Japanese Artist Accused of Plagiarising Gangnam Style

Japanese vocaloid artist Kagome-P’s track “Wonderful Nippon” (lit. Wonderful Japan) has stirred controversy for its supposed similarity to PSY’s mega-hit “Gangnam Style”. Part of the origin for this suspicion is the fact that when this track first emerged on YouTube it was specifically described as being an “original song.” Kagome has gone on to defend himself in his blog, but has tweeted his admiration of PSY, further fueling the controversy.

The news is the latest installment in a series of cultural spats between Japanese and Korean netizens, where articles and netizen comments are translated and fed back and forth between the two sides, inciting even more angry comments.

In the case of “Wonderful Nippon”, netizens’ responses have predictably been a mixture of anti-Japanese sentiment and direct accusations of plagiarism. However some have come out to defend Kagome, with others claiming that they see no real similarity between the songs. One of the key causes of controversy is the dance of one of the cartoon characters in the music video, which could be a parody of Gangnam Style itself.

From MT:

“Gangnam Style” Plagiarised? Japanese “Wonderful Nippon” Controversy.

A Japanese song has been engulfed in suspicion, accused of plagiarising ‘Gangnam Style,’ arousing debates among netizens around the globe.

On January 3, a 4 minute 10 second music video was uploaded on the video sharing site YouTube. It is known to be a music video of a song called “Wonderful Nippon” by the songwriter, KagomeP.

This video quickly caused controversy. It was suggested that a considerable amount of the song sounds similar to PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. In fact, the song’s key, holding and resuming rhythms, etc. are very similar to Gangnam Style.

Some are of the opinion that it is not a parody but a case of plagiarism, a result of the video’s title ‘original song MV’.

The controversy was further fueled by the appearance of a girl character repetitively showing similar dance moves.

The video has been debated by international netizens on YouTube and international forums. Many foreign netizens have given the opinion that a large part of “Wonderful Nippon” is similar to “Gangnam Style”.

One netizen voiced the opinion that: ‘The problem is that the songwriter indicates this is an original song and is selling the parody as if it was written by him.’ Another netizen said: “Some people say this is a parody, but if that is the case, the question is why he hasn’t inquired about giving PSY royalties.”

Meanwhile there are also advocates of Kagome. One netizen said: “Kagome is famous for his sense of humour. This is just a parody of Gangnam Style. It’s just for fun.”

A netizen has also argued: “The song’s melodies and arrangement are all different. We have become so used to Gangnam Style that we find some similarities.”

On January 4, Kagome explained himself on Twitter as controversy grew: “Anyway, I wanted to express that I like Gangnam Style and wanted to make a song beyond it. I intended to make a parody but I don’t think it is up to me to judge whether it is plagiarism.”

The tweet:
The tweet itself, which has further fueled the controversy, by expressing an admiration for PSY.

Comments from Naver:


Let it be~ It’s reflecting that Japan has an inferiority complex against Korea. If it’s a problem, the company will deal with it.


You’re pathetic for going as far as doing what a Janggae would do.


Even Japan is hitting the rock bottom, ke ke ke.


Ke ke ke, when Gangnam Style was at its peak worldwide, you guys were bashing it, ke ke ke. Tsundere monkey bitches, ke ke ke.


Ke ke, they pretended to be indifferent but I guess they were jealous.


Parody blah blah… Even if it’s a parody, if it’s indicated that the song is original in the video, of course, the songwriter has to pay royalties to PSY. If it’s not a parody, it should be reported as plagiarism.


You reporter bastard, I thought you were saying Gangnam Style is a rip-off [just from reading the article title].


Just cut them some slack. The song won’t even be a hit.


They will be in denial just like with Dokdo or the comfort women. Since they are monkeys, they would be like ‘uki uki’.


Let’s let it slip. Japanese guys are embarrassed about it. There are still more things we have copied since the beginning of the modern era. Next time Japanese nationalists call us copycats, we might as well use this for counterattack. It’s good to have ammo like this, ke ke.


Ke ke ke tsk tsk…. Japanese copying it with an inferiority complex…ke ke ke. Foreign people will laugh at him a lot, ke.


Just admit the tide, monkeys.


Ke ke ke, parody or not, what is even Wonderful Nippon? Ke ke ke, that sounds so old. If you were to plagiarize, do it right so the original song sounds better.


I thought you were saying Gangnam Style plagiarised something. Banana peel bastards.


Why did he plagiarize internationally known Gangnam Style out of all things? There should be strict penalties. It’s unacceptable especially in the US.

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  • dk2020

    LOL Korea has been copying Japan’s style for years .. from everything from candy to Godzilla .. so this is only fair I guess .. it’s cool Korean pop culture is finally coming into its own unique style .. imitation is flattery especially in East Asia ..

  • Brett

    It’s a petty argument by the netizens. The song is clearly a ripoff of Psy’s. But the netizens always have to take it that step further when it’s about Japan and claim that the artist should pay royalties for claiming its an original song. I mean, I come on. I don’t think this guy is going to make much money off the song and that’s probably why he changed the words to “wonderful Japan” so it would at least get some nationalistic support.

    Let’s stop acting like babies. If Psy was angry about this, than it would be on him to bring up charges. It is not Korea’s responsibility to defend Psy just because he is a Korean citizen. Again, this is just the Korean side starting trouble when there was none to begin with. I really think that if this song was written by an American and it was called “Wonderful America” than this would not be an issue.

    • Sillian

      If it wasn’t from any of the neighboring countries in East Asia, it would’ve been applauded instead. >_<

      "I think this is just the Korean side starting trouble when there was none to begin with."

