• North Korean Girls: South Korean Netizens Debate Their Beauty
    A popular saying in Korean says that Northern women are the most attractive women in Korea, but some netizens on conservative online community Ilbe argue otherwise.
  • elementary-school-teacher-beats-student
    Korean Elementary School Teacher Slaps Misbehaving Student
    Videos of a brawl between an elementary school student and her teacher have emerged on the Korean internet. Netizens discuss current state of classroom education
  • koreabang-king-gwanggaeto-the-great-of-goguryeo
    Netizens Criticise Weak Government Stance on Korean History
    Netizens crticise the weak response from the South Korean government towards the publication of an American report that suggests parts of ancient Korea were Chinese.
  • ahn-chol-soo-resigns-from-presidential-race
    Third Candidate Drops Out of South Korean Presidential Race
    Independent Ahn Cheol-soo withdraws his candidacy leaving Moon Jae-in to face Park Geun-hye, daughter of former dictator, in this December's presidential election.
  • Koreans use least paid holidays
    South Koreans Receive Fewer Paid Vacations, Says Survey
    Netizens are unsurprised as a survey reveals South Koreans receive fewer paid holidays than anywhere else, and are second to Japan in using their entitled leave.
  • Parody video of Park Geun-hye in 'Gangnam Style'
    North Korea Weighs In On South Korean Presidential Election
    North Korea says it supports the opposition in the upcoming elections, increasing its attacks on the conservatives, saying they will harm North-South relations.
  • korean-male-rights-activist-defends-porn-and-masturbation
    Activist Says Porn Helps Men And is Unrelated to Sex Crimes
    Male rights activist Sung Jae-gi attacks the Korean government's crackdown on pornography by arguing censorship won't combat the rise in sex crimes or deter rapists
  • Female Celebrity Accidentally Tweets Intimate Photo
    IU, aka the 'people's little sister', destroys her innocent look by accidentally tweeting a private photo of herself 'in bed' with a topless male celebrity.
  • North Korean defector couple defects back to North Korea
    Double Defectors Condemn Life in South, Netizens Feel Betrayed
    A defector couple goes back to the North and gives a press conference. They condemn life in the South as unbearable. Netizens feel betrayed and suspect them as spies.
  • An Obama Gangnam Style parody featuring Reggie Brown.
    K-Pop Star PSY: I Would Teach President Obama ‘Gangnam Style’
    K-Pop star PSY says on a British radio show he would teach US President Barack Obama how to dance to 'Gangnam Style' if asked.
  • Pregnant dog
    Pregnant Dog Attached to Post and Abandoned, Netizens Outraged
    Netizens are appalled at a picture of an abandoned pregnant pet dog tied to a street-lamp post. The dog was saved by a rescue team and is waiting for a new owner.
  • Talking elephant Koshik talks through trunk
    Lonely Elephant Learns to Speak Korean, Netizens Saddened
    An elephant in a South Korean zoo is discovered to be able to imitate human speech and mutter some Korean words, in an attempt to be more sociable with its zookeeper.
  • Presidential Candidate Park Geun-hye is ‘Married to the State’
    Daughter of former dictator and Korean Presidential candidate Park Geun-hye has been described as being devotedly 'married to the state' by her campaign manager
  • Family of Man Killed by Spitting Student Struggle to Survive
    The family of a South Korean man who was killed by a teenager he told off for spitting are entering poverty – but the teenager and his family remain unpunished.
  • Japanese-trace-ancestry-to-Korea
    DNA Analysis Confirms Japanese Are of Korean Descent
    Japanese scientists provide DNA evidence that Japan's earliest settlers were of Korean origin, much to the discontent and disgust of Korean netizens.
  • Featured image of two Korean-Canadians wins Muscle Mania contest and Miss Canada Preliminary.
    Korean-Canadians Win Muscle and Beauty Contest Preliminaries
    Two Korean-Canadians win a Muscle Man and Miss Canada Preliminary respectively. The male is admired whilst the beauty queen is scorned by netizens.
  • Feminist Rebuts Claims Women are Over-Empowered in Korea
    Editorial by feminist Kim Eri defends the cause of gender equality and rebuts claims that women are over-empowered in South Korea.
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