this situation.

D: It was understood that she was engaged when a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring was seen on Jessica’s finger. She kept telling the other members that the wedding would take place next October in Hong Kong.

Tyler Kwon almost always accompanied Jessica on her appointments. He was of course there for her China and Hong Kong events, but was also there in New York when she filmed the On Style show, “Jessica and Krystal.”

Q7: In the midst of this, Jessica launched her fashion line, BLANC.

D: The other members weren’t opposed to Jessica starting a business. But they didn’t know she would start it this soon. Most thought she wouldn’t start it until after she got married.

Despite this, Jessica quickly launched her fashion line in August. The other members tried to make sure of one thing- that her business would not be her top priority. It was to warn her not to be careless about Girls’ Generation.

Q8: Did SM approve of Jessica’s business ventures?

D: They showed concern over the line’s offline store and the concept of its products. It could be that Jessica was using Girls’ Generation’s popularity to get fans to shop there.

However, [SM] had no justification to keep her from starting the business. Specifically, in the contract [that Jessica signed with SM,] there is no clause that forbids starting an individual business. Jessica had permission to pursue her personal dream.

Q9: Yet we know there was increasing conflict since BLANC’s launch.

D: Jessica had already planned her life after the group. She planned to study abroad, start a business, and get married. She would go to New York, study there, get married, and expand her business.

To accomplish this, she quickly developed a portfolio. This is why her fashion line was launched so hastily. Tyler Kwon is also a part of the BLANC business. As always, she couldn’t do it without him.

Jessica SNSD Girls Generation 4

Q10. Given all this, it was Jessica who originally talked about leaving the group.

D: Possibly, there were hints about leaving… it could’ve been because of these plans she had. But we knew that she was putting these dreams on hold, and that she planned to stay until the final album.

But Jessica put her personal work before [the group,] making it impossible not to be careless about her work with Girls’ Generation. Due to this, the other members demanded a decision be made. They said to stay focused until the end.

Q11. We’ve heard that Jessica’s attitude suddenly changed.

D: Last month on the 15th, Dispatch received a tip. Jessica and Tyler went to a law firm named “Sejong,” which was confirmed as fact.

I don’t know why they were there. After going to Sejong, the change in the way [Jessica} was talking was very clear. “If you are okay with it, even after I get married I still want to do Girls’ Generation,” she said to the other members.

Q12. Did she want to take on too much at once?

D: Jessica didn’t want to miss out on anything. She especially didn’t want to delay her business any longer. She had invested quite a lot of money and had already began a portion of it.

From the beginning the other 8 members said “OK” to her marriage and her business. They respected her dreams. But they wanted her to pursue them after finishing activity [with the group]. They thought this was the best way to respect to her fans and the other group members.

Jessica SNSD Girls Generation 6

Q13: We heard the group had an emergency meeting in September.

D: They concluded that it was hard to do a long-term fan tour and a final album without interruption in that situation. The meeting was held between Jessica and the members in September. They asked for a decision.

Jessica changed what she said after seeing a lawyer. She suddenly said she desired to continue with Girls’ Generation. She asked, “if you have any complaint, please sign your names and submit it.”

Q14. What was the outcome of the meeting?

D: There were two or three meetings. Then she unexpectedly left for New York. So no more talks could be had. In the end it was decided that doing things this way was meaningless.

As for Jessica, she returned the day before a fan meeting, thinking she had done her duty to the group. But the other members felt that Girls’ Generation had become her second job for a while now.

D15: Let us satisfy one little curiosity. What is Tyler’s role in BLANC?

D: Jessica launched BLANC on August 6th, with sunglasses as her first product. At the moment, perfume, accessories, and clothing are also in development. Those are set to be sold in theFall/Winter 2015 collection.

Tyler has invested in BLANC. We know that the amount he invested is less than Jessica’s. His most important role in the company involves distribution in China. He is helping to get her collection into Chinese and Hong Kong department stores.

Q16: Where are the current BLANC locations in China?

D: Just known as “Girls’ Generation Jessica,” she is gaining huge popularity in China. Recently, she succeeded in getting into large editorial store, Lane Crawford, in Hong Kong.

