‘Betrayer Bastard’ Lawmaker Re-tweets North Korean Content

Angry protesters throw eggs at a picture of Lim

Angry protesters throw eggs at a picture of Lim

In the past week, President Lee Myung Bak has decried the lack of patriotism inherent in those perceived as being North Korean sympathisers, while others have suggested an atmosphere of neo-MacCarthyism is becoming prevalent in Korean politics. And to a make matters worse, Democratic United Party member Representative Lim Su-kyung has hit the headlines once again this week (after having called a North Korean defector a “bastard betrayer”) as New Daily reports on a series of pro-North Korean tweets she made in January this year.

The article, which attracted thousands of netizen comments, suggests that despite having been a celebrated activist known as the “Flower of Unification”, and despite her political affiliations, Lim is in fact a strong supporter of the North Korean regime. The tweets in question were re-tweets of the North Korean Twitter account @uriminzok, which Lim insists she re-tweeted as a form of protest to the South Korean National Security Act. While the central remit of the act is “to restrict anti-state acts that endanger national security and to protect [the] nation’s safety and its people’s life and freedom,” many activists and critics see it as a means of perpetuating anti-Communist ideas, damaging relations with North Korea, and restricting freedom of speech. Lim herself was arrested under this act when she returned from a student conference in Pyongyang in 1989, and has since become one of its most vocal opponents.

According to Lim, the re-tweets of @uriminzok were made to raise awareness of the case of Park Jung-geun, a South Korean photographer who was controversially arrested and indicted earlier this year for himself re-posting @uriminzok tweets. However, the New Daily article makes almost no mention of this fact. Indeed, following her recent heated exchange with North Korean defector at a Jongno restaurant last week, South Korean netizens are angrily branding Lim as a communist, a spy, and a hindrance to South Korean politics. The popularity of the article below, as well as the comments that accompany it, are certainly testament to these sentiments.

From New Daily:

Shock at Lim Su-kyung Tweet: ‘I Apologise on Behalf of Lee Myung-bak’s Clique

Lim Su Kyung Twitter Controversy

Lim Su-kyung: South Korean assembly member? Or North Korean spokesperson?…She even mocks: ‘Did they try to arrest me?’

Was she unable to conceal her pro-North Korean instincts?

Democratic United Party representative Lim Su-kyung caused shock when it became known that she had forwarded a tweet that had been uploaded on the Twitter account of Uri minzok kkiri (@uriminzok), the North Korean anti-South propaganda organ.

Representative Lim retweeted the following from ‘uri minzok’ on her personal Twitter account on January 24:

Lee Myung-bak’s clique would be better off shutting its mouth and thinking about its own future.

It is precisely the thoughtless words of that traitor Lee Myung-bak which we cannot say are any different to the fearful cries of a man receiving a harsh notice from history that he will be put to death.

‘I am purposely retweeting this. Abolish the National Security Law!’

Lim Tweets @uriminzok

The offending tweets

Together with the web address of the North Korean song uploaded on YouTube by ‘Uri minzok kkiri’, ‘The person who remains in my heart’, there was also attached a headline which read ‘Outspoken Violation of National Security Law.’

However, Lim, who had been so confident, secretly deleted all the tweets that would be a problem as soon as the controversy over pro-North Korean stance happened after she became a National Assembly Member.

While she participated in the 13th World Student Youth Festival held in Pyongyang in 1989 and bowed to Kim Il Sung, now she faces criticism because of the fact that the celebrated university student Lim Su-kyung is now a representative in the South Korean National Assembly.

◆ Netizens ask, ‘Is she a North Korean spokesperson?’

The reaction of those netizens who had seen the contents of Representative Lim’s Twitter account is as follows. Many people have termed her a ‘North Korean spokesperson.’


Lim Su-kyung spreads the Twitter account administered by North Korea, fans the flames of the pro-North Korea controversy. Lim Su-kyung=North Korean spokesperson, firm evidence that she is pro-North Korea.


They fucking well made this bitch a representative, are there so few people who want to be national assembly members? A total commie has entered the South Korean National Assembly.


