Korean Groups Declare War on Internet Pornography

The page you are redirected to if you attempt to access a restricted website in Korea.

In Korea, if you attempt to reach ‘certain sites’ deemed to be harmful by the government, you’ll most likely be greeted with the above message that informs you the page has been blocked in Korea courtesy of the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

While pornography itself is technically banned in Korea, Korea has also been blocking – or at least attempting to block – online pornography for some time, both foreign and domestic. Recently, a coalition of civic groups have taken it upon themselves to individually monitor the Internet for porn sites – and have now entered into an alliance with the government. If these groups get their way, you may lose your internet or phone service if they catch you looking at porn on them (not that that’s stopped people from looking at mobile porn in busy places before).

From Nate:

Rolling Up Their Sleeves, Citizens Attempt to Weed Out Internet Pornography

Citizens concerned about youths’ minds after watching pornography on websites and their smartphones have vowed to carry on the fight against pornography.

As a measure of blocking pornography, which was announced by the government in March, the Ministry of Public Administration And Security (headed by Minister Maeng Hyung-gyu) announced on the 19th that they are taking countermeasures to combat pornography viewing by teens in collaboration with 11 citizens’ groups that monitor teen’s online activity deemed to be harmful. The government and these groups formally declared a ‘cyber-keeper’ alliance.

Groups on board with this effort are the Citizens’ Alliance For A Sound Media, the Parent Information Observers, Infollution Zero, the Sex Education Center of Korea, the Young Women’s Christian Association, the Federation of Youth Protection, the Korea Cyber Inspectors Group, the Paramita Youth Organization, the Korean Youth Board of Trustees, Citizens for Children’s Health, and the Women’s Youth Media Union, totaling over 400 people.

According to the The Ministry of Public Administration and Security, 1 in 3 youths view pornography online and are exposed to it for the first time during their first year of middle school, constituting a serious problem.

Meanwhile, some civic groups who are actively engaged in individually monitoring pornography have joined forces to promote this movement; they are participating in this movement with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security because they were limited by the amount of follow-up measures they could pursue and the effectiveness [or lack thereof] of individual monitoring.

These 400 people will be monitoring websites and smartphones for pornographic images, videos and advertisements. Illegal or otherwise ‘harmful’ information will be reported to the cyber police division or the Korea Communications Commission and service providers, who will then be requested to delete the offender’s service plan. This collected information will be regularly announced by the monitors, who hope this will force the website operator to try and make their websites ‘cleaner’ or more [morally] sound.

An officer for the Ministry of Public Administration and Security said, “We are hopeful for the future of our youth, so in order to prevent the contamination of their minds, maintaining this monitoring effort is important – I appeal to all citizens to join us in this effort to block online pornography.”

Comments from Nate:


Well, if you want to do something about [porn], you could start by taking a look at the ads on this [Nate] page, like: ‘Do you want to learn a ‘secret method’ that will drive your husband in his 40s to become sexually excited in just 5 minutes??’ That’s how teens could really get suckered in, by clicking on an otherwise innocent article and being exposed to these kinds of images.


This [pornography] is a difficult crime to prevent…why don’t you focus on stopping things like voice phishing or violent crime instead!!!!


Youths shouldn’t be watching pornography, but…it is an essential form of media for some single adults. If there was no porn in our country, what would these people have to live for?


What if you were born a lewd person?


[Porn] is not going to go away, so I’m not worried ke ke.


It’s not just youths watching it…what’s wrong with porn?


Next thing you know, these people will be pushing for a national ban on sex.


Um, has anyone looked at the banners on news sites? Are they not advertising pornography as well?


Why can’t adults watch it ;;; Is this even legal?


[Quoting the government official in the article] “We appeal to all citizens to join us in this movement to wipe the Internet clean of pornography”…jeez…I hate people like this.


What percentage of those organizations is made up of men…?


Ke ke ke ke …even if you manage to prevent [porn], do you think it will stop? Ke ke ke ke


This is going to set us back as a country. Has no one thought that if sexual education is not taught properly in school, the amount of sexual assaults will go up? If you want to block porn, block porn after properly teaching teens sex ed!


Catch the companies distributing peer to peer (P2P) files instead.


If you block adults from [viewing porn] there will be a rise in the amount of sexual predators and criminals.


Ke ke ke …Don’t you think that would just prevent domestic viewing of porn? There are still torrents…you would have to block the entire global network of the Internet to prevent it, if that’s even possible…Stop speaking bullshit and attend to other, more important matters.


