South Korean Drama Actor Park Si-hoo in Rape Scandal


Park Si-hoo, a popular South Korean drama actor, is in the middle of his own drama of sorts as he finds himself on the unfavourable end of a series of rape allegations from a young trainee actress known only as ‘Miss A’. The case has been going on for a few weeks, and keeps cropping up to the top of the news cycle as it continues to draw people’s curiosity.

The saga began on Valentine’s Day when Park, a young trainee actress (Miss A) and his junior met for drinks. What happened next is still unclear, but CCTV footage shows all three entering Park’s apartment late that night.

The next day ‘Miss A’ went to the police and filed a suit for rape assault. She claims that she was raped by Park in his apartment when she was heavily intoxicated and therefore unable to defend herself. Since then, the situation has become very complicated, with both sides offering conflicting accounts of the case. Other parties have also been dragged in to the whole affair.

Those on Miss A’s side have claimed that there must have been drugs involved. A subsequent drugs test, however, was negative and evidence now seems to be piling up against Miss A.

Park Si-hoo has filled a counter suit against Miss A, her friend ‘Miss B’ and her acquaintance, ‘Mr C’, for defamation – a veritable alphabet soup of mystery suspects.

Following a recent leak of KakaoTalk (a popular South Korean mobile instant messaging service) messages between Miss A, Miss B and Mr C, there has been a spike in speculations, most of which conclude that Miss A had ulterior motives for the accusations.

The investigation is unfinished; the police have stated that they’re checking many other KaTalk [KakaoTalk] messages related to the case and urged the public to refrain from speculation – a big ask given the gossip-tastic nature of the Korean internet.

From Nate News Dispatch:

Park Si-hoo rape scandal, Miss A and Miss B’s conspiracy suspicion….critical evidence from KaTalk messages and calls

Every incident has its context. There is always a purpose behind things, and the Park Si-hoo scandal is no different. There is a reason behind Miss A’s accusations. First of all, if Miss A was forced in any way, it’s only natural that she wants to see legal repercussions. However, if the two just shared their feelings for each other, then the situation changes completely. There seem to be ulterior motives behind Miss A’s actions.

At this point when both sides are coming up with contrasting testimonies, background information is the key to understanding what had happened. That is why [Nate News]’Dispatch’ has gathered all the information available about Miss A’s actions after the 14th of February. We even succeeded in obtaining messages exchanged between Miss A and her friend Miss B, and also the sound recording of a phone call between Miss B and her acquaintance Mr C.

It’s clear from the messages that Miss B urged Miss A to go to the police. Miss B told her ‘Don’t answer the phone’, ‘Don’t wash yourself’. And mentioned the settlement money. ‘He has 3 hundred billions’ and that ‘He is not one up on us’.

They even planned the way to ‘play the media’ reporting on the case. Miss B suggested through her messages ‘We have to release it in the news to get more settlement money’. Miss B also warned her acquaintance Mr C that she ‘released an article about ‘Park Si-hoo rape’ to the papers. So don’t provoke us’.

The messages also reveal some important information about the background of the story. There is evidence that other people were involved with the case from behind the scenes. Miss B consulted some other people about the situation and she was forwarding their advice to Miss A. She said for example ‘They said it was the right thing that we released it in the news first’ and ‘it would be good to give [some of the settlement money] to those people’.

15th of February, 3pm – Miss A comes out of Park Si-hoo’s house. Five hours later she was on her way to the OneStop Support Centre. She had her urine, blood and hair samples tested in a nearby hospital. By the late hours of the night she finished her victim testimony at the Seoul Seobu Police Station.

It all took only a day, from the intercourse to her victim testimony at the police station. What had changed Miss A’s mind and feelings about Park? We can get some idea from looking at the messages exchanged between Miss A and Miss B, from before Miss A reported the incident to the police and to the newspapers. It is clear that ‘money’ rather than ‘legal punishment’ is figuring more prominently in the messages.

On the day of the incident, Miss A went out of Park Si-hoo’s apartment to the OneStop centre, which is just one stop from Gangnam to Mapo. At this point Miss B kept urging Miss A to quickly go to the police.

According to the messages exclusively published by ‘Dispatch’, Miss B kept sending messages to Miss A such as ‘Don’t wash yourself’, ‘Get all the tests you can get, hair, urine and so on’. Miss A replied ‘Ok’. She then went to a support center for rape victims to report the assault.

While Miss A was reporting the assault to the authorities, Miss B approached her acquaintance Mr C. Mr C, who has connections to the entertainment world, was just having a few drinks with his clients when he was abruptly approached by Miss B saying that her ‘friend had just been raped by Park Si-hoo’. Surprised Mr C then made a call to Mr. D, a boss of an agency formerly affiliated [with Park Si-hoo].

