Man Forces Three Runaway Middle School Girls into Prostitution

On December 3rd, Seoul police announced the arrest of a man for coercing three middle school age girls who had run away from home to sell their bodies. The man, known only by his last name of Song, kept the three girls in his home and collected the money from the johns. Records in his home indicated that the girls performed 3790 separate sexual acts during a 16-month period.

Netizens were disgusted by the crime, with many going so far as to say that he is even worse than Japanese soldiers who used Korean women as sex slaves in the colonial period.

Article From Munhwa Ilbo:

Man arrested after forcing three runaway middle school girls to perform 3790 separate sex acts over a period of 16 months. Girls were lured into home with promise of shelter.

Image from video taken during the arrest showing one of the girls in Song's home.

Image from video taken during the arrest showing one of the girls in Song’s home.

A man in his forties was apprehended after he coerced three runaway middle school girls to sell sex a staggering 3790 times for money.

According to a December 3rd statement from the Seoul Metropolitan Police, the 41-year-old man, last name Song, was arrested on November 26 on charges of having arranged prostituted the three middle school students. Starting in May of this year, Seoul Police began a crackdown on the teenage sex trade in collaboration with Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF).

Song had made a living by selling knockoff items on the street, unable to find a steady job, until he coaxed a 14-year-girl, last name Yoon, whom he got to know at an online chat site into his home by saying he was willing to provide shelter for her. His home is located in Beon-dong, Gangbuk district, northern Seoul.

After luring the first girl to his home in June of 2011, Song lured 16-year-old Lee and 14-year-old Yoo, then brought the three girls with him to nearby motels to force them into selling their bodies.

To solicit clients, Song approached men at chatting sites and pretended that he was a woman.

Song, in the blue coat, in an image taken during the police arrest video.

Song, in the blue coat, in an image taken during the police arrest video.

The book records that were confiscated at the scene when the police arrested Song show that he had arranged a total of 3790 sexual transactions during the 16-month period between August 2011 and November 2013.

To put it another way, each girl was forced to go to bed an average of two to four times a day, up to six times per day.

The police said the girls received ₩120,000 for each act, but Song extracted most of the money.

Initially, he said to the girls that they would get half the money from their work, but was found to have not given the promised money, fining them ₩500,000 whenever the girls refused to have sex, or claiming he would pay them a lump sum later.

Song was discovered to have spent most of the ₩450 million he took from the girls on dining and entertaining himself.

A police official said, “The three girls were not held in captivity so they could have reported the situation to the police if they wanted, but they had no place to go and were waiting for Song to pay them. That’s why the girls were hesitant to break away from Song.”

The forced sex trade was brought to light after Yoon complained about her physical and psychological pains in an online counseling center for teens.

After receiving a tip from the counseling agency, the police, in concert with youth protection and human rights teams under the MOGEF, swooped in on Song’s home and arrested him on November 26th and indicted him three days later.

Song is has a long criminal history, nine counts in total, including violation of trademark law and child abuse.

The Ministry of Women and Family is planning on providing the three girls with psychological counselling and rehabilitation programs.

Comments from Daum:


3790 times… then we have to catch the 3790 men who slept with those girls and bring them to justice.


The man is a son of bitch. He should be hanged to death or burned him at stake. He is even uglier than the jjokbari who conscripted and sexually exploited Korean women during colonial times.


Peel his skin off. He is evil incarnate.


I think the court should sentence him to 3,790 years in prison.


That man is worse than the colonial Japanese army sexually assaulting Korean comfort women.


I don’t know how to best kill him in a way that would equal his crimes…


Disclose his identity, execute him. Please execute of him.


3790 times? That’s more than any wife would ever do it with her husband during her whole lifetime, what a son of bitch!


I think that bastard is a problem, but I have no idea what the three girls were thinking when they didn’t report him to the police.


We need to throw the book at sexual criminals who prey on minors. The minmium punishment should be lifelong imprisonment or the death penalty.


I think parents who make their young children run away from home should be also subject to punishment.

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  • weiboqi

    Only this? Korean men do this to Korean girls (north and south), Mongolian girls, Russian girls and Chinese-Koreans quite regularly, it’s like 4-5% of the ROK GDP….of course the Korean zombie public are so unaware and ill-informed they think this is an exceptional occurrence. Mercifully, this time they can’t blame the Japanese for it for the next few decades.

    • V for vendetta

      If i had my way I would bring in the death penalty.
      this rock spider will most probably get his just desserts in prison.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Oh give them time. The more extreme elements will find a way…

    • nqk123

      teens get tricked into prostitution happened in every nations.

    • A Pinky Promise

      Right. North Korean girls… as if they have the right to move to anywhere outside North Korea LOL If you’re gonna be trolling at least educate yourself first

      • Butsu

        From 1953 to 2012 there’s approximately 24608 North Korean defactors in South Korea. While it may be unlikely some of them might’ve been forced into prostitution.

        • David

          Too many of the women who defect from North Korea can not find any type of normal employment and many are forced to prostitution either while in transit from NK to SK (it may take months or years going through China and sometimes a third or fourth country before settling in SK) or once they get there. There was an article on here about 6 months back talking about a NK defector who was working as a prostitute when she was murdered.

  • Anthony M Ludovici

    3790 times… then we have to catch the 3790 men who slept with those girls and bring them to justice.


    • YourSupremeCommander

      What kind of justice? Forcing each one of them to have sex 3790 times with women?

    • jon777

      Why not just arrest all Korean men?

      • Anthony M Ludovici

        I enjoy Chucky’s comments too much to wish for that.

    • David

      “3790 times? That’s more than any wife would ever do it with her husband during her whole lifetime, what a son of bitch!” For a wife this would be only once a day for 10 years (of presumably voluntary sex). I am not sure which part of the story is making this guy the most upset.

  • *2 months later*
    The judge throws the book at him and he gets 2 years.

  • Mighty曹

    Of the 3,790 I wonder how many are ‘repeat’ fuckers?

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Good they cracked down on a pimp. Now to do the same again to the fafillion other pimps in the country.

  • FYIADragoon

    Yes, I’m sure they’ll get to a fitting punishment going for this just like they have every other t—–oh wait.

  • One for all

    Is it possible to be drunk for 2 years? If so…he might have a case here

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    Why did they run away from home?
    Why didn’t they leave this guy once they knew what he was doing?
    Why did they wait for him to pay them the money owed for this kind of ‘work’?
    Isn’t there shelters for runaways or the homeless in Korea?

    The girls were not confined, they could have left. The guy got caught because one of them complained about it online.

    • cory

      I remember seeing a short video report on Al-Jazzera about a year back about teenage (drop out middle and high school female students) prostitution in South Korea. It talked about how many of the girls willingly run away from school and home, and ride the subway in Seoul all day, constantly contacting their pimps and looking for customers (one girl even went so far as to say that school was boring, and she was looking for excitement in the big city). The report also talked about how the Korean media turn a blind eye to a story that would be considered embarrassing and too provocative.

      Prostitution is much more in the open here than in the US, though there’s that strange dichotomy of sexual topics being a no-no in public discourse. Perhaps it’s changing among the youth, though.

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        Why is it Korean men and Japanese men are into kids on a large scale? Is it because when a girl who is 12 looks the same as a lady who is 22 or is it about the virginity thing? or soemthing else?

        And these girls want excitement and money yet hardly any mention of these in the news or topics up for discussion. I guess that is really the difference with the east and west.

  • ilovenedoland

    for some reason, this remind me of bad guy…

  • lesrallizes

    What he did was despicable. However people are a product of their environment. In principle he’s no different than the people who deceive and traffic Korean women through the US army bases.

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