Lim Su-kyung entered South Korea illegally as a representative of the Nationwide Student Representative League during the World Student Youth Festival held in Pyongyang in June 1989 and as an ex-con who served time under the National Security Law, she is a linchpin of pro-North Korean influence.


Lim Su-kyung cannot abandon her ideological past in which she had blindly followed the North Korean system. Given that [what she said is] consistent with the expression of North Korean authorities that were being criticised by a defector, it is difficult to see the ‘traitor cursing’ as a simple mistake.


Father Park Hong: ‘You’re telling me that Lim Su Kyung has become a representative at the National Assembly? Has the quality of the National Assembly representatives fallen this low? In the name of progress, communists have joined us. We ignore the identity of South Korea. We do not sing the national anthem. We cannot even protect our own citizens.

Furthermore, on June 3 North Korean defector, university student Paek Yo-sep (28), made public on his Facebook page the abusive words that representative Lim Su Kyung had said to him on June 1 at a restaurant in Jongno, Seoul.

At the time, though his own political beliefs were different, Paek asked to take a photograph with Representative Lim Su-kyung who he had known as ‘the flower of unification’ since he had been in North Korea as a child. However the photographs were soon deleted by a waiter.

At this, Paek made a North Korean-style joke to Representative Lim, saying, ‘You know what would happen on an occasion like this in North Korea, don’t you? It’d definitely be the firing squad. Where do you do as you please without the leader having commanded it?’

However, Lim showered him with insults: ‘You bastard, is some stupid bastard defector trying to get smart with a member of the South Korean National Assembly?’

It is known that she went on cursing: ‘When you come to South Korea, shut your mouth and live quietly, you fucking traitor.’ ‘I’d kill that fucking traitor Ha Tae-kyung with my own hands.’

Comments from Nate:


I’d assumed that spy stories were ancient history. But now that I’m 22, I can’t contain my surprise that sightings of real spies floating the water have been confirmed. What the hell is is nation coming to? Supporters of North Korea, a country that is our enemy. They have spies standing in the National Assembly, and this kind of person can just swagger around South Korea? Young generation! Our generation must wake up! We can no longer be deceived like idiots by the people who trick us. We must rise up and protect our nation!!!!!!!!!


Lee Myung-bak‘s clique? Both you and the Democratic Party are finished. Do you know why you have to have public nominations? Indeed, it’s because the candidates who you point out will be those that who will take your side. Accordingly, the Democratic Party has become a group of fucking commie to it’s very core . Let’s see what happens in the presidential election.


Everyone, you all know why the Saenuri Party exceed more than half of the National Assembly members and take up 2/3 of the seats? It’s because the other parties are helpless and they can truly be expelled [from the assembly]. Let’s all do our best to vote, fellow citizens.


Without questioning why, they vote Saenuri Party in the presidential election and the by-elections.


Fuck off back to North Korea.


Blatantly a spy ^^


Twitter as a source ke ke ke ke ke ‘Uriminjok kkiri’ ke ke This is not a pro-North Korean tweet, it’s a tweet from an actual North Korean site! Example of a real commie ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Some guy was quibbling over why a tweet from January is being brought up now, but I mean, from before the general election the Democratic Party were putting forward pro-North Korean twats as candidates. Don’t you know what that means? ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Honestly, no word of a lie, Korea is like this because of Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun. Someone is busy insulting the president of Korea by calling him a twat, and being brainwashed by pro-North Korean influence, which follows North Korea. As the state gets more pro-North Korean, they just leave it be. Let’s come to our senses!! Criticising the president is fine, but let’s not be insulting him with no reason like the fucking northern puppet regime does, and let’s not buy into those ridiculous ideas. Young friends, come to your senses!


If she’s gone so far as to do something like this, then the Democratic United Party, in not requesting the resignation of a representative who is a defector, must also be pro-North Korea.


Wow, seriously…it’d be good if they put her to the firing squad. In a country at armistice, they’d even say this to the president who is supreme commander of the armed forces? ke ke Try saying it..


The commie are here for sure! ke ke ke ke ke *trembles*


Wow, I’m really lost for words. A product of the era. Had she been born a little bit earlier, the bitch would have gone through without anyone batting an eyelid. Wow, totally, that bitch is 100% ㅡㅡI really hate the word commie with all my heart, but that bitch is 100% commie.