Miss B also communicated the reaction of Park Si-hoo’s side to Miss A. Miss A judged Park Si-hoo’s reaction as fear and used it in her allegations. Miss A even sent a message to her mother who was worrying about her saying ‘Park Si-hoo is not one up here. He would never have come out with such a submissive attitude, if there had been nothing wrong’.


Translation of above messages:

Conversation between Miss A and Miss B, 15th February.

Miss A: Can’t I just go tomorrow?

Miss B: No. They said you have to go now.

Miss B: Don’t answer any phone calls. And don’t wash yourself.

Miss A: Ok. I’m on the way to the police now.

Miss A: Should I get my hair and urine samples tested too?

Miss B: Yes, get all the tests you can get.

Miss B: And let’s try to negotiate some good settlement money. Park Si-hoo is gonna plead on his knees.

Miss B: If he doesn’t pay, let’s sue him. He’s dead.

Conversations between Miss A and her mother, 15th February.

Miss A: Mum, I’m on the way to the police now.

Miss A: Don’t worry. If Park Si-hoo was one up on us, he would not have been so scared.

Miss A: He’s got 3 hundred billion won, do you think he can’t stop the police?

Miss A: But Park Si-hoo is begging to save his life, he looks like he has no idea what to do now.

Messages between Miss A and Miss B. 17th February.

Miss B: They said it was right that we released it to the news first.

Miss B: They said that it’s nonsense trying to negotiate.

Miss A: Ok, there is no negotiation.

Miss A: ke ke ke

Miss B: They said that if we release it to the newspapers tomorrow, we can get more settlement money.

Miss B: That’s gonna be a fatal blow for Park Si-hoo.

The messages between Miss A and Miss B. Evening of 17th February.

Miss A: But are those people not gonna ask us for the settlement money?

Miss B: Yes, but I think it would be good to give them some of the money.

Who planned the “media play“?

The news come out on 18th February, 3 days after the charges were first filed with the police. Considering that 16th and 17th was weekend, the news came out with lightning speed. But this also had been a part of Miss A and Miss B’s plan, as the messages that ‘Dispatch’ obtained clearly show that Miss A and Miss B were planning an their way of ‘playing the media’.

The shocking point is that this kind of media manipulation had been planned in order to increase the amount of settlement money. A day before the news came out, on 17th, Miss A and Miss B had agreed that they need to manipulate the media. Miss B said ‘We can deal a death blow to Park Si-hoo if we first release the news, and then we’ll be able to get more settlement money’.

This is also confirmed by a recording of a phone call between Miss B and Mr C. When both Mr C and Mr D started becoming suspicious of Miss A’s testimony, Miss B told them ‘the situation got messed up because Mr D contacted [Miss A’s] father to negotiate the settlement. That’s why I had to publish the article’ and warned that ‘to this extend we have plans ready so don’t try to provoke us’.

We can’t be sure whether the first news report came out of Miss B’s mouth, but she was engaged with the media ever since the scandal had been reported and gave several interviews to the media. When the situation started turning in Park Si-hoo’s favour, Miss B quickly changed her position stating that she ‘was cheated by Miss A’. But up until then she had continuously attacked Park Si-hoo and Mr D.


Are there any other powers acting behind the scenes?

Miss A and Miss B are both merely in their early twenties. Is it possible that all this, from reporting the case to the police to playing the media, could originate from their heads? During the material gathering ‘Dispatch’ has become suspicious that there might be someone else pulling the strings from behind the scenes. It’s because Miss B was asking advice from some third party and forwarding this to Miss A.

For example, on 16th, Miss A was planning to go to the police and asked ‘Can I go there tomorrow?’. To this Miss B replied ‘No. They said you have to go now.’ It was the same case when they were planning to release the news to the media. Miss B urged that ‘They said we have to release it if we want to get more settlement money.

We can also spot the presence of some third party from the part in the messages mentioning the settlement money. Miss A asks ‘but when we get the settlement, are those people not going to ask for the money?’. Miss B replied that ‘but it would be good to give them some of the money’ as a commission.

Who then is behind Miss A and Miss B? There is no suspicion that Mr C or Mr D could be involved with this third party because both were first approached by Miss B after the case had been reported to the police. It also became know during the police investigation that Mr C and Mr D contacted Miss A’s father to attempt to negotiate a settlement.

Miss A, did she have any ulterior motives?

From the messages it’s clear that Miss A and Miss B’s both were very confident about their plan. They decided to push ahead with the allegations thinking that in rape cases victim’s testimony is the most important piece of evidence. Miss B swore that Miss A ‘could drink a lot so there is no way she would get drunk after 2 bottles’ and that it was ‘not an aphrodisiac but propofol'[suggesting that Miss A had been drugged].