I think if you outlaw porn, more sexual offenses will be committed.


Guys will just go abroad for it then…especially to Japan.

Other netizens were a little more simple and direct with their feelings:


No way!!!!


Ah!!! Why!!!!!

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  • Ruaraidh

    Busybodies are going to trawl the web looking at porn, but it’s ok because they promise they won’t enjoy it. I daren’t even imagine how many hours of viewing each it would take 400 people to make only the most minor impact on the availability of porn. The enormity of the challenge makes Sir Edmund Hillary look unambitious.

  • Jang

    How do citizen groups “monitor” porn? Who gives these “citizens” the power to do that? Do they go to the police station and help the police do it or are they hacking into teenager’s computers?

  • skippy

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!Stop Online Censorship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • korea21

    lol good luck with that korea

  • Yu Bumsuk

    Join up at one of those organisations. If you get caught viewing porn you could just say you were doing “research” for the public good.

  • Confucius Jr.

    Confucius say… who needs porn in Korea… they have girl groups. Can those skirts get any shorter? They can… and they will. Can’t wait.

    • Rosemon Calvin Pilot


  • steven

    Is the prostitution lobby sponsoring this movement?

    • Yohan

      That’s what I thought. If lonely horny guys can’t let off some steam through porn then the only thing left is prostitution which is more readily available than porn in South Korea.

      Censorship is always bad, in all it’s forms and censorship is what should be banned!

  • Brett Sanbon

    I’ve received this message at work for visiting websites that have absolutely nothing to do with pornography (or NK). Are pornography and NK the only things being blocked?

    • Ruaraidh

      Juche pornography.

  • lonetrey

    Ahahahahaha. You know what happened when people tried to impose their opinions on alcohol (1920s) and drugs (1960s) and sex (1960s) and all that stuff in America?

    The underground subcultures exploded and proliferated. Have fun with creating your own “worst future”, South Koreans.

  • hun

    Porn is illegal in Korea yet there’s always people on Korean variety tv shows talking about watching porno vids, the fuck? Lol

  • Paul M

    They might want to rethink banning internet porn as according to this site
    it contributes significantly to S. Korea’s economy.

    • lamster

      Who needs that kind of economy. Take away government handouts for multicultural families and useless spending.

      • Paul M

        So scrapping government handouts for multicultural families will stop horny people looking at porn? Pornography is as old as civilization itself (if you doubt me then a cursory glance at ancient Greek and Roman art will convince you otherwise). All the laws in the world will not stop people from looking at porn. So instead of trying to fight it the government should regulate it and tax it.

        • lamster

          Hey stop trying to justify porn. Nobody really needs it except for perverted sickos like you. Korean society is not like other civilizations you can generalize to.
          Gov. will spend more money on social issues later on if they don’t censor porn.

          • Brett Sanbon

            There are many things that people dont need. You dont need soju, tv, Girls Generation, kimchi, americano, brand-name anything….. doesn’t mean those things arent enjoyed or used.

          • An anonymous boy…

            There is correlation between the access to internet pornography and a reduction in reported rapes in the US whereas other countries with less access have shown an increase in rapes over the years.

            And there are studies that show sexual criminals tend to be exposed to pornographic materials later in life than noncriminals.

            But of course there are bad effects of porn too.

          • lamster

            Your comparison to GG and soju to porn is nonsense. If you can’t draw the line where morality is concerned then you are a sociopath.

            An anonymous boy, Yes I’ve heard many times from porn addicts how porn is good for the society and it will reduce rape cases etc. But statistics shows 90% of the offenders have viewed porn and had access to online porn.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Its not nonsense. Who made you the posterboy for morality? Pornography isnt moral but drinking yourself into a stupor is? Staring at half-naked girls and having thoughts is more moral than looking at fully naked women and having similar thoughts? Spening thousands of dollars on a bag just so other people will admire you is moral?

          • An anonymous boy…

            lamster: yes, but very high percentage of people look at porn regardless if they are an offender or not.

            Anyways why does it matter if someone looks at porn if isn’t hurting anyone else?

          • lamster

            “Anyways why does it matter if someone looks at porn if isn’t hurting anyone else?”
            According to you pornography played no part in the degradation of American society?

            “lamster: yes, but very high percentage of people look at porn regardless if they are an offender or not. ”
            Which explains the rising increase of sexual crimes committed.