Democratic party….you were aware of your sins.


President Park Chung-hee, I miss you…


I don’t know the reason why I have to give my wages to those bastards who can’t be loyal for the sake of their country.


A while ago some university students were scattering flyers in Jongno criticizing Lee Myung-bak’s North Korea policy. But an elder saw this, and said calmly to the student who was handing out the flyers that the content was not appropriate. The student yelled at the elder, saying… Student: Lee Myung Bak is being a dictator, isn’t that wrong~ !! Elder: Isn’t the dictatorship of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un in North Korea wrong? Student: The dictators Park Chung-hee and Lee Myung-bak are also just as bad Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Un~!! At any rate, they’re wrong!!!!
I was lost for words at this…..


It’s because of a bitch like this that we need the National Security Act. Damn..That’s one bitch there is no answer for. You have no right to live in South Korea. Just fuck off. And never set foot in South Korea for the rest of eternity.


Fuck, you couldn’t do this kind of thing under Chun Doo-hwan or Park Chung-hee…Damn, pissed off from the start of the day~~

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  • dim mak

    Please tell me this kind of treachery is based on Asian style ethnic nationalism and the desire to unite with your own people instead of Western style self loathing and political correctness

    • Chucky3176

      uri-minjok-kkiri is a North Korea staged propaganda site which routinely posts anti-South Korean and anti-American information. It is a North Korean government run web site which is often accessed by South Koreans who sympathize with North Korea.

      In literal translation:

      uri (our/us/Korean) – minjok (people/race/Korean) – kkiri (together/exclusive group/only Korean)

      Under North Korea’s version, it basically means “for/us Korean people/nation bounded by blood”, under North Korean flag.

      uri is often used in South Korea to pertain to “South Korean”, “Korean”, “us”, “our”. Eg. “Uri-Nara” (our country / Korea), “Uri-Mal” (our language / Korean language).

      Also if you pay attention to Japanese internet sites, they also often make fun of Korean’s word “nida”, which is basically a suffix word that’s attached to each sentence to express to state that present status. It’s equivalent to the Japanese suffix – “desu”.

      • dim mak

        NK propaganda, figures.

        Yeah on Chinese forums too, people say 思密达 (simida) to make fun of Koreans. No offense.

        • Chucky3176

          water off my duck, I’ve read far worse from your sites.

          It’s well known in Korea, the propensity of mainland Chinese sites to get Japanese insults of Koreans (and vice versa). The usual medium are through the Taiwanese sites who are directly plugged into Japanese sites (since Taiwanese are bilingual in Japanese and Chinese, and they closely work together with Japanese rightists). That’s how internet rumors of Koreans claiming Chinese history and culture are fed through the Chinese and Japanese internet world – they feed off of each other. The latest rumors against Koreans going around is the Diablo 3 fiasco, with charges that Koreans are shutting out Taiwanese/Chinese users.

          • dim mak

            Eh, I don’t think Chinese and Japanese interwebs are all that connected. The Japs IP block us from posting anywhere, though there are people who browse 2ch etc. Most Taiwanese I meet might like Japan but don’t actually speak any Japanese. But the Chinese speaking world (CN-HK-TW-SG) are very connected online. In fact, aren’t Chinese search engines and video sharing sites also really popular in Korea?

  • dim mak

    Also, what does “uri” mean?

    On 2ch I see Japanese going uri-this and uri-that as a mockery of Koreans. Explain.

    • James

      “uri” [우리] means “we” or “our” so “uri minzok” [우리민족] means “our people/race/nation” (민족 = 民族)

      • dim mak

        How mundane

        • James

          OK then, it means PENGUINS!

          • dim mak

            Penguins taste like fishy chicken

          • lonetrey


  • Tippy Long Stocking


  • Chucky3176

    This issue is probably the biggest topic in South Korea right now. So I’d like to hear Koreabang’s opinion on all this.

    • James

      What do you mean “koreaBANG’s opinion”? We try not to pass any judgement on any of the material itself Chucky, we just translate it so other people can understand it. We’re not a united forum, we’re a blog that random people with little connection to each other comment on.

