• North Korean soliders use Lee Myung-bak's name as target practice
    North Korean Soldiers Use South Korean President’s Name as Target
    North Korean soliders use the South Korean president Lee Myung-bak's name as target practice in response to a South Korean army unit that did the same thing.
  • A still from the CCTV footage of 'Hot Soup Lady' spilling miso on the young boy
    Woman Scalds Boy With Hot Soup, Boy’s Mother Tries to Sue
    A woman previously thought to have deliberately scalded a young boy's face with hot miso soup gains support as new CCTV footage of the incident is released.
  • Mary Hill, dormitory where the assault took place
    Assault Case of Deaf Students Sparks Regionalism Debate
    In a case similar to a hit Korean film, a group of deaf students are sexually assaulted leading to many netizens blaming Korean regionalism for their fate.
  • KBS Uses Bright Green Laser
    Korean Broadcaster Overuses New Laser, Netizens Amused
    The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) overuses a very high-powered green laser in one of its music shows leading to much amusement and parodies from netizens.
  • mountain climbers host drinking party on subway
    Hikers Stage Booze Up on Subway, Netizens Worried About Face
    A group of hikers stage a boozy picnic on the Seoul Metro, inconveniencing other passengers and leading netizens to worry about the loss of Korean "face".
  • Protestors march against South Korea's National Security Law
    Netizens Condemn Anti-National Security Law Protest
    Netizens condemn a recent protest against the South Korean 'National Security Law' that outlaws anything that could be interpreted as being pro-North Korean.
  • Nude Male Campaign Appears After Bikini Girl Protest Criticized
    In response to criticisms that an online protest featuring Korean women in bikinis is sexual exploitation & harassment, a male nude campaign has been launched.
  • Politician Uses Japanese Imperial Flag on Business Card
    Disbelief as a Korean politician uses the Imperial Japanese flag on her campaign business card, leading to accusations that she and her party are pro-Japanese.
  • Video of woman slapping a man on line 4 of the Seoul Metro system goes viral
    ‘Swearing Woman’ Slapping Man on Seoul Subway Video Goes Viral
    Video of an agitated Korean woman swearing and slapping a man in the face for accidentally hurting her leg as he squeezed past on the busy Seoul Metro goes viral.
  • South Korean National Assembly Member Kang Yong-suk
    National Assembly Member Tweets When Drunk
    South Korean National Assembly member Kang Yong-seok has come under much fire after tweeting whilst drunk and venting frustration at family connections in Korea.
  • Korean girl posts an image of her breasts online to protest the imprisonment of popular Korean podcaster Jung Bong-ju.
    Korean Girls Use Breasts to Protest Imprisonment of Podcaster
    Following the sentencing of popular podcaster Jung Bong-ju, Korean girls have been writing political slogans on their breasts calling for his immediate release.
  • Newly appointed leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un Assassinated on Chinese Twitter, Netizens React
    Rumours of Kim Jong-un's death spread rapidly on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, before eventually becoming headline news both in Korea and overseas.
  • Pizza boxes advertising the use of 100% natural cheese
    Fake Cheese Scandal Dupes Customers and Shop Owners
    Top Korean pizza companies are under fire, accused of advertising the use of real cheese in their products when actually using fake, processed, imitation cheese.
  • T-ara on Inkigayo.
    Hwayoung’s Nipple: Wardrobe Malfunction or Publicity Stunt?
    Hwayoung of Korean girl group T-ara accidentally exposes her left nipple while performing on TV music show Inkigayo, prompting outrage & suspicion by netizens.
  • Kim Seoungyon arrested.
    Korean Tycoon Faces 9 Years in Prison and Billions in Fines
    Kim Seung-youn, CEO of Korean chaebol conglomerate Hanwha is facing a possible nine year sentence embezzling company funds, with Korean netizens reactions.
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