Customs Seize Pills Containing Dead Baby Powder, Netizens React

Pills containing dead babies seized by Korean customs

Pills containing dead babies seized by Korean customs

The recent uproar in the Western media over the discovery of capsules containing the dried remains of aborted foetuses by South Korean customs is still attracting considerable attention from news outlets such as the Daily Mail and the BBC but how was this unsettling news received in Korea?

When the story first broke several weeks ago, it was not covered here for one simple reason: koreaBANG talks about whatever Korean netizens are talking about, and netizens weren’t talking — at least not about this. Still, the Korean media has continued, periodically, to produce further updates and analysis on the horrific reality of the production of the capsules in China, how they were smuggled into South Korea to be discovered by customs, as well as how the matter should be handled, with the most recent cluster of articles appearing just yesterday.

According to major South Korean news outlets, the capsules in question were produced in China, where traffickers were allegedly purchasing aborted foetuses from clinics or directly from women, storing them at home in small refrigerators, then returning to another hospital where the remains of the foetuses were microwave dried and ground into a fine powder to make the capsules. The gruesome contents of the pills were revealed when DNA tests demonstrated that up to 97.3% of the contents were from human remains, and that in some cases these were from three separate foetuses. Furthermore, earlier reports in mainstream papers described how South Korean customs officers had sized over 17,000 capsules between August 2011 and March 2012.

It is important to bear in mind that this is not the first scandal of its kind in East Asia, where the trade for illegal, supposedly traditional panaceas is well-established, and regularly makes the news. According to a Nate News article  which appeared on April 29, the same capsules had been discovered in China last summer, at which time Korean investigations revealed that the capsules were not available in South Korea. Though the Chinese government was keen to clamp down on the trade of these “supplements”, production continued and they eventually found their way into the South Korean black market. The media soon reported that this was made possible by members of the Joseonjok community, Chinese of Korean descent who for the most part live in North-East China and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, and some netizens have also picked up on this. Rather than lamenting the sad reality of a trade that involves not only the cannibalisation of aborted foetuses, but equally the trafficking of products from many endangered species as well as dangerous additives, some have responded in a nationalist vein to the news, highlighting racial tensions that would make most people extremely uncomfortable. And not for the first time.

Since the story is still a current issue in South Korea, both as a consequence of the shocking facts involved in the case and to a lesser extent the influence of the foreign media interest in the topic, below are a selection of comments to show how netizens have reacted to the news over time.

However, despite sensationalist foreign media coverage, it seems that many netizens weren’t stirred to comment on the discovery of the illegal pills at all.

From Nate:


Just the thought of eating a fetus in the first place shows we have failed as humans, does it not?


And still they don’t suspect the Joseonjok, can we just tolerate being called the same humans as them – is only their nationality is different?


In the Suwon murder case after the murder itself there is the fact that Joseon-jok Yoo Wen Choon [Oh Won Choon] said that he made 280 pieces out of the flesh, divided it up and put it into bags. The content of this article is that Choson-minjok like human flesh…Honestly, even if I thought that wasn’t the case, it seems like there is so much of a connection between these things that it would be impossible to think otherwise. Anyhow, the clear truth of the matter is that Joseon-jok and the Chinese are tribes that enjoy eating human flesh. In the future, after some murder, looks like they’ll have to investigate these kinds of links in relation to the disposal of the victim’s body


It’s just the same as the Oh Won Choon human flesh smuggling…


You chinky cunts, you really are the cancer of the world…just like those bastards who bought and ate the pills…fucking hell.


This program is pretty amazing. I know how there are such things as capsules made out of human flesh, but I couldn’t understand the details in reality, so as I was watching it, I became able to make a proper judgement about it.


Wah, knowing about human-flesh mean they bought them and ate them? These bastards are human scum..


What the hell are the human right’s organisations doing? The Chinese are making it circulate.