      Between these two countries, you can't tell who started what because in the netizens' minds, it is all in continuation of the tit-for-tat that's been going on forever…. You did this. You did that. Loads of Gangnam Style bashing comments from the Japanese Internet have been posted on the Korean Internet. Not just disliking the song but also spreading engineered rumors. People should take Internet comments with a large grain of salt but literally everyone uses the Internet. Even an elementary school boy with way too much time at hands can take more seats on the Internet than us….o_o

    • chucky3176

      The mood in that Naver forum, is more humorous with WTF moments, rather
      than any real anger. For years, Japanese net users have been
      campaigning on the net, that Korea stole the Kimono, Samurai, Karate,
      Kendo, etc. They say Koreans are claiming that they are all Korean
      origins. Now this thing offers a convenient payback time ammo to throw back at them.

      • Passerby

        It’s not only have Japanese that have been saying Koreans steal and copy intellectual property from other countries.

        Korea is renowned for it. Chinese people laugh at Koreans to no end at the Korean culture of ripping off things from other countries and claiming it as their own. A lot of “SATIRE” has been made because of it such as the joke that “Jesus was Korean” or “Confuscius” has Korean blood. Even if it never happened, it sounds so much like what Korean people would do, that just thinking about it makes it funny and believable.

        • dk2020

          And you think all Koreans agree and support that? SMH .. people are really ignorant and stupid nowadays ..

        • Sillian

          If I make up ridiculous bs to ridicule you, who is the real ridiculous one that should be ridiculed for being ridiculous? o_o

        • chucky3176

          The only difference is, the Chinese manufactured all the rumors themselves. Most of the Chinese still believe Koreans claim Confucius is Korean, Chinese writing is Korean, on and on.

        • Fred

          Do you honestly believe everything you read on the internet?

          If I’m not mistaken, China has been harassing Korea lately about this “Northeast Project”. Not to mention, it is directly funded by their government.


        • dk2020

          I really don’t give a shit what the commie Chinese think …

  • Isaac

    Bumhole Nippon?

  • chucky3176

    Not “Bumhole Nippon”, it’s Bunghole Nippon. lol..

    The point is, those “monkeys” (whom Korean netizens refers to anti-Korean Japanese netizens on 2ch and youtube), are the ones who have been calling Koreans, “copy cat race” for a long long time. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, some Koreans are pointing that out, and laughing at them and saying “ha ha.. so what happened you hypocrites”.

  • ShawnaKM

    K-pop copies a lot of American songs…

    • dk2020

      but american songs are crap now ..

      • ShawnaKM

        That doesn’t seem to stop them lol
        Edit: I heard a song from SHINee called Wowowow(?) Sounds just like “Trashin’ the Camp” from Disney’s Tarzan. They are expanding.

        • chucky3176

          Led Zepplin? The Beatles? Oh come on… this isn’t 1969. His point is American pop is now nowhere near what it used to be in the very old days. Instead, you should be comparing to the likes of Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, and Talylor Swift.

          • Well…. Pop is still very different than Rock so I wouldn’t even use those rock group names to make any example for a whole different genre/style of music.

          • 3ayo

            Lady Gaga is actually very talented despite her constant taking it to the max in attire and videos. But yeah mainstream American music isn’t that great. It went off the cliff somewhere in the 2000s decade. The industry is in need of a good shaking up.

          • So what if it’s not 1969? Does music need to be disposable and considered obsolete within a year? Music doesn’t dissipate into oblivion merely from acquiring age, any more than a country ceases to exist from the exact same “malady”. As long as people are still listening to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles (and they are, by the millions) the music is still relevant.

            By the way, there’s more to American pop than those three artists you mentioned (one of whom, by the way, isn’t American). And I’m not sure why you’re limiting it to American POP, as if that’s the only genre America produces (hint: it’s not even the largest genre by album sales).

          • chucky3176

            Not at all. It shouldn’t be disposable. But I’m replying to the post about the current state of American pop and Korean pop. And we are talking about Pop music here, are we not? Who said that’s the only genre in America?

          • Sorry, I’m just tired of people acting like music that isn’t current or pop isn’t worth even acknowledging. Most pop music is terrible, and people who defend K-pop by comparing it favorably to American pop are missing the bigger picture. It just annoys me that every music act nowadays is compared to Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, as if out of the thousands upon thousands of music artists from all the countries of the earth, they’re the sole increments of the musical metric system by which everything else must be measured. Metallica and 노브레인 are still alive and kicking—so why not compare the next teen idol group to them for a change. Compare two logs of shit, and one is bound to smell better than the other, but why even bother comparing them when there are fragrant roses on the other side of the flower bed?

            Having said all that, neither this comment nor the last comment were really directed specifically to you, chucky3176. I apologize that you got caught in the crossfire of me venting my personal frustration regarding the abysmal, anti-artistic, intellectual void of the contemporary mainstream musical dialogue.

            I do agree fully with your prior comment:

            “What I do admire about ___________ is that they value the age of the performance and songs are timeless. People still continue to play and listen to old songs, and over time, they become classics. But I bet many of those songs and artists that you admire as legends, when they first debuted, they were probably thought of as junk music from the adults of that era. But time turns them into legends and classics. _________ value age. On the other hand, _______ are opposite. They don’t value something that’s old. As soon as a song becomes a hit, it dies out quickly, and is forgotten as quickly, and the next hit song becomes the song of the moment. So much so that pop music in _____ is like chewing gum that gets spit out as soon as the flavor is gone.”

