Donations Pour in for Young Mother Arrested for Stealing Milk


After news media reported the story of a young mother arrested for stealing baby formula and moisturizer for her newborn twins, readers contacted the police station involved and started to send donations. While some online criticized giving handouts to reward the mother’s bad behavior, the majority of comments sympathized with her difficult financial situation and devotion to her children.

From Yonhap:

People pitch in to help the mother of twins who was arrested for stealing baby products

Ever since a story came to light about a young mother being arrested for stealing baby products, readers have started to look for ways to help her.

According to Ulsan Jungbu Police Station, at about 1 P.M. on June 21 they received a phone call.

The caller, a woman living in Ulsan, said, ‘I saw the news about this poor mother. I was hoping I could send her money, at least enough for some milk powder. How can I help her?’

The police officer who was in charge of this case let her know the phone number of Taehwa-dong’s community center rather than releasing the mother’s mobile phone number. The woman is temporarily living in Taewha-dong, Ulsan, with her husband.

The woman who called the police station immediately called the community center to find out ways to help the young mother. The community center let her know the bank account number of one of twins.

People from not only Ulsan city but also from other areas have expressed their desire to help the mother.

Ms. Min, a Gyeonggi Province resident who also has twins, said, ‘Since my kids have grown up a lot, I want to send her my kids’ old clothes. I feel like I can understand why she did what she did.’

Ms. Jeong, a Jeollanam Province resident who has four kids, also said, ‘Baby good are so expensive, so much so that you cannot buy anything even with 100,000 won, (approx. USD $90). As a mom who is in the same position of raising children, I want to help her, although I cannot give her a lot of money.’

Even though there has been some criticism of the mother for stealing, a majority of the online reaction is supportive of her and her husband.

On the day of the original crime, June 16, the mother of the twins, surnamed Kim, was spotted by security guards at a discount outlet in the city of Ulsan at 3 P.M. The guards detained the woman after she put baby products, including milk powder and baby moisturizer, that had a total value of 100,000 won, (approx. USD $90) into her purse and leave the store without paying.

At that time, Ms. Kim had only 30,000 won (approx. USD $25) in her possession. According to reports, Kim met her 20-year-old husband last year and gave birth to her twins early this year. It was reported that they didn’t have any regular jobs, are suffering from financial difficulties, and didn’t even have a wedding ceremony.

According to the police and Kim’s neighbors, Kim and her husband are not in a position to get financial help from their families because they are also struggling with financial difficulties.

The police officer, who is in charge of Kim’s case, said, ‘Kim’s husband recently has started work as a day laborer.’

Comments from Naver:


I think she is a better person than those who just have an abortion. Stealing something is bad, but at least she knows the value of human life. It’s good to know her husband is working now even though it’s only day labor. I’m about to have my third child and a lot of money is required to raise children. What with vaccination, clothes, insurance, etc. It seems like it’s time for her twins to start having baby food, and baby food is really expensive.


She must be having a really hard time with her twins. Those who are willing to help her are wonderful! I respect them.


Stealing is bad. But, I feel relieved to hear that people are trying to help her. It could be really hard to raise babies.


The fact that it costs double to raise twins might make her suffer more. I know stealing is bad, but somehow I feel sorry for her. Why doesn’t she find another way to take care of her twins besides stealing?


I feel sorry for her. I think I would also steal for my parents and babies. Then, I can get some help from people as well.


If you have to say something bad about her and her husband, you are a heartless person. Can you imagine how miserable they are? If there is a god out there, he wouldn’t have given them twins.


What a whore. The only thing she can do is stealing or waiting for other people to help her?


Even having one child is really tiring..but twins, ㅠㅠ Cheer up.


I feel so sorry for this young couple trying their best to raise their babies. I believe there was no other choice for them at that time. I want to lend them a hand rather than blame them. I hope they will work hard and raise their babies well. I feel bad that Korea’s welfare system is so poor that people like them have to suffer.


The twins will become social workers and the head of the Ministry of Health and Welfare ^^


I have three kids and raising babies is no joke. You can understand it only when you have a baby. A young mom with twins, and both are male. I’m sure it’s not easy to raise them. Don’t give up, raise them well.


Here come a bunch of people with law-abiding spirit. Listen, people who are blaming her, don’t you feel sorry for her struggling? You do your thing and let her take care of herself.


No man is infallible. I feel more sad after I saw the comments here blaming her. I wonder whether those people blaming her are so perfect themselvse.


20 years old? She is an adult. And she even has a husband. What was her husband doing? Why do people want to help them? He can work. Isn’t it easy? The husband can work while she is taking care of the babies at home. They are not teenagers and not disabled. I just can’t understand it.


Isn’t Korea some kind of communist country where people don’t have a right to have an abortion? We must give birth even if someone got pregnant by mistake. How can this not be a social problem?!

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