There are also several other shops that will open. Most are in Hong Kong, but other locations include major shopping cities Singapore, Thailand, and Shanghai.

Q17: So there also seems to be financial conflict with the other members.

D: Nobody cares about the money Jessica will earn through BLANC. That money is earned by her talent. But they are guessing that the risk involved in Jessica’s marriage will be substantial.

Because of this, Jessica’s marriage was an open secret within the company. There would be no more group advertising that would last longer than a year. Even with good offers, they couldn’t proceed.

D: It would be less than a 10% chance. The conditions for returning depend on Jessica’s change of her priorities… But she has gone too far. She’s already too much involved with Tyler.

Of course, Jessica could request to do some acting or solo work for her brand. However considering the time needed to do so, it would be difficult at the moment.

Comments from Naver:


According to this article alone, Jessica definitely made a selfish decision…


Then why did she agree to prolong her contract for 3 more years when she wanted to get married?


Should her team members unconditionally support and understand her marriage and business plans??!! All the while her man follows her around like her little shadow~??!!!


Jessica cosplayed hard as a victim while she betrayed her members…


The look in Tyler Kwon’s eyes is a bit unpleasant.


I don’t understand why the other 8 members should be blamed. It was Jessica who got in the way of her team for her own personal interest, ke ke ke.


If it is true that Jessica plans to get married in May next year, then she is very selfish. She wants to do activities for her group, marriage, and business. She joined the fan meeting late yesterday because of her personal schedule and couldn’t rehearse. Her boyfriend followed her to her photo shoots. Such behavior would cause problems in any workplace.


I think the other 8 members might have given up many things for the team already.


In the end, Jessica left the team for her own life path first. I knew it. I thought they might not have kicked her out for no good reason. To the other 8 members, fighting!


I would’ve been pissed off if I were one of the other members. Because of her, they can’t get a big commercial deal because the advertisement cannot last for longer than a year and they have to reorganize and practice everything again for concerts. But she wrote on social media as if the other members betrayed her. Very selfish.


All she did was say she wanted to be in the group again after meeting with a lawyer. It seems like she needed to ride on SNSD’s status until her brand became more popular. That’s so selfish. After she said she will start a business and get married, running away from the group, then she goes back just to use them.


Business, marriage, study abroad? How does that make sense? How would you do all of that on top of work with Girls’ Generation? Ah she wanted to leave the right way, so if you’re going to leave, what the hell are you doing?


Looking at other articles she said she was going to get married, and didn’t have any plans to continue with Girls’ Generation anyway. Those 8 are the victims here.


Ohhh If her boyfriend was following her around everyday, wouldn’t she hate it. What the hell is that guy.


Honestly, Jessica doesn’t think about Girls’ Generation as a whole, and goes around doing all those things. It doesn’t seem like she showed a lot of consideration [for the group.]

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  • Expressed92

    When your top priority isn’t the idol group any longer, can you blame the company for doing what they did, in a business sense? Sunny, yoona, sooyoung, TTS all members doing theirs activies in Korea. But Jessica US. How many time sica must go to US in 1 weeks? How many hours, she spent in plane to flight korea-US and CHINA FOR YOUR FASHION NETWORK. If sica have so much energy like that, why not become more productive for SNSD in korea? Don’t u see that SM renew SNSD contract AFTER sica launch her brand. If SM not giving permission, why SM give sica new contract? Why SM dont kick Sica at that time? If sica leave SNSD when contract end, this scandal wont happen. Just like jiyoung kara. SNSD renew contract only to 3 years, n do u think this what SNSD n SM want for the last time as groups? All hard work as positive image for 7 years since debut, really need this scandal? Don’t u know anything about business world? SNSD is the biggest girls group in ASIA. Now just for income from newbie n small company like BLANC, SM interest? That’s stupid n not worth it. SM prefer profit from SNSD than BLANC. So why SM must taking risk like this if there’s nothing wrong with Jessica? If sica innocent, where sica’s lawsuit? Where the story? She JUST BLAME SM AND OTHERS. “after only a month since the launching, the members suddenly changed their position”. I think its quite hard for EIGHT members to suddenly change their positions together all at once “for no justifiable reason”. there must have been some key factors that led to the decision. Even Krystal knew the problems beforehand. N u still believe in Jessica? I know sometimes its easier to take a blame on someone who already bad.