            (I omitted references to nationality and genre since they’re just peripheral details subordinate to the main concept, which is that good music deserves a long shelf life.)

            Oh, and my Gangnam Style comment wasn’t really meant to criticize you, either. I was just expressing astonishment that this guy who co-wrote (and co-produced) Gangnam Style has been completely out of the spotlight this entire time. I just hate it when people go crazy over the singer(s) and don’t even acknowledge whoever wrote the song (or this case, helped write it).

      • Jang

        You must’ve missed the Whole Lotta Helter Skelter mash-up…http://www.vulture.com/2013/01/epic-beatles-led-zeppelin-mashup.html

        • Phil

          Both British…

  • .. If it’s a parody… there’s really no ‘plagiarism’ case.. nor do I think royalties have to be paid either. I never actually heard Gangnam Style (and don’t plan to hop on the bandwagon and do so) and won’t listen to this but if they songs sounds NOTHING alike musically, it’s not plagiarism. If he’s not selling the song to make profits, then it’s really no big deal. People write fanfics, fan drawings and all that crap and they’re not paying royalties or rights to do so. And if the dude is just simply making the song for fun *shrugs* And how many songs have Kpop been accused of plagiarism? (not really the point but pffftt I can say the same thing about many Kpop songs sound pretty much like rip-off US songs that they’re saying about this.)

    • dk2020

      american pop is crap now, all the songs sound the same .. justin bieber really?

      most hip hop songs steal the beat from older songs .. and yep there is alot of plagiarism in kpop but being in a different language I think makes it unique ..

      • Well, the same could be said about Kpop… many of those songs sounds the same. I think more so than American Pop.

        Though they’re ‘stealing the beat’ they got rights to it. It’s just as unoriginal as Kpop.. even if Kpop is in a different language, doesn’t really matter since it’s still a hit or miss.

        • dk2020

          To you .. but since I understand what they are saying I appreciate it more .. like I say to all the kpop haters .. its still gonna go on whether you like it or not, and hopefully it does get better, with global popularity the plagiarism is getting less and less ..

          • I’m not a hater; I can just point out when people overhype something that really isn’t anything more different than the next or some other country. But in the end, pop music still all sounds the same regardless of the language. It’s pop idol music, no less… same concept that groups are doing which they claim are being ‘different’ but every group claims to be ‘different’ but end up just as generic. You say American music is crap, sounds the same… many people (and many who do understand Korean too) say just the same thing about Kpop. Not like they hate it (they actually enjoy it), but they can also call out its BS and don’t act like it’s on some other plane or different spectrum because…

            Opinions are opinions, whether you like them or not.. they’re still gonna be out there and exist. I’m glad everyone doesn’t like the same thing though.

          • chucky3176

            I don’t think he was talking about you, when he said “haters”.

          • But he could’ve implied I was a hater.. I dunno. I don’t want my comment to come off as if I was because I’m not. The term ‘hater’ gets thrown around too much. Just because someone dislikes something doesn’t mean they’re a ‘hater.’

          • dk2020

            Yeah you’re a hater .. you don’t know jack about Kpop and you don’t know Korean .. you admit you never even heard Psy’s Gangnam Style yet you’re critical of it .. why are you even on this site? What connection do you have to Korean people? SMH just to ridicule Asians I guess ..

          • 3ayo

            I somewhat agree with her. Mainstream American music is crap, but in all honesty after listening to multiple Kpop groups and some solo artists I can say they aren’t much better. This isn’t to say they’re horrible or can’t compare. After all kpop has taken the boy/girl group concept to a much larger level than America did in the ’90s and early 2000s, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. I just find it funny how some who listen to it seem to think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread when really it’s just as generic.

            Now indie bands and artists, I haven’t listened to much but of what I have heard I’d definitely say they beat out mainstream in quality (not to say all of mainstream is horrible). The same can be said for those in the U.S. as well.

          • dk2020

            If you don’t like it don’t listen to it .. fuckin a..

          • Because Bieber is a cute white boy signed because of Usher and sings catchy songs like…. most of Kpop? (minus being white) I don’t deny his nor Kpop’s popularity and yeah… I don’t have to support neither nor like it but I will not act like it’s something so super amazing when you can obviously see its flaws: the way the business of it is handle, how it’s getting over-saturated, how idols get so much controversy for WHATEVER they say/do, the amount of netizens sending threats to someone to die, someone appearing to look ‘mad’ or ‘disrespectful’ when they’re probably tired from training for 18 hours with no frickin break and was about to pass out and get put on IV but they have to go and apologize for their ‘behavior,’ the constant “Omg they’re fat!!!! Their thighs look different! Omg she lost weight!!! Is she eating well!?” which makes you really wonder what their diets are and well, the discrimination of what females wear compared to guys and they have to change/modify their clothing/dancing but no problem with dudes frickin ripping off their shirt and hip thrusting like no tomorrow. So there’s a lot more things about the actual industry, the fandom, and hype that bothers me more than just the crazy hyped mediocre singing and dancing that is pretty much no different than how all manufactured singers/groups are around the world.

          • dk2020

            So you really care about what other people enjoy? How is that your business? You’re not Korean .. you don’t know the language ,, and you obviously don’t like Kpop ,, just ignore all of it and quit being so judgmental .. I don’t respect your opinion because you’re a hater ..

          • 3ayo

            Because they both know what will sell. I never said I don’t listen to American pop or kpop because I listen to a few from both who I consider talented (either great singers/dancers or know how to make catchy songs). It’s just I realize both have their flaws, and neither are really better they just appeal to different fan bases. :)

          • dk2020

            Aren’t you in China?

