Ladygate: ‘Naked Girl’ Takes Off Clothes, Runs Rampant on Metro


Naked Lady Hits the Subway

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the delight of seeing Swearing Woman, Soju Girl and even Poo Girl. But now spring is upon us, the koreaBANG Ladygate has opened onto a lady-garden in full bloom. On May 5, those riding Line 1 on the Seoul subway got a little something to perk up their evening commute. Thanks to the dark arts of blurry censorship, just how perky it was exactly, we’ll never know.

At 6pm, a woman apparently in her forties clambered onto the train at Cheongnyangni station, where she proceeded to remove every last stitch of clothing in a drunken dervish, swearing and lashing out at fellow passengers. Flaps to the wind, she continued her trashed tirade for three entire stops before someone called 112 and the police escorted her from the train at Dongmyo station. What could have taken them so long?

According to a police spokesman, when the woman alighted the train she was

…. found to be in an unfit mental state on account of the fact that she was drunk, and as we were escorting her away she began to hyperventilate and was transferred to a nearby hospital.

The identity of the woman has been kept confidential, with the woman being referred to in the press only as ‘Ms. A’. Furthermore, there has been some discrepancy over the woman’s real age; while earliest reports suggest that she was in her forties, elsewhere she has been referred to as being in her early thirties, implying that her appearance may have differed somewhat from the usual soju beauties that grace the walls of the Seoul Metro:

Lee Da Hae Soju Ad

I wish we all looked like that after a drink...


Though the story did not attract the same number of comments as some of our previous ‘Ladygate‘ candidates, it did trend on Twitter, while the video attracted tens of thousands of hits quickly followed by tens of thousands of disappointed faces when viewers realised that a fleshy mosaic was all that could be seen. Clearly, as netizens have also pointed out, the woman must have been going through some mental trauma and may be in need of support. However most netizens are decrying what they see as a new form of gender inequality in Korean society, with most agreeing that if a man had acted in this way he would have immediately been arrested and sentenced, as has been the case in the past. Should “Naked Girl” be punished for being off her tits and on the train? Or should she be given a blanket and a strong cup of coffee?

Comments from Nate:


Hmph, you’re telling me she won’t get any punishment at all for sexual embarrassment???? What did the young guys on the train do wrong?…..I’ve seen the picture, and she was a flabby old chunker….In the future if the women get a phobia and can’t even get married, will she take responsibility??


If she’d been a young, beautiful, fit woman in her twenties, that’d have been a jackpot.


Burberry man got an unconditional sentence,,,a woman who so blatantly takes off her clothes like that in public is innocent because of the excuse that she’s not right in the head.


If a man had done that wouldn’t he have been arrested for being disorderly?


Until I came to the part where it said she was forty, I had read letter by letter, so carefully…


So she exposed herself because she was crazy and won’t recieve any particular punishment?? Does that make any sense? Those people causing havoc smoking, shitting, stripping on the subway, they’re none of them sane~ No matter whether they’re a man or a woman, these weirdos should all be punished!!!


I was there on that day…really…the fact that she won’t get punishment for this is really weird…ㅠㅠ She was even swearing, so what was that old lady doing. Seriously, because you see this on the news, it’s not alright, is it?..I was so afraid that day..for the whole day I felt sick…ㅠㅠ And at first, that woman was lying across a seat in the subway like she was watching TV, there was nowhere for anyone else to sit down, and when someone asked what she was doing because she was lying down, she started swearing…She also really stank..I was so shocked that now even by looking at the subway I feel bad…Really the people there on that day know///When other passengers looked at her, she was shouting, and made such a big fuss,,,, It wasn’t only me, many other passengers were shocked;.Honestly, disgusting.


These days Korean woman are being really bold……..


Of course she should get punished!So she wasn’t right in the head? That Burberry man wasn’t right in the head, was he? But I mean, he was punished. And this incident is just the same as that one. Just one is a man, one is woman. I think it’s necessary to punish her in the same way as Burberry man.


If you think about it, the fact that a forty year old woman stripped, for the men that’s already menboong ………they should get compensation for psychological stress ke ke ke ke ke


If you go to Seoul you can see everything from the subway ke ke ke I guess that’s much better than average sight-seeing spots?


And what if, by chance, a man were to take off his clothes???