      It would be interesting to hear your take on it though. And thanks for your detailed description of 우리 민족끼리!

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    this woman could be a spy.

    • Chris

      No, she’s just an idiot.

      • True dat. What I really like is that in the UK there are often debates about the pros and cons of proportional representation as an electoral system. It sounded like a great idea when I first heard it, but watching a few SK electoral cycles I have come to the conclusion that it is just used as a way to get people like Lee Seok Gi, Im Su Kyung and Kim Jae Yeon, people who couldn’t win an open electoral contest in a lifetime of trying, into the National Assembly. I’m sure there are similarly odious conservatives getting in the same way.

        I’m not a fan of neo-McCarthyism (is anyone? I mean, reading the Chosun Ilbo right now is like stepping back in time!), but I’m becoming even less of a fan of South Korean proportional representation…

    • Beth

      Lim has been in a lot of trouble over the past week or so, but she’s probably not a spy. These tweets seem to be more of a protest at the National Security Act than anything else (which states that it is illegal to distribute material that is “against the state”), and don’t forget that they were made before she was elected as a representative (and have since been deleted). What is really interesting, I think, is the way netizens are becoming uncomfortable with anything that can be understood as somehow being pro-North Korean…

      • Brett Sanbon

        Before I came to Korea, I just assumed that was the way it is… people from South Korea hated anything to do with NK and vice versa.

      • Tippy Long Stocking

        maybe not… but who knows. but her actions seems traitorous to me, especially with the vitriol she spews to anyone who dares defect from this land seems to me there is some sort of allegiance there. she is either painfully naive or has some sort of connection no one knows about.

    • dim mak

      I think it’s safe to say someone who openly sympathizes with the enemy and draws the entire country’s attention to herself would be the stupidest spy in human history

      • Chucky3176

        She’s not a spy.

        Although could be considered one of the following:

        – A spokesman for North Korea
        – A useful tool
        – An apologist for North Korea

        • Tippy Long Stocking

          anyone who works for the best interest of another country from within the ranks of another government can be considered a traitor and a spy.

  • However, the New Daily article makes almost no mention of this fact.

    Of course it doesn’t. It’s the New Daily.

    • Beth

      Excellent point…

  • ric

    i don’t know what stance to take arg…where is the middle everyone seems so polarized on the north korean issue….

  • bultak

    the commies destroyed a peaceful country (north korea), stole their food, and made them slaves… and this female dog puts her turds on twitter.

  • RT

    I don’t know her, but I’m a friend of Park Jung-geun so I’m thankful for her support of him. More South Koreans should be using civil disobedience against this draconian law, lest we end up more like North Korea.

    In the ’50s, the National Security Act wasn’t made to protect the South from communism; it was made to protect the government from democracy.

    • Alexei

      The website mentioned, Uriminzokkiri, has carried articles calling defectors “human filth.” http://www.dailynk.com/english//read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=8743
      After the controversy surrounding Lim’s recent comments- when she called Baek Yosep a “traitor” and said defectors should “shut up and live quietly”- Uriminzokkiri ran an article defending her, saying this about anyone who flees North korea- “we would be right to call them human scum, or rather insects that should never have been born.”

      In every country there are laws against libel, and in much of Europe there are now laws preventing hate speech. Uriminzokkiri is guilty of both.

  • GyopoMash

    I’m a Korean-American and I feel that New Daily and other similar newspapers are Communist-run newspapers. I wouldn’t be so shocked about this. I mean, Many Conservative Saenuri party members remind me of the charismatic Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution based on the information from my old university history class. Many financially poor Koreans often vote for the Conservative just like many disenfranchised poor Russians supported the old Bolsheviks in the past. Should I be scared? Of course! Truth is stranger than fiction. Many Saenuri party members are soul-less creatures according to the majority of Koreans. For that matter, many Saenuri members are as evil as North Korean sympathizers. Let them fight their own war.

    Conservatives in South Korea are ridiculing Conservative oversea Koreans like us for Pete’s sake. They should be ashamed of themselves. And I apologize to anyone if I offended you.

  • Cleo

    No matter how much you lie, I don’t believe that Koreans are not united and I don’t believe that they prefer nonKoreans especially baby raping goblins.

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