Ladygate: ‘Hair Ripping Girl’ is Identified After Attack

Hair Ripping Girl makes front page news

In case you’ve missed it, koreaBANG has been covering a series of ‘Ladygate’ scandals, normally relating to a young lady acting in a particularly un-lady like manner. So far we’ve given you the likes of Beer Girl, Cigarette Lady and Naked Girl to name but a few. Today though, we’re debuting ‘Hair Ripping Girl’; an unfortunate woman who was caught on camera last month during a political gathering pulling a particularly unattractive expression and indulging in some violent behaviour. The photo actually made front page news and garnered so much attention that the ensuing woman-hunt actually yielded resulted – the girl being identified.

From Nate:

Unified Progressive Party ‘Hair-Ripping Girl’ Found

The identity of a woman in her 20s who became known as ‘hair-ripping girl’ has been revealed after she rose to iconic levels during a violent situation during the Unified Progressive Party Central Meeting.

According to police reports, the woman was found to be Ms Park (24), treasurer for Icheon City committee for the Unified Progressive Party in Gyeonggi province, Yeoju county.

Hair Ripping Girl looking human

The woman’s photo which was taken at the Unified Progressive Party Central Meeting held on the 12th of last month at KINTEX centre in Ilsan, Gyeongi province shows her pulling a harsh expression whilst pulling on a delegate’s hair and has received a lot of media attention.

The delegate who suffered from a group-assault at the hands of Ms Park and co. that day showed symptoms of having separated nucleus pulposus [that’s the jelly-like substance in the middle of the spinal discs, for all the non-medics out there] in the discs in his neck and underwent heavy surgery 4 days later.

After the incident, curiosity surrounding the woman swelled leading to her nickname ‘hair-ripping girl’ on the internet after various guesses about her identity.

One opinion was that she was a university student affiliated with the Hankuk University Students’ Association, but in the end, she was recognised by the Gyeonggi province party executive and it is now thought that punishment will be unavoidable.

It is expected that the police will shortly be summoning Ms Park for interrogation about the case details.

Meanwhile, the Unified Progressive Party’s counter measure has been to conduct its own investigation, separate from the police, into the violent incident on May 12th. The counter measure has identified the identities of the accomplices to the assault with the intention of strict reparations to be submitted this term.

At a one-day conference, Kang Ki-gab, chairman of the counter measure [and current party leader] addressed the accomplices to the assault in front of a silent party hegemony, saying, ’20 days has passed since this violent incident but actually, I still haven’t heard an apology from those directly linked to the incident towards the nation and party members.’ And urged ‘Those responsible for the group assault have to apologise to the nation and party members.’

Additionally, he warned, ‘A remorseless party also has no tolerance.’ And, ‘endeavour to avoid the induction of violence as right and use of reckless remarks. We have a responsibility to the party and we cannot erase the injury the people receive.’

Video from News A:

Comments from Nate:


Send her by courier to North Korea. Address is the Aoji coal mines.


Looking at the picture again, ‘poison’… If I saw that in a dream I’d be terrified.


It’s an expression of the people ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Her eyes look like Diablo


I saw the devil [using the words of the film with the same title]




She looks like poison…if she were born a man, she’d be a political thug.


Women like you really raise the morale of our countrymen…


The stick is medicine for a mad dog.


She should be charged with attempted murder.


She’s like Satan’s puppet, Chuckie.


Go North and live like a General.


Look at her face. It’s evil.


Still preferable to Lee Myung-Bak.


The Unified Progressive Party is the … Commie Party!!!

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  • lonetrey

    Daaaammm. Heavy surgery 4 days later due to the attacks? They really did some damage o_o;

    This ladygate really is kinda scary, feels halfway to a Fatality move in Mortal Kombat or something.

    • dynamicallysparkling

      Some Koreans have been known to ‘play up’ injuries to get more blood money. Source; a friend who got done up by a guy wanting full reconstructive knee surgery (from a pre-existing condition) after a small car crash.

  • dynamicallysparkling

    Incheon isn’t in Gyeonggi-do and definitely not in Yeoju. Icheon however is (and that’s what was in the original Korean)…May I suggest a quick edit ^^

  • ric

    what a beautiful picture of a beautiful girl pulling an older mans jacket…i really don’t see any hair pulling in the photo. i’m not sure any punishment will be given. i’m almost sure she is nervous now with all the media attention. Hwighting Miss Park. Serious attention needs to be given to this case; that man was assaulted and seriously hurt. i’d like to know more about the context….

  • Jack

    Korea is very active politically to make sure no corrupt people come on top to lead the country….The number 1 reason Korea has progressed so much in last few decades is because of active participation of its citizens in country matters….

    I see many corrupt politicians ruining the country with no participation from the people….look at India, Pakistan, Egypt, middle east, Philippines etc..many countries are corrupt due to corrupt politicians ..good job Korea….we non-koreans need to learn a lot from Korean people

    • Paul M

      Oh Jack, that’s funny. But seriously, you think there have never been corrupt Koreans in positions of power? Koreans are only active since their politicians have a streak of demagoguery in them, using public opinion to push their agendas. We non-Koreans need to learn from Korean people? Okay, next time an immigrant in my native country commits a crime we should all hold candle lit vigils and next time a politician doesn’t like it when parliament is blockaded to prevent opposition members from voting they should set off a smoke grenade.

      • Mee-Ryung

        Peace and love, you guys. peace and love.

    • glenn

      If you look deep into the Korean political system or “culture”, you will know that corruption is rampant in the Korean government. Have you ever heard of Korean government officials committing suicide just to have their family escape the scrutiny of the prosecutions?

      What’s more interesting is that aside from the government officials, they also have these so called “chaebols” which are manipulating, dictating and monopolizing their markets.

      I’m not saying they have the worst, specially when you compare them to their Asian counterparts, but they are just more systematic in doing it. ^_^

      • h3ll

        I like chaebols^^

      • Mich’insaeki

        Nah, sorry glenn, guess you dint get the memo. There is no corruption in Korea. That’s all unfounded rumormongering, anecdotal, heuristic (two thumbs up) and whitey cultural misunderstandings. Srry bro.

        Bsides, you gotta admit Goldman n JPM raised the bar for corruption. “If” there were corruption in Korea–mind you there isn’t at any at allllllllllllll–they’d be friggin pikers compared to the wing tip Wall Street crowd. Walk out of the bank in broad daylight with a trillion-n-change and be applauded as a hero for saving the economy… now that’s how you do corruption.

        • Brett Sanbon

          @Crazy baby

          not sure if serious….

        • Mockingbird2011

          What’s your case here?

    • David

      LMAO thanks I needed that laugh.

  • No one’s noting the irony of Kang Ki-gap chastising reps for using violence.

  • Paul

    The “looking human” link is marked secure. Need to drop the s from the link guys. ;)

  • That guy must have the hairiest back in Asia for her to be described as “hair ripping” as she’s clearly grabbing his jacket, not the hair on his head.

    • James

      One hand is on the jacket, the other, his hair.

  • bultak

    she looks like she is wild in bed, i’d hit it.

    • SuperHappyCow

      this man is on the right track.

  • Korean-expat

    Indeed, Korea shows it’s face as a completely intolerant, bigoted, racist country.

    Grow up.

    You’re digging your own graves internationally as far as reputation is concerned.

    • fea25565e

      fuck off douche.

      • Bruce Tutty

        Oh yeah, that convinced him otherwise

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  • Ryan

    I thought the Chosun had a much more flattering picture of her…

  • Bruce Tutty

    These people act like children

  • hardyandtiny


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