    You heard one side of the story, the one from the person who’s trying her damnest to make herself look blameless, and you jumped to conclusions. Families become dysfunctional and at the end of the day this IS a business. If whatever she was doing was affecting business, then it had to be taken care of. You weren’t there and you don’t know what made all 8 people who’ve worked with her and stood by her for 10+ years decide that they could no longer do so. Well, i’m done.

    just think about it. no matter what the problem is: blanc, marriage, fashion. it had to be getting bad enough for SM to even consider kicking out one of the most popular members in such a popular group. So i really dont believe Jessica’s the only victim here too

  • Camille Yoong

    Just like what I thought since Jessica posted on weibo…

    So Jessica is a liar? (I really think it is) As I was thinking,the post on her weibo is to make the other’s image bad.The article here is so opposite to Jessica’s post and she doesn’t even explain anything there.She just make herself pityful and look that she is the victim.The “forced out” thingy on her post was really proving that it was just a script.If she wants to leave since from the start,why would she need to make a story? We can accept if she really wants to give up than to make the others look bad and use the Girls Generation’s Popularity. Tyker is such a bad infkuence to Jessica! That isn’t love because it was really mess up.

    • Alexdhamp

      Believing SM’s lies… The bit about the lawyer was already debunked and you really think she wanted to quit after signing up for three more years? Use your brain. Look at what SM did to JYJ, Kris, and Luhan…you really think they’d just let Jessica go on out of the entertainment industry while she was still contracted(legally binding) to them? Think logically and critically about these claims…or don’t.

      • Camille Yoong

        Lets say that Jessica was really the victim here,but why would she need to post like that,? So she can get the pity of all,right?

        • Steph

          Would you want to keep quiet if this bullshit happened to you?

  • Typro

    Jessica destroy SNSD because of her stupid choice yet people still try to put the blame on the girls when its all Jessica’s fault. Its disgusting how she act like a victim. If her being kick out is so unfair she should file a lawsuit, oh wait its her fault and she knows she’s never gonna win so she didn’t but instead put the blame on the 8 so people will pity her and it works like magic. The 8 are such a good sister, they should stop defending her and apologizing instead put her under the bus like Jessica did to them. Jessica cared? My ass

  • Ho Abigail Shin

    i like to kill tyler kwon because of him jessica want to marry him immediately i hate him so much….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ho Abigail Shin

    to the left 8 members………..fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ho Abigail Shin

    i don’t think that jessica is the one who decide her dicission i think her boyfriend becoz her boyfriend is a business man and we don’t know her boyfriend want jessica to be with him right? but i don’t know of jessica want it to,if i have a time i will ask her personally……but not now becoz i’m in new york..too bad..

