koreaBANG is 1 Year Old: Thank You!


Today is our birthday, and this is our 300th post!

Since chinaSMACK gave birth to us on a leap year in 2012 (and thus making it difficult to ascertain whether or not today truly is our ‘birthday’), koreaBANG has:

For those of you who like numbers:

  • 850,929 individuals from over 200 countries and territories have visited us in the last 12 months. Most of you are in the US, South Korea, China, Canada or the UK; but more and more of you are coming from South East Asia and Northern Europe;
  • 1392 of you subscribe to our RSS feed; and…
  • 1764 of you Facebook stalk us, and another 1230 of you follow us on Twitter.

Our audience continues to grow, but we wouldn’t keep doing what we do were it not for the continued encouragement and support from our online and offline fans. Thank you!

Special thanks to our team of multinational translators and contributors, past and present: Alenka, BethElouisa, Huw, HyungjuJanice, James, Jay, JustinJunhyungKeiranKennethNiaNoori, Raphael, RyanSteven and Yenni, not to mention our evil chinaSMACK overlords Fauna, Kai, and Thomas.

Keep spreading the good word, keep telling people about koreaBANG, and keep using our glossary to swear like a trooper and keep up with all the latest online Korean terms. Here’s to the next year!


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  • Ruaraidh

    No, thank you. I hope it keeps on getting better.

  • Kate

    Happy birthday you sexy beasts! And thank you ^_^

  • PixelPulse

    I hope you guys get more site traffic because KoreaBang is worth it, congrats!

  • commander

    Congratulations on the first anniversary of its birth.

    The KoreaBang, under the collaboration with several contributors, has created a valuable channel bridging the nation and the world. Despite Seoul’s increased presence on the international stage, economically and culturally, the language barrier had prevented those in other nations having interest in South Korea from catching a glimpse into what the nation is like.

    But the advent of the website which translated Korean news articles and local netizens’ reactions to hot-button issues into English on the daily basis has made various aspects of the nation accessible to those who are attracted to a dynamic Korea.

    It’s a laudable feat which is encouraged to carry on by committed volunteer translators and netizens’ invariable support for them.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    koreabang 만세

  • Thanks for all the fish. Keep up the good work!

  • JustNobody

    Congratulations but Koreabang really needs to do a better job to keep up with the interesting current issues. It’s falling way behind Japancrush and Chinasmack in the turn over rate of translations. Or is it the case there isn’t as much interesting things to cover in Korea as opposed to Japan and China?

    • Daris

      Yeah, it is seriously slow. Korea is going through so many rich and vibrant events right now and this site seems to pick the most mundane.

      • Brett

        It’s not that the articles aren’t interesting, but recently the translators must be really busy because articles are coming in every 3-6 days. That’s a long time to wait for a topic…

  • redgirls

    Happ y Birthday Korea Bang, Looking forward to more :D

  • Nice! Happy Birthday! <3 <3 <3 from Philippines!

  • markus peg

    now we need a website for singapore

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