Chinese Restaurant Sues Lee Myung-bak

After leaving the Blue House nine months ago, Lee Myung-bak has continued to attract the kind of real estate scandals that plagued the final year of his term. The owner of a Chinese restaurant at a building Lee owned has sued his foundation for ₩600 million (USD $566,995) after they refused to pay the tenant for renovation work. The story renewed public anger regarding a shady property deal at the end of Lee’s term during which his eldest son Lee Si-young allegedly embezzled won ₩970 million (USD $916,642).

Online, netizens scorned Lee for trying to cheat and swindle yet again, and vowed to never forget that he broke his promise to give his entire fortune to charity after he left office. The recipient of Lee’s donation, the Cheonggye Foundation, is chaired by Lee’s brother-in-law and seen as a smokescreen for his continuing business activities.

Article From Kukmin Daily:

Former President Lee Myung-bak faces civil lawsuit filed by Chinese restaurant owner.

The Seoul Chinese restaurant that is at the center of the lawsuit.

The Seoul Chinese restaurant that is at the center of the lawsuit.

It has been revealed that former President Lee Myung-bak is the target of a lawsuit by a tenant of the building President Lee once owned.

According to legal sources, on November 15, Tenant ‘A’ filed a mediation petition in August with the Seoul Central District Court against the former president and a foundation named Chenggye he set up, demanding 600 million won for building expansion and interior refurbishment Mr. A conducted.

Beginning in October of 1994, the plaintiff ran a Chinese restaurant for about ten years in a building located in Seocho-dong, southern Seoul. Mr. Lee had owned the building before he turned its ownership over to the Chenggye foundation in September 2009.

The building was under the management of Kim Jae-jeong, the late brother-in-law of the president and the fact that Mr. Lee was the owner was not previously known.

Tenant A did a building expansion and remodeling job in consultation with the building manager. A claimed, “Manager Kim demanded that I get out of the building upon the expiration of my lease without paying me for the costs I incurred during the renovation.”

Tenant A and the Chenggye foundation are reported to be seeking mediation before taking legal proceedings. The court is due to hold a hearing on December 2, when they will have their first mediation session.

Comments From Daum:


MB’s personal motto is simple: I do fraud wherever it is possible.


Hey you filthy rat MB! We will never forget cases involving real-estate property owned by 2MB under borrowed names, his foundation, and the infamous BBK scandal.


He broke his promise made while he was in office that he would donate all his fortune to charity. He made a 30 billion won donation to the Chenggye Foundation, a foundation that he owned. I want to figure out how much his fortunesincreased during his presidency.


Unbelievable that he has been sued by the Chinese restaurant owner! A big shame for the former president. ke ke ke


So now he’s getting greedy for those lo mein profits.

former president Lee Myung-bak is eating noodle at a restaurant


I guess he may be mentioned in a future textbook. It is very hard to be more reviled by people than he is now.


I bet there has been no more arrogant guy than him since the beginning of our nation’s history.

Comments From Naver:


He sent a couple of trillion won for his four-river refurbishment project down the drain, touted resource diplomacy, made the democracy in the nation a mess by using powerful agencies for presidential election fraud. I guess he must have lined his pockets with several trillion won. He is the worst leader in the history of Republic of Korea.


He’s always tied to money problems. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. There is no past or future president that is more involved with money problems than Mr. Lee. What a mess!


He may be the first to face a civil lawsuit among past presidents. ㅋㅋㅋ


Isn’t he an 18-time criminal? Let’s bring him to justice after power changes hands in the next election.


What shall we do with this guy? Just thinking of breathing the same air with him together under one sky makes me feel nauseated. It is regrettable that he is still alive.


My prophecy: Initially, He starts to face a civil lawsuit, but he will face a criminal lawsuit before it is all over.

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  • David

    I guess somebody is not having a good month. I wonder how that arbitration went on November 1st?.

    • commander

      A critical error is made on the date of the scheduled mediation session at the court.
      The court hearing on this case is slated for Dec. 2, not Nov. 2.
      This correction will be reflected in the post ASAP.
      Sorry for this error.

      • David

        lol no problem at all. I appreciate the work you did bring this to us.

  • Mighty曹

    It’s “news” if the Chinese restaurant actually wins the case.

  • williamsheen

    He was a good president, I have NO idea why Koreans hate him so much.

    • Joey

      Because he wasn’t a good president, probably.

  • FYIADragoon

    For all of their bitching, it sure didn’t stop them from voting someone in from the same party. I guess they had an America 2004 moment there?

  • Cleo

    THis will be a salve to the offended Japanese when the President put his own name on Dokdo and called out Akihito? As if how justified could he be if he himself is no Snow White, right?

    Poor Korea still having to balance their courage with mud smeared on themselves. All because the predator is petty and jealous and covetous.

    If Japan decloaks, does this mean all the Dark KNights can decloaked as White Hats as well?

  • linette lee
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