          • 3ayo

            Lol, no man I’m not. :)

          • I hope you don’t think I copied your ‘sliced bread’ comment because I said the same thing above before reading this here… sorry if it seems that way.

            But what you said is pretty much how I feel just… I really don’t care for Kpop since it’s not that amazing to me. Obviously it is to others and that’s good for them; I applaud them. But many take it to a different level and act like it’s so full of originality and just so different and well…… it’s kinda not. Especially when new groups that debut start to pretty much look like previous ones. There’s only so much you can do with it and it’s gonna cause an influx and crap, especially for companies not from the Big 3 still debuting new groups. It seriously needs to slow down or else many are gonna be so much more in debt than they are and many performers are gonna get stuck in contracts not selling nor getting paid really.

          • dk2020

            you ever try singing huh? where’s your videos, what have you done? my dongsengs are trying to do that, you ever heard of kollaboration? the sm auditions? and you know what they have talent and I want them to blow up .. I don’t think you would last a day in a competition like that .. smh ..

          • 3ayo

            It’s fine. I can understand the points you’ve made while also seeing where dk2020 and co are coming from. Honestly though I usually just keep my mouth shut regarding comparing the two, because its quite obvious from this discussion feelings get hurt over music; which in the grand scale of things is all the same just sung in different languages.

          • I agree, I love kpop, and don’t like american pop (i prefer kpop style pop). But it really is silly what a lot of kpop fans. Everything bad about american pop exists in kpop.
            Its really stupid hearing “American pop is just about drugs and sex, but kpop is full of meaning!” LIke really? So silly considering these people don’t understand any korean, kpop lyrics are meaningless and idols act in different persona to their true self. ahhh

          • So non-Korean fans who praise the crap outta Kpop are geniuses though even if they don’t know the language?

            No, I never listened to Gangnam style but where was I critical of the actual song? I was talking about Kpop in general and have listened to Kpop before (thank you very much) Wow you’re just putting extra words in my comment and misconstruing it all. I you’re interpreting it all what you want it to mean instead of actually reading what’s there. Where have I said Koreans can’t sing? Why generalized that Kpop represent all of South Korean vocal abilities? Kpop is no different than any other pop in the world and really… just like US pop, most of them can’t really ‘sing.’ YOU’RE assuming “Omg she said Kpop singers can’t sing!? That must mean she meant Koreans can’t sing!! WHAT A HATER!!!!!!” Please don’t make up your own meaning to what I’m bluntly saying.

            Before you call someone narrow, please look at your own self because that’s exactly what you’re doing to my comment and also assuming about meaning. Narrowly assuming I know NOTHING about something because I simply don’t like it based on the little comments I’ve posted on here. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean they simply leave it alone.

          • dk2020

            I don’t think you’ve listened to that much Kpop and I wouldn’t expect you to either .. but to get on your high horse like you’re some kind of Korean culture expert is dumb .. we just trying to live over here ..

          • harvz

            Some Korean music is really fucking good… which sucks, because it doesn’t get the international exposure that Gangnam style got.

        • chucky3176

          Biased aside, this is what I honestly notice. Kpop singers are much more polished singers. That’s probably because of years and years of vocal training. Also the American music videos just cannot match the level of quality of Korean music videos in terms of visuals and production and creativity.

          • ….well not sure if your biased is really aside but I truly cannot agree with you. I’m not even gonna go in on how much I think Kpop is the most overrated thing out there and honestly, I do not think it deserve half the praise many gives it. I don’t expect Whitney Houston singers but geez… Lady Gaga sings better than them.

          • chucky3176

            Sorry, but Gaga is not a good singer. Her only advantage is she’s American and has American media behind her. But they (as in all pop music) are all the same manufactured. Whitney Houston is dead, she’s the past, so irrelevant. Just take a long look around American pop these days, there’s really nothing there that to say they are any better than anybody, other then having the power of the American media and American economy, and American market behind them. And that’s the crux of their success.

          • I believe she’s better than most if not all of those Kpop singers combined. I never said she was amazing (pfffttt) but many American Pop singers aren’t all that great anyway. Honestly, not many are. But I was also raised with different music than what I listen to now so… yeah, I don’t expect Whitney Houstons around but at least Adele gives me hope.

            Just because someone is dead doesn’t mean anything. Elvis is dead, MJ is dead, Lennon is dead… they all frickin changed and what made the music industry what it is today (don’t care if people hated them or not, their legacies can’t be denied.) Without them, it truly wouldn’t be what it is now. If Houston is so irrelevant, why are people still covering her version of “I Will Always Love You?” since… forever? Until someone in the world beats MJ’s “Thriller,” a dead person just simply isn’t gonna be ‘irrelevant’ (but I guess that’s also your opinion too so…… however you see it) But just as you say about American Pop/mainstream music (of course there’s exceptions) the same could be said about Kpop minus the power. Overhyped and mediocre skills and sad that in any music industry, skills aren’t exactly what’s primary…. (I mean true singing skills. Range, hitting notes, singing to your voice’s potential.. not just simply sounding nice to the ear. That’s pretty much how everyone is singing.)

          • dk2020

            Uh .. you know that is indie Korean music too? It’s not all idol groups and boybands .. but whatevers generalize and hate all you want thats your ignorant opinion ..