They supposed that substances were involved in the case and their expectations about the settlement money increased. Miss A’s former colleague told to press that Miss A ‘suddenly said she is planning to go to Australia to study. When I asked if she has enough money, she was sure she will be able to go’. ‘But when I got the news about the case, I could guess what kind of set-up that was’.

Miss A also hinted on Park Si-hoo’s wealth ‘Park Si-hoo’s assets are 3 hundred billion won, that’s enough to block even the police [investigation].’ ‘But looking at how he is pleading to save his life, it looks like he has no idea what to do now.’

The most suspicious point is that ‘settlement’, not ‘legal punishment’ was the main topic of the conversation. ‘Should we get legal punishment rather than money?’ was mentioned by Miss B only once in her messages to Miss A, while settlement money was discussed continuously. However, when the medical substance tests came out negative, Miss B changed her story and the settlement discussion disappeared without a trace.

The background behind Miss A’s actions might have changed the focus of the situation, but this is still a rape incident. The police are trying to determine whether intercourse was consensual or forced, rather than on the intentions Miss A might have had afterwards. If Miss A unswervingly claims ‘intoxication’ and ‘inability to protest’, it will be very difficult for Park Si-hoo to avoid the allegations of quasi-rape [meaning the victim was mentally unable to protest]. From an ethical standpoint, however, if there were hidden motives behind Miss A and Miss B’s actions, the sincerity of their claims will be doubted.

Comments from Nate:


We should make an example of this case and put an electronic anklet on her.
The Republic of Korea’s No. 1 Gold-digger electric anklet wearer.


She really is a gold digger -·- she knew Park Si-hoo has a lot of money and she took advantage of his fame… a-hyu ~~ put her to jail immediatelly —


Good job Dispatch ke Dispatch is like the National Intelligence Service [NIS – South Korea’s spy agency] of the entertainment world ke anyway it looks like Miss B is the bitch here, the bitch who now gave the thoughtless Miss A some reason to think …


Miss A = gold digger
Miss B = con artist
Park Si-hoo = an epic fall from grace after an encounter with a gold digger and a con artist


We still have to wait for the results of the investigation, but I can understand the people who curse her and call her a gold digger… but because of bitches like her real victims might get branded as gold diggers too… This kind of bitch needs a tough sentence…


Miss B is apologising that she got cheated by Miss A, that she is a victim. It was her who plotted more than half of the conspiracy and now she is trying to wash her hands of~ Park Si-hoo don’t ever forgive them, even if they don’t get an actual prison sentence, sue them for defamation and loss of money, and make sure they are repaying the fine until they are 80. This is what all Korean men are wishing for.


But this Lee Yaeji and Jeon Dahye it seems like this is not their first time. This skill, it looks like they’ve done this before.


Let’s close the investigation. Now it’s finished. ke ke ke ke ke ke


So she planned to bugger off down under after all this is finished….
Even gold diggers need to be clever….


She’s saying she was raped, but at the same time happily dreaming about getting money….


The reason this kind of bitch is dangerous is that real victims will be unfairly suspected because of this kind of bitch. I think this is as bad as child sexual abuse. We really have to make sure this is her social funeral.


From the KakaoTalk messages it looks like that they were planning it all.
And she had planned it all up to her study in Australia, she is a really scary bitch…
Her parents are quite strange too.
No matter whether their daughter was raped or slept with him willingly.. they get involved in this kind of thing…
Of course we can’t see the replies her mum sent
but still, if it were me, I would be really ashamed to talk with my mum about such a thing.
She says, mum don’t worry, I’m the one up here ke ke ke
Now that the situation came out in the open, should Park Si-hoo’s junior Mr K also not come out and say something?
Anyway she was his friend, and it was him who introduced her to Park Si-hoo. And he was there that night.
Is he, by any chance, not an accomplice too?
If it was really an accident that he introduced her and it just happened this way, he should at least make it clear in the press.
This bitch probably chose Park Si-hoo and planned all this in advance.
Or she might have even asked Park Si-hoo’s junior to introduce her.
If only we could confirm this, this case would be a game-over.
Do we not have any kakao talk messages of Miss A and Park Si-hoo’d junior from before she met him?


She looks really excited thinking of the settlement money… crazy bitch


Everyone already knows Park Si-hoo’s face, even if he comes back to acting, do you think people will let him off easily?
To be honest, when two people drink, get dumb and sleep together there is nothing to blame them for really…
I wish this legal battle would finish soon so that Park Si-hoo can get back to acting and for the bitch to watch him soar again.

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