Joseonjok, Chinese people, for god’s sake do something to control them! Hell, this makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes if I’m sitting behind a chink, this unique fucking stench arises..ㅡㅡ Just wandering around the streets, if I see a Chinese kid, for some reason I just feel disgusted ㅡㅡ Now haven’t a lot of excuses appeared? Even if it wasn’t just illegal supplements, they’d give more than half.


But what could China do? There were a lot of people wanting those things in Korea, so they just started to make some more, didn’t they?


What the hell is this again that people heard it is that the Joseonjok, and the people from our country who were selling the pills?


Those things were also on TV ages ago, they were stacking foetuses in their home kimchi fridge, and they manufactured them saying the capsules were made from sea otter, but no matter how good they might be for you, the people who buy and eat those things are really frightening, disgusting….It’s not like they’re Kumiho…..And the thing that was even more surprising is that the place where they were hiding them was not some small hospital, but a huge hospital in China where those things were being made……


Oh Won Choon, that bastard was like that too. These fucking bastards..


Hmph. It’s nothing to do with these things not being good for your body; if people eat such things, that in itself is unacceptable, right? Would you eat something that you shouldn’t eat even if you had nothing to eat and were starving simply because it was “health food”?


If you’re in pain, you go to the hospital and if you want to be healthy, do some exercise! Don’t think about eating someone from the same species as you!


…..Are they people or monsters?


If you eat the same species…your descendants are gonna have some problems..You shouldn’t eat them ㅡㅡ So ..even carnivorous animals, like lions and tigers..even they don’t eat each other..How could a learned human be even stupider than a beast?


Those Chinese bastards don’t only do that, but they also have this thing called “baby soup” here they give money to poor families who are in trouble for aborted babies, buy them, boil them and eat them. Look for it on Naver. Chinese twats aren’t humans. I guess the Joseon-jok are also Chinese. Oh Won Choon, that fucker too, was clearly a supplier of human flesh. In China they still practice cannibalism. That putrid race just come into Korea without a visa and they can’t even get their finger prints, that’s Roh Moo-hyun and Kang Kum-sil. Park Chung-hee said that Koreans who had crossed into China weren’t allowed to set foot in Korea, made a policy of oppressing overseas Chinese, so throughout the whole world, the overseas Chinese made a country where they didn’t try hard at anything. That sicko Roh Moo-huyn fucking ended up making a heaven for those wasters.


Oh Won Choon was also trafficking human flesh, wasn’t he? -_- Ah, fuck, dirty Joseon-jok chinks, purge the lot of ’em


People who’d eat that, people who’d look for that, people who’d sell that, people who make that, you can all die from the super bacteria inside. ㅡㅡ stupid obsession for stamina..


The people who buy and eat them are Koreans, and inside those capsules, there are germs and bacteria that come out of a rotting corpse, all wriggling around.. What’s even more dangerous, is that tens of thousnds of people could get infected and die from the bacteria from a single carrier..But now Korean ajumma [aunts] and ajosshi [uncles], if they say something is good for your vitality and your body, they’ll take it no matter what..Seriously, I hate it…….


BSE is a disease that appeared because cows were eating food that contained flesh from their own species, so if humans are eating humans, won’t that cause some strange disease?


Wouldn’t it be good if those who ate those pills died?

Pills containing dead babies seized by Korean customs

From Nate:


Those Chinese bastards selling them, and the fucking Koreans buying and taking them, it’s deeply embarrassing. Bringing shame on the nation.


This is just the consequence of the match made in heaven of those chinks who’ll do anything when it comes to money and those Koreans who’ll eat anything if you tell them it’s good for them.


What kind of person inside Korea would purchase these to take? I’m definitely waiting for them to make the names of these people clear. I’m really curious. What kind of human scumbag must they be…


Is our country an advanced one?


Even the fact that someone would make these human flesh capsules and sell them is disgraceful….Even those things that are smuggled in, that’s a problem….But still, why would you go out and buy capsules made from dead bodies without even knowing if it was a dead human….What if they’re made from corpses that have died infected with AIDS or communicable diseases…But then placenta injections are also made using human placentas, aren’t they???