          • Yes I do know that and sadly, they’re nowhere near popular nor is making their country any money. See Chucky, I knew I was being accused of being a ‘hater’ and someone claiming I’m ignorant when you really don’t know what I know about the music industry simply because I don’t engage in the actual music of Kpop (rather, idol Kpop) So when I say Kpop, I’m accused with being ignorant because you assume I don’t know OTHER types of music exist. But anyone else, you’re not. It’s pretty much ‘understood’ when someone says Kpop they are referring to idol Kpop music. And also, you wanna get all technical, indie music doesn’t mean it’s ‘idol groups and boy/girl bands (I wouldn’t even call them bands… groups really)’ and that’s not even what being indie is completely. I’m pretty sure there’s non-POP people who are signed under a label selling (but probably not as much).

            It’s your problem to get mad at something I believe is overhyped as the ‘next best thing since sliced bread!’ Go blame the psycho fangirls for that. They’re not crazy than Bieber fans (I have nothing against him either or really Kpop but… I’m not BSing)

          • chucky3176

            In honesty Yaminah, you’re comparing glory days of American pop in the 1960’s and 1980’s, with Kpop today. Is that comparing apples with apples? Your comments about Kpop, is what older Americans in the 1960’s and 1980’s used to say about all the performers of those eras that you just brought out. What changed? The only thing that changed is time.

          • ..Not really because I’m pointing out how dead people are irrelevant since they obviously changed how today’s pop/music scene is right now. I’m not bragging about how ‘great’ an era was or whatever nor even mentioning era.. but people actually having skills. Though I would say back in those ‘old days’ people were famous not just by their looks but also their vocal ability. Today, ‘singers’ (I rather call them performers) are just famous more so by their looks and mediocre singing. Nothing wrong with mediocre singing but to call them the best singer in the world and stuff? They just have a decent enough voice to carry through. And I’m fans of singers who many consider suck, but still enjoy their music. (see, nothing wrong with that. Don’t have to be fans of some only vocally talented people because people have many different reasons WHY they listen to music and skilled vocals aren’t one of them for others) Just ain’t gonna act like they’re super duper skillfully awesome and can outsing anyone!!!! I’m a person with opinions first, and a fan and everything else second. I see (obsessed )fans of singers putting their favs on a vocal pedestal or ignoring whatever lacking quality they may have.

            Just my opinion… no one has to like it *shrugs*

          • 3ayo

            Slight correction, the glory days lasted well into the ’90s as well. It fell off in the 2000s.

          • harvz

            Neither John Lennon nor Adele are American….

          • Well I’m aware of that then instead I’ll keep saying “Western.” (Justin Bieber isn’t American either) There, I’m not being country-biased.

          • chucky3176

            Remember the video of American kids viewing Kpop for the first time and giving out their less than impressed opinions? Well, if you do the same thing and show Lady Gaga videos to Korean kids, I can assure they’re going to give out a similar reaction to those American kids. Their opinions are subjective, so is my opinion and your’s as well. Why is that? Because we’re culturally conditioned differently. Americans don’t like clean cut pretty boys on stage, it brings out their fear of homosexuality nor do many Americans believe in innocence of love or some crap which might work in Korea, but not in America. And vice versa. What sells in America, is not necessarily going to sell in Korea either. Koreans are not going to like seeing grunge men in gangster attires, singing about boobs and drugs. Nor will Koreans like the lack of eye popping visuals found in American pop music videos. That is why Kpop (other than Psy) will never succeed in America. Because it will have limited appeal to people other than some teenaged girls or young women.

            What I do admire about American pop is that they value the age of the performance and songs are timeless. People still continue to play and listen to old songs, and over time, they become classics. But I bet many of those songs and artists that you admire as legends, when they first debuted, they were probably thought of as junk music from the adults of that era. But time turns them into legends and classics. Americans value age. On the other hand, Koreans are opposite. They don’t value something that’s old. As soon as a song becomes a hit, it dies out quickly, and is forgotten as quickly, and the next hit song becomes the song of the moment. So much so that pop music in Korea is like chewing gum that gets spit out as soon as the flavor is gone. That doesn’t happen always of course, but it certainly does happen far more often than in America, where hit songs are kept forever and played forever. This is something that I wish Koreans can learn to appreciate as well.

            But my main point is, can we accept that we’re different and respect our differences in taste? I really hate Gaga and most of American pop that are manufactured these days, as much as you hate Kpop. Nor am I saying I’m enamoured with Kpop either. So let’s leave it at that, and not say which is better. What’s better is what you prefer to listen to. For heavens sake, we’re talking about pop music here, where talent isn’t everything.

          • “But my main point is, can we accept that we’re different and respect our differences in taste?”

            Well…. you can start by kinda acting like it yourself… it goes both ways and the way you express yourself in your comments, you don’t show respect towards different taste. At least to me, you don’t. I respect everyone’s different tastes. But like I said in a previous comment (and even for things I love) I’m not gonna BS it like it’s the best thing in the world or overhype more than what it is.

          • Isn’t lady gaga big in Korea?

          • chucky3176

            In one word, no.

            What do Korean students think about North American music?


          • One of my korean friends said she is quite big, but! Her song ‘born this way’ was number one on the charts in korea too! as well some idols have covered some of her songs.

          • dk2020

            I wouldn’t be surprised if she was big in korea .. I actually like a couple of lady gaga’s songs like just dance .. its catchy .. avril lavine was big in korea her fans gave her a mashimaro doll and she freaked out and threw it out the car because she thought it was a dead rabbit lmao .. thank you callum for being interested in kpop ..

