Hollister Models Make Fun of Asians at Opening of Korean Store

Hollister model does "squiny eyes face"

hollister model finger

Netizens have reacted strongly to what has been interpreted as offensive pictures and remarks from models at the opening of the first Hollister clothing store in South Korea.

Images of models making “squinty eyes” faces, flipping their middle finger to photographers, and mocking Asian pronunciation of English appeared on their Twitter accounts. Major Korean newspapers covered the scandal, as online comments called for a boycott and promised to return clothing they had bought. Other netizens have tracked down the models’ personal details and published them online.

From Daum:

Scandal Erupts as American Models Take “Squinty Eyes” Photos at Gyeongbokkung to Insult Asians

Foreign models visiting Korea to advertise the opening of an American clothing company have taken pictures that make fun of Asians and started a controversy about racial discrimination.

On August 30, famous American clothing brand Hollister brought in four foreign models to attend the opening of their first Korean store at the Yeouido location, where they took photos with customers. The event, which lasted until September 2nd, is part of Hollister’s distinct marketing campaign whenever it opens a new store. Customers are able to take photos with the models, all of them robust foreign men dressed like lifeguards, wearing nothing on their chests but whistles.

Hollister model makes "squinty eyes" face

Hollister model makes “squinty eyes” face

The four-day event has been overshadowed by an unexpected controversy.

One of the models who attended the opening posted a picture to his twitter (@vin_****) of himself taken in front of Gyeongbokkung Palace with his eyes squinted closed and his lips open. Netizens who saw the photo pointed out how it was making fun of Asians with “squinty eyes”. Another model from the same Hollister event posted similar photos to his Twitter account.

One Twitter user who seems to have worked with the Hollister model before commented on his photo, “please look at how many Asians liked that picture… impressive.” The problem lies in the fact that the original poster of the photo replied with another comment making fun of Asians. The model mocked Asians’ typical English pronunciation, saying, “Hahahaha they ruhhvvvv itttt!”

the offensive comment from Twitter

the offensive comment from Twitter

Yet another model has also been involved in a scandal. The third model was captured exposing his middle finger in an insulting gesture during photos. Furthermore, the same model was photographed in poses that mocked Asians during his visit to Hong Kong which took place before he came to South Korea.

Having heard about the issue through social media, Korean netizens are showing their displeasure. One comment online read “I feel like we must at the very least start a boycott of Hollister. How deep is their discrimination against Asians if they have no problem taking such pictures and uploading them to social media for a laugh?” Another netizen stated with dismay, “I’ve got to go and return the clothes that I bought.” Other users online were so enraged that they sought out the online profiles for the first Hollister model and posted the personal information online.

Hollister models pose with a customer at the Yeouido opening

From Daum:


There was a report about this a few days ago, right? In some store the models took off their shirts and took pictures with women? It was such a pathetic sight to see those women giggling and hanging on the models


Pathetic Korean women who liked these bastards and couldn’t keep their mouths shut, just had to post the photos online for people to see~ I think I know what you [implying the models] would have been thinking if those people were taking pictures with you


People talk about how Hollister’s mother company Abercombie also discriminates against Asians and they have been in a ton of lawsuits, I can’t help but laugh as watching Asians give their money to such a brand.


That should be the end for American clothes brand “Hollister” ke ke ke“…Hollister opened its first domestic store on August 30 in the Yeouido IFC Mall. In honor of the opening, Hollister prepared an unusual event. Men who had taken off their shirts and wore just a whistle and shorts in the outfit of a lifeguard were available for taking pictures. This event went on until September 2…” I heard that there was a huge line of Korean women who wanted to get their picture with those guys? Ke ke ke ke


Those beanpaste girls who salivate every time they see a whitey are so embarrassing


White saekki who smell like fat


Does anyone know which store this was??? It’s not the fault of the clothing company but it seems like we should react somehow, maybe starting a boycott so that the company can demand compensation from the models…


Hollister is a subsidiary of Abercrombie and it opened a store in Yeouido… in any event, as a Korean I feel really offended… those people who stood in a line hundreds of meters long, they can’t say anything bad about the company just because it is Western

사랑하는 사람

Go and return everything you bought… say it is because of those saekki models


Rats, they look like Lee Myung-Bak


We’ve got to kick people like that out… Anyway Americans are really ignorant and there are a lot of knuckle-draggers among them. nice outsides but their heads are empty


I knew something like this would happen. Something changed after the passing of the Korea-US and Korea-Europe FTA… Our country got no benefits and is now just drowning in scandals. Next we have people acting sexy in the streets and calling that marketing… The Naju incident is also the result of not having a pure society… Our nation has to turn away from being motivated by sex and money, first we should put a stop to all of Hollister’s business in the country and arrest their representative under the sexual assault law.


What, were they on drugs?


Beanpaste girls wouldn’t even care about behavior like this.


I don’t think it would be such a bad idea for Hollister to release the real names…


Westerners? They seem more like Cro-magnons… just because they look impressive doesn’t mean they are pretty… Personally I think Asians are prettier…


Bunch of cheating monkeys, Yankee saekki!