The Chinese have been eating human flesh since the old days, it’s barbaric. Before all this nonsense, try looking once at the state of Korea. Is this something that humans do?


Don’t even write the word Joseon-jok. Just make it “Chinese” instead. This is something that the Geju Chinese and the Chinese eat in Korea, it’s not what Koreans eat.


Isn’t this something that Koreans ate without knowing? Isn’t this something that they ate because they thought it was a medicine that was simply good for their bodies, without knowing that it was from a dead foetus? Common sense tells you that if it’s a dead foetus, who would want to eat it? I believe that Koreans have reached this level ..;; It would be good if even the consumers, the people who ate them knowingly, faced a punishment.


Is there any proof that the people buying this stuff were even Koreans? Haven’t you heard the story that there are even meetings in Korea between Joseon-jok and Chinese where they eat human flesh? While we can’t know for sure, have some shame, for goodness’ sake….Even the fact that they’re spreading rumours that’our country’ is eating them…it’s the same as spreading a false reality, so they should be careful.


When I saw the article, I knew that it was something that the Joson-jok were eating, but it looks like there are even some bastards amongst Koreans who are buying them and taking them…..Really, I want them to arrest the people who’ve bought them to take and reveal their names…..


We don’t even know what kind of side effects they will cause, but it looks like people will thoughtlessly eat things if you say it’s good for them ….;;;;*sigh* They’re going against nature. Something big will happen….


This too is all MB’s fault.


I always say those fucking chinks just go beyond my imagination but aren’t those Koreans who buy the pills the crazy ones?


Wow, they’re making all kinds of things and eating them…


No, that’s frightening and damaging for your body. Why would you eat that? ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Rather than the results of actual research they’d rather believe the words of someone next to them  ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke You want to eat that shit? Filthy bastards.


Joseon-joks come into the country don’t they~but they are NOT Korean~


So it was made in China, but is Korea the only country it was exported to?? Is it not just that Korea is the first country to uncover this?


They wanna eat a pill that is made of ground-up baby infants that died of causes we don’t even know of? They want to cure a disease, but all they will do is catch one~~~

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  • Jang

    “However, despite sensationalist foreign media coverage…,”
    Just wondering who sensationalized it and how was it “sensationalist”?

    • Justin_C
    • Beth

      Well, sensationalist reporting in general attempts to provoke a reaction, usually with a particular bias. Perhaps something like this from the Sky News report on the topic: “the capsules were made in northeastern China from babies whose bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder”

      It is still not entirely clear what went into the capsules, but we do know that it wasn’t fully-grown babies that got chopped up, (most news sources in Korea suggest early/mid term aborted foetuses or perhaps placenta) nor were they dried on “stoves” (hardly what one does in the kitchen)…so I guess that was written to provoke a reaction, and one that will affect the manner in which those outside Korea percieve what is happening inside Korea. I suppose that is what I meant by sensationalist.

    • If you take a moment to look at the Daily Mail article, that should give you a sense for the sensationalism. Especially if you look at the comments. God, with the Daily Mail and its highly educated readership still in existence, I might just suggest my Korean friends start running 영국방 [britainBANG]! Just shows how short-sighted and ridiculous netizens everywhere can be.

    • Kai

      I think the Korean media sensationalized it first and the foreign media ran with it, sensationalizing it further, as shown by Justin, Beth, and James above. It was sensationalized with hearsay instead of evidence. I’m not sure if hearsay was presented as evidence or if they wisely qualified it by making it clear it was just hearsay. Suffice to say, you can determine human remains, but its incredibly hard to determine if those remains belong to a fetus or baby or just human placenta with current forensic science.

  • rin5

    ohh gross…
    ehhh gross.

  • Stories of butts

    Its actual not that uncommon for animals to eat their babies or at least the placenta, some people eat it too since it has a lot of good stuff in it (still gross though). Unknowingly swallowing a bunch of aborted fetus pills is still pretty damn nasty.