            “Its not nonsense. Who made you the posterboy for morality? Pornography isnt moral but drinking yourself into a stupor is? Staring at half-naked girls and having thoughts is more moral than looking at fully naked women and having similar thoughts? Spening thousands of dollars on a bag just so other people will admire you is moral?”
            Hey that’s all in your head. I don’t drink, gamble, or think about sex everyday so i wouldn’t know. Don’t pull me down to your level.

          • Brett Sanbon

            It was a conversation about needs, originally. You said, “Nobody really needs [porn]”, so I mentioned a lot of things that people dont really need.

            Then you twisted it to morals so I followed suit. Which is more immoral: thinking about sex sometimes or thinking about sex everyday?

            What is “my level”, btw?

          • Paul M

            Excuse me! Perverted sicko? Are you intimately acquainted with me and know all my private thoughts and feelings?

            “Korean society is not like other civilizations” Must….resist…..urge….to make…..snide comment.

            As a matter of fact I believe cannabis should be decriminalised and I don’t even smoke cigarettes. So your comments about me being a perverted sicko just because I defend some uses of pornography are completely unfounded. If anything based on your comments I could call you an old fashioned puritanical prude.

  • GyopoMash

    K-pop girl groups are themselves pornography and the Korean government promotes them. Let’s make this clear. The Korean government officially promotes its country’s pornographic materials overseas as if it is a great achievement.

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  • 이준

    There is nothing wrong with sex. Sex is beautiful. BUT pornography has perverted the beauty of sex. Not to mention it often fuels to people fantasies. Most men pay women for sex are addicted to pornography. Most child molestors are addicted to porn (as well as were molested as children). They develop fantasies that are no longer satisfied by just watching porn. They need the real thing. Pornography is just nasty. Teaches men and women to be objectified …….. not respected.

    Pornography can rip families apart.
    Trust me… I know.

    • Soldierstationedinashithole

      You’re an idiot. Porn can be healthy and even help marriages. That is proven as well. It can help couples bring spark back to their sex life. South Korea controls it’s people just not to the extent that North Korea does. Just like mandatory military service. Makes it hard when I have to train these guys and they don’t give 2 shits and hate the ROK Army because they were forced to serve. South Korea is slowly cutting its people off and force feeding them over time with what the government. They can watch porn easily in Japan and China and those countries far exceed Koreas when it comes to intelligence. I think the facts speak for themselves.

      As you say porn can rip families apart….we’ll porn satisfies me sexually while I have to be in Korea for a year away from my wife. That means I am also faithful to my wife and not screwing some of these porn deprived South Korean Sluts in the area here as well. If they had porn maybe some of them wouldn’t be willing to give it up to any man that will please them. Have a good day.

      • Albert Graves

        I disagree with him about porn, but your attitude about the country you think you’re here to protect is the reason why many of the people back home you think you’re here to serve see -you- as the idiots. Go back to your subservient bitch in Weedhole, AL, and quit making the rest of us around the world look as ignorant as you.

  • japan guy

    stupid koreans. stupid country.

    • world citizen guy

      ..says the guy from the land where pornographers are forced to mosaic genitals because that somehow makes the pornography more “decent”.

    • Alice S

      What is wrong with u

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  • thomas

    umm… take it from an American who has watched this problem in my own country for years- the more you push puritanical views and censor sex and make it a “social taboo” the more people will want to rebel and seek it out. I though Korea had it right before; be tougher on allowing violence in moves and TV and leave the sex alone. I am afraid this stems from puritanical Christian views the Koreans have taken on. Trust me good people of Korea – America has paid the price for cracking down on sex and not focusing on violence.

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  • Calvinius

    Citizens concerned about youths’ minds after watching pornography

    Yeah, I can see these “moral guardian” types are real geniuses.

  • Alexpureinheart

    I don’t suppose that this has anything to do with the rising percentage of yearly sexual assault incidents in South Korea? I feel that for some people porn is an equalizer of sorts. In plain terms – men are programmed by nature to typically want to have sex more frequently than women – it’s science! (seriously you can do research on this) Porn allows many men to work out their sexual frustration when sex with a real partner is denied or not available.(e.g. Why do many guys in sexually active relationships watch porn? Because sometimes their partners don’t feel like putting out.) Now, i’m not suggesting that every man needs porn to function in society and some porn out there is pretty damned degrading, but I have yet to meet a man alive in Korea or anywhere that has not at one point watched porn and making it unavailable in a typically sexually conservative country like South Korea seems to me like a recipe for disaster. Also prohibition NEVER WORKS. Remember when the tried that with alcohol? Yeah… often makes more problems than it solves.

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  • yu

    Most porn are made in Hollywood by white male supremacist so it’s very destructive!

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