  • InsaneHorse

    I’m awfully late to this situation, but despite being months after the departure, fans are still fighting with each other over the truth of the situation—-which no one truly knows.
    I dislike how the situation has basically been portrayed as SME or SNSD vs. Jessica.
    I’m sure all of SNSD had the best intentions for the group, and the bond the 9 formed over 7 years couldn’t possibly been faked. All 9 girls have trained together, lived together, laughed together, cried together, sang together, danced together and pushed forward together—Into the new world they were presented.
    Of course, many things may have changed over 7 years, but the situation of Jessica’s departure must’ve been more complicated than SNSD simply deciding to kick her out, or Jessica not focusing on schedules(because honestly over the years, she missed hardly any events). Yes, investing in a business and being committed to it full time is very difficult. However, Jessica has the spirit and passion for fashion. Over the years, her passion for performing may have decreased because the life of an idol certainly isn’t easy. But she loves SNSD and she loves singing for her fans.
    The decision to kick Jessica out, if it had been the choice of the remaining 8 members, certainly must not have been an easy one. Taeyeon has openly expressed her wishes to protect the group, but in turn, received bashing from fans who believed she was the cause of Jessica’s exit. This doesn’t help either sides, especially since Taeyeon already has to deal with the hate after her scandal and she may very well be depressed over everything. At the fanmeeting in China without Jessica, there was not a member who had been herself. Even people who weren’t fans could see their forced smiles and pained expressions—because at the time, they were equally hurt and confused as anyone else in the crowd had been.
    Addressing Jessica’s intentions of marriage, her and Tyler Kwon have denied their relationship and “marriage plans” multiple, multiple times. There have been no signs of Jessica actually showing interest in Tyler, other than a friend and business partner. And Tyler has always appeared to be a sneaky fellow, although no one knows the truth. With his help, Jessica’s brand has been fairly well known in Hong Kong and her popularity hasn’t faded all that much with Chinese fans. She’s been focusing on her brand and most likely her solo debut, so a relationship wouldn’t be convenient, much less a committed marriage. I want to see legitimate evidence of her actually intending to marry. Because after months, there has not even been a sign of her dating, other than exaggerated Chinese media.
    If anything, it’s most likely SME feeling threatened by Jessica’s extremely busy schedule (with the high possibility of her possibly missing an event) and overall by her business(revenue from it and popularity due to fanbase) Like other businesses, SM want money. And they aren’t getting money from Jessica’s brand or the probability of her missing an event. It’d be a terrible situation for the company, but of course, SM is twisted and probably provided a biased story(as with Kris and Luhan) Either way their stock prices suffered because it wasn’t like Jessica wasn’t popular. They could have solved the situation in a better manner, but of course they didn’t.
    It’s not the fault of any of them, be it SNSD or Jessica. I personally feel this article did not represent the TRUE “truth”, although it did give multiple suggestions and rumors of how everything may have went down. Until Jessica and Tyler actually admit they are in a relationship (and in this chaos, they probably won’t…I mean, they’re already tired of denying rumors over and over again.), Jessica did not leave SNSD to marry him.

  • Jollibe Tripole

    i support jessica for her decision

  • Lee¥ang


  • Lee¥ang

    He looks terrible, he is a stalker, why would she date such a man?He like Exposed said is like a douche who uses people for fame, like a book I wrote on a website.

  • Ho Abigail Shin

    i don’t care,she has her own decision we don’t have a right to critize her bocoz she has her own life and we have are own life.

  • mary

    Well ,at least
    she can make an almost normal life…

  • Essi

    none of it is true that this here is more jessica is not getting married and not know whyshe was put selfish but SM Entertainment her out to her but Jessica was excited aboutthe new plans in SNSD

  • cancan

    Pusing gw.. berantem tapi ga ada hasill yg pada komen. sedihlah yg pasti klo jessica keluar.. 1 orang cantik ilang dari snsd.. kamprutt..

    Tunggu miracle aja dah nih.. bagai sayur kurang lada nih jadinye snsd. Jessica sexy oh… jessica sexy… why did you do this to meee…..

  • Wonbinwin

    Whoa! For an article you come up with a lot of unconfirmed shit.

    People shouldn’t believe every rumor they hear and use it in Their arguments like a fact .

    First of all we don’t know what happens in secret but what is presented to us is very clear.

    The only official statements are Jessica’s and SM’s . SM didn’t deny Jessica claims so she wasn’t lying like some say .

    If Jessica wanted to get married or date she can do what ever the hell she wants in her personal life .she is an idol not a slave .(I can’t believe people actually shaming her for that )
    Tayeon ,Tiffany ,yoona all revealed they were dating ,but only Jessica is not allowed to?
    That being said . There is nothing proving Jessica was getting married in the first place! It’s been awile now since she is out of the group and still no news of her dating let alone marriage . She is devoted to her brand .plus she is making a solo album in the US currently with the help of Jermaine Jackson . The whole getting married thing was a false rumor . Tyler is her business partner .she is not hiding her meetings with him or anything and some people think they are smart for “figuring it out” .

