Man Dies Trying To Save Wife From Fire

A man's house on fire in Sejong City, Korea. The owner died trying to save his wife.

From Yonhap News:

Married Couple In Their 50s Die In Fire

On December 14th at 7:30pm, a middle aged couple was found dead inside a burning house in Sejong City. A Mr. Kim (alias, age 55) and his wife (age 52) died in the fire.

The house was about 56 square meters in size and the fire department estimated that over 13 million won in damage was inflicted upon it. It was almost completely destroyed within an hour.

It took more than 40 firemen and 11 fire trucks to get the fire under control after firemen arrived on the scene, responding to an emergency call. Mr. Kim’s body was found in the bathroom, while his wife’s was found in one of the inner rooms.

Apparently Mr. Kim had come out of the house first, but when he realized that his wife was not with him, charged back into the house to rescue her and never came back out.

The police and firemen reported that a gas explosion caused the fire and it is currently under investigation.

Comments from Nate:


This is so sad ㅠㅠ He truly loved his wife to the end, he gave his life for her…ㅠㅠ


To this man, his love for his wife was more important than his own life…that’s the real meaning of love.


This is heartbreaking…may his soul rest in peace.


He really loved her. There are so many pretty women out there who will find men with a lot of money and dump them after a few months; this was true love, though.


I’ve wanted to see a story like this after a year full of articles about boseulachi…I’m sure this man didn’t have a lot of money but I would have liked to meet him…


I just read an article somewhere else that a guy killed his wife for the insurance money. These two really loved each other. May they go hand in hand to a better place.


Rest in peace…


I sincerely admire this man…I’d like to think that I would’ve done the same thing…hopefully those two can meet in the next life. I hope they meet as a couple in the next life. Rest in peace…


I’ve read so many articles about men assaulting their wives; I think is the first one I’ve seen like this – where a man sacrificed himself for his wife. He cared about her more than his own life – that is true love.


My mother and father are about the same age as this couple…ㅠㅠ Cheers…


If that isn’t true love I don’t know what is.


This world is so cruel. He truly loved her…rest in peace!


Huh…so people like this still exist. Rest in peace…


This is so sad to hear but it is a beautiful story…rest in peace.


I hope they didn’t suffer long and can love each other in a different place forever…ㅠㅠ

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