          • “But my main point is, can we accept that we’re different and respect our differences in taste? I really hate Gaga and most of American pop that are manufactured these days, as much as you hate Kpop. Nor am I saying I’m enamoured with Kpop either. So let’s leave it at that, and not say which is better. What’s better is what you prefer to listen to. For heavens sake, we’re talking about pop music here, where talent isn’t everything.”


          • chucky3176

            Yes. But it’s still funny to troll those who are still upset over this crap.

          • Ami

            Now you’re just talking out your ass. Someone saying Korean videos are creative is hilarious. They may be expensive but they all have that plastic “futuristic” modernist art look with tons of lights in the background. The only thing the average american MV can’t match is the ubiquitous pale skin and mono-eyelids.

          • dk2020

            Name some good American pop right now .. you racist cunt .. whats wrong with pale skin and single eyelids? I got both .. no pic trolls talk the most shit online .. I bet u one fugly mofo actin like your shit don’t stink .. Linette is that you?

          • I actually doubt they’re really expensive, honestly.. It’s green screen and not using many real prop sets. That would be the expensive part. I’m sure the clothing costs more than the actual making of their videos.

          • Sillian

            People often have different things in their minds while they assume they are talking about the same thing. I suppose you are mainly thinking of the music videos from SM that are often bashed for being cheap and bland while chucky probably thinks more of those from YG.

          • No, I’m not. YG videos aren’t all that great either and I’ve seen videos from other companies. Really…. they’re not all that super high quality or whatever. Though YG has the money to splurge a bit on their groups since it’s not many compared to SM and YG does have a lot of money… their stuff isn’t all that either. I personally like Taeyang and when I saw their new videos last year I Was highly disappointed. A wasted trip in NY doing what? I don’t even wanna get into that and I didn’t care for their other videos after that (it turned into trying too hard.) I saw some of their older ones…. eh…. I’m an artist so I like seeing creativity being displayed on screen and unique stuff and in general (not even just a Kpop thing… I like J-music but I rag on lots of stuff I dislike about it too) music videos these days aren’t that great. I really don’t like green screen so much when it’s not used to its full potential or being unique with it. Kinda like auto-tune…it’s used to death now but if people used it in a unique way, it’s really something.

          • Sillian

            I didn’t mean YG videos are super good. They just seem to put more resources in their videos than other pop music companies. So you are an artist yourself. :) In what area? If you check out indie music videos with the right guide, you will be able to find some fresh air since there is no typical format.

          • Artist as in like… drawing lol. Well I have enjoyed different music videos that are like whatever. But yeah, indie would be what I would like more if anything. Sometimes though, I’m like meh with MVs… but they do influence my view of a song though.

          • chucky3176

            American Pop vs Kpop


            Few impressions I have of the videos

            1) American videos look like it hasn’t changed much from the 80’s and 90’s music videos. They look like they were shot with my home camera.

            2) Korean videos use high amounts of special effects and lights, with lots of color.

            3) Notice American pop still using old songs and old artists.

            4) Dance wise, Koreans outdo Americans. No surprise there, since Koreans are the world champs when it comes to b-boying.

            5) Visuals wise, I don’t think American MV’s can match the Korean MV’s. The only down part of Korean MV’s is that they have too many boy and girl bands with less variety.

            I think it’s not a surprise why Kpop has taken away the market share from American pop in Asia, and has carved out a decent share of its niche market in the West as well, taking more market share out of American pop. Americans are pissed mad about it, and they show it by trying to put down Kpop. (just look at all the emotional angry responses whenever they discuss Kpop). People shouldn’t get so upset over a stupid silly pop music, my goodness lord. I’ve actually read some Koreans in Korean forums, wonder why North Americans are so serious about music and why they get so upset if someone mentions Kpop. If you ever want to see a North American rage with red face, just mention “Kpop”. That’s a good trigger to troll them.

            This battle is like Apple and Samsung!

          • Excellent points Chucky, although as a casual outside observer I can confirm that both American and Korean pop music – and indeed pop music in general – is fairly terrible. What probably turns a lot of people off is the commercialism of the genre. K-pop is a particularly band offender when it comes to this. Nevertheless, as you suggest, it’s not like any other pop music doesn’t do the same.

            I’m not sure people see K-pop as a threat to their own ‘domestic’ pop music either, some might just be hoping for a little bit more creativity on the radio, that’s all. And, again, that doesn’t just apply to the pop scene in Korea.

          • chucky3176

            Seriously though, there are lots of Koreans who can’t stand kpop, me one of them. Their voices, as well as the artists that they support, are not heard because they’re drowned out by the mainstream market who are bent on making a quick buck in shortest time as possible by churning out mass produced marketed group bands. I guess that’s what pop is about, mass marketed music. But what’s unacceptable in Korea is that pop music drowns out all other forms of music. It’s too bad really for all those individual singers and artists who now have a tough time selling their talents. But there’s hope because I don’t think the industry in Korea can continue to use this formula and still keep growing their market. I already see signs that indeed things are beginning to change. I’m willing to go out on a limb and even predict Kpop won’t even be recognized in about five years. Hopefully by then, we can start seeing more individual artists who write and perform their own music.

          • Again, very well put – my sentiments exactly. What IS extremely encouraging is the clear wealth of talent amongst younger generations of school children and university students: those endless ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ shows and others like it have actually been good at nurturing that talent, far more so than their ‘Western’ equivalents, I’d argue. Hopefully the more mainstream scene will be diluted over time. As you say, the formula will have to change over the years.