Honestly they say that men and women are equal, but if you think about it, when a man and a woman do the same thing, just look at the reaction, according to the advantages and disadvantanges, they say different things…This separates men and women, and so, well, it’s like they’re idiots, isn’t it?


Since women’s rights have expanded, women really are extending remarkably. Nowadays why are women like this? There’s been swearing girl, poo girl, indecent girl and so on and so on,,,,Why are they like this,,,he


Just as the word says, c-r-a-z-y b-i-t-c-h.


What would have happened had it been a man? I’m pretty curious…


Seems like they should get treatment rather than a penalty


She’d been drinking, so she doesn’t get punished ke ke ke ke ke At least in our country, that is.


I wonder which subway girl will appear next?? Maybe it’ll be pure girl, ke ke


What….she must have been wasted…these days there are so many empty-headed kids about, they can’t tell half the time whether they’re wearing clothes or not…Hmm even if it seemed enjoyable to them …why don’t they consider that it’s bothering other people who have nowhere else to look…


If a hammered guy took his clothes off and caused a fuss, seems like the women there, thirty of them, would have filed a class action against him, and he’d have gone to prison and they’d have made it so that he’d never move from there…


If I was also to drink, get naked and swear on the subway…would I be innocent?????ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Excretion girl should be banged up in a cell. To just leave things be is not the correct actions of a lawful nation. Looks like I’ll have to cause havoc.


This isn’t exactly a minor crime. Well, I’m astounded.

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  • W


  • Wang that!

    sitting naked on the sofa…

  • Stories of butts

    “But now spring is upon us, the koreaBANG Ladygate has opened onto a lady-garden in full bloom”
    Great opening line, Kbang, great opening line.

  • Brett Sanbon

    Korea has to change the law about not being held accountable when drunk. If someone has some sort of mental disorder, they cant control it. Drinking alcohol is a conscious decision, so everything that happens after you become irrational should still be considered a rational, thought out decision.

    • achan

      would not surprise me if beer manufacturers are lobbying to keep the criminal code as is

    • lonetrey

      wait, really? that’s how the law works there? o_O;

      • Brett Sanbon

        I’m no expert, but I have heard far too many cases where people have been let off with little more than a slap on the wrists for rape, drunk driving, and manslaughter while driving drunk.

        • Justin_C

          i think being under the influence counts as ‘mitigating circumstance’ or something along the line of “not being fully oneself, therefore not fully intentional”, therefore reduces severity of the crime (like temporary insanity plea thing in the US).

          however, this was something that would have been thrown out in the 60s in the US criminal court with the popularisation of the idea of ‘strict liability’, i.e., the prosecutor or judge does not need to establish mens rea (criminal intent) but only show actus reus (misspel? – criminal act itself), therefore you are to be found guilty regardless for not having taken due diligence, etc.

          it’s obviously a bit different everywhere, but the criminal code in South Korea, like it was reported earlier here about how it was legally impossible to rape man (only applicable to female), only equivalent of 2nd-degree assault (no intention to kill), just goes to show how criminal code is biased against women in general. WHICH DESPERATELY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!

          any criminal lawyers here??? i’m no law expert, so i am hoping someone will jump in and bail me out before i get embarrassed :p

          • Kai

            No, what you’ve said so far is largely correct. People are still held accountable for actions when intoxicated, but intent is mitigated.

          • Bruce Tutty

            We really need to get Global standard laws laid out for some of this stuff.

  • Snarl

    Men and women are not held to the same standards anywhere that I’m aware of… but then again, they’re not really equal anyway. I don’t mind women getting off scot-free for things men typically go to jail for, as long as nobody throws a temper tantrum when men get paid more for work that women do just as well. In the end, it’s about equity, not equality.

    • Bruce Tutty

      New Zealand

    • Bruce Tutty

      But then men can’t generally get pregnant, so there’s always going to be minor differences.

  • Bam Wam

    Wow, I can’t recall anyone I know or any anecdotes about anyone else getting drunk and stripping all their clothes off. However, I heard of stories like this when the person was on ecstasy. For people living in Korea, how easy is it to get ecstasy? It seems like this lady might be one other things besides ethanol.

  • Kai


  • 404namenotfound

    “Until I came to the part where it said she was forty, I had read letter by letter, so carefully…” < This!

  • 404namenotfound

    “Naked Girl’ Takes Off Clothes, Runs Rampant on Metro” oh yes!! click click CLICK!!
    “in her forties” :|

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