    And for those who said Jessica is not talented so she purchase another carrier for money . GOD if I had a penny for every false claim on her!

    opportunity to achieve her dream . She made and worked on her brand while she is in the group. the members even cheered her up on camera when they were talking about each individual activities . This is a proof that Jessica statement was true when she said everyone congratulates her on her design carrier at first and they didn’t have problems with it .

    SM’s statement said that one of the the reasons was that she have been absent for training lately.
    Funny how other members are usually absent in the live performance itself and Jessica is one of the least members who miss concerts yet again only Jessica is a problem huh?

    In Jessica statement she declared that they asked her to come for training on the day of releasing her brand! If you stop being biased for a second and think about it you will understand Jessica position for choosing the brand over snsd rehearsals. Again SM didn’t deny any of Jessica claims so it’s a true fact .

    The reason of her early departure was simply like Jessica said in her statement that she refused to give the company the credit and shares of her own brand (and why would she? ) SM played it nice . They along with the members approved of her brand (proof is 1-Jessica statement /2-snsd happily talking about her brand on camera ) even after she refused giving the company what they want they approved it just for awhile then suddenly asked her to leave the group immediately.

    Isn’t it weird that Jessica sudden departure was right after renewing her contract with SM ? It’s like they already planned to kick her out but just waited for the right time . This also proves Jessica was unaware of this whole matter or else she wouldn’t renew her contract . No wonder she expressed her shock on Internet the only place where she could talk freely . Look at the members,the tv shows they can’t say a word they act as if she never exist and snsd was always 8 .

    I am Jessica side all the way . Aside from rumors all official statements are on her side .plus unlike the others she can talk freely now and mention the girls while the girls can’t say anything so I will believe Jessica side until proving wrong .(which I doubt )

  • Guest

    Buttthurttttt!! Dispatch making story again, then she is freaking a non-marriged person right now!

  • UnknownFan

    I don’t know what to say… I think she’s selfish, but I think she’s not. If she wanted to pursue her dreams then let her. If she wanted to get married, continue her business, be with the 8 members and continue Girl’s Generation, it’s okay. But I think it’s not good for her. It would be best if she would just do 1 thing at a time.. And about what others think that she’s the victim or the other 8 members are the victims.., i think no one is the victim. It’s that Jessica wanted to pursue her dreams and the other 8 members respected her decisions.

  • ****

    so is jessica still going to join snsd after her wedding?

    • KenzTheKiller Cloutier

      once they’re married, they cant join, unless they get a divorce I think

  • pearl

    Wow I cant believe some of u actually believe this shit. If she wanted to get married so badly she would have by now. Jesus fucking christ guys y’all are idiots

  • SkyWeaver

    Allow me to say that it’s actually rare to see such a mass of idiots in one place. If any other member of the group was to leave you would say the same. You people are just that stupid. She wants to leave, she leaves. Simple as that. It’s not slavery if you hadn’t noticed. Stop Idolizing and enjoy it while it lasts. They won’t stay a group forever. Jeez you’re so childish. From me to Jessica: may happiness and good luck find their way to your life.

  • hanna cristine reyes

    jessica choose tyler over the 8 memebers ,she is selfish ,and she said she want get her life back,she made a selfish decision

  • Do As Infinity

    You people call yourselves Sones when you practically turned on Jessica, your not Jessica and your not close to her either…you don’t know the true story do you ? So you Jessi haters should shut the fuck up

  • sam

    Jessica wanted to get married and start her own business thats great. But the other members what do they have to do? Please dont turn against Jessica and say its her fault just because she wanted to leave or planned to leave. Whats with those comment about her acting and singing by the way? Isnt this about her leaving the group and getting married ? The whole married thing spoil the whole thing for my thinking. She can start her business and still stay in the group. But if she is happy marrying that guy. Then thats good for her.

  • aweSonemaomao

    for the Kpop industry, The company is always first before the members of the group. So in this case, if jessica is about to quit, she doesn’t have to be kicked out. Unless, It’s the company’s decision. NOT THE MEMBERS. and also, The members are supporting her. They are even happy for her. so don’t blame the members. And IF ur NOT a member of SNSD,You can’t understand what’s happening between them. what’s wrong is that, the members/company made her choose between what she value the most and what she loves to do. but U CAN'[T HAVE A MEMBER THAT MAKES HER GROUP HER 2nd PRIORITY. Team work is very important in a group like SNSD. I’m not saying that it’s jessica’s fault nor the members. I’m just stating my comment/opinion.