  • Chucky3176

    Just plescenta don’t have human hair in them. I don’t understand why anyone has a hard time believing this story, when it’s fact that the practice of eating stews made out of dead fetuses have been going on in China for a long time, and it’s been well documented and photographed.

    And before someone dares to accuse Korean netizens of xenophobia comments, read the comments made by the readers of those Western news sites. They aren’t much better opinions towards Chinese, especially when the Westerners portray themselves as bastion of tolerance.

    • FFS they are xenophobic comments and so are the ones on Western news sites! Exactly! Why are you even wasting your energy trying to defend them! Just drop it, nothing in the article incriminates anyone except for the fact it mentions that, since the pills come from China, it might lead to some xenophobic/racist comments. Now all you’re doing is backing up that fact by making xenophobic/racist comments. Just give it a rest. Final warning.

      • Christina


        I haven’t been on kb that long but 90% of chucky’s comments SCREAM xenophobe.

    • Kai

      Where did you get the idea that there is human hair in them?

      The dead fetus stew was debunked ages ago. Check Snopes or something. It was a piece of performance art by an artist. It wasn’t real. People continue to believe this shit because it validates prejudices and they can’t be bothered to engage their critical thinking skills (presuming they have any).

      That said, I’m pretty sure someone somewhere at some time has had baby stew before. It just doesn’t happen often enough to rise to the term “practice”, in China or anywhere else.

      There’s nothing wrong with accusing Korean netizens of xenophobic comments when they’re xenophobic. What’s wrong is if they go overboard and start generalizing and get self-righteous about it. Then you can bring out the hypocrisy argument and tell them to STFU. You’re supposed to let them put their foot in their mouths first, not beat them to it.

      • James


  • Brett Sanbon

    Sorry Beth. I jumped the gun on the Google goggles story. I will wait for translation next time.

  • Bam Wam

    So they refuse to eat American Beef, which they believe causes BSE, but they’ll pop a pill of dead humans? Wonder if they know about the Kuru and how you can get it from eating dead humans.

    • Chucky3176

      Bam Wam, do you really believe any South Korean would pop a pill made out of dead bodies (a Chinese one at that), knowingly?

      • Bam Wam

        Don’t know why you are singling out Chinese, but Yes I would. I also believe they would snort grind up elephant tusks to ward of cancer if they had the chance.

        • Chucky3176

          I know you do, but here’s the thing, shit head Yank. First, there’s a big bold line reached, between consuming animals/animal parts, versus infanticide followed by canibalism. Second, American beef is more dangerous than Chinese baby pills, because millions of Koreans consume the beef raised in horrid conditions and practices, while there’s nearly not the same consumption pattern with the Chinese baby pills.

          • Bam Wam

            Haha, you took my bait. I just wanted to hear you say it. Such a Korean apologist. For the record, I am not a Yank, I’m actually an American Korean. As much as I love my heritage, I’m ashamed of it because of people like you; who are so blinded, and will accept no criticism of their country, yet will shit on others. Part of loving your culture and country is being able to accept its faults, not blindly attacking people for point out its flaws.

          • Chucky3176

            I will reply to you, but I’ve been given a warning by the mod not to post anymore. So I will drop it here.

          • Christina

            Bam Wam- clever :)

            Chucky- how convenient ;)

      • Brett Sanbon

        Let me paint a scenario for you. You tell me “true, it really happened”, “false, it never happened”, “plausible”, or “implausible”.

        Ajumma hears, on the news, that stem cells help rejuvenate the body and make one look younger. She also hears from the Joseonjok secretary at her husbands company that she knows someone able to get pills that are rich in stem cells (supply). Ajumma tells her friends at the 뜨개방 and church about stem cells and the pills. Ajumma’s friends now want said pills, so she places an order (demand)

        You only have 4 choices. I hope you pick the correct one.

        *Please note, this all happens before the news story breaks on said pills.