          • dk2020

            Chucky, check out this new technology from Samsung .. jjang! siiiiibarss kkk iphony killer .. I hate Apple and never owned an iphone because it was too expensive and its not haxable like Android .. I have a Sammy GS3 .. I can’t til this comes out so I can grab one ..I know its patented too .. hopefully Chinese don’t steal and make knockoffs which they probably will with the goophone LOL ..


          • thats just silly.

      • chucky3176

        I wouldn’t call it plagerism. It’s just that those same American song writers keep writing the same type of songs for everybody, and they sell them to both sides of the Pacific. Sometimes, they end up sounding the same because the same person who wrote all those songs, forgot that he had already sold the same song. So now you have ridiculous situations where Keisha’s new song in 2011 sounds like a plagerized copy of the SNSD’s song in 2009, etc. Did you know that SNSD’s new song that just got released is written by American or European song writers?

        It’s all manufactured music, except Psy’s Gangnam Style, which was written by Psy himself.

        • Actually, Gangnam Style was co-written by Psy and Yoo Gun-hyung.

          It amazes me that this is ignored by practically everyone. I guess people assume that having your face plastered all over the music video means you get 100% of the credit.

          • chucky3176

            So I got one tiny fact wrong. Big deal crime. How does that take away from my main point? He didn’t perform a song bought by a music company, he put his own ideals into the music and the video, even though he collaborated with someone else.

      • Ami

        Internet message boards are crap now, all the comments are the same… Justin bieber jokes really?

        • dk2020

          Justin Bieber SUXS balls! That little punk has no artistic merit ,, I get it .. all of you idiots hate Kpop so fuckin what? What is this article about?? Every article even if it says something GOOD about Kpop or Korean culture .. all you negative nancys come out the woodwork to criticize and ridicule .. jeeeez you guys are assholes ,,

          • Ruaraidh

            On a scale of 1-10, how bad did the doctor say your autism was?

          • dk2020

            weak one liner mate .. come up with something witty ..

          • Ruaraidh

            Here’s what you do in the average thread; you shit-post a few times, get called out and then get into a huff. Finally a mod comes in and tells you to calm it down, you apologise and say you’re turning over a new leaf. Then start all over again on the next thread.

            No one cares about Bieber any more, except for teenage girls and autists who can’t comprehend that Bieber jokes are no longer relevant. Your comments also often seem to miss the point, and you seem like the Korean version of a ‘plastic paddy’. This is why I feel you might actually have asperger’s or something.

          • dk2020

            Being there’s only about 10 regular posters on kBang, I get in the same argument with different trolls every week .. There’s only a couple of people on here that I like and respect, and would like to hear their opinion .. I’ve actually have learned a couple things and got a better understanding of Korean culture through this site ,, I might fly off the hinges once in awhile but I’m passionate in what I believe in and I do have a temper, I’m Korean lols .. so I am venting at times and I love cussing .. I’m only really apologizing to the couple people that I respect for being vulgar but I do have a right to my own opinion .. so no thanks for your psychoanalysis of me I don’t need it bro .. I only used the Bieber as an example of bad music ..

    • Sillian

      If the songs sound NOTHING alike musically, why would there even be a controversy? They do sound similar but ‘plagiarism’ is a very technical matter. I don’t think anybody here has enough legal expertise to judge. The album including the song is on sale so it’s for profits. These are not really important points though. This is just yet another snapshot of continuous bashing between k and j netizens using ridiculous excuses….

      • Well, yeah agree with you too. But for something to be ‘plagiarized’ a certain amount of content had to have been ‘stolen.’ Kinda similar to when you sing the birthday song in a public area or in the media. It’s why it’s rarely in movies/TV shows because it’s owned. If you sing over half the song (though it’s a short song) you would have to pay royalties so I do know there’s procedures to conclude if something is *completely* plagiarized or not.. but if it’s a parody, that’s a different issue.

        • Sillian

          Lol the happy birthday song is copyrighted? I didn’t know that.

          • Yup! That’s why movies either sing a small snippet or some other original birthday song. The way it was copyrighted was BS too and really should’ve been illegal but… well, you can read up on it. I think the copyright is until early 2020’s..? Or mid 2020’s? Well 2020+ though I find it surprising that international countries still sing the song in their movies/shows.. not sure if the copyrights spread out to them or not so I dunno.

    • chucky3176

      The song is for sale, so it’s not parody. It’s produced by Yamaha Communication, on sale at Amazon Japan, and it claims it’s the “Original Music Video”. Plus there have been thousands of parodies done on this song, including many from Japan, but none of them caused any problems, because they were recognized as parodies.

      • So if there’s no exact direct copy or music, lyrics, and videos (also depending on the length and how much it got copied) it wouldn’t be considered ‘plagiarism.’ Not denying it was inspired by Gangnam Style or whatever but plagiarism would be that Ivy chick using FFVII Advent Children scenes in her MV and it wasn’t a parody…

        • chucky3176

          That’s the same charges always leveled at Kpop (not an exact duplicate of the entire songs, but few enough tunes that sound kind of similar). So if there’s a huge uproar of Kpop groups accused of stealing every time things like this come up, are you saying those are unwarranted as well?

    • hjohn5929


  • Jang

    If Nippon copied Psy, then Psy copied LMFAO. Fairs fair.

  • redgirls

    Yea but its Fkn POP music.


  • dk2020

    Really good cover of Gangnam Style by an American group .. now is this plagiarism? No, I think they made it their own and props on their Korean ..

    • Gundampilotx

      I don’t think you understand what plagiarism is. A cover shows acknowledgement that it is a copy redone in some way or copied exactly. This vocaloid guy was claiming it’s original. Plagiarism is copying something and saying you made it.