  • girlgamer 2

    deal on Jess

  • girlgamer 2

    no one knew the truth!

  • Divine

    IF u guys are sones i guess u guys shouldnt blame jessica or other members. Tbh i bet 90% of u guys cried or sad when 8 of them perform at tokyo dome without Jessica. Lies if u didnt feel any sad moments when jessica left. Its heartbreaking for me.

    • KenzTheKiller Cloutier

      I didn’t even like her, she was so mean to Hyoyeon, like from what ive heard, and I believe every word.

  • Chelo Mahusay

    From the beginning, sm town told SNSD that they are not allowed to get married. The members agreed. But why jessica told other members that she wants to get married and if it is okay with them, she wants to continue to be a SNSD member? I don’t hate her.

  • Billiam

    People can say what they want about Jessica, but they have to admit that
    she has a powerful voice and Girls Generation just doesn’t sound the same
    without her.

  • Al

    At first I was mad at SNSD but if you look to it,None of them wants Jessica out.They’ve been together for 10 years,especially she,Hyoyeon and Sooyoung.Idk but SNSD Members are good hearted people and not to say Jessica too but if you’re one of them,would you feel incomplete if one of the member is too hooked up on her fashion line that she even forgot that her 8 sisters are waiting for her to come and join them?We didn’t know what happened behind but it’s not right for Jessica blabbering about being kicked out and to reflect,it’s her fault why she loses 8 sisters that cared for her enough to let her go and secretly supports her even she backlash them.SNSD AND SICA FIGHTING!!!

  • Kim Taehyung

    I don’t think her decision was selfish though. I feel really sad about her leaving SNSD, but if she chooses to do what she loves then I’d be happy to support her.

    • KenzTheKiller Cloutier

      Ok, I’m like 99.9% positive that you are NOT my Kim Taehyung, but I had to say this, (sorry my real baby V) but I have to disagree with you on this one

  • Fantasy of Weirdness

    I really can’t feel sorry for the loss of Jessica because after taking a long break from Kpop by switching to Jpop, then going back to Kpop, I missed out on a lot of things. When I became interested in Kpop again, Jessica was long gone. The first time I got into Kpop, I didn’t distinguish the faces of the groups, but the second time I did. Since I didn’t the names of SNSD, I wasn’t really into the members. Later on I was, but Jessica wasn’t there so I never made a good connection with her. That’s why I don’t feel so sad for her. She decided to start a new life and pursued it, but then all of sudden want to come back to SNSD. She should just make a choice and move on. Everyone is not fit to have to occupations at once. The best thing for Jessica to do, was to just stick with marriage and Blanc and MOVE ON. Her choice is already made, and her life seems decent so far, so really I think she was sort of being selfish, but not really in her right mind, if you know what I mean.

    • Fantasy of Weirdness

      But this is my opinion based on the article I just read, I’m still researching more. I really don’t what to believe. If you wanna find out yourself, you better go find Jessica herself and ask, otherwise, you’re left in a pool mostly filled with lies and some truth.

  • Greekgods

    Some of the above comments are about how the other members weren’t supporting her. I don’t agree, they were supportive. I think they were sad to see her go but didn’t want to get in her way.But I also get why they asked for the ultimatum. The way it sounds to me is that her other job was getting in the way with group activities so I understand why the other embers were frustrated. It’s not fair to the group, Jessica, the fans and the companies to do the work not to it’s fullest potential. (BTW starting a company is risky business so either way it would have been better to make a choice, and with the money she already invested it might have been the better choice. Maybe when her company is stable she can return.)

  • Geekling MTAO

    She’s accomplishing her dream :) But she still wanted to be with SNSD members after all; theyre like her sisters.