Foreign bastards with no history come into a country with 5000 years of history, don’t learn anything and act like slobs. Yankee spawn who go to British historical sites and piss everywhere. They even come to our country, savage whitey saekki. Grovelers in our country need to stop and get some self-respect


Hollister models are found insulting Asians at the opening of a new store in Seoul, South Korea
From Nate:


They look like anyone I might run into on the street, how are they models?


At first sight they look nice enough but bastards who looks like anchovy heads are fools. Wherever you go there are idiots like that.

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    Woah woah woah, not all American’s are bad. Why are most of the comments from Korean’s so general? I’m a African AMERICAN, and trust me, I do not feel entitled to ANYTHING because of my SKIN COLOUR. Do you not understand the difficulties of being successful outside of careers in athletics for a black person in America? Pretty complicated. I personally adore all Asian ethnics, culture, and history, and I would never generalize an entire Asian nation as being generally racist just because a few people in a photo were. Another point from some comment I read about Japan: Truth be told, if Europe would’ve never had the intentions of imperialism, Japan wouldn’t have been bothered going to war with Korea, China and America. They were content with their culture and way of life until a Portuguese and a European dude came over and was like “change so we can steal from your country, and if you don’t comply we’ll use brute force :) ” They did that with pretty much EVERY country they came into contact with. BUT does that mean all Europeans are racist? No. In America, there are people who date inter-racially, people who are friends with people who have no similar culture with them, and people who prefer to actually be any ethnicity but their own. But yet, all of America is racist due to FOUR maybe FIVE models in a picture. Interesting.

    • Sillian

      What many readers on kBang seem to fail to grasp is that those netizens don’t intend to have an intellectual discussion in the first place especially on portal sites. Those who most likely already had an axe to grind are bluntly venting out using these articles’ comment sections. They don’t try to be articulate, fair or anything like that. It’s not their goal in the first place.

    • John Dozier

      Are you sure you aren’t an african NORTH American, meaning Canadian…no USA American spells color as “colour”! LOL

  • Good I hate Asian girls there ugly and annoying as f*** ill make fun of them with you :)

    • Iv

      wow I think you are retarded.Oh I am sorry I can’t comapre you with people with disabilities,they are levels above you.Hater…

  • Look at the stupid black people in that image. White folks gotta API called Cocoa from NextStep that all the commands begin wit N.S. It’s how LOOOOONG and how STROOOOOONG the HATE is for arrogant black racist two-faced people.

  • Lily

    Just because a group of bastards were very insulting/disgusting doesn’t mean you can go and say America is bad. I’m American and I know LOTS of racist koreans and how much they hate Americans (not all.) Everytime I go to korea, I feel like im at the north and I will never truly feel that koreans do like us.. i’m actually also half korean and looking at people’s rude comments and judgments on americans, i am embarrased to be korean and dont want to be considered korean if this goes on… i know my korean family love americans and maybe even more than koreans. some Koreans can be rude and impatient and lack good qualities… they do not know how to be grateful considering that we americans help fight with them during the north and south korea war and many americans have died.. you guys can hate us for all i care.. i have no intention on setting foot on korea or calling myself a korean

    • dk2020

      Thats pretty sad Lily, you can’t change your ethnicity and why the hell do you have to choose? As a gyopo growing up in Koreatown during the riots I know what its like being despised for being Korean. I’m proud of being American and I cherish my Korean heritage .. you definitely have some resentment and identity issues but thats normal being a minority in America .. these dickheads that want me to be ashamed can kick rocks! Asian Americans need more confidence not more self hatred!

  • Akah

    Reading the majority of Koreans posting on here makes me laugh a bit. Either they’re saying bad things about Korean women who want a picture with them or they’re saying bad things about Americans. I find it funny that almost the entire male population is xenophobic and sexist. I’ve lived here for 3 years and have been witness to too many acts of racism / sexism. I’ve been spit on by ajossis, I’ve been sworn at for walking with my wife outside. My wife was hit when she was pregnant by an ajossi then gave me a dirty look. To top it off, she’s not even Korean! I’ve been denied eating at restaurants because I’m foreign. I take it in stride and at the end of the day I know I’m not a bad person, I’m just surrounded by bigots. I look forward to the flames from the mental midgets.

    • Isaac

      So. why the 3 years?

      • Akah

        Having troubles getting a visa for my wife, she’s from SE Asia and it’s not easy to get an immigrant visa to the United States, so we live where we can both be at the same time while still making decent money which is in Korea for the time being.

    • Guest

      I wanna donkey punch you and your wife! keep your eyes on the floor fucken foreigner bitches ..

      • Akah

        And my point is made perfectly. If you want to donkey punch me, just remember that is assuming you want to have your dick in my ass which would definitely make you swing both ways. You’re bad at insults and are probably just a little 50 kg korean internet tough guy. Do yourself a favor and buy some rope and remove yourself from the gene pool so you don’t spread your hate. I would hate to see your children grow up and be a product of how ridiculous you are.