        • Chucky3176

          All of them are plausible because you are talking about stem cells. Now replace your scenarios where “stems cells” with “pills made out of dead Chinese babies”. Now how plausible does your story make? Another plausibility, they were looking for stem cell pills or super nutrition pills, but the Joseonjoks gave them the Chinese dead baby pills, saying to them “they’re miracle pills from China”, and the Ajummas took them thinking they were just that. That’s also plausible.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Okay, everything you wrote is true. Im glad you got it right. Koreans could unknowingly be demanding ground baby pills, when all they want is the fountain of youth. Glad to see you do indeed have common sense.

          • slim shady

            stop contradicting yourself , you just said on the comment above that koreans wouldnt take any pills made in china, now your saying they will , show some consistency please

          • bigwin80

            I don’t know of any Korean who would willing consume “dead baby pills” unless they were marketed as “super health pills-ingredients not listed tm).

          • slim shady

            bigwin you just dont know enough korerans

          • bigwin80

            Got any proof that Koreans knowingly took dead baby pills?

            If not then I suggest you crawl back into your little corner.

          • slim shady

            got any proof that they didnt knowingly took them if not crawl back to your corner lol, i meant convenience store sorry

          • WhiteIsPoison

            Haha slim you fucking inbred all you know is how to mimic arguments. Nice job, monkey, nice job.

    • bigwin80

      The pills were intended for Chinese customers and Koreans who did not know what the pills contained. Basic human error. Its not uncommon for westerners to be tricked into consuming herbal medicines or drinking asian health tea even though they don’t know what it contains. South Korea simply had the misfortune of living next to China(long history of cannibalism in medicine).

      Reminds me of a South Park episode where wealthy white suburbanites were tricked into buying mexican pubic and scat that was sold off as Cherokee spiritual medicine.

  • Wow

    hah well there are Koreans that want it. You wouldn’t know, would you now? Either that or they’re just too dumb to do research before purchasing smth. Either way, they wouldnt have been smuggled if there wasn’t a demand for it. It’s the person buying it whose fault it is. Do your research before buying things. Like you learn in school, advertisements doesn’t always reflect on the product. It’s up to you if you want to purchase it or not.

  • Wow

    “The pills were intended for Chinese customers and Koreans who did not know what the pills contained. Basic human error.”

    Isn’t it these people that would buy pills like this without knowing? Ignorant people. Can’t blame others.

  • Justin_C

    slim, you are banned

    • Beth

      Yes, I rather think that needed to happen…Good job.

  • Noori

    I just found out this horrible news. It is SO disgusting!! All people who are related to this heinous industry don’t deserve to be called as human beings.

  • Noori

    I’m not sure a new-comer like myself is supposed to say this.. But I’d like to point out one mistranslation.

    The last sentence of what 박근형 said(그놈의 정력..) is more like “Stupid obsession for stamina..” than “ㅡㅡ the bastard’s got stamina..” I know they look the same in written Korean, but they have totally different usages.

    • James


      Thanks Noori!

  • 소지섭

    Yummy in my tummy!

  • Chucky3176
    • Brett Sanbon

      Cool dude. When thailandBANG or taiwanBANG comes out I would love to read about this. Give it up already.

    • James

      Seems to be completely unrelated to this story, it’s a British guy of Taiwanese origin and he’s in Thailand, he just happens to have dead babies in his bag. #BRITSABROAD!

      • Brett Sanbon

        Right, I forgot britainBANG.

        • James

          Trust me, it’s the tip of a wonderful iceberg. *high fives Brett Sanbon*

  • nitewings

    i just want to say that as a chinese from the northeastern region of china. it is in fact my province that the Joseonjok community is located in. u can’t really control them too much. they speak an entirely different language(korean), have their own rules and customs, etc. since it’s an autominated area, the chinese government has little control or oversight. but for everyone who blame chinese people about this, i can assure you it’s not in our tradition or herbal medicine to eat dead fetuses. wouldn’t have a market in china

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