  • shan-shan

    I never trusted this Tyler Kwon guy. Seen it first hand wha relationships do to people. But at the same this article doesn’t tell the full truth. If this was true. Sm ent wouldn’t have been afraid to say this themselves literally right after jessica said her part about being kicked out.there’s in this article that flaws things. Snsd haven’t spoken about the issue themselves either. U can hear stuff from an ar but if doesn’t have “snsd”…”jessica”…and “sm” sai sai straight from their mouths..how much is really true then? I believe a few things likeTyler Kwon following her everywhere and him being her business partner and stuff and them dating. But not every.single.thing.

  • B

    So basically Jessica got permission from her company and her members to start her company. After launching her company, Jessica’s members told her to choose between her business and the group. Jessica thought it was an unfair choice and decided to do both because she got permission and invested time and money into her business. Her members then proceed to kick her out of the group.

    IMO, even if Jessica was diving her time between her group and the business, she had permission to do so. That’s not being LAZY. She would have to work very hard to do so. It seems to me that Jessica gave her company adequate time to prepare for her departure by telling them years in advance. That’s very commendable of her because she could have waited until her contract was almost over to tell them. Instead, they use this information and proceed to force her out of the group. That is kinda shady. Maybe Jessica isn’t entirely innocent in all of this, but this article is very biased by insiders who obviously work or are affiliated with sm.

    • KenzTheKiller Cloutier

      Buddy, this is understandable, but at the same time, she was kind of part of the group still, and still had a duty to help the group and help make the music, and if she did split her time, then she and plenty of time to do so. they were probably tired of her not showing up and helping the group, like she was supposed to. She was still part of the group, and she should’ve found time to commit. if normal people with no money can commit to multiple things and not let anyone down, then a woman with money basically FALLING OUT OF HER BUTT can find the time to set aside time to help her sisters (I know they aren’t actually related, I think you know what I mean). Just take a look at BTS. Jungkook recently just graduated for real (I’m pretty sure) and he was still able to handle all those lines and hard work all those years wile still learning. If he can do that, then she can definitely do that. Just like Jungkook, she had friends there to help and support. So Jessica cannot complain and act like the victim. At the same time, she was also kinda using them as like a leverage until she goes solo, and she was being a total jerk to Hyoyeon. Thanksss

  • muna

    im with Jessica , till when she will entertain ppl , she have the right to leave the group , she caring about her future .

  • Benjamin Asufra Hilario

    I bet jessica’s departure from SNSD is not well planned, I mean there are so many conflicts regarding her schedule. Her desire to become a businesswoman had been a great adjustment for her former teammates, I must say that Jessica Jung had passed a big challenge for her life as she said that she want to bring it back(her life). Maybe because her dreams became choices, she only have to choose one-the thing that she’ll be happy. Well, in the future, I hope she won’t regret it and be happy to pursue her new life.

  • Steph

    Look everyone, Jessica had been with Girl’s Generation for years, but finally she wants to do more in her life and express herself more as not just a pretty girl of SM Town. If she wants to get married then she has the right to get married because nowadays Korean stars are always hiding their relationship and she’s telling everyone that she is really happy. She never betrayed Girl’s Generation because they’re supporting and understand her but also realized that she’s doing too much and that can be bad for her own personal lifestyle. They of course still care about her and will always support her, but for someone to say that she betrayed GG just because she wants to get married is terrible, love is not a sin. I respect Jessica and hope that she will one day be involved again with GG because she actually wants to do more in her life. Making a business is touch and she’s actually accomplishing one of her goals that is a message to girls all around the world that a woman can be strong and do the things she wants. Jessica always cheering you one, fighting!!

  • P.

    Jessica is a liar

  • Wyyyn

    That stupid Tyler if he never appear it will never ever happen.Just let Jessica continue with being a member of SNSD since she wants.

  • Wyyyn

    She may be the selfish one but she is also one of the member

  • Leia

    No one even knows if anything is true…it’s so ridiculous everyone’s insulting jessica or the SNSD members when you don’t know what actually happened…everyone’s just looking to blame somebody. I think that everyone should support Jessica with her business and support SNSD and let them make their own choices. It’s not about trying to blame someone, it’s about being supportive. That’s what they want of their fans. Two years later I still see people arguing about who’s fault it was, but now both sides are happy. That’s really all that matters, not insulting Jessica or SNSD. Both have said they wish good things for eachother. People should stop insulting Jessica and SNSD …both are very successful and I’m happy for both of them.

