• Small octopuses were used to disguise a murder into an accident.
    Man Kills Girlfriend for Insurance Money, Blames Small Octopus
    A South Korean man has been sentenced to life for murdering his girlfriend for life insurance money, then disguising the murder as octopus-induced suffocation.
  • South Korean indie bands, looking indie. Probably because they can't afford anything.
    South Korean Indie Music vs K-pop: It’s All About the Money
    Outside the glitter of K-pop, South Korean indie suffers as its under-paid counterpart as many indie bands who have achieved success cannot always make ends meet.
  • scary-tales-of-the-exam-winners
    University Entrance Exams Near, Netizens Share Education Jokes
    As the university entrance exams for South Korean universities draw closer, Korean netizens share education-related jokes and images from the Korean internet
  • koreabang-announcement
    UPDATE: Commenting Re-enabled – See What’s New!
    We've upgraded to a new commenting system with a lot of new features that many of you have suggested or requested. Please read for an overview of what's new.
  • Jeongjo's Hangul letter written to his aunt
    Netizens Find Handwriting in Letter From Korean Prince Cute
    In celebration of Hangeul Day, the cute handwriting in a letter from an ancient Korean prince at the age of 7 to his aunt has gained attention from netizens
  • Uzbek Wife Married to South Korean Man a Hit on Korean TV
    A TV special aired over a national holiday in South Korea that followed the life of a pretty Uzbek girl married to a Korean man proves to be a hit among Koreans
  • koreabang-announcement
    NOTICE: Commenting Temporarily Disabled
    We’re temporarily disabling commenting on koreaBANG to run some tests. Articles can still be read, but new comments can’t be posted.
  • A South Korean soldier fries eggs on a shovel. Image for illustration purposes, obviously.
    Report Reveals South Korean Soldiers Fed Poor Quality Food
    A report by South Korea's National Assembly found that food for soldiers is of low quality and worth much less than school lunches or American military meals.
  • Mariusz Sikorski South Korea Photos
    Candid Korea: South Korea in Black and White
    koreaBANG shares part two of a series of candid and lively photographs from Polish-Canadian photographer Mariusz Sikorski's most recent visit to South Korea.
  • The-Human-Cost-Of-Over-Competition
    Why Koreans Are Angry: The Social Cost of Spectacular Growth
    Reforms instituted after the 1997 crisis have taken toll on Korean society after its spectacular recovery in the 2000s, marred by growing temporary employment.
  • Samsung becomes a 'top 10 global company'
    Samsung Becomes First Korean Brand to Enter ‘Global Top 10’
    South Korean conglomarte Samsung enters the ranks of the 'top ten global businesses' league tables, far out-trumping its domestic competitors, LG and Hyundai.
  • Psy performing at Saturday Night Live
    Gangnam Style Tops Global Charts, Korean Twitter Reactions
    Koreans on Twitter are stunned at the popularity of Psy's 'Gangnam Style' overseas as the annoyingly catchy song tops UK, Billboard, and iTunes charts worldwide.
  • The contested islands lie in the East Sea, and are named Dokdo by Koreans, and Takeshima by Japan.
    Japanese Government Launches ‘Dokdo is Japanese’ Ad Campaign
    The Japanese government makes its first official statement claiming sovereignty over the Dokdo/Takeshima Islets by publishing ads in local and national papers.
  • 17-sikorski-photos-south-korea-street-scene
    Candid Korea: South Korea Through the Eyes of a Photographer
    koreaBANG shares a series of vivid, candid and lively photographs from Polish-Canadian photographer Mariusz Sikorski's most recent visit to South Korea.
  • Korean animal rights group CARE suggests that 'Anipang', a Tetris-like puzzle game for mobile phones simulates animal abuse.
    Animal Rights Group Claims Tetris-like Game is ‘Animal Abuse’
    Korean animal rights group CARE suggests that 'Anipang', a Tetris-like puzzle game for mobile phones, simulates animal abuse.
  • Japanese-Ultra-Nationalist-Marching
    Japanese Anti-Korea Demonstration, Korean Netizen Reactions
    Korean netizen reactions to an anti-Korea protest march in Tokyo, Japan organized by Japanese right-wing conservatives.
  • Park Geun-hye Apologises for Dictator Father’s Crimes
    Presidential hopeful Park Geun-hye apologises to the victims of her father's military dictatorship at press conference, much to the suspicion of Korean netizens.
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