• TV presenters too sexy for morning show
    TV Hosts Too Sexy For Morning Show, Netizens Disagree
    Morning show TV hosts are criticized for wearing too short skirts, detracting and distracting viewers from the show's content.
  • Conservative Netizen Humbled After Losing Debate to Professor
    A conservative netizen by the name of 'Gan-gyul' apologises to fans after loosing an online debate to a prominent progressive pundit, Professor Chin Jung-kwon
  • hong-seok-cheon-gay-korean-celebrity-halloween-photo
    Gay Celebrity Tweets Halloween Party Photos, Netizens Argue
    The first openly gay Korean celebrity Hong Seok-cheon tweets half-naked Halloween photos of himself and friends. Netizens argue over whether to celebrate Halloween.
  • Schoolgirl Supports Family by Collecting Waste, Netizens Moved
    Story of schoolgirl who collects scrap pieces of cardboard to make money and help support her family and ill grandmother strikes a soft chord with netizens.
  • park-chung-hee-presidential-library-and-museum
    Memorial Hall of Former Dictator Vandalized, Netizens Divided
    A Korean-American is caught vandalizing the memorial hall of former dictator Park Chung-hee - on the 33rd anniversary of his assassination.
  • INTERVIEW: Fashion Week Internationale Comes to Seoul!
    Earlier this year, koreaBANG helped VICE magazine look behind the scenes of Seoul Fashion Week and South Korean culture. We speak to Charlet Duboc, the show's host
  • Korean Netizens Labelled as Losers Upload Proof of Life Success
    Netizens from the infamously conservative site Ilbe respond to their online reputation on the Korean internet as losers by uploading images of their credentials.
  • Taking Advantage of Passed Out Drunk Girls, Netizens Debate
    South Korean netizens debate the morals of taking advantage of drunk or intoxicated girls, including who is at fault when rape or sexual assault is committed.
  • introducing-japancrush
    Introducing japanCRUSH! It’s Like koreaBANG But In Japan!
    At long last, chinaSMACK launches japanCRUSH, a sister site dedicated to reporting and translating trending Japanese internet content and netizen discussions.
  • The featured image of 'how to roast meat in military way' araticle
    Bacon Cooked by Machine Gun, Netizens Dispute Photo Origins
    A photo article showing bacon being cooked with the heat of a discharged machine gun has become popular. Militarised netizens doubt its source and validity.
  • Anger as Suwon Murderer Escapes Death Penalty
    A South Korean appeals court decides to change the sentence for a convicted murderer in favor of life imprisonment, causing strong protest both on and offline.
  • Kim Jong Un’s Nephew in Rare TV Interview, Netizens Grow Fond
    Kim Jong Un's nephew, Kim Han Sol is interviewed for a Finnish TV programme, in which he dubs his uncle as a dictator. South Korean netizens grow fond of him.
  • with-respect-on-bra
    Feminist Feels Pity For Men in Continued Online Misogyny Debate
    As the online misogyny trend continues to spread on the Korean Internet, a feminist shares her impressions, much to the criticism of male netizens.
  • korean-gender-role-reversal
    Korean Professor Uses Twitter to Critcise Online Misogyny Trend
    A South Korean professor uses Twitter to vent frustration at the online misogyny trend on the Korean internet and discusses its roots, pleasing many female netizens
  • kim-jong-wife-missing-featured-image
    Kim Jong Un’s Wife ‘Missing’, Assumed Pregnant
    Rumours spread in North Korea that Kim Jong Un's wife, Ri Sol Ju, is pregnant, after completely disappearing from state media broadcasts for over forty days,
  • korea-impossible-country-featured-image
    Korea: The Impossible Country – Winner announced!
    koreaBANG interviews Daniel Tudor, author of 'Korea: The Impossible Country'. For your chance to win a copy, write a limerick about something impossible in Korea!
  • The official photo of the World Alphabet Olympics
    Korean Script ‘Wins’ Controversial ‘Alphabet Olympics’
    Articles about Hangul, the Korean script, winning an 'Alphabet Olympics' organised by highly evangelical South Korean Christians, trend in both Korea and Japan.
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