Policeman Saves Two Lives Through KakaoTalk

A screenshot of the teenager's conversation with the Ulsan policeman.
From Yonhap News:

Ulsan Policeman Saves Two Lives Through KakaoTalk

A police officer was able to rescue two people from suicide through information gleaned through a conversation on the mobile messaging application KakaoTalk.

On the 13th at 10:35am, the Ulsan Police Department’s 112th precinct received a call in which the caller said, “My son is going to kill himself!”

The caller, a Mr. Kim (alias, 50 years old), from Daegu, said, “My son (23), who attends college in Ulsan, sent me a text message that said, ‘I hate my life. I don’t have much time left.’ He didn’t send me any more messages after that. I had to find and rescue my son.”

However, the father did not know his son’s address.

The police were able to track the son by his mobile phone number and found out that he lived in Nam-gu, Mugeo-dong.

It was not easy tracking him, however, with just this information – the police ended up dispatching two officers to try and find the son, but couldn’t find him.

A police sergeant named Lee Sung-jin (age 42) is based at the 112th Precinct and has been touted as one of the department’s most effective and talented police officers.

Sergeant Lee asked Mr. Kim to give him his son’s mobile phone number and sent Mr. Kim’s son a message through KakaoTalk. He introduced himself and greeted the young Mr. Kim like an old friend.

Fortunately, he got a response: “I am Mr. Kim.”

Through the course of the conversation, which was carried out like any other normal one, the young Mr. Kim said, “I’ve only got a few minutes left now” and “I think I’m losing consciousness.”

Sergeant Lee texted back, “I know how you feel, I once went through a difficult time in life too – but you will get through this” and “Are you having second thoughts?”, while persuading the young man to continue the conversation.

Through the conversation, Sergeant Lee was able to find out where Kim lived. Kim relayed that the he lived on the second floor in a studio apartment above a beauty salon.

Lee then dispatched officers to find the young man; within 20 minutes they had found where he lived.

The officers found the doors and windows of the apartment locked, so they forcibly entered. Smoke poured out of the room.

The young Kim and a friend were found unconscious in the main room. Kim and his friend had ignited 25 grills in the bathroom and left them burning; 3 empty soju bottles were also lying on the ground.

The police found a suicide note written by the young Kim blaming no one or nothing in particular, and thus have not yet been able to ascertain a motive for Kim’s suicide attempt.

The victim and his friend are being treated a local hospital; fortunately, their injuries are not life-threatening.

The Ulsan PD plans on investigating more once the victims have recovered.

Sergeant Lee said, “I talked to him like a friend because I felt it was the best way to persuade him [not to kill himself]. Young Mr. Kim sent me a message saying ‘I’m sorry’ and I said to him, “Well, I am also sorry that I lied to you about not being a policeman. The important thing is you are alive. I hope you and your friend can reflect on your mistake and how precious life is; I’m so glad you’ve gotten another chance.”

Comments from Naver:


I want to compliment this police officer very much. This is a really beautiful story.


Very good job on this guy’s part…does he not deserve an award? And you know who else could learn from this…our National Assembly, those blood-sucking parasites…many people want to commit suicide because of them!


What a cool cop~^^ Please arrest those spies who try to incite regional rivalries to ruin the country. The spies pretend to be citizens inciting fights between genders, regions and ethnicities. Please report those mischief-makers!!! To love our country, we shouldn’t fight amongst each other – we’re all Koreans. ^^ Patriotism isn’t something far away. Let’s ignore any baseless attacks, be it towards immigrants, women or those from specific regions. Let’s settle our differences for the better of our society!! We are one!


Hmm…I’m sure most of us have contemplated suicide at least once in our lives. But suicide isn’t the answer. You can think about it, well no, don’t even think about it. Even if it’s difficult, look back on your past, and plan for the future. I should too.


Need I say more? Well done by this cop…


What a good police officer! He saved two lives… They should try to live a good life thinking they were reborn. The son who tried to commit suicide should really have thought of his parents…Don’t forget the policemen who were desperately looking for you.


As I am currently preparing to become a policeman, reading stuff like this about today’s policemen warms my heart. I would like to take the exam and become a police officer so I can commit to serving the people; the Ulsan PD has my respect.


I don’t think the father will be able to forget this for a long time, with the police involved and two people who attempted suicide. Life is precious, and for the two of them to just throw it away was a bad idea…I hope they recover and live a long time.


This is amazing. He really saved two people…this officer should receive an award from the government, shouldn’t he?


You should give replies to the attention-seekers periodically.


Give KakaoTalk an award huh huh huh…Phone companies should lower their rates!


The police actually help us more than the other public officials do in Korea.


Only if the father knew where the son lived…;; Who really wants to die? Since he at least sent a text message to his dad, there is still hopeㅡ


What a nice story. He has my respect.


It’s important to pay attention to those who are suicidal…most of the time they just need someone to talk to. Pay more attention to people around you. They can be saved.


KakaoTalk is the real deal!


How cool, I’m really glad that boy is alive.


This got me choked up. Life is precious.


This police officer stands out from the other police officers…he is really an outstanding citizen. He has a sense of duty and pride for the people and country he serves, and a warm heart.

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