      • dk2020

        I see your point .. yes, I agree then if anybody plagiarizes anything they should at least acknowledge the original ..

  • exink

    Let’s make this comment a poll
    Who is tired of hearing or hearing about Gangnam Style?
    Up Vote for “Yes, i’m tired”,
    Down vote for “No, it’s still great”

    • dk2020

      I don’t like the song either .. but its undeniable how popular it got ..

    • Sillian

      Even PSY himself must be tired of it now.

    • Isaac

      Yes, if people from other countries *ahem* would stop making parodies of it.

    • Danny

      I’m South Korean, and am sick of hearing it everywhere in my home (New Zealand). But your ‘poll’ isn’t fair, because anonymous users MUST be signed in to vote down, but CAN vote up without signing up.

      • exink

        Agreed, but this website has a lot of registered users and only 2 of them voted down.

        One a separate note, I saw a Korean show that was interviewing Hugh Jackman about Les Miserables the other day. The very first subject they talked about was “Gangnam Style”. The have one of Hollywoods biggest celebrities on their show, talking about a film that has topped the box office in Korea and many other counties and all they cared about was talking about Gangnam Style. After they finished, they started talking about him

  • PoopShoe

    Uh… who cares?

  • That was horrendous.

  • ChuckRamone

    All popular music is ultimately derivative. There’s only so much you can do with pop melodies, themes, song structures and riffs. Most of the songs are about love. They’re pretty much all verse – chorus – verse – chorus and maybe a bridge or solo. The instrumentation is simple. There’s always been a tradition in pop and rock music of playing old standards, or slightly mutating them, to make a new “original” song. One Direction recently got criticized for ripping off the Clash. Led Zeppelin sometimes gets ripped on for recycling old blues riffs. Most artists know this. For example, Woody Guthrie said, “The words are the important thing. Don’t worry about tunes. Take a tune, sing high when they sing low, sing fast when they sing slow, and you’ve got a new tune.”

    Basically, I believe the Japanese artist if he/she said this was a tribute or parody or whatever.

    You guys should check out “Everything Is a Remix”: it’s a project detailing how all art comes from somewhere and has influences from what came before. http://www.everythingisaremix.info

  • dim mak

    honestly i dont see how it’s similar to gangnam style
    is it the part where they bend their knees? the beat?

  • Cleo

    This was a fail but I can see where they picked up influence from Gangnam Style. I too heard bunghole throughout this uninteresting video.

    So this is how they respond to someone else having a win. What a painful way to live – always coveting, constantly comparing.

    They even misrepresent Chinese rice candy sculptures as Japanese to Westerners:


    There is nothing Japanese about this art form however. If a Chinese person were to learn to salsa really well and start doing it for years and generations picked up on it. that wouldn’t make salsa authentic Chinese cultural heritage so what makes this Japanese cultural heritage just because they’ve been practicing it?

    Throughout the 1970s 1980s. 1990s, I personally witnessed these were made and sold on Mott Street in New York’s Chinatown. It’s really inappropriate to report that this is Japanese and to promote it at Epcot’s Japan pavillon as such.

    Did you know that Japan tried to make the Hawaiian hula their own? They even had clubs in Fukushima that were revived after 3-11. Are they high?

  • Cleo

    I would give back buddhism to India if that meant China could get back everything that was misappropriated from them especially by the Japanese.

    • redgirls

      As would I. Instead I accept peace for what it is, a balance.

  • hun

    While it’s obvious they both songs do have similarities, these sentences makes me question:

    “Part of the origin for this suspicion is the fact that when this track first emerged on YouTube it was specifically described as being an “original song.” Kagome has gone on to defend himself in his blog, but has tweeted his admiration of PSY,”

    “Meanwhile there are also advocates of Kagome.
    One netizen said: “Kagome is famous for his sense of humour. This is
    just a parody of Gangnam Style. It’s just for fun.” ”

    I mean if he is known for being funny then putting “original song” on a video that is clearly of something thats not could resemble sarcasm then no harm done, but if he’s making money off of this song then yeah, it’s definitely plagarism. What i don’t like however is how the k-netizens are reacting because of one japanese guy and then blaming the whole nation.

    • chucky3176

      That’s what the Japanese do all the time to Koreans, for instance, Cho Seung Hui. It’s just Koreans pointing out Japanese hypocrisy with a scoff.

  • Ah its crazy things like this why i love japan!

  • Joe

    Songs don’t sound similar enough to make a real plagiarisim claim. I don’t think PSY or his producers would bother pursuing this if it is brought to their attention.

  • funny I laugh, its kinda cute XD but the artist didnt mention anything about the Japanese porn, it got ninja, samurai but no porn. The rhythm is catchy too. Good its not popular world wide otherwise were gonna hear more of that parody bullshit. Somebody slit those parody loser throat please.

  • chucky3176

    Have a listen to these three songs, two Korean, and one American. They sound exactly alike. How did three songs end up sounding exactly alike?


    The original song was written by Korean producer Kim Shin Il in 2003. The Korean court has decided that JYP’s Park Jin Young ripped off the song sung by IU in Korean drama, “Dream High”. He was ordered by the judge to pay damages to Kim. But I think Kim also has a good case against J.Moss.

  • Lune

    Everyone hating on this dude, Gumi or the song, is simply a hater and should not be taken too serious. They simply can’t stand the fact their beloved “Oppa Gangnam Style” is getting old.
    Thank you. Amen. PLEASE move on with your life and go do something useful.

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