  • kai’

    First of all. I really feel bad and sorry to 8 snsd members whose the one got blamed. i dont know which the truth, who’s at true side or who’s at other side. But based what i has read, syj had wrote that she’s the one whom victim here. She told she’s been kicked out from snsd members. Then after i read this[Dispatch] i got confused, syj is trying to make story about her ex members. I really believed that she’s the one who was want to leave that group. She already say it right. And her attitude has changed after she met a “Sejong” myb they got a planned that Sejong told her to stay longer with snsd but at the same time tried to do something make others member demand then after all of them gave cold shoulder to each other.. that the way to make her out from that fastly. Im not blamed at syj cause she still my bias even she not snsd anymore. I just feel sad if what i said is true. Myb this is the best way to her to have her own career. And i knew snsd still snsd even their are not 9 members again. I still supported them and be a sone as well. But im sorry if i wrote this make syj fans mad or hate me. I just tell my opinion. But i never say, syj wrong or what. Lets hope syj will get married soon with her boyfriend. I dont who am i to judging her boyfriend is a kind person or not. Lets just pray he will taking good of our ice princess aka sicababy the rest of he’s life. we should just pray for 9 of them to goes success with their career even in singing, acting, business or whatever so. And we should keep on our mind myb their are still have a title “friendshipgoals” like their used before. Soshi is still Soshi. Sone is always bae for Soshi. Sica is still Sica our Sone’s Sicachu whose already fly with Golden Stars ♡☆

  • Mzmariam

    After reading everything
    I think girls generations lacks friendship, selfish or not selfish
    What if they support her unconditionally
    It doesn’t take a dime to support her unconditionally
    What are friends for ? If they can’t do that, then they are not friends.
    Even using her product to promote her business are what friends should suggest.
    And saying Tyler kwon is following her like a lititle shadow is a bit too much
    He is her boyfriend for goodness sake, let them do whatever they want
    Everything Jessica ask of is not too much, that Is if they are really friends.
    No one knows their true attitude. They just wave and smile to us and we judge their character through that.
    And note* am not a fan of jesssica, am a fan of yoona…am just saying what I felt like.

  • Sk

    if she want to leave then why the others are not there to stop her and why can she not do this together . I really love girls generation don’t break like this. I feel sorry my self.

  • Good Tepig

    Wait, so Jessica left Girls’ Generation to become a fashion designer?! Is this what she desired more over music?

  • KenzTheKiller Cloutier

    I personally do not like her because of what I’ve heard, and by the looks of it, she was hogging the limelight. She has a cold face, she seemed nice at first, then I started watching interviews and snsd on shows. She is a TOTAL FREAKING JERK. Now, I’m not saying she’s my bias, but someone needs to back up and mention all the crap Jessica said about freaking Hyoyeon. She may have gotten a lot of plastic surgery, and people call her ugly enough because of it. THEN JESSICA HAS TO COME IN AND FREAKING SAY RUDE CRAP AND SAY SHE ISNT TALENTED AND THAT SHES UGLY. like WTFFFFFFFFF. This just pisses me off right off the bat. If you look Hyoyeon plastic surgery, you get a bunch of images and web articles saying that Jessica was saying some really rude shit about her, and it just really pisses me off idc what you all have to say Hyoyeon is 100 times better and prettier and NICER than Jessica. I wish that people would recognize her real potential and help her. Now I really wanna be Hyoyeon’s bias. I feel really bad for her, and someone needs to recognize that potential. And Jessica was degrading her and making it harder for Hyoyeon to break out of that shell and show the world and let the spotlight shine on her. Even with Jessica gone, people still listen to what Jessica had to say about Hyoyeon and over look her completely. SO… if Jessica gets a solo career (idc enough about her to check if she does) I will cry, and if Hyoyeon gets her chance In the spotlight, I will be so happy for her.

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