        • Guest

          You fucken idiot, I was joking you dumb cunt. Now whos acting hypocritical online tough guy? Whining like a bitch because some old ajoshis talking shit and maddogging? Are you serious? I’ve been stared at before but I get indignant. I can handle a couple 50kg ajoshis no sweat and If its so bad just leave and take your wife, as a foreigner you have no rights asshole, yeah you’re so oppressed because of getting staring at and being turned away at a couple restaurants oh no the humanity .. smfh .. what is this article about again?

  • Mrs.Ha.

    Just reading the comments there appears to be racism on both sides. I agree that these models are low quality people and should not represent the brand, but you have to keep in mind they also are not representative of Americans as a whole. Of course Korean girls or even any girl (white or Asian or whatever is going to giggle over a muscled guy which is idealized in most media of the world) are going to want pics with famous guys. These boys made poor decisions and no doubt are of low intelligence and should lose their jobs.

    All this name throwing and racist slurs make you guys unattractive too…think about it.

  • christina

    the guy that commented on his picture goes to my school… wow

  • Emily

    These types of models are usually homosexual (gay) and they hate it when their boss makes them flirt with the customers etc. They made fun of the girls’ race in this situation because it was the first thing to come up in their head but even if the girls were white they would have made fun of them for something because they are angry and feel like they shouldn’t have to be so hands on with the customers they just want to model and not touch people.

  • kim

    you lazy Koreans! if you don’t want people to make fun of your english pronunciation, work harder! you fucking losers!!!!!

  • Guy Forget

    And this is deception that Korean women especially need to learn and learn it fast. These white men who used to make fun of and joke about gooks and chinks and whatnot are the very same men who will eventually date one and even marry one. It’s embarrassing how low and shallow korean girls can get that they would even considering dating or marrying a guy who made fun of their ethnicity, physical appearance, and dishonored and disrespected them, and then the next moment fall in love with them and be their little pet. Lots of korean girls get fooled into thinking that these white men they see in Korea are so famous or so good looking simply because they are “novel” in Korean society, but the reality is, most of those men are bottomfeeders, leftovers, or men who couldn’t cut it in the US or Europe and were considered losers, retards, or rejects in their own countries by their own women, so they had to flee to asia like china, or korea, or philippines, where they get idol worshipped and get called tom cruise look alike or beckham comments, etc. It’s really funny as hell when I see it firsthand and know that this white guy is a “loser” back home, but come to Korea he feels like he’s David Beckham. LOL. Girls are realizing the truth now and waking up thanks to the internet and more world traveling to see it firsthand. Better learn fast.

    • Guy Forget

      The inverse is now also beginning to be true too. Now that kpop has exploded on youtube and globally, if you are a korean girl that was born and raised in US, or Canada, or some other place, now when guys meet them, they think they are kpop stars or they think they look like kpops stars or kdrama stars. It’s such a shame because only 15 years ago, nobody would give 2 shits about a korean girl in US society. Now when they see one, they think, she’s a god damn kpop beauty queen and worship her. What bunch of fake lies and crock. It’s like back in the day when every white guy used to think that “chinky girls” were all kungfu masters and would appear shy and quiet but really could kick your ass with their kungfu magic powers. Or its how every guy used to think that an asian man was bruce lee and if u piss him off, he’ll go bruce lee on you. These damn stereotypes and racist views just need to stop and go. Educate yourselves people. Don’t fall for the stupidity. I remember hearing silly answers as to why some people moved to Japan. They said, they actually believed they would become anime characters and meet their anime lovers LOL. Hey man, when I was a kid, I suffered the same syndrome. I was into anime and I used to believe that if I moved to Japan, I’d become Prince Darien and I’d meet Serena Moon and we’d live happily ever after in Crystal Tokyo.

  • Jeff

    Yep this happened and it has been quite some time now. What more can be said about it? Sure the guys in the pics aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Racist, I don’t think so. Disrespectful yes

  • Jerry Lynch

    I lived & worked in Korea for about 10 years as a white, American man and I was shocked at a country that would parade girls in plastic boots and tiny plastic skirts on boxes every time some little shop had an opening. How about this picture taken in Itaewon Seoul? It appears the people are finding fault while they throw rocks and live in glass houses.

    Girls do a little dance on the street for the grand opening of a store, restaurant, 7-11….you name it.


  • Melissa jones

    Koreans are happy to make racist remarks about people of African descent but when white people are racist against the Koreans these Koreans get so offended. Koreans are hypocrites, they probably have a superiority complex over african people but also have an inferiority complex under white people. Stupid gooks. White people as a majority hate asians! So stop trying to kiss up to us all the time, Koreans and most Asians have no self-respect and are all too happy to obey their white masters.

  • AiAi

    I am Mexican and I don’t consider those “models” attractive anyways.
    Move on! Next article!

  • Kenpachi Fried Chicken

    Monkey sees monkey do.

  • gag9 9gag


  • pat

    White-loving, brand-loving Koreans (Asians in general really)… it is you that elevated these animals onto this platform from which they spit on you. Koreans are also famous for not respecting people that treat them with respect.

    Take this incident as education, and hope for more education.

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